Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Matt, Amy, Jacob, Molly, Zach and Jeremy Roloff At The Rockin’ R Ranch

As seen on Little People, Big World, November 30, 2009, the Roloff Family were in Utah at the Rockin' R Ranch in June.

If you're interested in the Ranch you saw the Roloffs at last night and want more inforomation, you can visit the Rockin' R Ranch's site for more information:


On the Rockin' R Ranch's Facebook Fan page, they included the Roloffs thank you note in their guestbook:

"We had an awesome time. The Best. The scenery, activities, rodeo ring, trail rides, chores, archery, family style meals, the kids and Matt and Amy. This was a wonderful memorable vacation time together. Most of all, your hospitality, staff, young people were great. You were open, willing, and accommodating not only to my family but also to my crew. Thank you! Thank You. We hope to see you again and maybe one day up in the Portland Oregon area. Thank you for a great time in Antimony, Utah.”
--The Roloff's; Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zachary, Molly, Jacob, Hillsboro, OR(June 2009)"

The Rockin' R Ranch people have a special section with a great page dedicated to the Roloffs visit.

"Other activities the Roloffs participated in include archery, arena activities (where they especially enjoyed learning how to barrel race), skeet shooting (another favorite), western line dancing, cowboy entertainment around a campfire, and early-morning chores. Matt learned how to drive the Ranch’s stagecoach which was held up by "bandits"."

They also have loads of wonderful pictures of the Roloffs visit. Here are just a few, check out their site to see all of their pictures of the Roloffs at the Rockin' R Ranch.


Jeremy riding a donkey

Zach on a sheep

Amy, Molly and Zach relaxing

Matt getting on a horse with Jeremy and Jake watching.

Jacob and Matt

Jake adjusting the camera on the mule

Nice picture of Matt

Matt on the horse

The LPBW crew filming Matt and Jake

Group photo



Em said...

Thanks for posting this! It looks like a really fun place to go. Maybe one day for me! :)

Jeremy looks very sunburnt in the first picture. He didn't look that sunburnt on the show or in the other pictures.

Jer on the donkey...I don't think it's been said lately...Jeremy has a great butt :) Wow, just wow!

Does Jacob ever look happy? Look at him in the two pictures with Matt on the mule. Geez kid! I'd trade places with you. I know some of it is the snapshot moment of the picture, but Jacob looks miserable or bored in too many pictures. He is very spoiled and takes all these things for granted.

Matt looks good in black and with the black hat. He should try that look at their own farm.

Jeremy is the one I drool over too, but Zach is looking more attractive lately. I like the haircut he had for this trip.

M said...

Did they mostly film on one day? It's all time stamped 6/18(but for 2 posted) Jeremy even changes outfits! Fake out! You just think its the next day haha

Tashapork said...

All I know is these were the best episodes all season, they would have been even better if they took out most of the bad marriage stuff.

Anonymous said...

Em -- re: Jacob, gee, didn't you see the Make a Wish foundation post where posters were actually accusing Jacob of looking TOO happy? Seems like the kid can't win.

Brokenwing said...

Anon, in fairness circumstances were different.

One is a picture for a child from Make A Wish where Jake might have been playing with Molly in the picture.

The other is on a family vacation where you would expect the kids to look like they're having a good time.

He does look sullen in these pictures, imo,

Anonymous said...

Sure, Brokenwing, whatever you say. Like I said, the poor kid can't win with some of you people. (And for the record, I'm not even a Jacob fan. I do think he comes off as a spoiled brat a lot of the time.)

Noell :) said...

Wow look at that ass, and im not talking about the donkey ;) haha

NJC said...

He does look bored but why wouldn't he? He's sitting around doing nothing, waiting for a camera crew to set up and interview his dad. What part of that is a good time for a 12yo?

Expressed said...

"Wow look at that ass, and im not talking about the donkey ;)"

You stole the words out of my mind, Noell :) That's what ran through my mind too.
(my anti-fan club will love that, but I don't care. haha)

Expressed said...

NJC, c'mon you have to admit that Jake usually looks bored or miserable. Jeremy always has a great time no matter what they're doing.

M said...

Em, I agree with you they're all so sunburnt looking in that photo. I guess they used all the sunblock they brought to the BVI's...

NJC said...

I'm talking specifically about those two pictures and making the obvious point that there's nothing going on worth smiling about.

As to whether Jacob is bored and miserable all the time, I wouldn't know, but it certainly would be a normal reaction for a 12yo who's had half his life broadcast to the world, whether he wants it or not, so that people who have no clue what he's like can psychoanalyze him and write him off as a serial killer in the making.

Oh yeah and there's that little thing about his parents constantly fighting and being on the verge of divorce.

Seems to me that "having a great time no matter what they're doing" may be the less appropriate reaction.

Rap541 said...

Shhh NJC, you're bringing an element of sense to the discussion :)

Really - people whine and moan about poor Jer but really, Jake doesn't smile, he's a bad kid, Jake does smile, he's a bad kid....

Funny how I was told again and again not to criticize Jeremy in public forums by posters like brokenwing because Jeremy at 15-19 was a sensitive child who would be devastated at hearing that people had a problem with his innocent "Mike D is sweet, just like a n-word" comments and his "that beaner pplace like Mexico" - too emotionally fragile, was Jeremy the child.... but his twelve year old brother needs no such protection since well, they want to trash him and he's on tv. Funny how poor Jeremy needed special cuddles to bear his lot in life while his little brother is strong enough to bear up under the scrutiny.

M said...

Free Jacob Roloff! haha

Noell :) said...

Hahahaha Expressed!
Your anti-fan club is so stupid!
Forget them! haha

Anonymous said...

We sure are stupid Noell. Almost as STUPID as you and your posse of delusional little twits who Jeremy not only wouldn't give the time of day, but would probably get with Mueller & laugh at at you behind your backs talking about what pathetic little loser fangirls you are.

Brandon said...

I'd leave out the name calling, but Noell, Expressed, etc.......Anon at 12:29Am is right about one thing and you must know it:

"Jeremy not only wouldn't give the time of day, but would probably get with Mueller & laugh at at you behind your backs"

Jeremy and his buds did that. You know he probably still does just not where they can get caught anymore.

I've never understood how girls, some of them Jeremy fan girls actually seem like nice people, can be so in love with a guy that you know is insulting you with his friends.

Looks really are all that matters to you?

Rod said...

Name calling from someone who doesn't have the stones to identify themself to a *delusional little twit* is pretty weak..........but he/she is right about Saint Jeremy.

NJC said...

It really would be easier to have a discussion if people wouldn't post anonymously. There's really no excuse. Instead of clicking on anonymous when posting a comment just click on name/url and put something in the name box, you don't need a url. You don't lose any anonymity, you just make it easier for people to respond to you. It's no fun trying to follow a discussion between two anonymous posters.

Anonymous said...

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