Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all Roloff followers and fans

Just a quick "Merry Christmas" wish to all of the readers of our site and of course, to the Roloffs themselves. I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas.

A Roloff Christmas photo from last year, Jeremy and "Santa" Ron to put you in the Christmas spirit :-)


Sheri said...

Merry Christmas to you as well.

It is important to remember what this day is really all about. The birth of our (All Christians and that includes the Roloffs) savior, Jesus Christ.

Best wishes to the Roloffs for all that they have given to the world and all that they do for others.

My personal wish list for the Roloffs:

Matt: Good health and to be appreciated by the public and his family as he should for being such a wonderful man, husband and father who has given his family all that they could ask for.

Amy: The realization that she has so much to be thankful for regarding Matt. I pray she displays more respect for Matt than we have been seeing.

Jeremy: Continued faith and strength in God and the ability to ignore the negativity that some attempt to cover him with.

Zach: To start respecting his father as the Bible teaches and as Matt deserves

Molly: Wishing Molly well as she matures into a beautiful young woman of Christ.

Jacob: The wisdom to follow Jeremy's example and be a son that Matt can be proud of.

God Bless all of the Roloffs and thank you for sharing your lives with us and giving us Christians a family to watch week after week.

Judy said...

Amen Sheri. Presents make if fun for the kids, but Dec 25th is the day of Jesus, not Santa. It is important to teach children that and I'm glad the Roloffs realize this.

Merry Christmas to Matt and Jeremy, I'm not very taken by the rest of the family at this present time ;-) Just joking, I wish them all well.

I can't resist doing one Christmas wish list

Jake Roloff: Suspenders to keep his jeans up where they're supposed to be so we never see his bare boxer covered butt again. That was a low point (pun intended) of the season for me.

Marissa said...

Long time reader, first time poster.

Merry Christmas to you too, Spirit! Thanks for having the best Roloff site on the net!

I like Amy the most. I'm surprised at the support Matt seems to have. Merry Christmas to ALL of the Roloffs, not just my selected favorites ;)

Noell :) said...

Merry Christmas Spirit! :)
Thanks for the picture ;)

Rap541 said...

I hope everyone's Christmas was as merry as mine :D

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all!

Something about that picture, hmmmmm-how to say it? We've had the recent pleasure of high-school aged students hanging around with our kids and , maybe it's a regional thing, (we're mid-west), but not one of the highschool aged seniors would be caught dead posing and wearing a shirt like that. That shirt/sweater/clingy thing looks like a girls shirt , sorry.. hope I didn't offend anyone.

Please keep in mind that we a fervant Gay-Rights supporters... just sayin.


Greg said...

Jennie, I'm just wondering (not trying to turn this Christmas thread into another gay rights thread) but what do you mean by "we are fervant Gay-Rights supporters? The mid-west?

I can assure you that the Roloffs and their friends in Hillsboro/Portland are NOT gay rights supporters.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know they aren't supportive of the rights of all humans Greg. merry christmas. I didn't want to offend any gay readers by alluding to the fact that I somehow think his dress is a little feminine. nothing whatsoever to do with the midwest. tried not to put my foot in my mouth, apparently didn't succeed. no more eggnog. (just sorta wondered if high school seniors/college freshmen in the Pacific Northwest maybe dressed differently from the kids we see around here) whew.....santa was good to our family this year, how about yours?


Greg said...

Jennie, I understand now, no offense taken. There are some people who believe the image of the show about the Roloff accepting all, but once you find out a bit about the Roloffs and their friends it comes clear how false that impression is. I wasn't sure if you were one of the people who was fooled.

It was a quiet Christmas, glad you had a good one.

I don't think Jeremy clothes means he is gay, I know that's not exactly what you're saying either. IMO, Jeremy wears tight clothes not because it's feminine or that he's gay, but because he believes the hype about how "hot" he is and he enjoys having people look at him. Wearing tight clothes is one way to draw attention to yourself.

Kit said...

Well, it is an unfortunate picture, both in terms of clothing and pose, but we've all seen snapshots of ourselves and cringed. So in the spirit of the season, we can just agree that this is one picture that maybe should be tossed from the family scrapbook.

Ashley said...

Oh, I think it is a cute picture. Not "cute" as in sexy, but cute as in cute.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, I know what you mean. My folks have an adorable picture of me with Santa where I have on lovely yellow green plaid pants, some sort of glittery Christmas shirt, a blue faux fur winter jacket, and of course, a Gilligan's Island cap. I am, of course crying (no doubt my fashion sense was simply overloaded from assault) but really, in retrospect, it's adorable. :)

lucas said...

Yeah, but this isn't a little kid picture. Sorry, 19 years old and in college and dressing like this- oh he's sending a message allright!
Many of the biggest gay-bashers around do it to detract attention away from themselves. The far-right has many scandals to prove it. Me think thee doth protesteth too much sort of stuff.

Rap541 said...

Hee! I have never had any one suggest I was over defending Jeremy :D