Thursday, December 30, 2010

14 year old Dies in Tragic Accident

This isn't Roloff related, but we know that there are many people in the dwarfism community that are familiar with the site and have many friends in the LP community.

We'd like to offer our sincere condolences to the Brasfield family. Their 14 year old son tragically was killed in an SUV accident late Wednesday night.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Andy's family and friends.

Andy Brasfield Memorial:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Matt Roloff Sighting In Los Angeles Airport

This is kind of a random Matt Roloff sighting in the LA airport. It was posted by a family with a You Tube channel that makes hundreds of videos. Their flight was delayed and Matt was beside them.

Matt comes into it at the 6:55 mark in the video.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Amy Roloff interview with Christian station about the finale, her faith and TLC, and future plans

Amy Roloff did an interesting interview with a Christian radio station from Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was about 10 minutes long, she discussed her feelings about how the final episode ended, talked about whether TLC wanted to minimize the Roloffs religious faith on the show and their future plans.

Here are some of the highlights from Amy's interview:

*They talked about the show becoming an advocate for Little People and those that have disabilities, but eventually viewers saw the similarities. Amy and Matt have issues going on with them and disagreements. Amy said her kids aren't perfect and there's definitely some issues going on with their kids, but that's family and parenting dynamics.

* The host felt TLC was good about not editing out the Roloffs Christian faith; that the kids went to a Christian school and they were shown praying. He asked Amy if they were allowed to be themselves re: their faith? Amy said yes, it was never indicated to them that they don't want them showing their faith. Amy said her faith is what keeps her real. People make mistakes and Amy's Faith is what keeps her moving forward.

*Amy explained she has priorities, the important thing to her was spending time with her kids over being good at organizing. She wanted to be with her kids and be there for teachable moments so she can teach them how to make their own decisions.

*Amy doesn't like blogs, Matt tells her about some of the things people say about her and cleaning, etc. She thinks they get into a weird space where she should do this or that and then who is she catering too?

* The host asked Amy to give advice to any mother's facing challenges with their kids. She said faith keeps her moving on because they aren't perfect and do make mistakes whether she made a wrong choice or friends -- maybe she shouldn't have let her kids play with these friends...they aren't perfect and she's doing the best she can and her Faith is the key.

* Amy said "we" didn't particularly like the way the finale ended, but when they thought about it, that's how life is, several Roloffs are unsure what to do next.

*Amy said she's becoming a career woman, now that her kids are growing up and don't need her to be the mom she was before. Her "mom role" is changing.

*According to Amy, the boys are trying to figure out where they're going to go and they will definitely soon be leaving the house.

*Molly will be leaving in about a year and a half.

*So Amy feels that Matt and her are nearing that empty nest stage although they still have Jacob (he will be 14 exactly one month from today) who needs a Mom and Dad to be there and on him and disciplining him.

*Amy said she's at the spot where how does she further her career, so there is a lot uncertainty about the future.

*Amy discussed the future. She said they probably will still be on the farm. Pumpkin season is up to Matt because it's his thing. Matt has his speaking engagements, Amy has her speaking engagements.

*Amy has a cook book coming out next year. People asked for it because she cooked so much on the show.

*She has her Charity Foundation that is going strong and mentioned that she would like to do some children's books. Those projects are still in the works.

*Amy mentioned there are things in the works, but nothing is solidified for "a lot of us". Amy thinks 2011 will be a big year for the Roloffs.

She mentioned her charity foundation website and her charity foundation page on Facebook. If you're unaware, Amy often posts on the wall of her charity page on Facebook. Click on "posts by others" located on her "wall" and that's where Amy's posts can be found.!/amyroloffcharityfoundation?v=wall

You can listen to the interview here:

Matt Roloff comments on lawsuit against Washington County

The Capital Press has an article regarding the lawsuit the Roloffs filed against Washington County. It contains some quotes from Matt and a few extra details.

Among the details:

"The inspector's actions constituted an "unreasonable search and seizure without lawful authority" and violated Roloff's right to due process, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit seeks $200,000 in damages for trespass, invasion of privacy, emotional distress and civil rights violations, as well as an injunction barring further unauthorized inspections.

"It's an interesting erosion of constitutional rights," said Roloff. "We feel like we've been unfairly targeted for many years."

Upon reporting the incident to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the Roloffs were informed that it was county policy to allow inspectors to "surreptitiously go onto private property of its citizens without notice to them," the complaint said.

"That response is what put us over the edge to file" a lawsuit, said Roloff.

The farm includes several structures -- a frontier town, medieval castle, tree fort and a pirate ship -- that serve to attract visitors during the fall pumpkin season.
Roloff's "agritainment" venture has had past problems with state and county governments over zoning issues, but he said inspectors have never entered the farm without permission.

"The difference this time is they passed multiple no-trespassing signs and basically snuck onto the property," he said.

Roloff is represented by Donald Joe Willis, an attorney who earlier this year won a $1.15 million judgment on behalf of deceased property-rights advocate Dorothy English against Oregon's Multnomah County.

Capital Press was unable to reach the attorney representing Washington County in the case."

You can read the full article:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amy Roloff's 911 call regarding Roloff lawsuit against Washington County for $200,000

KPTV in Oregon posted Amy Roloff's 911 call in regards to the incident featured on an episode of Little People, Big World. The Roloffs are suing Washington County for $200,000 claiming Amy suffered severe emotional distress.

You can listen to the 911 call here:

This was Washington County's statement on the incident (this statement was made before the Roloffs officially filed the lawsuit although at the time Matt Roloff said they were exploring their legal options).

And the first news of their lawsuit:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amy Roloff Talks About Bullying, Airport Security And BP Oil Spill

Amy Roloff did an interview with 'Truth Is Scary' TV. They discuss Airport security/if pat downs and scans have gone too far, bullying and the BP oil spill.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Song From The Little People, Big World Finale

We have been receiving a lot of questions from people asking what was the name of the song that was played at the end of the series finale of Little People, Big World?

Thanks to everyone that submitted the answer on their own.

The song is called 'No Way You're Gonna Stop Me' - written by Joey Newman and Gabriel Mann.

You can listen to the full version of the song on Joey Newman's website at this link. It's under "Songs" and then "No Way You're gonna Stop Me"

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Video Message From Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff made a new video message for his Facebook Fan page ( via You Tube.

Here are the main discussion points (with some pictures to spice it up). These are all according to Matt, of course. He made no mention of the recent lawsuit the Roloffs filed against Washington County in this update.

*Matt repeated what Amy said in her coffee chat. They flew to Los Angeles for the finale. They got to meet many of the people that worked on the show behind the scenes.

*Matt and Amy reminisced with some of the executives about the very first pilot that never even aired in 2002. It took another year for Little People, Big Dreams to be filmed and released in 2004 and then another year and some for Little People, Big World to air for the first time on television in March of 2006. Matt says that shows it takes patience and hard work to get projects off the ground.

The next few points was basically shooting down some of the things viewers saw and heard in the finale:

Per Matt, Jeremy and Zach no longer sleep until noon

*Matt reports that Jeremy and Zach no longer sleep until Noon. Now that the cameras are gone, they're focused on school and work --according to Matt. They both have a full class schedule at PCC. Zach plays/manages on several indoor soccer teams.

Jeremy has a lingering foot problem that causes him to miss indoor soccer games much to Zach's chagrin

*Matt says Jeremy fills in on those teams when he can; Zach wants Jeremy to play more, but Jeremy has a lingering foot problem which gets painful; Matt says Jeremy will eventually require surgery.

Zach works at indoor goals

*Zach manages/plays on all of those teams and works 30 hours a week, as well as carrying a full load at school

Jeremy is still mulling over his photography educational options after being accepted to Brooks Institute of Photography in California

*Jeremy also carries a full load at school, is busy with photography, making videos around town, doing some photography projects for companies in Hillsboro and is excited about the work he's doing with a large agency in L.A. Jeremy is still deciding on his photography school options

Molly was selected to the state all star team for volleyball

*Molly excels at everything. She is a star at Volleyball (She made the state all star team)and runs the Roloff online store (plug!)

Matt says he's spending a lot of time with Jacob

*Matt says Jacob has become his wingman; Matt and Jacob frequently go to movies and shopping together. Matt enjoys spending time with Jacob.

*Matt wanted to thank everybody, not just the fans that have left warm and kind comments, but all who write about them - the good, bad and ugly -- Matt wants to thank everybody because it takes all opinions to create the kind of success they've had.

*The final point Matt wanted to talk about was his relationship with Amy. Matt says they've settled into life without the cameras and scrutiny, and they will continue to rely on their faith together.

*Merry Christmas and God Bless you all.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Amy Roloff Live Coffee Chat Dec 10

Amy Roloff held another Coffee Chat streamed live on the internet.

There weren't many questions this week. We've heard from people who are confused about how to join the chat, they aren't sure if they have to register on Ustream or if they can join the chat from Facebook or Twitter so I think that might be part of the problem at the moment.

We certainly receive a lot of questions -- wide ranging questions for Amy and about Amy, although some of them tend to be deeper than the type of questions Amy and her charity team are probably looking for on the live chat which tend to be of the fluffy variety.

Amy had a musician as her guest, Patrick Lamb, who played the sax. A lot of the talk was about him. She also spoke to her personal trainer for a few minutes. The trainer mentioned that viewers didn't get to see Amy's progress in October.

Amy was in Los Angeles for the finale of Little People, Big World. She enjoyed getting to meet the people that work on the show behind the scenes in the editing department and so on.

There were a few things that people might be interested in hearing how Amy answered.

*She was asked why they ended the show. Amy gave a similar answer to what Matt has said about it. She said the timing was right and they were ready to end the show; as was TLC so it was mutual decision according to Amy.

*Amy was asked what accomplishment she was proudest of in regards to the family doing the show? Amy stated that it's the awareness they've raised for Little People and people who are different; teaching that people might look different but are all in the world together. Amy also said she was proud that the family wasn't afraid to be real on the show.

*A viewer asked if Amy felt her edit on the show was accurate (the viewer said Amy seemed very cynical on the show)? Her answer was the same as she's said previously -- viewers see "the moment", but they don't see what lead up to the moment, the before and after. She does feel that their basic personalitis shone through.

*There was a question asking if there would be any specials or follow ups. Amy indicated that's a strong possibility, that viewers might see if the twins move out, where Molly goes to college and how Jacob will cope will with his siblings leaving because he's used to there always being a ton of people at the house. Amy also added that fans might see one or more Roloffs on television in another capacity or involved in other projects.

*Will Molly go to George Fox University? Amy doesn't know, the big test will be in the spring when Molly will have to actually apply.

*Will the Roloffs still have pumpkin season? Amy said it's up to Matt since he does most of the work, Amy and the kids help out a bit, but pumpkin season is Matt's thing and requires a lot of work on his part. However, she did say she expect they'll have pumpkin season for many, many more years.

*What was it like having twins? Amy said there were concerns how a LP would carry twins; she's just thankful they were both healthy. They did know that one would be average size and one would be a Little Person.

*Jacob still has his turtle. Amy sounded amazed that the turtle still gets fed and is still alive.

*Someone asked what Amy means when she says that "Jacob is my teenager". Amy explained that she means Jake has the attitude associated with teenagers. Amy said Jacob has that stubborn streak, doesn't talk a lot when they try to talk to him and he sasses back. According to Amy, she didn't get that too much from Zach, Jeremy and Molly.

There are recordings of her other chats (today's chat is not up yet):

And the 2nd one:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Roloff Family Sue Washington County for $200,000 for Trespassing Incident

The Portland Business Journal is reporting that the Roloffs are suing Washington County for $200,000 stemming from the incident that viewers saw depicted on an epiosode of Little People, Big World

The lawsuit claims that Amy Roloff suffered severe distress after confronting an intruder who trespassed on the couple’s property, identified in court documents as John Wheeler, a Washington County building services inspector.

From the: Portland Business Journal - by Wendy Culverwell
Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 10:43am PST :

"Amy Roloff, who was home at the time, observed Wheeler on the property. She confronted him and asked for his identity and a disposable camera he was using to snap photos. According to the suit, Wheeler refused to identify himself or to turn over the camera. He retreated to his county work vehicle with Amy Roloff in pursuit as she called 911 for emergency assistance.

Amy Roloff noticed the county logo on Wheeler’s truck door and climbed in to identify Wheeler. The suit contends Wheeler “came into physical contact with plaintiff Amy Roloff and was pushing her off the seat and out of the truck”. He provided his business card before driving off.

The suit said the Roloffs have a heightened sensitivity to intruders because the “substantial celebrity” brought on by their television program. The case noted previous encounters with people who have threatened to harm them and their daughter and disclosed that burglars have successfully entered the family home in the past.

The couple asked that the case be tried before a jury.

The Roloffs are represented by Portland law firm Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt P.C. Chris Gilmore, an attorney for Washington County, is representing the county. He could not be immediately reached to comment on the case. John Wheeler and his supervisor, Jay Winchester, are named as co-defendants."

Read the full article here:

You can see a statement from Washington County on the matter (before the lawsuit was filed):

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Television Ratings for Finale of Little People, Big World

The Season Finale of LPBW received ratings of 1.773 and 2.238.

Here is the full list of ratings for the 6th season of Little People, Big World:

Sept 6 (Premiere)
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 20
LPBW 8pm - Camp Roloff = 1.142 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Zach Rides On = 1.362 million viewers

Sept 27
LPBW 8pm - Matt's Massacre = 1.069 million viewers

Oct 4
LPBW 8pm - Micromanager Matt = 1.060 million viewers

Oct 18
LPBW 8pm - Rocky's Last Stand = 1.232 million viewers

Oct 25
LPBW 8pm - Little Noah = 1.257 million viewers

Nov 1
LPBW 8pm - Get Off My Turf = 1.160 million viewers

Nov 8
LPBW 8pm - Dating Daze = 1.361 million viewers

Nov 15
LPBW 8pm - Take A Hike = 1.383 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Amy In Command = 1.377 million viewers

Nov 22
LPBW 8pm - Little Brother, Big Sister = 1.355 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Giving Back = 1.379 million viewers

Nov 29
LPBW 8pm - Ask The Roloffs - Farm Life = 1.840 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Ask The Roloffs - One By One = 2.033 million viewers

Dec 6th (Finale)
LPBW 8pm - Twins at Twenty = 1.773 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Moving Out = 2.238 million viewers

Monday, December 6, 2010

Season Finale of Little People Big World; Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541

This is Rap541's episode review. All opinions and statements belong to Rap.
Written by Rap541


And so it comes, the end of the show. I'd like to thank Spiritswander for this blog,, and for all the mad editing skills, and send props to my fellow reviewer Expressed (fist bump) because we don't generally agree but I really think Expressed has grown as a reviewer. I have dreamed since I was four years old of writing reviews for a reality show on a blog so of course I must thank the Lord Jesus Christ as well. :)

Dec 06, 8:00 pm
Twins at Twenty
The twins face challenges growing up when Zach puts off buying a new car and Jeremy has a tough time applying for a job.

So Zach isn't buying an expensive brand new SUV? Even after scoring his low paying job that we had an entire episode devoted to?And Jeremy will of course triumphantly get a job thereby showing us all? Oh wait, this was filmed in May-Sept and we all know Jeremy didn't sully himself with work. After all he's a rich boy who lives off Mommy and Daddy and we should all respect his awesome achievement of well, doing nothing but playing. I am just shocked Matt and Amy actually allowed such a negative preview about Jeremy. How dare anyone say WonderJer has a tough time with anything?

Dec 06, 8:30 pm
Moving Out
While the twins explore moving into their own apartment, Matt and Amy reevaluate their lives and seriously consider selling the farm.

So really, the show didn't end last year because of "loose ends needing to be tied up" but we're teased with a cliffhanger? A cliffhanger of lies?

I mean, come on, the twins live at home right now, months after filming has ended and nope, the Roloffs haven't sold the farm. However I am totally willing to bet this ends with the Roloffs sitting around the table and Matt doing a voice over of how freaking amazing everything thing he's ever done is.

Because we must never forget... Its all about Matt and how he's the special snowflake :)

1st Episode

Hmmmm…. So Matt is waking the twins up and Jeremy is sleeping in cowboy town. Yeah this exactly how mature I thought the twins were. Zach asks for breakfast and Matt says NO as he rolls out to Jeremy’s sleep spot. Yes, he’s waking Jeremy and Zach up at 10am at twenty years of age. He comments on how he was already out of the house at their age. He goes on and on about how they are moving forward.

He asks about Jeremy’s resume. Jeremy is “durpa der” aka he says next to nothing other than ummmm. Matt goes on about how middle names are passe but objectives are important. Jeremy doesn’t seem to know what “objective” means. Matt rants and Jeremy looks sleepy, bored, and confused. Matt hay bales how asinine the situation is and how he unintentionally encouraged it. Jeremy also doesn’t know what a cover letter is. Ironically I think this is possibly the most honest scene of Jeremy we’ve gotten in years. No surprises.

Now Matt tales Zach car shopping. Several shots of the Previa. Now they look at an Outback. Matt is all about getting a good price. There’s amiable bargaining. Matt goes on and on how dumb Zach is to not make an immediate decision. Zach notes it takes six years to pay off a brand new car and he wants to think about the commitment.

Jeremy and Zach play video games. Wait, I thought Jeremy James NEVER played video games and abhorred all forms of electronic gaming entertainment as it keeps him from his beloved nature hikes where he ponders theology? Matt and Amy discuss the budget. Matt wants to sell and pitch the twins out. During the voice over of Matt wanting them to leave before he dies, the boys play video games. Matt asks for Jeremy’s resume, Jeremy has little to say, other than there is no resume. Matt thinks about selling and tells Jeremy he’s thinking of selling because he’s tired of the twins being lazy. Matt calls it dragon slaying.

Jeremy whines about how applications are all on line now. Has he ever applied before the world went on line? I mean seriously now, Wonder Jer at twenty has *never even applied* for a job before? And we’re supposed to feel sorry for him? He whines about being ignorant and wanders into Home Depot for a paper app. They point him to the computer application area in the store. He whines how he hates computers and says he can’t finish because he didn’t bring his ssn number. Just for the record, didn’t Go-getter Jer-Bear also need Mommy or was it Molly to tend him and fill out his college application and specifically, remember his social security number for him? Gosh he’s such a man. He heads home after failing at filling out an application for a minimum wage job. Praise him!

Zach heads to his job. He awkwardly asks for more hours. The boss sorta mocks him about the farm and his work habits. Zach whines how hard work is. This whole scene feels completely staged.

Matt crutches about. He bitches how the twins suck and skip chores. Matt chastises them and Jeremy smarts off how he works and Matt disagrees. Jeremy notes he doesn’t care what Matt thinks or whether Matt believes him. Gosh is that Jeremy Jesus respectfully agreeing with Daddy as always? Jeremy whines. Matt whines to Amy about selling the farm. Amy starts to talk and Jeremy tells Amy to leave and trot her ass back to the kitchen. You know, because she’s just a woman and not Matt so Jeremy telling the woman who birthed him to do his bidding is respectful. Amy tells him, a bit curtly, like she’s totally aware the camera is there and hoping he shuts up before its too late, to stop while he’s ahead. Jeremy snots off again and Amy notes she’s not gonna hear it from a 20 year old slacker. Oh Jer fans? What I didn’t see was Matt grow some balls and say one word as his son disrespected his wife or say one word when his wife told the 20 year old unemployed slacker to shut up.

So Jeremy is doing some work on a friend’s car. Amy asks whose car it is and Jeremy’s friend is Jeremy Roloff. So he lied right to his mom’s face. I guess that is Christian respect, lying directly to your mom’s face on camera. I mean, I am really curious how this will turn into a “Jeremy was telling the truth when he said it was for a friend because he’s a Christian who never lies!“. They debate the money, and he admits he didn’t even have the money to buy it. Amy hay bales how dumb he is.

Jeremy hay bales how he bought the second car before getting a job. There’s just not much going on in that pretty little head is there? He heads down to one of Daddy’s contacts and applies (not by computer). The interviewer asks about hours. Jeremy goes on about how nice it is there. Since we all know Jeremy isn’t working aside from chores for Daddy, and spent the last six months playing, this whole job thing is especially hilarious.

Matt and Zach drive to get the new car. Zach babbles on the hay bale. He buys a car. I note Zach managed to bring his license and registration with him unlike someone else. Matt congratulates him. Zach rams the curb as he drives off.

Back on the farm, Zach rolls in on his new SUV. Jeremy and Mueller want to sign the ceiling and perhaps realizing how expensive it is, Zach says no. Amy hay bales how dumb Jeremy is to buy a second car with no job. Jeremy sits at the family dinner and mentions moving out. Matt does a hallelujah! He’s just a little too happy, as in it feels like a completely staged moment. Then he notes how they don’t think about the costs. Matt hay bales how the twins are challenged and kinda slow moving out. I’m guessing this episode kinda reflects how no one really needs to kiss ass anymore.

2nd Episode

Amy and Molly and Jake head out to the gazebo. Amy hay bales how divorce is impending. Molly and Jake fight on the hammock. Jake looks a lil young there. As in I think this whole sequence was recycled from years ago. Also I would just like to say I appreciate how TLC continually used footage in such a way that if Mike had wandered through one of these last episodes, I wouldn’t have been shocked.

A realtor wanders in. Matt hay bales how without the twins he can’t work the farm. Ahem. Since Camerino and the staff do all the work and the twins only pitch in at pumpkin season…. Not buying the faux drama. Matt waxes nostalgically about the land as he is a man of the land. Amy chides Matt over that. Now we get a nostalgic mule trip around the farm.. The realtor sounds a bit like Jeremy and he nicely kisses Matt’s ass in this.

Mueller and Jeremy and Zach go apartment hunting in the Previa. Jeremy snots how mature he is. Everyone looks SHOCKED at the rent costs. This is dull because I know the twins didn’t move out and certainly didn’t move in with Mueller. Also, I don’t know about Oregon but really, there aren’t free advertising magazines in the grocery stores for apartments? You don’t have apartment hunters? You can’t go to and check pricing? This should not have been a shocker at all.

Matt notes a stain on the driveway. Amy notes that its from the Mercedes. Matt chides her, and Amy notes she did it on purpose to piss him off. Matt runs off to complain to Jeremy. Then Matt rants at her over the oil, and calls her lazy over the car problem. Molly notes on the hay bale that they aren’t communicating well. The divorce word finally rears its head. Matt hay bales how staying married might not be realistic. I’m sure tomorrow Matt will point and laugh how dumb everyone is to believe that.

The twins make lists on what they need as they wander about the store. They make Jake do math for them. That’s sad. More talk with the realtor. Amy shows the realtor around. Molly seems sad on the hay bale. There’s flashbacks of Matt letting the kids do dangerous stuff on the Mule. Amy goes on about the memories and playing with the kids. Insert picture montages.

She takes the realtor around the attractions. Amy and Matt go looking at houses. Matt notes how he’s just curious of Amy will agree with him on anything/ They look at BIG houses for “empty nesters” and I respectfully point out they still have two kids in school. I mean, that’s before I point out how Thing One and Thing Two have no interest in leaving. They look at another huge house. Amy goes on about moving and change and says the kids won’t run the farm. Amy seems to be having a midlife crisis. Again.

Jeremy and Zach and Mueller debate moving out and how expensive being grown ups is.

Molly hay bales how she doubts the twins will ever leave. I know she’s the smart one but that’s a pretty safe bet. Jeremy tells Amy how it makes more sense to loaf at home with Amy in the kitchen tending him than working. Because he’s a man and needs Mommy to tend him and mind him.

Matt tells the twins to get out and don’t think about bringing home grandkids. Amy hay bales how the twins will move out eventually. She seems pretty ready for that moment.

Matt talks about selling so he takes Amy out on the mule. They discuss making memories. Matt refers to the property as a palette but also feels tethered down to the land. Yeah, this is dull. Matt and Amy actually seem pretty disconnected from each other.

Matt hay bales how they might sell. Amy goes on about her memories and we get photo montages. They’ve come to their decision and they’re not selling…. Right now. Really this is a BIT forced. Matt and Amy need to work on the marriage, Amy calls it rocky and iffy. Yeah that’s super positive. There’s more montage. Oh hey there’s actually words to the theme song! WHY IS THIS THE FIRST TIME WE HAVE HEARD THE WORDS???

Back to Amy and Matt on the Mule. Both Matt and Amy make vague comments in voice over about the future…..and they mule off. So… we end on vagueness, hints of pending divorce and the sad realization that yes, the twins are lazy boobs.

And now the Cake Boss! But… the theme song with words will be on Itunes? It was the best part of the show :)

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: LPBW Finale

The guest episode reviewer is Expressed.
Written by Expressed

*The finale episode starts! Matt is walking around waking everybody up. Jeremy is sleeping out in the cowboy town? Matt rides out that to wake him up and did a voice over about how Jeremy and Zach live like kids. Basically the same stuff the Jeremy and Zach bashers on the internet say. Interesting! Matt says he moved out when he was 18.

*I gotta cut them some slack. I didn't move out at 18. Most people I know didn't . It's a different time. But then again, the main reason is financial and that's not an issue for Jeremy and Zach.

*Matt is helping Jeremy with his resume. Jeremy says in a voice over that he and Zach are behind most guys their age because they still don't have a job. He cleverly avoids saying the elephant in the room (they've been making bank from TLC!) He said something like "up until now we haven't needed to".

*I know some people will knock Jeremy in this resume scene because Matt explains everything point by point, but if you're rich like the Roloffs and never needed to apply, there is a first time for everything so he does need it explained to him. Gotta defend Jeremy some!

*Interesting sidenote. Matt tells Jeremy not to use his middle name. He says that was a fad and it's out. It's interesting because it looks like for Jeremy's photography and video stuff he's going by Jeremy James Roloff.

*In the other plot for this episode, Matt takes Zach to get a new car. What a plot. Will Zach buy a car. He's rich but we're supposed to pretend like he's not. They look at an Outback. Matt negotiates with the dealer. Matt is good. I don't care if people don't like Matt's personality but this scene totally shows how good Matt is at negotiating deals. He's an expert. Nobody is going to rip Matt off. He knows all the ins and outs of deals.

*Zach says it's a big decision because it will take him 6 years to pay it off. Oh come on Zach, and people say he's the honest Roloff! Is that 6 years without the TLC money? The drama in this plot is Matt is annoyed that Zach is putting it off and not making a decision to buy it.

* Matt's working on a budget...for the farm? The first mention of the faux plot of the week! Matt says maybe they should sell the farm. He says Jeremy and Zach needs a life lesson and they will have to sell to get them out. He says it in a serious voice here, but it's the same thing he's said as an obvious joke in interviews.

*Matt and Amy are really letting loose with the zingers at Jeremy and Zach this episode! Matt says the twins have no ambition. Cue the editing showing them playing video games.

* Back to the resume scene. They try to make these look like it's a different time, but it's obviously the same scene as before. Matt tells Jeremy it's the end of the line for the farm and he's thinking of selling. Jeremy's expression is totally "Yeah right!!!!" But Jeremy lies talking to the camera outside, he says he believes Matt will sell. I don't believe Jeremy for a second. His expression in the office was the total "yeah right, I'll try to keep a straight face" expression.

* Jeremy goes to a hardware store to apply. Home Depot? He goes because he says he hates computers and didn't want to apply online. I gotta say us Jeremy fans have heard this "Jeremy hates computers" thing before and I didn't believe it before. We all know Jeremy uses computers like every other 20 year old in the world. Anyhow, Jer goes to the store to apply in person. They tell him he needs to apply on the computer they have. Jer is bummed. He repeats that he hates computers about 7 times. It looks straight forward. Select what shifts you can work and stuff like that. Uh oh. Jeremy is doing a lot of talking to the camera btw. He tells the camera he can't finish because he needs to enter his social security number and he didn't bring it with him. Hmm..hasn't this happened before to Jeremy on camera? 2 or 3 times? :) Jeremy says he can't finish and walks out saying "the Big MR" is going to be pissed.

*Zach is at indoor goals asking for more hours so he can pay off the new car. We're still pretending like Zach is paying for a car from the soccer job and not from TLC. The boss seems nice. He wants Zach to work Saturday mornings and be ready for work. Zach says yes. Funny how things are settled so easily when you have a camera crew on your side.

*A usual setting. Matt in the office. The twins come in. Matt is mad at them. He's threatening to sell the farm and blaming it all on them for being lazy and not helping out. Uh oh, Jeremy sounds pretty pissed. Is Zach rubbing off on Jeremy? Jeremy tells Matt that he does work and Matt never realizes it. The set up of scene seemed staged for the cameras but the emotions sound real. Jeremy is pissed. Here comes Amy! I was 99% sure she was going to yell at Matt!! Surprise! She tells the twins they do need to think about selling the farm because the twins don't help out. Whoa!!!!!! Jeremy shuts Amy up! I think he said "you shouldn't be in the office. You need to help out in the kitchen. Your job is the kitchen". I caught Matt's glance, even his eyes flashed to Jeremy like "are you crazy??" Amy "Oh really???" Molly is at the door now. I think she's peeved with Jeremy. Amy said "That's crap" or something, Jeremy is totally serious. He says he's totally serious. He wants Amy to explain to him why what he said is crap. Amy said he should stop before he digs himself a deeper hole. Jeremy isn't backing down. Zach zooms out of the office. Jeremy tells Amy "the kitchen, the barn". Now Matt makes his exit! Amy has that scowl that is half a smile and half are you kiddding me? She says "I'm not here to clean up after a 20 year old. Jeremy says she's missing his point. Amy says it's because he doesn't have a point.

*Wow. I know what's going to be the most talked about segment of this episode! For the record I must show my Jeremy colors. I think what he was trying to say was that Matt is always getting mad at everybody for the house being messy and he's blaming Amy for keeping a messy kitchen. Ok, I don't know if I just helped Jeremy! But that's what he's saying. And we know what a sore spot the messy house is with Amy. That's why the rest of the Roloffs bailed from the office when Jeremy didn't back down.

*Amy leaves asking out loud "What is going on with my Jeremy? My poor 20 year old. Is she mocking Jer?? I think she is.

*Jeremy and a bunch of friends are outside around another BMW. Jeremy tells Amy that he got a job to work on a friend's BMW. No, Jeremy lied. He says no, it's his BMW, he just bought it. Amy is against it. She tells him he doesn't have money to fix it up. Can we drop the lie about Jeremy not having money??? He's a reality tv show star getting paid every week from TLC! Jeremy says he doesn't have money, he didn't have money to buy it either but he did. Maybe that's a clever joke about ignoring the money from the show? Jer's plan is to not spend a lot to restore it and then re-sell it.

*In a voice over, Jeremy says he kind of screwed up because he bought another BMW without having a job. Yeah, that's a typical problem for every 20 year old. Buying a 2nd BMW without a job. ...

*I sense the happy part of the episode coming! The music picks up! Jeremy goes to Morgan Machinery. They just happen to be the company that transported the ark for Matt on the show. Go figure! Jeremy seems into applying. The owner meets Jeremy personally of course and is super impressed. It does seem like stuff Jeremy would like. Moving stuff on forklifts. Jeremy is happy. The owner is happy. The Morgan Machine guy asks Jeremy about his driving record. Jer says it's pretty good. He tells Jeremy he would need to work 5 or 6 hours a day. Jeremy seems to nod. They leave this scene with the impression that Jeremy is taking the job but I think we all know that he doesn't or hasn't.

*Matt and Zach are at the dealer buying the car. He's doing it. We're supposed to applaud Zach for being rich enough to buy a new vehicle! Zach is signing the paper work....Matt needs to sign it too. Matt says he's proud...again, because Zach is rich from the show? They bring it home. The friends greet Zach.

*Commercial for next episode. More divorce talk!!!! Jeremy says " The divorce word has been thrown around"

*Amy says Zach got a new vehicle and picked up more hours at Indoor Goals, but she's still worried about Jeremy because he bought another BMW but doesn't have a job (so what was the point of the Morgan Machinery "application"?

*Family dinner! They are waiting on Jeremy. Here he comes. Jer speaks.....Jeremy and Zach are contemplating moving out. "Contemplating". Matt reacts by celebrating. Well, that was kind of a weak announcement, we know it's not happening.

End of 1st episode.


2nd Episode

*Amy is out at the gazeebo with Molly and Jake looking at the farm. Jake is biting Molly. Nice. I think this is 2 or 3 years old? Did you see that shot of Jake? He looked so young! Amy sets the stage for the episode picking up on the previous episode. They are considering selling the farm and the twins might move out.

*Btw, Spirits said the filming they did last week was producer Chris doing final barn bites. I'm guessing after they put the episode together they forgot something and wanted final voiceovers. I've been trying to guess what the final voice over/barn bites was as I'm watching this.

*They're going heavy on the sell the farm plot. They've brought in a realtor. Not any realtor. The guy that sold them the farm 20 years ago. That's cool. He advises Matt not to sell.

*Mueller is with Jeremy and Zach. Surprise! The move out plan consists of Zach, Jeremy and Mueller. Hands up if you thought Jeremy and Mueller would eventually think about moving in together? (not that I'm being sucked into this faux plot!)

*They are apartment hunting. They're looking at a nice place. Hm, there's 3 of them, but they aren't sure if they're getting a 2 or 3 bedroom place. No Jeremy and Mueller jokes!!! Anyways a 3 bedroom place is $1035 a month. Jeremy looks shocked. Zach is stunned. Zach says he thought places were $250 or $300. I wish Zach! This is stupid tho. Divided 3 ways it's not that much. And there's that elephant in the room. Jeremy and Zach are freaking rich! But they're pretending like they'll have a hard time paying that.

*Mueller wants to know what will happen if they get the place and then lose their job....I don't know if that says something about Mueller or if it's foreshadowing the end of LPBW for Jer and Zach (gulp!)

*Matt is mad! There is oil on the driveway. Amy says it's from her Mercedes. Amy doesn't care. Matt says the driveway is ruined forever. Amy sarcastically says yep, she did it on purpose to piss Matt off. Matt has Jeremy by his side on the mule. His angry that Amy blows it off.

*Oh no. Marriage/divorce drama. The kids all give voice overs except for Jake. Zach said Matt and Amy have stress in the marriage because they have different personalities. Molly says they are too stubborn, she thinks they both need to suck it up. Jeremy said the divorce word has been thrown around.

*Stop right there! Jeremy is on the show saying divorce has been talked. But in interviews and on the internet Matt AND Amy scoff at the divorce talk and look down on people for not understanding editing. Hey guys, people talk that way because of stuff like this!!!! Jeremy on the show saying divorce has been talked about.

*Jeremy and Zach (Jake Roloff is tagging along) are pricing stuff to see how much it would be if they moved out. Jeremy wants to steal Matt and Amy's toaster and stuff like that. They ask Jake to do the math and add it these episodes are really throwing Zach and esp. Jeremy to the wolves! I'm kinda shocked about. So they ask their 13 year old brother to do the math for them. The total is $1682

*Matt and Amy are going to look at another house. Amy says she doesn't know what Matt is thinking but she's going along for it...probably because it's in the storyline cheat sheet :)

*Molly talks about the farms, she has memories of the family when they were young. Amy thinks about the memories, she loves the farm because she could hang out with her kids.

*Matt and Amy are looking at a new place. It's really nice. It has a huge yard and pool too. Are they sure this is downsizing??? The inside looks a lot like the mansion they have now. Well, the rooms look the same anyway.

*Matt is talking about the bad marriage. Because this is Matt ON THE SHOW. Matt on the show talking about his marriage is totally different than Matt off the show talking about the marriage. He says in their bedroom they have a Bible quote about encouraging one another. He says they've forgotten about that.

*Amy is talking about selling the farm. She says the kids won't run the farm. Interesting.

*Here comes the big decision!! Jeremy gets ready for the announcement. After pricing apartments and costs, Jeremy and Zach have's best for them to stay at home for at least another year. Shocking! So basically everybody was exactly right. This was nothing but a plot filler.

*Amy tells us that one day, some day, one day, Jeremy and Zach will leave the farm. Either they'll force them out, they'll choose to leave or life will dictate that they leave, but they will one day leave! Yeah, that's a safe statement to make!

*Matt and Amy drive off in one of the 9 mules or polaris rangers to look at the farm. Matt says the farm causes him stress because he can't leave it without thinking he's behind. Amy thinks about all the memories the family has with the farm.

*Amy says they know what they're going to do....they're going to keep the farm! So everybody that said this was a just a plot for the finale was right.

Both plots were not happening. They made the finale about two things that smart people knew weren't happening.

*Amy talks about the marriage. She says they have a rocky marriage and the future of it is iffy. Matt talks about the kids thinking Matt and Amy will be at the farm sitting on a rocking chair together but he doesn't really see it that way.

Again this is Matt Roloff ON THE SHOW speaking. Totally different than Matt Roloff in interviews or on facebook. I wish Matt and Amy would remember all the quotes they say on the show about their marriage when they laugh at people for speculating about divorce.

*They show a really nice video montage of all the memories. It is kind of emotional. They show the Roloffs hugging and smiling.

*The final moments...Matt says people ask what the future holds, he doesn't know, Amy says life is changing but they'll put one foot ahead of the other and do their best.

End of show, end of series.

I'll need more time to digest that this was the end! My first impression of the finale other than being right (and everybody else!) about the bad fake plots, was I'm surprised the finale made Jeremy look so bad. The finale was probably the episodes that made Jeremy look the worst in at least a couple of years. I thought they would end on a more positive note.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Matt Roloff interview with Vancouver Sun about Little People, Big World Finale

There is an article from a writer for the Vancouver Sun who interviewed Matt Roloff about the end of Little People, Big World. (Matt has done a few interviews with this writer over the years).

It's pretty much what you've come to expect and things you already know if you're regular reader to our site.

There are a few things you might be interested in:

It hints (keep in mind this is coming from a newspaper columnist talking to Matt on the phone) that Matt will likely be back on television "perhaps involved in animation or as a host".

If you're wondering about this statement: "Even though the series finale is nigh, cameras were still rolling as recently as a week ago" -- we're told that producer Chris Cardamone came back for a couple of days to do the final touch up on barn bites (those are the "interviews" with the Roloffs speaking to the camera in the barn setting).

Matt says he wanted to end the show after 5 seasons, but Amy wasn't done.

"After five seasons, I was pretty well done," says Matt. "I wanted to move on, but Amy was more like, 'Hey, I still want to work my charities and do some things."'
So they agreed to one more season of filming, much of which has seen Matt take a background role."

People that have followed all of Matt's interviews and knows the history, are aware that it wasn't exactly like it was portrayed in the above sentence ("they agreed to one more season of filming"). Two months prior to the cancellation announcement Matt was on video proclaiming that they would do the show for "at least two more years".

If you haven't already, you can read what we were told from industry insiders about what really happened regarding the decision to end the show. Since we published this, we've been told by multiple sources that this is completely accurate.

The other piece of information from the Vancouver Sun article that some people might be interested in -- although it's nothing new, if you were wondering how the Roloffs were going to handle the misleading previews for the finale -- Matt does confirm that Jeremy and Zach have not moved out and are still happily living at home on the farm.

"Matt says all the Roloffs are still happily living down on the farm."

You can read the full article here:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat December 3rd

Amy Roloff held another "coffee chat" today. She's was in a cafe that they stream the video live on the internet.

This is her channel and the site is:

Thanks to those that sent us in your own brief recap. Here is a summary of some of the things Amy talked about or was asked about.

*Amy mentioned that she has a cookbook coming out in May of next year. She was asking for your favorite recipes. You can contact Amy through her Charity website:

*She asked people to talk about their Christmas traditions. One of the Roloffs traditions is cutting down their own tree. They did that again this year. They take the Mule and driver over to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down. This year they all agreed quickly.

*On Christmas Eve, Amy and the family always attends the Christmas service at their church.

*She doesn't know what Jeremy and Zach will do this year because they are older. She thinks they'll probably go out to friends. She finds it hard to watch her kids grow up and do their own things for the holidays.

*Molly loves baking Christmas cookies and bread.

*She was asked if the Roloff kids still get up early on Christmas day? They don't. Amy said they all sleep in. She needs to try to wake them up around 10:00 am.

*The mother of Jeremy and Zach's friend, Scott, was one of Amy's guests. She's been a neighbor for many years. Someone (very accurately) asked her about Scott being obsessed with his truck.

*Amy mentioned that she played on the kids soccer team in the co-ed indoor league last weekend. She said the big thing right now is that Zach is mad at Jeremy because Jeremy skipped their soccer game to do something else and he's not going to show up again this weekend, so Zach is very ticked off at Jeremy at the moment. Lisa said Zach played great and Amy said Zach held their team together.

*They had a guy from Aim High Martial Arts Academy on. They partner with Amy's charity foundation. They talked about Jacob. Apparently Jacob quit. Danny from Aim High said Jacob was doing great when he was there and their doors are always open for him if he ever wants to come back. Amy said Jacob is going through a tough time, he's that stubborn almost 14 year old. Amy said it is frustrating because Jacob could have success at it and was talented but it's his decision.

*Amy said she was pushing Jacob to try martial arts because she wanted Jacob to have interests that differ from Jeremy's. According to Amy, Jacob really wants to be like Jeremy and do whatever Jeremy does, so Amy thought Martial Arts would be good because that's something Jeremy and Zach never did, but obviously Jacob wasn't receptive to it.

*One of the questions asked if Molly was the only Roloff that loves Spike the cat? They got Spike as a kitten of one of the stray barn cats years ago. Amy said she (Amy) likes Spike too, but Molly is probably the only one that really loves Spike and takes care of him.

*Amy asked everybody to watch the Finale of Little People, Big World on December 6th. She said you might cry and there will be some answers to questions people are wondering about. The Rolofs might pop back int your life from time to time. Amy is sad about it ending because she'll miss the crew, it had it's ups and downs, but overall was a good experience.

*She mentioned that Zach is furious over the FIFA World Cup announcement that Russia and Qatar beat out England and the United States to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup of Soccer.

*They're going to have another Coffee Chat next week at the same time, December 10th at 2:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Lisa said they want to build their viewership for these live chats, so tell your friends and next week to encourage people to participate, they'll give away a DVD package of the LPBW series to someone that asks a question.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best TV Ratings of Season 6 for 2nd Last Week of Little People, Big World

For the first time in Season 6 -- ratings for the Roloff family on Little People, Big World reached the 2 million mark. This past week was the highest rated LPBW shows of Season 6 pulling in ratings of 1.840 and 2.033.

Other TLC shows that people ask about received these ratings this week:

Cake Boss = 2.025
19 Kids and Counting = 1.520
The Little Couple = 1.589
Sarah Palin: Alaska = 3.486

Below is the full list of ratings for Little People, Big World Season 6 (only the finale Dec 6th remains):

Sept 6 (Premiere)
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 20
LPBW 8pm - Camp Roloff = 1.142 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Zach Rides On = 1.362 million viewers

Sept 27
LPBW 8pm - Matt's Massacre = 1.069 million viewers

Oct 4
LPBW 8pm - Micromanager Matt = 1.060 million viewers

Oct 18
LPBW 8pm - Rocky's Last Stand = 1.232 million viewers

Oct 25
LPBW 8pm - Little Noah = 1.257 million viewers

Nov 1
LPBW 8pm - Get Off My Turf = 1.160 million viewers

Nov 8
LPBW 8pm - Dating Daze = 1.361 million viewers

Nov 15
LPBW 8pm - Take A Hike = 1.383 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Amy In Command = 1.377 million viewers

Nov 22
LPBW 8pm - Little Brother, Big Sister = 1.355 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Giving Back = 1.379 million viewers

Nov 29
LPBW 8pm - Ask The Roloffs - Farm Life = 1.840 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Ask The Roloffs - One By One = 2.033 million viewers

Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page updates -- November 2010 and beyond

Jan 2
My 2011 Project list..... I've narrowed it down to 14 focus areas... And we're still in January.
Jan 2
Little Man, Big Nose... New Projects. Who knows someone with an amazing backyard project? Send me a Youtube link. Something to Make our Molly's Castle look like child's play.

Jan 2
Amy and I just finished watching the Propsal with Sandra bullock together. Very cute movie. I've been on a major holiday movie marathon. Between applelTV and streaming Netflix its so easy

Dec 31
What an eventful and incredible year 2010 was... I love the saying.. "It was real... and it was fun.. but it wasn't Real Fun!" :))) Have a G R E A T New Year everyone! Warmest Regards to all.

Dec 27
‎2011 looking so fun.

Dec 24
To all our friends and fans...Merry Christmas everyone. from Matt, Amy, Jer, Zach, Molly and Jacob

Dec 23
Tupid redeye flights-- They poop me out. I was in the air for 4 days...but I just slept in my own bed for 11 hours straight. ahhhh.. nice! ..Now I'm ready to go again. Sorry about all the typos in last nights post.. I was very tired and posting from iphone. Amy and I had a wonderful din din together. She was up early today doing last minute shopping. I'm all done thanks to Jacob helping me last week.

Dec 22
Crazy long but productive day.. Woke up in San Juan after late nite meetings. Then flew to DC for quick followup meet in the airport then on to Seattle. Just landed in Portland just in time to meet Amy at our favorite reserant for day night. Good thing I started the day with four extra hours time zone

Dec 19
Rain in LA?? I thought it only rained in Portland.

Dec 19
....speaking of baggage claim... I was clearing out old photos and just love this one. guess you have to fly a lot to appreciate it. :))

Dec 18
Check out my buddy Spencer Mackenzie's new song on iTunes... "My only One". This guy's got it gonnin' on. Spencer was working on creating this kool tune.. while Jeremy and I were with the Mackenzie family on a boat together.

Dec 17
Last trip of the year coming up.. Oh Joy.. A stop in LA, Washington DC and even a 1 day meeting in San Juan. Home in plenty of time to be with the family for Christmas.

Dec 16
Hi Everyone... With Molly having finals... we got behind on our influx of Christmas orders this last couple of weeks. Honestly, we didn't expect this much interest this year. Anyway... We brought in reinforcements this week so I think we're mostly caught up as of today. Unless you have an email from someone at our on-line store... your order should be on it's way to you in time for Christmas. :)

Dec 15
Thank you .. Thank you to all the fabulous people on here that helped me with my facebook problem. ITS FINALLY FIXED!! yea!! A special thanks to Dallah who helps admin my facebook.

Dec 13
Thanks for many nice messages about June. Many don't know..but June is blind. This is why Jer is carefully bringing her down. She can't judge the ground. She knows her way around the office..can even make her way onto my desk but has trouble getting back down. A precious addition to Roloff farm. June has yet to catch a mice. Vet says..maybe one day other senses will kick into high gear and she will. I hope she does.

Dec 13
Sucessful completion of... Operation rescue office cat, Ms June Bug from atop a tree.

Dec 12
Someone asked to see a photo of our Christmas tree. We all went to cut it down together but Amy and Molly decorated it. I just noticed that Jacob must have outgrown the train cause this is the fist year in past 20 no train around the tree. Oh well. Life keeps marching forward:). Btw. Jacob, Amy and I just got back... from seeing "the tourist". It was pretty good ... Not great. A bit slow but fun in the end. Nite everyone

Dec 12
... a nutter great Quote from Ole' Benny boy...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do"
Ben Franklin

...This one make me chuckle every time I read it. :))

Dec 10
I love this quote-

"They that sacrifice essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

Dec 10
Ok.. ok.. I finally sat down on this raining Saturday here in Portland now ... without further delay ..."almost live"... from Roloff Farms...

Dec 8
For u that have been on this fan page more than a few months... I wanted to update u on something that still exits.. My facebook STILL has a warning paragraph needing to "authenticate" the page is the real Matt Roloff. I've tried all the questions and even put the facebook Icon button on my website. If anyone knows someone at facebook?? Plz Help. :))) Our staff is no longer worried.. after months and months.. that they are going to take my page down but it's still an irritation. Here is a photo of my page just FYI for you all to enjoy as well.

Dec 7
TLC and our production company GRP , very very happy about last nights highest ratings of season 6. LPBW Goes out on top. :))

Dec 7
I just received a very nice congrats phone call from the President of TLC. LPBW pulled into the station under full steam. Thank you everyone... for so much warm, love and support. We owe it all each and every one of you!

Dec 7
Amy and I just woke up to this incredible LA Sunrise. Last night a wonderful
Sunset on LPBW Today a new sunrise.

Dec 5
A quick little "tune-up" ...and attitude adjustment ... In Maui ... along the way. Now on to Los Angeles tonight to meet Amy for a couple full days of meetings and events. LPBW wrap party tomorrow night. How fun!

Dec 2
Up up and away. Travel blitz on.. First stop

Nov 29
Don't u love it when a plan comes together?? Doesn't matter what the plan is.... So long as it comes together

Nov 28
The entire family went together to get our tree today... Then Jer and I spent the last 5 hours at the mall. Wasn't too bad... Still plenty of major sales... Almost finished my Christmas shopping in one trip. :)) That's a good thing cause the rest of my month is going to be busy.

Nov 27
A late Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We had a very nice and relaxing weekend here at the farm. Amy cooked a big meal, We went and saw a couple of movies and I've been working in my office quite a bit on our new projects. Another round of travel to LA for promos, meetings.. and some fun along the way.

Nov 21
Spent today doing Barn Bites wrapping up LPBW... Gettin' very close to having our big barn room back for family use. It used to be like a bonus room before the crew took it over for production purposes about 6 years ago. I gave a tour on the Inside Edition promo piece?? ..but you never know what they might show...... They tape for 4 hours but only show 90 seconds.

Nov 21
....And we're heading down the home stretch... tomorrows episode.. Rob and Amy's newly adopted son Aiden, CoDA's new bike program and my Amy in Hatii with Jer and Zach

Nov 20
Molly and Jeremy off to youth group. Jacob and I went to see "Unstoppable" YEA! Loved it. Zach and Amy workin'. Interesting and fun time with Inside Edition here at the farm all day.

Nov 17
A new Video update out soon

Nov 17

Thanks to my facebook fans for keeping up with the current family happenings... I realize it's frustrating for twop bloggers that fall behind and try to play catch up with the facts. :)) Life is soooo fun...

Nov 17

Cool little video jeremy put together bout what my brother Sam's doing. Wait till you see what else he's got going on...

Nov 17

Amy's new car :)

Nov 14
Home again ... home again. :) 30 year reunion was a blast! San Francisco is still amazing.

Nov 8
I haven't felt this free to examine my wild ideas and brand new projects in years.. What a great feeling to be exploring again. Only now the options are even more interesting. :)

Nov 8
Up at 4am... flight at 6am... Travel blitz on... looping in a swing thru Maui for a few days ... Gettin' in a little R&R on this trip. First to LA, then Maui, (Using up some expiring refunds from last year)....and then San Francisco for a couple of meetings with old Software buds in San Jose.. then my HS reunion in SF. Same hotel we had our senior Ball 30 years ago. Going to be a Walk down memory lane.

Nov 8
For those that like the really long interviews.... This is one of several in-depth spots that I taped awhile ago and is now out. Who knows when the others will be released.

Nov 6
Jump in and help Amy get a water well built.... only a $5.00 min. Helping people feels good.

Nov 6
Molly's team WON!! Only first round of multiple-week championships.. But they (the faith bible falcons) won in three straight games. Wooo hoo! Molly scored ... like a lot! What a great team of incredible young women. Congrats to my Molly and her team!

Nov 6
My berry favorite wittle Girl... Molly... Is playing Volleyball in the State finals.. I'm off to the first round of games tonight. Go Sister Girl Go!

Nov 5
Still sorting thru all the cool messages and stories to add to our list. Thank you Facebook fans for helping out on this very cool catalog of LP legacy's. If we seek more details someone from our staff will let you know. THANKS again everyone!!

Nov 4
As many of you have gathered. I'm working on several new projects. If you are a Little Person and have an interesting job or compelling life story, I'd like to hear about it. Please send me details. Include height, jobs, hobbies, life accomplishments or even significant challenges and/or failures. Anything compelling you want to share. Send PRIVATE FB message only. Stories posted on my wall, may not get selected.

Nov 2
Nutter travel blitz coming up.. Soon as I get this flu bug completely behind me

Nov 2
Life is so wonderful. The entire Roloff family is Totally enjoying our new adventures. Thank you everyone for all the love and support


The above content is from the Fan Facebook page of Matt Roloff located here:

We have decided to start a new item for Matt's November and beyond Facebook comments, due to the other item having over 200 comments.

It was suggested that we open this up because some fans aren't active on Facebook, but still want to express themselves on some of Matt's updates and information, and some people just don't feel comfortable saying what they really want to say or what they think about a particular Matt Roloff posting because his Facebook page is strictly a fan page and some people don't feel comfortable expanding on their thoughts beyond "That's wonderful Matt, you're the greatest Matt" which is the response to most everything Matt posts on Facebook.

You can find the log of Matt's previous comments before November 2010 and subsequent discussion about them located here:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World Nov 29

The guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to Rap541.
Written by Rap541


Nov 29, 8:00 pm
Ask the Roloffs: Farm Life

All 6 Roloffs come together to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about their fun, chaotic life on the farm, highlighting their experiences across 229 episodes of the series.

Nov 29, 8:30 pm
Ask the Roloffs: One By One

Learn about each member of the Roloff family as they answer more viewer questions, focusing on their personal experiences over the past 5 years.

Oh where to begin? You know the show is done when they haul out the clip show. This is a huge money saver for production since they don't actually have to film much new footage at all. They just string together clips of old episodes and pretend that someone asked a question.

Viewer questions, really? Where did they gather these questions? How *old* are some of these questions? How honestly do you expect people to answer these questions as Matt and Amy sit in the same room? Basically they're killing two episodes here with old footage. Which is fine, but always remember that Matt speaks for the family and doesn't allow the children (20,20,17,13) to answer unless he's already approved the answers. This is a carefully orchestrated event where there will be no surprise questions or difficult questions, or questions that Matt and the production staff haven't already decided on the answers.

The trebuchet? "We're still rebuilding and it was great parenting all around"
Mike's death? "We're still sad."
The marriage? "We've had our ups and downs but we love each other no matter what!"

The only interesting thing will be the questions not asked. You know, about the stalker, and Matt's fight against Cyberbullies and Ghost Ids! I fully expect Matt to be asked about "public opinion" and we'll get his standard speech on how he welcomes criticism but really hates all the "unfair" remarks since the show is real and raw and accurate but no one should base their opinions of the Roloffs from what they see on the show since it's highly edited.

If they even go there. My bet? The trebuchet, cute moments with the kids, Matt's baby talk and projects, vacation hijinks, and of course "the Roloffs give back" charity sequences.


Show begins:

Interview episode!

We start with a montage of crazy crap events. Amy says they’ve gotten lots of questions in the voice overs. I’m curious where the questions came from at first but then I realize the questions probably came from the Roloffs themselves.

Matt’s playing to the cameras. He’s a bit fake feeling here. What’s it like to be a Roloff? Yeah I am sure that is a constant viewer question. The kids note there’s no communication. Matt badgers them that it’s all about his telepathic powers. They dully agree. The energy levels are HIGH! They all seem like they’re really in no mood.

More montage of the Farm. What’s the farm like? Jeremy likes the farm because its fun. Amy likes making memories. And now we have clips of previous episodes. Apple wars with the kid who died. Molly picking peaches, long sunsets. Amy refuses to be pinned down because everything is always so awesome at Roloff Farms!

Why has the house been remodeled so much? Because Matt’s addicted to remodeling. Amy doesn’t care about the remodels. Zach likes living in a pigsty and misses the old house. That, and his comment about how it was really home then is interesting to me. We get clips from LPBD. And then endless clips of the remodel. Matt micromanaging…. Oh god really, are we doing every year’s changes? More montages of the filth hoard. Matt notes how it was all worth it. I note that the hoard really hasn’t changed much.

I must admit, I always liked the first remodel, that added the great room and kitchen. That made the place look like it was still a farmhouse but a very modern, nice farmhouse. The McMansion thing with the eight car garage just seems a bit cold.

Matt? Why do you do projects? He notes again in front of all of his kids that without *projects* he has no reason to live. We get a montage of Matt’s ego moments. More projects. Matt insists he needs a waterfall. Amy hates the grand canyon. It does look like crap. Matt notes the castle is a gem! Everyone doubted it! Wasn’t the completed castle essentially a freebie and sat unfinished for years? Wasn’t it started when Molly was six?

And what about the Tower of Terror?

How many vehicles on the farm? Matt wants a group photo with the vehicles. Montages of the vehicles. Jake on the hay bale looks like puberty has reared it’s head. 34 vehicles, really? I trust we’re not supposed to mention how one vehicle could feed 100 starving Haitians?

Why no family dinners? No one wants to bother basically, and really, its not as though the Roloffs ever did the family dinner thing. We get clips from one family dinner, and then a series of meals that didn’t include everyone and don’t count as family dinners. Matt notes that Zach is a failure as a cook and basically describes Zach having ADD. Jeremy notes how ridiculous Matt’s toasts are and does a mocking salute and we get clips of Matt doing the same thing, only taking it far more seriously

Now we have a forced moment of “twin talk”. Zach and Jeremy harass Molly, asking her about her boyfriend or if she will rob banks and hey, what’s her boyfriend’s name? This goes on and on like a bad Saturday Night Live skit. You know the ones? Where the joke isn’t really that funny and Will Farrell just keeps going? Molly looks bored and embarrassed.

Has there been any episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska that didn’t involve some animal getting shot? I mean I love hunting but really.

Are the Roloffs pet people? Really the answer is no. Jeremy says they aren’t professional pet take carers. Yes, “professional pet take carers”. Good job Faith Bible! We get a montage of the pets and the petting zoo animals. I assume we aren’t going to mention the chicken bloodbath that took Dudley and the lady chicks’s lives. Now endless Rocky shots. Matt encourages Rocky to chase Spike. Molly apparently is the only one who loves Spike. Spike does have an evil cat look. Jake makes a joke about road kill.

Now “Twin talk” has the twins interviewing the dog. Really? You didn’t get enough “viewer questions” that you had to resort to interviewing the dog? Ok the “how is single life treating you” followed by Rocky licking his man parts was hilarious. This truly is a show for all ages!

Pumpkin season? We love pumpkin season! Montage of pumpkin season! Amy notes how the pumpkin season has picked up in the last few years…. Gee I wonder why. More pumpkin shots. Cops! Matt yelling! Oooh Mike! Mike and the trebuchet! Did I call that or what?

More shots of the demon treb! And Jacob is going to talk about the accident!

More trebuchet horror! Complete with ominous music and flashbacks! Yay! Blood everywhere!
Jake says he remembers something. Everyone cuts him off. He says his vision was black, and he asks if anyone actually saw it. No one did. More flashbacks. Jake hay bales how he’s very lucky at times. Matt voices over how he loves the farm. Amy notes how she loves the memories!

No mention of how they tried to rebuild the trebuchet and sorta gave up when it got hard.

2nd Episode
Next clip show!

Montage of crazy crap. How would the Roloffs describe themselves to others? As competitive? But in different ways? They snicker about being flawed.

Describe Matt Roloff? Dramatic, intense, crazy. Montage of Matt doing stuff, including his “lets make our own grand canyon” and endless clips of Matt suggesting crazy projects, a lot of which never happened. What? No clips of Matt pitching a fit over his precious salami?

Oh the DUI trial. Amy is actually interesting here because she still seems pretty intense about it. But lets remember the good times!

Matt goes on about how he does things for dwarfism awareness. Oh look its Chance! You know, Matt really does tend to make things all about him. Funny, no shots of the Salmans.

What’s Jeremy like? Not very talkative? Interesting. But then we get clips of Jeremy walking away when asked questions or ignoring questions. Jer says he lacks motivation. We get clips of Jeremy ignoring school to sleep, quitting work. But if he WANTS to do it he is great at it and we get a montage of Jeremy playing well. Snowboarding is a life skill. Oh, now we get Jeremy with his bitches. Amy alludes to “things could happen”. I assume she means an inconvenient teen pregnancy a la Bristol Palin.

Oh the show finale commercial alludes to Matt selling the farm. How dramatic. And the twins moving out! Yeah, pretty certain they still live on the family farm.

How has Amy changed since she became an evil working mom? We get a montage of Amy doing silly things on vacation. Oh a montage of Amy waking the twins up over and over. Now a montage of Amy hugging the kids. Now a montage of Amy “giving back”. There’s a pitch for ARCF.

More Twin Talk! Now they are interviewing Amy. Zach asks who she loves more. Amy and Zach go back and forth on who she loves best. Yeah I think this is a pretty good indication of how no one really wanted to answer questions from viewers.

Why does Jake bother Molly so much? Basically because no one else has time for him. We get a montage of Molly beating up Jake and then how she’s successful in things. Jake seems impressed with her. Molly seems to like school. Jeremy is sorta horrified at the idea of reading for pleasure.

Am I the only one who finds Sarah Palin of the teen mother daughter saying “no boys upstairs” hilarious in a too little too late way?

Why is Jake moody? He’s the youngest, he’s volatile, impulse problems, attention seeking. Gosh maybe his parents should spend more time with him instead of fobbing him off on his sister? Zach says he’s naturally smart. Jeremy says he gets As. Molly wishes he was sweet all he time.

Why is Zach intense? There’s really no answer, and we get a montage of Zach being angry. So we get “Describe Jeremy” and Zach and Jake get leading questions like “Why is Zach so intense”, “Why is Jake moody?” Funny - “Why is Jeremy so scattered and lazy?” seems as fair.

Apparently Zach is into soccer. I had no idea! We get the cute clip of Zach from LPBD. Oh Mike again in the soccer montage. Soccer soccer soccer. Jeremy thinks Zach should do more chicks.

Who is the coolest Roloff? Matt votes for Molly. Amy and Zach agree, calling her “the glue”. Then Zach jokes and says he’s the coolest. Matt voices over how they are very unique and Amy notes how special they are as well, the end.

Hard to believe they’re getting a check for this, huh?