Saturday, December 26, 2009

Star of Soap Opera "General Hospital" is a big fan of Amy Roloff

This was passed along to us from a self-described "soap opera fanatic" fan who spotted a reference to the Roloffs and Little People, Big World and thought other LPBW fans who also watch soap operas might think "Roloff love" was neat.

Nancy Lee Grahn, the actress who plays the character "Alexis" on the ABC soap opera "General Hospital" was "tweeting" this week about how much she loves Amy Roloff after watching last Monday's marathon of LPBW on TLC:

"I've watched 4 episodes in a row of "little people big world" r greatest family ever! I want to be bff's w/ the mom. She is too cool!"
2:07PM Dec 21st from web


Christine said...

Cool. But the irony is not lost on me.

Imagine that. A person on tv using the internet to talk to her fans, the people who watch her and keeps her employed.

And she's talking about Amy, a person also on tv, who has fans who watch her and keeps her employed > wealthy, and Amy's entire family avoids fans like they all have the contagious swine flu.

M said...

I agree with Christine!

Christine said...

Thanks M! I notice that person isn't just posting updates about what she is thinking and doing, but actually responding to her fans questions and stuff. It's a good concept! And she's not getting paid for it :)

Tashapork said...

This kind of excites me because I love General Hospital so I am glad that she likes Amy like I do. If you follow Nancy, you know she has very strong opinions and she is very open. One difference that I have to point out is that Nancy is a professional actor who goes to the studio to run lines and play a character. Amy is a housewife who happens to share her life with us on tv. I also would much rather take the Roloffs as they are than the way that Jon Gosselin ignored his young children to get attention at the fence.

Christine said...

Tasha, the Roloffs are paid television stars too. I was willing to cut them slack in the first season when they really were just normal people, but now they really are celebrities and they use their fame when it suits them. They do interviews, they are rich because of their job on television.

They have a website where they sell merchandise with their images on it, they sell autograph merchandise. If you have the money to blow, you can meet them if you have $250 for 30 minutes. The Roloffs ARE paid celebrities. They also like using their fame to meet famous people they like (soccer players, Miley Cyrus).

The Roloffs are on television and are rich because of it. They are just like Nancy Lee Grahn except the Roloffs supposedly don't have a script with lines (which is doubtful sometimes ;). If they both didn't have fans watching their show both of their lifestyles would take a hit.

Diane said...

Alexis! It is cool because the Roloffs aren't that famous so it's cool when someone mentions them.

I totally agree with Christine and M about the Roloffs and their fans.

The show is their job. The jobs they do have are all based on the show. People get pumpkins from them because they're on tv. People pay them $7000 to speak because they're on tv.

If fans didn't care about them and didn't watch the show and make money for TLC, I guarantee the Roloffs would not be able to not have real jobs.

Would Jeremy and Zach (I don't count his indoor job coaching kids soccer) be 19 and have never worked a real job if not for LPBW? Of course not.

In my opinion, the Roloffs are VERY ungrateful to their fans.

Kapper said...

And let's not forget about the infamous Roloff 'dirt in a jar' they sell during pumpkin season.
Way to go Roloff's!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post Christine-- There are plenty of people to admire on this earth. Believe me, the Roloffs aren't up for sainthood anytime soon. Mother Teresa ??? not AMY

Why such blind worship? Why not find an inspiring person in your own community to find admirable.. someone that is REALLY making a difference. THAT is someone to admire, not a tv reality family selling dirt/ripping people off/ and laughing all the way to the bank.


Rini said...

it's great, i like it.