Sunday, January 31, 2010

Heart-breaking news regarding Salman family seen on Little People, Big World

Heart-breaking news to pass along to anyone who does not yet know. Saja Salman, one of the children seen on Little People, Big World in the episodes regarding the family from Iraq that re-located to Idaho last year, passed away yesterday due to complications stemming from surgery she had earlier this month.

In lieu of flowers, it has been requested that you make a donation at:

Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with the Salman family and all who loved and cared for Saja.

This was an "update" letter that was sent out announcing the tragic news.

"It is with a very heavy heart that I am informing you of the news I just received. This evening while doctors were trying to work on her trach, Saja passed away. My sister in law was there and notified another one of her sisters, who contacted us.

Saja's family has gone through more in the last couple years than any of us can imagine. Her father and her family have been marked for death because he helped the Americans and refused to fight against them in Iraq. Her uncle was beaten to death for refusing to help the terrorists. Yet through all of this she smiled. She had no reason to. She was a dwarf with a crippling disease. Her country was torn apart by religious and political differences. Her family lived in exile in a storage container until some American soldiers were able to help them find refuge in America, a strange country where nobody understood her language or customs, yet still she smiled.

Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting her personally but my wife Terry did. Every person I know that met her said the same thing, maybe in different words, but the same thing, "her smile just radiated love".

Saja's family is extremely close and are taking this loss very hard. Russell Hayes, the now retired warrant officer, and SFC Tammy Goodwin who became so close to this family are obviously very distraught also. They worked so hard to come this far and to lose Saja now can seem to be a failure, but only God knows his plan. So many people have come together for this cause, perhaps that will be Saja's legacy.

Please keep the Salman family, Russell and Tammy in your prayers.

As you look at your own family, count your blessings and hold them tight.

William Clark
Wm Craftsmen Lodge #717

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hiking up a mountain with Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy's best friend, Jacob Mueller uploaded a brand new video today. People were wondering where Jeremy was for Mueller's first few You Tube videos. Never fear.

Mountain climbing (hiking up a mountain) with Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller. They did King's Mountain in Oregon. For you hiking enthusiasts, they review their hike. Jeremy gives it a 7 out of 10. Mueller's final word:

"I would recommend it if you want to get in shape and don't know what you're doing with your life."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jacob Mueller (Jeremy Roloff's best friend) videos: Hiking, helicopter trip, and snow-shoeing

Jeremy Roloff's best friend -- Jacob Mueller -- has posted videos on his public You Tube channel.

Fans of hikes and gorgeous views might like these videos. The shocking thing to Roloff fans will be the fact that Jeremy is not in these videos. In the latest videos Jacob Mueller posted, hiking Saddle Mountain this past weekend, he went with Zach, Dan and Keith.

The video continued:

Next is a helicopter trip with his girlfriend for their one year anniversary. Not much happens, but if you want to see the view filmed by Mueller or many people have inquired if Mueller has a girlfriend, so if you want to see Mueller's girlfriend, this video is for you.

After that is another hiking video with another one of Jeremy's friends, Brian (not to be confused with Bryan) best known to fans as the guy in the green shirt (his hair was longer then) in the episodes when Matt and Amy went away and left the kids with a set of rules for being home alone. They hike up to a cabin, show us the beautiful view, there is an empty whiskey bottle...and Mueller's rabbit pelt. Although Zach and Jeremy are not in this video, we're told that Jeremy and Zach are very fond of going on long hikes with their friends.

Last is snow-showing up a mountain, again with his girlfriend Chelsea and her father. For those of you in Oregon, do you recognize him? We're told that he is the local weather man for Fox 12 KPTV in Portland.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Comments and Suggestions about Keeping Up With the Roloff Family site /Spiritswander blog

Just a couple of notes on the site.

Comments on the items are welcomed. This site receives thousands of hits each day. If you would like to express your opinions for a large audience, it is easy to do so. No registration is required.

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Please do not use the Anonymous option. There is no reason not to use the Name/URL option. Again, simply leave the URL blank. It does not make your comment any less anonymous. You can enter any name you want (within reason).

Using a name or screen name instead of Anonymous simply makes it less confusing for other readers to reply to your comment and discuss with you. If there are 7 comments in a row from different "Anonymous" posters and someone else replies "Well said, Anonymous, I felt the same way when I watched that episode."....nobody has any idea what the heck is going on or which "Anonymous" is being referenced. If you used a screen name -- anything - for example "Soda" (well, keep in mind if you get ridiculous in your screen name people will probably take your comment less seriously ;-) - another reader can say "Well said, Soda. I felt the same way when I watched". That way everyone including you will know that you are being addressed.

We always do welcome reader comments, but we might be forced to crack down on Anonymous comments and reject perfectly reasonable opinions if you post as Anonymous. Simply use Name/URL and there will be no problem.


The second item we would like to address is do you have suggestions or comments about what you think would improve the site? Subjects you would like to see? Features you think would be interesting?

We received a good one at the end of the season from our own reviewer Expressed to post a pre-review of the episode which we will begin doing when Little People, Big World returns next April.

You can email your suggestions to or leave a comment here.

Not all suggestions will be implemented of course, but we will consider them.

We have received some requests for a public counter recording site traffic so you the reader can see how busy the site is. We're also considering occasionally passing along the popular keyword inquiries so you the reader can see what other people around the world are interested in regarding the Roloffs.

As we're in the "off season" for Little People, Big World, we have received some requests for Rap541 to review more old episodes so we can all think back to LPBW - the earlier episode and reminisce.

If you have a suggestion about something you would like to see, leave a comment or send an email.

Update on the Salman family

One of our readers was kind enough to pass along this letter they received on Saturday regarding the Salman family:

This past Saturday I received a letter from Ginnyan Hayes on behalf of the International Dwarf Advocacy Association. The following is what the letter said on behalf of the Salman family:

"They are going through some hard times right now. Abdul, Russell, and Saja are in Utah for medical treatments. Warda and the rest of the family are waiting at home in Idaho.

Saja had complications during surgery and her heart actually stopped beating twice. She has a collapsed lung and is on a respirator. Not the happy news we were all looking for, but we are hoping that it is just a small bump in the road towards a healthier Saja.. Please keep them in your prayers."

If you would like to help the Salman family, they are very appreciative of donations of any size. Russell Hayes or others deeply involved with the Salman family usually send personalized letters of thanks which includes the latest update on the condition of the Salmans. Please visit for information on how to donate:

If you haven't read our item with Russell Hayes, you might want to check it out here:

If you would like to get the latest updates on Saja's progress, there is now a Facebook page. You can find the updates under discussions; "Saja's Surgery"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Martin Klebba Charity Event with Amy Roloff

The Spiritswander/Keeping Up With The Roloff Family staff (unpaid staff that is since we all make the same amount of money for maintaining this site; 0 cents :-)) received an invitation to attend Martin (Marty) Klebba's charity event on March 4th, 2010 in Warren, Michigan. Proceeds are for Marty's foundation CoDa Foundation and The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation.

We're passing along the details to all of you to spread the word for this worthy event because it is for a good cause and the more people attending and supporting the event the better. If you want to attend, you can contact the email below -- as long as the event is not sold out, I'm sure they would welcome the support. It's a very affordable price for a fun evening.

Amy Roloff will be in attendance as well.

Tickets are only $30 per person, which honestly is a great price and it is to support charity. Even if you are a primarily just a Roloff fan, consider that for some of Matt and Amy's speaking engagements, the cost of tickets can be upwards of $75 - $100 and of course the Roloffs have their deal at their Farm where it costs $300 for 30 minutes with a Roloff. So if you would like be in attendance with a Roloff for an evening and support charity for an affordable price, this would be a great way.

Details of Martin Klebba's Charity Event:

"Spotlight is fundraising to raise awareness and money for the Amy Roloff Foundation and CoDA, (Coalition of Dwarf Advocacy.. helps to find orphan dwarfs a loving home). Spotlight will be bringing Hollywood to Detroit for these two worthy causes. At the Spotlight event you will feel like a celebrity the minute you step out of your car. The red carpet awaits you, paparazzi taking your photos as you enter the festivities. Spotlight will be having a DJ, dancing, silent auction, raffle, hor dourves, , and a cash bar.

Booths will be set up to get your pictures taken with a movie backdrops and celebrity impersonators. Some of the themes for the booths will be Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Predator, and Beauty and the Beast.

Celebs that will be in attendance:
Martin Klebba
Amy Roloff (Little People Big World)
Jake Busey (Starship Troopers/ Tomcat/ Twister)
Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Seinfeld)
plus you will never know who may stop in.

Attire- Dressy, Dress to impress, or something clean
Must be 21 and older to attend
$30 a ticket per person

27500 Donald Court.
Warren, MI 48092 US

Phone: 877.985.3237 or email Colin at

If you are not able to attend, but would still like to support the cause you can make a small tax exempt donation you can here:

Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy
22115 NW Imbrie Drive
Box 317 Hillsboro, OR 97124

CoDA EIN is 20-5397605 (Tax ID # )

Just in case any casual Little People, Big World fans are unaware, Marty Klebba is an actor best known for his roles in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies and TV roles on Scrubs and guest roles on the 'CSI' series.

Marty has been on LPBW several times, usually for the LPA events and fulfilling the bad guy, Darth Vader type of role on the LA Breaker teams the competed against Zach's team at the DAAA games. Marty and Amy are long time friends from back in Michigan. Marty and Matt Roloff were co-founders of the charity CoDa (Colliation for Dwarf Advocacy) which was featured on a couple of episodes of LPBW. Viewers will be seeing Marty Klebba with the Roloffs in the next addition of new episodes (returns this April) as Marty was part of Zach's team -- The Statesmen who competed in the World Dwarf Games - 2009 in Belfast, Ireland -- and spent the week with the entire Roloff family and the rest of athletes and their families.

Here are some more of Marty's pictures.

Marty is rabid Raiders fan. With Eric and Jeff Manuel and other Raider fanatics

On the set of Pirates.

Marty Klebba and Orlando Bloom

For any WWE fans. Marty and Rowdy Roddy Piper

This is Marty's picture of Jeremy. Marty originally captioned this:
"My nephew Jeremy! Stud!"

Marty spent the week chilling with the Roloffs and the rest of the athletes at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast. LPBW fans will see these episodes when the show returns in April.

Marty's picture of Molly. Marty originally captioned this:
"My niece Molly!"

If you're interested in attending and supporting Martin Klebba's event on March 4th, 2010 in Warren, Michigan, you can call 877.985.3237 or email Colin at

Friday, January 22, 2010

Amy Roloff flight delay, TMZ video clip

The celebrity tabloid/news site TMZ has a video clip of Amy Roloff stranded at the airport in Burbank, California. It's actually a local news item. Apparently the reporter or news channel had no idea who Amy was and identified her only as a "stranded passenger". She was with Lisa Dixon, who is one of Amy's friends that help her run the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation.

TMZ has a bad joke about it being a "tiny" slip up...although I'm not a little person, I can sympathize with their irritation at relatively harmless, but still very annoying jokes over and over.

Earlier in the week Amy and Matt were in Pasadena, Calfornia for a party to celebrate Discovery Communications 25th Anniversary. A bunch of TLC stars attended.

"The stars of the science/nature/reality/lifestyle-TV universe were out in full force the other night here in Pasadena, at an elaborate outdoor party celebrating Discovery Communications' (which includes Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Planet Green and others) 25th anniversary.

The talent roster for the event, which was held inside and outside of a huge white tent erected on the back lawn of the Langham Pasadena Hotel, included Paul Teutul Sr. and son Mikey from American Chopper, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from What Not To Wear, Mythbusters underlings Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci, Storm Chasers Reed Timmer and Sean Casey, LA Ink's Kat von D, Little People Big World parents Matt and Amy Roloff, as well as Bill Nye the Science Guy, ocean explorer Philippe Cousteau and eco-celeb Ed Begley Jr.

But inside, where foodies were serving up some weird food-of-the-future concoction and cast members from TLC's Cake Boss were racing to complete a couple of huge, elaborate Discovery-themed birthday cakes, the most popular guest at the party -- based on number of photo ops observed -- was Mythbusters' beaten, burnt, bent and broken crash-test dummy, Buster, who was perched quietly on a sofa in one corner of the tent.

Unlike most famous guests at these press-tour clambakes, Buster didn't tire of the attention and didn't seem the least bit camera-shy."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Television ratings for the finale of Little People, Big World (season 5 Part A) and the Roloff show

Ratings for Little People, Big World bounced back from the lull a few weeks ago that saw 1.4 and 1.5 ratings. The finale of this segment of episodes (LPBW will return with new episodes in April) was watched by 2.119 million viewers.

The DBU - minus Jacob Mueller, but with another Jacob M in his place.
Bryan, Jeremy, Zach, Scott, Jacob M, and Dan.
This graduation episode drew a tv rating of 2.119.

Anything above 2 is very good for Little People, Big World, but actually I'm surprised that the finale didn't receive the highest ratings of the season -- that was on Nov 2nd (probably due to the heavily hyped exclusive Kate Gosselin interview that followed at 9pm on TLC). Of course internet site traffic is not linked to tv ratings, but personally our site set a record for number hits on Monday January a wide margin -- unbelievably high numbers, numbers I never thought our site would see.

I suspect some of it had to with the way in which TLC promoted this episode as the "Finale" of LPBW -- lots of people were searching to find out if the Roloff show was being cancelled. That sneaky, but smart TLC! ;-) Obviously while the ratings for the graduation episode weren't the highest of the season, the topics sent interested viewers to the internet seeking more news and information.

However, the television ratings for Little People, Big World and the Roloff family did finish on an upswing from earlier this season. The last 3 weeks of LPBW registered ratings of 1.9, 1.8 and 2.1 for the graduation episode. Earlier in the season there was a lull with ratings of 1.5 and a low of 1.4.

These are the ratings for the entire 5th season (part A, Season 5 Part B returns in April 2010) from start to finish:

Season 5 Premiere

Oct 12 Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.864 million

Oct 12 Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 2.198 million

Oct 19 Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.766 million

Oct 19 Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 1.820 million viewers

Oct 26th Little People, Big World (8pm) = 1.667 million viewers

Oct 26th Little People, Big World (8:30pm ) = 1.976 million

Nov 2nd Little People, Big World (8pm)- 2.110 million viewers

Nov 2nd Little People, Big World (8:30pm)- 2.410 million viewers

Nov 9th Little People Big World (8pm) = 1.573 million viewers

Nov 9th Little People, Big World (8:30pm) = 1.682 million viewers

Nov 16th Little People, Big World (8pm) = 1.554 million viewers

Nov 16th Little People, Big World (8:30pm) = 1.716 million viewers

Nov 30th Little People, Big World (8pm)- 1.564 million viewers

Nov 30th Little People, Big World (8:30pm)- 1.735 million viewers

Dec 7th Little People, Big World (8pm) - 1.617 million viewers

Dec 14th Little People, Big World (8pm) - 1.463 million viewers

Dec 21st Little People, Big World (8pm)- 1.809 million viewers

Jan 4th Little People, Big World (8pm) - 1.949 million viewers

Jan 11th Little People, Big World (8pm) - 1.859 million viewers

Jan 18th Little People, Big World (8pm) - 2.119 million viewers

Monday, January 18, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People Big World January 18

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

8pm Episode

Ironically I prepared myself for this by watching the Simpsons. FYI the dysfunction is funnier when it is animated.

Ok. Amy comments to Matt on how both will graduate. Matt goes on about ow Amy doesn’t communicate. They hug and its sweet. This is actually pretty nasty. Insert credits

Zach whines about how long the senior dinner is. Apparently every parent speaks. Thank god its a small class. I mean really… if the class is over twenty, its hours long. Matt comments how he’s basically gonna bail until the last moment and blames Amy for his lack of participation. Matt? It’s not about you, it’s a school dinner not a business meeting. If you want to attend, attend, and don’t pretend to be a powerless cripple locked in a room by your wife who you routinely badmouth as a slattern on a national tv show. Because after five seasons, we all know you’re not afraid to a) cross Amy and b) do want you want despite Amy’s views. You override her on a constant basis. Please don’t attempt to insist that you don’t dare cross the wife, because you do it constantly.

Zach tries on his grad gear. There’s some obvious fail that is not really that huge of a deal. I had to bobby pin and safety pin my grad hat on. The graduation hat is weird, I really doubt poor dwarf Zach was the only one with a problem. Molly comments how she wants a child with dwarfism because Zach is cute in photos. Molly hun? Please remember all the painful surgeries. Amy is called to make a sobby speech, with Matt and its very sweet. Matt notes how Zach is a “pistol”. Amy notes how she is always a mom to Zach.

Amy then goes on how Jeremy is cool. She cries. Its very touching how she notes how she is “joyed to be his mom”. Jeremy hay bales how cool it is that mom loves him. I mean really, how sweet to see their joy.

Jer goes on about he never pondered graduating until it happened. Yeah, not surprised. OHNOES! The power went out. There’s no real explanation about why the power went out. Anyone ever read Dies the Fire? Set in Oregon? Because I was like “Whoo!“ Anyway. Matt goes on about how the power is out and sends Jake to fetch Jeremy to find the power cords. Amy notes that there is no water. Jeremy snits in a hay bale how Matt didn’t have the cable and how he was being blamed. He seemed pretty annoyed. Matt heads off in the silver Mercedes. Was he going to Taco Bell? I think so.

Amy hay bales how she wants to handle things. She wants the kids to shower. The kids all run off to a place with electricity to shower and Amy is in a funk because she’s alone (Matt went to taco bell?) She hay bales how this is her future, alone and in a dark, powerless house with unshowered children who leave her for soap and hot water. It does make the kids look a tad shallow but in fairness, who doesn’t like Ivory Soap and hot water? Then the power returns, woo!

Matt asks when graduation is. Amy says seven but show up early and Matt plans to show up at seven. He whines how he just won’t go early. They bitch and moan about cream cheese. Amy notes to Jeremy how surreal it is. Zach whines about his hat not fitting. Jeez. Amy whines about it as well. Zach is all “ITS ALL ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL”. they drive off.

Zach goes on about how he has no idea that graduation is serious but he struggled and its serious. Amy goes on about how life is changing and she doesn’t like it but it is happening. She notes that she really wants a front seat where she can see. This is an important issue and I get this one actually. She takes pictures in gowns with Zach on a chair. Its very cute. Jeremy notes how Mom takes photos and is in them with the twins and that Dad generally bales and is not in the photos. He thinks Dad will regret that. Zach notes that Dad isn’t around and that’s not usual. I sorta die inside. Because really. How sad. I so remember my high school graduation, and my dad and I having our picture taken in the rose garden that had bloomed magnificently that spring and my mom having to hand the camera off to my sister because she was just too emotional to take pictures…. I was the child that looked like my dad out of the three of us, and I can’t, *can’t* imagine my mother and father both not being there. (Oh, FYI, they’re looking at anniversary 46 this year, go Mom! Go Dad!)

Amy hay bales how Matt didn’t show, and its timed at 7:05. Matt missed the walk of the grads. Amy takes photos. She says she isn’t mad or annoyed. Matt hauls in and notes he had to park a mile away. He says he has no regrets.

Wow, Matt. Wow. How frakking asshole of you. You knew when it was. You have no excuse. Only a complete moron fails to understand that parking is an issue on graduation day. This is SO jerky. I remember, when my dad was working in Arizona and I was still finishing off college in New York State, and my dad made it a point to get himself back to upstate New York come hell or high water because he had made the college graduations of the first two kids and he’d be damned if he wasn’t there for mine. Because that’s what a father does. Matt? I don’t even like your kids very much and I am so sad for Zach and Jeremy. Kids understand real reasons to miss. You weren’t working, you weren’t sick. You just didn’t bother. Shame on you. SHAME on you.

(And anyone who suggests Matt missed part of the graduation because of TLC plotting? Shame on Matt for going along with it. If you really believe it was a TLC plot, then Matt Roloff accepted money to miss his eldest sons graduation. SHAME on him.)

Jeremy thanks his dad and his pal Mueller who he loves. Yes Mueller didn’t pass. My decent side feels bad for dumdum Mueller getting called out publicly for failing high school. Jeremy thanks Mike and intros Zach. Zach thanks mom for keeping him in school. There’s a nice grad montage.

Now we have the diploma walk. The twins get diplomas. Its very sweet and charming. Matt voices over how things are changing. Amy notes the boys are going to move on. Amy hugs the kids, There is picture taking. Its cute. Oh a montage of cute twin photos. And now somber sad music as the family returns home to a home full of high school grads instead of students. Matt goes on how it’s a turning a point. Only time will tell, it’s the beginning of the end. Its like an episode of Battlestar Galactica with less rape and more blasted dead radiated planets with no hope. Only instead of blasted dead irradiated planets we have Zach and Jeremy.

Btw, I am so not a fan of Cake Boss but I am completely won over by the angry shouty baker hugging Cookie Monster ON Sesame Street. I mean… Sesame Street!

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: January 18

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

It's about an hour before the episode airs. I asked Spirits if this could be posted early. A pre-show posting! It's the long awaited graduation episode! I must say I think it's a rip that we've all watched Jeremy and Zach for their entire high school careers, from their first day of high school until tonights graduation episode and we're only going to get one 30 minute episode. A graduation episode should at least be the full hour.

Predictions for tonight? Amy will cry! :) Jeremy will reminisce about how sad it is that he's graduating and might not never see these people again (only we know that he's really going to school with basically everybody at PCC) but I love Jeremy's ability to get all sentimental.

Another thing I'll be watching tonight. Will Jer's BFF, Mueller be up on the stage with Jeremy and the rest of the DBU receiving his diploma? Most people have probably heard the rumors and seen the postings that said he didn't graduate and wasn't allowed up on stage. Basically the bad Zach plot they used last week except Mueller really didn't make it. I'm guessing they won't say anything about Mueller and will show him afterwards at the "backstage" party to make it seem like he graduated.

Another pre-show prediction, Matt will make the graduation! I'm going to be really pissed off if they make this whole graduation episode another tiresome Amy and Matt bicker-fest about Matt not being there because Amy takes control of situations with the kids and then magically at the last second Matt shows up and gives a heart warming speech the wrap up the episode. This the graduation episode. Please TLC, give us Jeremy and Zach graduation, not more stupid "we might divorce" drama.

Another question mark heading into tonight since this is the finale of Season 5 Part A. Will there be a cliff-hanger? What will be the big drama in the preview for the next section of Season 5? The safe guess is MORE stupid "Will Matt and Amy divorce?

At least after tonight's episode we should know when Part B is returning because they always say new episode in "March" or whenever.

8pm Episode
And the show begins!

*Matt and Amy talk about graduating. Matt asks if both Jer and Zach are graduating...yawn. Really, like Matt didn't know. Amy laughs...she's probably laughing at the bad plots they need to act through ;)

*Amy says graduating class is a class of 47. Wow, that's huge for Faith Bible! They're getting ready for senior dinner. Whoa, Jeremy looks sharp in his suit! Really handsome.

*Amy tells Jake they're going to senior dinner. Jake roll his eyes and shrugs like he is put off. What is his problem?

*Matt tells us that they can't do anything right with these graduation type things. If he gets there too early he will take over the conversation and that will get Amy mad so he will just shut up.

*They're Faith Bible trying on their cap and gowns. Zach's hat doesn't fit. Mueller is there but not dressed like the other graduates.

*At the banquet table for senior dinner Molly looks at baby pictures, she tells Zach he's the cutest and wants to have one dwarf baby.

*It's time for Matt and Amy to stand up and talk about Zach and Jeremy. At the table Zach asks Matt is he and Amy are going to fight up on stage. Nice.

*Amy and Matt are up on stage to say a few words about Zach and Jeremy. First up is to talk about Zach. Amy is emotional. Her voice cracks. Matt gives a very nice speech about Zach being born and Matt knowing Zach was a fighter. It's a nice little speech. Amy says she loves him. Zach looks completely embarrassed.

*Now it's time to talk about Jeremy. Wow, Amy loses it. Awww. Very touching. She says Jeremy loves life. She talks about or tries to talk about how being a dwarf mother with average size kids, it gets hard to hug her kids, but Jeremy will reach down and pick her up. Jeremy looks touched. Aw. Sweet. Amy breaks down crying and turns it over to Matt. He is emotional too, I can tell by his voice. He says very matter of factly "Jeremy, you are an amazing person".

*Great speeches!!! Good job Matt and Amy.
Now I'll start the controversy ;) Lets admit it people. BOTH Matt and Amy were more emotional talking about Jeremy. I wouldn't have predicted that. All the speeches were sweet, but they both had something extra talking about Jeremy.

*Jeremy haybales (if you don't get it, that's another word for "Jeremy sits down in an interview with the camera and tells the tv audience with a bale of hay behind him in a make-shift do you see why it's easier to say hay-bale? ;) about how Amy got emotional talking about him. Jeremy thinks about growing up on the farm and all the great memories he has.

*It's the last day of school, Jeremy, Zach and their friends get home...and the power goes out. Darn, because Jeremy is shirtless on the couch! lol.

*Matt is upset no one is helping with the power generator. Jake is in his office. Jake is giving Matt attitude big time. Matt asks him if Jeremy is taking care of it. Jake says no. Matt tells Jake to tell Jer to get on it. Jake yells to Jeremy that Matt wants him.

*Yipeeee!!!!!!!!! Now that there is light from the camera we get a nice shot of Jeremy wearing nothing but those soccer shorts. Jeremy looks very, very good! :) That's what they need on this show. More power outages in June so Jeremy will look like this.

*Jeremy is now in the garage by the power generator. But now he has those black overalls on. But nothing on under it. You can definitely see that he's shirtless. Interesting. I have to say what I'm thinking. Doesn't Jeremy look like a male stripper? Maybe if he had a fire-fighter hat on he would look just like one of those guys that show up for a party full of women. ;)

*Back to the task. Jeremy says Matt didn't bother to get the correct cable for the generator for the new house, but "of course it is all my fault"...ouch. Is that tension between Matt and Jeremy? It sounds like it with Jeremy's choice of words "Of course it is all my fault".

*The kids and their friends go to another friend's house to shower and get ready for graduation.

*Amy sits in the dark house all alone. It's sad. Amy cries. She says this is what it will be like when the kids leave (except hopefully she won't sit in the dark like this!).

*Let there be light! The lights come on! Amy is happy.

*Matt asks what time graduation starts. Amy says 7pm. Matt says he will be there right at 7. Matt tells us that Matt Roloff doesn't wait for things. He shows up right at the time for an appointment because he doesn't like to get to things early and need to wait.

*Matt's more interested in asking Amy to go to the grocery store and asks about cream cheese...

*Zach got a new hat for graduation. The school fixed it up special just for him. Zach drives Jeremy to graduation. Jer says he just got nervous.

*45 minutes to graduation. Zach says it's been a struggle to this point but they made it.

*What is Jake wearing??? All red??

*Amy got a front row seat, she doesn't like sitting behind people because she can't see.

*Jeremy talks about how Amy takes tons of pictures and how she's always in pictures with the kids and Matt is usually not there. Jeremy thinks Matt will regret it one day.
Zach says Jeremy and him are used to Matt not being there. It's been that way since kindergarten so Matt not being there is nothing new.

*Amy worries that Matt won't make it in time. It's 7:05pm. The graduates walk down the aisle to take their seats. Matt still isn't there and misses that. Amy thinks Matt will regret that.

*Matt arrives! He says all the parking spots were full and that's why he was late. He missed them walk in, but he is there for the ceremony. Matt says he has no regrets.

*Hmm, I guess the graduates at Faith Bible speak? They didn't at my school. Jeremy gives a speech. Jeremy is getting emotional, his voice cracks....he thanks...who else, Mueller! His best friend. Mueller is sitting way up in the bleachers? My pre-show question is answered. I'm surprised. Jeremy tells us that Mueller couldn't graduate because of bad grades....back to Jeremy's speech, he thanks Matt for helping him with his paper work and Amy for waking him up. Then he thanks Michael James Detjen. Aw.

*Even Jeremy's critics have to admit his speeches at these things are very good. He introduces Zach as his "good friend and twin brother Zachary Luke Roloff"

*Zach thanks Matt and Amy too, I think a teacher and has a few regrets that he didn't do better in school. Sorry people, but Zach's speech doesn't have the same power as Jeremy's. Some people know how to give a speech and some aren't as good.

*Amy hugs Matt. Matt congratulates Amy. Amy congratulates Matt. Wow, a rare time Amy actually embraced Matt first!

*Back at the house, it's just Matt in his office and Amy walks by silent and walks into her office. Here comes the drama (YAWN!!!!!!!!) Amy says it's a big house and what are they going to do when it's only them (hello, Jake was still 12 at this point and Molly is 16...)

Matt and Amy both give the very fake and tired speech about their marriage"What will the future hold"? End of episode!

There is a preview of the new season (or Part B of Season 5). It will return in April. Wow this is old. The Rockstar stuff with the mini motorbikes. I think that will be a full year behind. And their summer Europe trip, and the dwarf games. Matt talks about building a barn without Amy knowing and how she will be mad...That's all coming starting in April.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jacob Roloff 13th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jacob Roloff! He's now a teenager -- 13 years old.

For approximately the next 4 months is the only time that Matt and Amy are going to have 4 teenagers (Jeremy and Zach turn 20 May 10th).

Happy Birthday Jake!

Did Little People, Big World get cancelled? Is the Roloff show done?

UPDATED August 26th, 2010:

Read the latest article (yes, the news that LPBW is ending was released on Aug 26th) about what happened:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guest Roloff Reviewer Rap541 tackles LPBW Season 2 Episode: "A Twin Experience"

Due to the positive feedback for one of guest reviewer's brand of dry sense of humor in the reviews, we've decided for your enjoyment (but won't be for everyone) to publish a review from Rap541 of an old episode that some of you might get a kick out of.

When this site first entertained the idea of having guest reviews, Rap541 generously submitted an example of the style. In the sample review, Rap tackled the episode from Season 2 "A Twin Experience", when Zach visited the Manuel twins and Mike Detjen took Jeremy and friends to a soccer game in Seattle.

So take a trip down memory lane with Rap541 as your guide :-)

All opinions expressed and statements made Rap541.


Hmmm the four foot tall speech to start. I’d forgotten how the show used to be about making a life on the 34 acre farm…. Three average height, one dwarf kid…. Twins who don’t look alike… Ah, the Roloffs.

The kids prance around the credits.

Ooooh clouds. And Zach whacking stuff with a stick, kicking a ball in a decidedly depressed manner. Jeremy joins him out doors. Jeremy wants to go to Scott‘s. Zach would rather feast on goldfish crackers.

This leads to a somewhat stilted off camera speech from Jeremy about how they just returned from the LPA conference and how Jeremy wants to include him but Zach is not interested. Considering how forced this speech is, I perhaps understand Zach’s antipathy. Somber sad music plays.

Matt at the counter. Matt and Amy voiceover how awful real life is after the LPA conference and how real life with the tall people kinda sucks socially. Zach is of course pouting as he realizes even Mom and Dad agree with how crappy things are. Mom and Dad Roloff decide the way to solve Zach’s problem is to send him off on a plane trip to Pasedena so he can play with other little people. Since god knows, being around us norms is a frigging nightmare.

Quick raise of hands. How many of us as teens, had parents who could afford to indulge our transitory sad moments by…. Flying us to different states for playdates? Come on people.

Insert some lengthy discussion about how the Manuel twins are twins. Because we can’t figure it out otherwise.

Amy and Matt lecture Zach on not to be a baby in the airport. Zach stares blankly. Then he is told to go bathe. I know I mock poor Zach, but really, at sixteen, I could usually tell when I needed a shower without Dad telling me. He looks visibly dirty and uncombed. We then get a voice over of how nervous he is about the flight as he picks through the pile of trash on the floor. Oh, I mean “packs his suitcase”. Amy yells at him to move. He wears that damn Army kepi.

Amy gets a hay bale moment. She goes on about how she worries about him in the airport and how people will look. Again, because we norms are monsters always.

Amy takes Zach to the gate and hay bales about traveling and seeing friends. She felt Zach *needed* to see his friends. Again, the subtext is because his life is awful.

Cut to Pasedena. Where we learn dwarf teens basically stand around like regular teens having the same sort of vapid talks the kids in the apartment downstairs have. “Wassup” etc. The Manuel twins go on about how they met Zach. It’s a bit dull since hey, we know they met through the LPA. The twins also discuss how cool sports are. Wow. This is amazingly deep talk. I mean… sports. Woo!

Now we get the episode lecture on dwarfs. The Manuel twins are dwarf twins etc etc etc. Back problems, leg problems, concerned parents talking about loving their kids. In fairness the Manuel parents seem like very nice people.

Scenes of the kids playing with Zach. The parents go on about how the Breakers make life worth living. Dad Manuel notes how the twins only really feel comfortable when they are with the Breakers. With other little people…. I never realized how much anti-height-ism this show had… Hmmm…

The boys play soccer. Zach hay bales about how he gets intense when he plays soccer and how he can compete for a change because of course, normal people are always scum who won’t let him play. Then the Manuel Twins go on about the same thing, how awful the norms are.

Humorously, the Manuel twins specifically cite Jeremy as being a complete clod who can not understand their pain despite having it explained many times how hard it is to be little. Ha.

Soccer… high fiving. Zach hay bales how having an average height brother sucks. . .

Meanwhile Jeremy in Portland prances with a ball to an audience of his friends. He hay bales about he loves soccer and how he is trying out for ODP.

His hair in the hay bale is significantly shorter than his ragged ‘fro he has while showing off his mad skillz. Jeremy? Shorter hair is better for you, it really is.

Mike D. has decided to take “Jeremy’s friends” to the soccer game in Seattle. Because people do casually take their business partner’s kids and friends on train trips to different states in middle class Americana. Jeremy stares vapidly out a window. One wonders if he is sleeping with his eyes open or if he is struggling to find something to say other than “I like soccer”.

Jeremy is excited to see Freddy Adu and David Beckham. There’s much excited running about. Sadly this seems to get a better crowd than my beloved Phoenix Coyotes. Jeremy says its really amazing several times. Faith Bible? He might need more vocabulary words. He’s not articulate. Also, just to note - his voice overs during this have his voice significantly deeper and its very clear that his hay bale session was some months after. Just in case anyone thinks we can’t tell.

Jeremy voice overs how he wants to get a soccer ball signed for Zach. Again, this sounds like he is reading it. Its very noticeable in this episode that his live chatter at the game is no where near as articulate, and his later words are monotone. I think he’s been coached what to say. He has the ball being signed by lots of players. He calls it a precious ball. He chats up Freddie Adu. Freddie seems nice, gives good tips. Jeremy totally fan girls over talking to Freddie.

Interesting note - there’s a great shot of Jeremy being the only one at the metal rail waiting for the players. I find myself wondering where Mike D and the pack of DBU Boys were while Jeremy was doing his film thing.

Back in Pasadena, Zach is taught how to suit up for a really expensive hobby, go kart racing, Make no mistake about it - the Manuels are well off because this is not a cheap sport at all. Manuel Dad makes a fun joke about how the boys don’t need leg room. Interestingly, they do seem to embrace wearing safety gear. Insert a lot of talk about how driving a go-cart is somehow a physical sport, interspaced with racing shots. The Manuel twins talk about how the norms always talk smack and how they kick norm butt.

More racing scenes. Meh, this is why I don’t watch NASCAR. Of course there’s a lengthy amount of praise how Zach just takes to driving a race kart like a maniac. Really, not to put too fine a point on it, but I have seen six year olds racing these things. I’d be shocked if Zach couldn’t figure it out.

Back in Portland….Oh, Jeremy is trying out for ODP. He’s rocking the ‘fro.

Amy and Matt show up for it. Jeremy misses shots and Amy looks worried. Amy hay bales how his eyes were opened. He looked beat. Didn’t make any shots.

Mike and Amy spend a lot of time bucking up Jeremy afterward. He voices over how he gave it his all. I believe that. But I also believe the kids who were rocking by him were chosen for the team because they played better, not because Jer was robbed. He wasn’t the best looking filly out there.

Oh geez. Jeremy hay bales how Zach just got back from Pasadena. Zach sits in the bedroom, and Jeremy walks in with a MUCH SHORTER haircut, holding the ball. The two boys pretend that this is live. It’s like watching the monotone reading of lines in a high school drama class.

Zach: (deadpan) “Its sweet”
Jeremy: (slightly less dead pan) “Do you know how sweet it is?”

Jeremy does show some life when he describes his fan girl moment with Freddie. Otherwise they both seem totally bored in this touching moment.

Zach hay bales a description of the scene they just recreated. The boys then put the autographed ball on one of the piles of crap in their bedroom.

Next week! Jeremy! With the longer ‘froed out hair magically regrown! Catching bees with Mueller! Will they catch bees? Find out next Monday!

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Roloff family-- Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.

We're getting a lot of inquiries about various social networking accounts which claim to be the real Roloffs; fans are wondering if they're legit? Particularly in recent days after this picture...

...appeared on "Jacob's" twitter page, people are wondering if they're real...

The answer is no. They are fakes or impersonators. They often have morsels of truth that they say and that helps make them appear authentic. Example: One of the "fake Jeremy" accounts recently posted a "Young pics" album, which were the pictures we passed along on here in association with the 1998 article. Or they find a real picture (ie. the Jacob/Taylor example) and post; then people are convinced the account is authentic. is the real Matt, however he doesn't use it, despite publicly saying that TLC encourages them to use them.

Most of the "supposed" Roloff accounts on those sites appear to be linked together (ie, the fake Molly twitter, directs people to the fake Molly on Myspace, the fake Jacob on twitter is connected to the fake Jeremy on twitter, etc). One thing I have to say is humorous about all the fake pages, is they all write "This is the real Jeremy James Roloff (or Amy J Roloff or Molly, etc) if that means anything since the impersonator is the one writing it. I would love for humor sake for one of the fakes to say "I am not the real Molly Roloff, I am just pretending to be her." An honest fake! :-)

Basically in general, this is what you need to know about the Roloffs and sites like those as we see it: If you think the Roloffs are talking to you and hundreds or thousands of other fans....they are not the real Roloffs.

With very rare exception, the Roloff family members do not associate with fans on the internet unless there is going to be money involved (from you or a group to the Roloffs). The Roloffs are paid public speakers; if you contact them regarding a business opportunity, then you might hear from them.

The Roloffs also are still "offering" their $250 charge for 30 minutes (for up to 3 people, $50 each additional person) with them for a pre-arranged visit.... wait, scratch that....the Roloffs have raised the price -- it is now $300 -- .

If you are a big enough supporter of them that you think it would be neat to talk to them on the internet, well, the Roloffs sell autographed merchandise on as well as jars of their dirt. It's a business. It's about making more money. They are paid for the show. That's all they are contracted to do. It's obviously easier for them to spend no time on their fans and every three or four months when Matt's assistants send out his newsletters, include a sentence about how much they appreciate and adore their fans or say they have great fans during a television or radio interview. However, the Roloffs aren't into showing that in a tangible way.

That is the gist of the Roloffs and their fan dealings on the internet. Fan interaction for the Roloffs is a business; they want to make money directly from the fan interaction. Why talk to their fans for free when there is money to be made from fan interaction? Years ago Matt used to interact with fans directly on some sites. Now when Matt wants to communicate something to the fans he goes through "his people". Does that sound like "Going Hollywood" to anyone? :-) Years ago when Matt Roloff would email their newsletters they were actually very nice letters - very personal, like someone would send family or friend. More recently, the direction has changed considerably and they're usually only sent in time to promote something and the content is all about business, how to buy things from them and the personal details that fans enjoy are lacking.

With very, very rare exception the Roloffs don't associate with normal fans online. If you're fan, but you are "famous" yourself or know someone who is or you run a service that the Roloffs may be interested in using, then you're exempt from being a "normal" fan.

Let's face it, for them, it is not fun to spend time talking to people they don't know or to be asked repetitive questions about things that may not even be true -- I think most people would agree it would be awkward for Jeremy to respond to compliments about his stance (abstaining from, supposedly) about teen drinking that some people believe because that is what Jeremy said in the book.

The Roloffs (unlike a large majority of people in the public eye in 2010) don't do those types of things to be nice to fans or to show appreciation or gratitude. They don't post pictures and share them with fans just because they think fans would like to see them. That is just not their attitude with fans. Those things may help inspire fan loyalty or goodwill, but again, things like that require a little bit of their time and they aren't getting paid directly for it.

The Roloffs go to the extent of issuing really bad excuses (we have to tell it like it is, they are bad excuses! :) for why they don't interact with fans. These are some of the excuses that they have floated about over the years:

*They are always too busy can probably determine by yourself how ridiculous that is to believe, but we are told that recently it couldn't be further from the truth, especially for Jeremy and Zach. We've been told by fans who also attend PCC, that, for example, Jeremy apparently only has classes 2 days a week. Their job is to play themselves on the show, so no 'real' job although the one they get paid for is obviously very profitable. That's a heck of a lot of free time. Can a 19 and a half year old ever get bored of too much time to snow-board, hunt, go crabbing, hiking, road trips, play video games, attend parties, etc...The point is apparently even Jeremy is lamenting about how much free time he has on his hands, according to college classmates of some of his friends.

*They don't really use computers...(just ignore all the computer monitors, laptops, iPhones that you see on the show, often three or four in one room)

*There are the fake accounts so they can't have real ones (yeah, I've never understood the logic in that excuse either ;-))

*They don't consider themselves celebrities (though they offer that $300 deal as well as sell autographed merchandise and encourage people to watch them on tv or dvd which sounds very much like embracing being a celebrity...).

Obviously if they go to the trouble of making bad excuses for why they do not interact with fans that tells you all you need to know when you see a "Roloff" on one of those sites interacting with yourself or fellow fans. The "fake" Roloffs are almost always very polite to fans (though they appear to give a lot of one word responses "Thanks", "Yes", "No"...but hey at least they make the effort ;-)) on those accounts and basically how fans wish the Roloffs were, but keep in mind, they are not the real Roloffs.

That's not to suggest that if you're interested in the Roloffs that you may never want to check out the fake accounts -- the fake accounts sometimes have real pictures and things fans generally enjoy seeing. Just keep in mind, though, they are not the real Roloffs.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

8pm episode

I have to say, the overly dramatic commercials suggesting that Zach won’t graduate are a tad silly considering we already saw the graduation party.

Jeremy whines about waking up. Amy tells him to get up on time. Jeremy insists he wakes himself up, and has no idea Amy wakes him up. Amy rightly notes it’s a pretty stupid conversation considering he’s admitting she gets him up but insisting he “doesn’t know that”. Really Jeremy, the way to prove mom wrong is to actually get up every morning without her needed to come into your bed room. You’re 18. Almost 19 in this scene. Stop whining, start doing. And Zach? Same to you.

Now the kids are eating ravioli. Matt notes Jeremy’s grades are important. Jeremy calls Dad “Mr. College” in a snide tone and then concedes it was rude. There’s an extensive voiceover on how the boys haven’t been giving a darn about college. Zach hay bales how he doesn’t really want to go. Matt wants to buy the twins a house and let them have a their own bachelor pad for college. Molly rightly notes how the twins are completely immature. I wonder how realistic buying a house for two people to live in while they attend a college that they don’t really want to attend and don’t really care about is. I mean, I have heard of this sort of investment, and it’s not a bad idea if your kid is going to a four year school…. But when your kids basically drool and run away when college is mentioned, in this housing market it seems like a bad idea.

Oh and how long would a house with Jeremy and Zach last, really? The two guys who like to burn and break things?

Amy wakes up the twins at 7am. Funny that. Amy hay bales how they rely on her and she notes its “astounding” she has to wake them up. This turns into a bit of a whine fest on Amy’s part on how she isn’t acknowledged as their servant. Amy? There’s an easy way to solve that. Advise them both that you’re not their servant, or their secretary, and let them fall. The twins are old enough to get themselves up for school without you. If they miss too much and fail, then they do.

Amy buys graduation stuff. This involves extensive decoration with Party City! Party City is where the Party is! PRODUCT PLACEMENT! PARTY CITY!

So now the two brain trust twins are being led to college by their mommy. Zach hay bales how he doesn’t want to go. Neither twin has brought id because well, why bother. I mean they’re just almost nineteen. I suspect they still need to be told to wipe at this point. Amy notes she has to tell them everything to do. The twins are given forms. Jeremy doesn’t know his social security number. FYI Jer? Depending on your state? Its ON your driver’s license. You know? Id? Zach can’t spell the state he lives in. Zach hon? The name of the state you live in? Is on your driver’s license. You know? Id? Amy helps Jeremy fill out his form while Molly helps Zach, because neither can manage for themselves and would no doubt wander off in five minutes if left to manage it themselves. Jeremy notes he is going to community college because he is lazy. Zach says he might not graduate. Amy hay bales that she was startled to hear that. I really don’t know why that’s a shocker, Amy. I think it was pretty obvious awhile ago.

We redo “I might not graduate” in the next post commercial scene. Amy hay bales how worried she is. The twins go see the guidance counselor together because that’s completely appropriate, two young men having a joint guidance session. I know the filming is partly an issue here but really? They aren’t *conjoined* twins and should be seeing the college counselor separately. The twins both hem and haw about why they are wanting to attend PCC, hinting that their grades aren’t great and they aren’t all that interested.

The twins and Amy are given the tour. There’s a farm, sheep, an organic garden. Its all very green. Amy muses on taking a photography class and spending more time with the twins in class. Yeah, my mom made that joke. Both twins look bored and ask nothing.

Amy’s parents are at the house. Grandma seems really excited about community college and says some nice things (smaller classes, less expensive, time to make up your mind)

Now more people turn up, including massive tat boy. Molly has already planned her college career (so not surprised) and Amy and her lp friend pick out cute photos for the party. A nice montage of the twins while Amy wonders “what went wrong?” Oh Amy…. Zach apparently has barely been able to hear most of his senior year. He lives in a house of chaos and never is made to work. And he seems to be depressed and frightened and a bit infantile about doing anything where you aren’t holding my hand. Oh, and he’s on a tv show. Is that an elephant walking by? Or just a prop from Party City? PARTY CITY IS WHERE THE PARTY IS!

Grandpa NotRoloff quickly decides to run things and tells Matt what to do with machinery. Matt voices over how Zach might not graduate complete with dramatic music. The party is before graduation. Jeremy hay bales how he and his *twin brother* have gone to school together for 12 years. Yeah, that’s deep and not obvious.

Amy is getting some minor league soccer team to show up, the Portland Timbers. This is actually kind of a weird graduation gift. A minor league soccer team showing up to meet and greet? There’s even gifts for the twins. From the team. Honestly it just seems kinda kiddy for my tastes, but the twins love it so. And of course, the twins get their own little soccer clinic and this is so something that not on tv people have happen. Lil note, Roloff clan, having a semiprofessional soccer team attend parties is a wee bit extravagant. Matt voices over that basically they ignored Zach’s grades over Jeremy’s and now Zach is failing. Hmm.

There’s expensive cakes. I wonder if the dude on Cake Boss made them. They looked fancy.

Amy heads into school and demands to know Zach’s status. Really, what school doesn’t inform the parents that the kid isn’t graduating. Unless Faith is a terrible school - and having seen how some of the grads spell, that’s possible, its hard to believe Amy and Matt could conceivably turn up for graduation just in time to see Zach hauled out of the line and given a dunce cap.

Oh look, a commercial where Zach graduates. Nicely timed, TLC. Nicely timed!

Back to the show! Finally! Zach is apparently going to graduate! And Jeremy finished with honors… good for him! Pity it’s too late to do much good, but good job! The family sits out on the giant porch and Zach hay bales how he did what he needed to do. Matt says something trite about Zach buckling down and working which is completely not what we just saw.

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World January 11th, 2009

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

8pm Episode

*Alright! An interesting episode because it's about Jeremy and Zach graduating!

*Jeremy is telling Amy that he thinks he gets himself up in mornings, he never remembers Amy waking him up even though he knows she does. Amy thinks he's being stupid. I know what he means. People don't always remember the first thing that happens in the morning. Amy doesn't seem to get it.

*They're having dinner. Hey, we've seen this scene before! Not the same conversation, but the same dinner. It was when Molly got an F on a test and Jeremy spelled out "Senior" for Matt. This time they're talking about college. Matt says something about it. Jer says "Okay Mr. College"....then Jeremy says out loud that he crossed the line and that was way too much of a rebel... I think Jeremy has said worse things than that to Matt over history ;-)

*Amy explains that Jeremy will graduate, but they're not sure about Zach. Cue the forced plot for the next 28 minutes! Will Zach graduate????? Yes he does! The people with the show should realize that people will still watch without these forced fake plots.

*Zach says he doesn't want to go to the sounds of his bad grades that's a smart decision, Zach :)

*Matt announces that he's considering renting a house near Ron and Peg and that will be for Jeremy and Zach to live, their bachelor pad. A couple of thoughts. We know that didn't happen, but since I consider myself in a "normal" situation financially for most people my age (a bit older than Jer and Zach) I can't relate, but hey, no wonder they're going to be rich. They're already rich and even in this situation that doesn't actually happen, Matt is basically going to pay for their living arrangements. You'd think they have so much money and they're 19 that they might start paying for themselves, but hey, what's another house to Matt Roloff? :)

*Molly is doing some serious snarking at Jeremy and Zach. She grins to the camera that there is no way she can see Jeremy and Zach living on their own. They wouldn't live. Haha. She says they are way too babied at home. It's probably true, but Molly needs to be careful, sure she seems more responsible and gets better grades, but she is spoiled too...don't get too holier than though there sister girl :)

* Amy gets back to talking about waking Jeremy and Zach up in the mornings. That seems to be a theme this week. They show Amy trying to get them up. As usual, they look like a couple of dead bodies placed on their beds. There is a leg sticking out from under the covers of Jeremy's bed. Zach usually has some kind of conversation with Amy during this stuff. Amy tells Zach it's astounding that she still needs to get them up at 19. Oh come on, we all can see that Amy loves her role.

*Amy remarks that she doesn't think the twins realize just how much she still does for them. That is probably true too, but who is to blame for that? Amy! What kid isn't going to choose to be lazy if Mom will do it for them?

*Amy is in a store buying stuff for the graduation party...the graduation party that we saw a week ago or two weeks ago....thanks TLC out of order programming and editing.

*Portland Community College, the Rockcreek campus! Thanks Spirits! How about we all give Spirits some props for having the scoop way back when :)

*Amy, Molly, Jer and Zach are at PCC to register. Jeremy and Zach are bored and look like they don't want to be there. Amy complains that they didn't come prepare. She gives them the usual lecture that we've seen many times about them forgetting their ID and stuff like that.

*They're filling out forms...this won't be pretty, I have a hunch! :) Hmm, Jeremy says "Social Ins number?...Unknown"....

*Zach doesn't know how to spell "Oregon"...Molly helps him. Wow this whole episode is sure throwing Jeremy and Zach to the wolves, isn't it? Could it make them look any worse? First the part about Amy waking them up. Then more about her waking them up at 19 and the speech about how much she does for them. Now showing them struggling to fill out forms...

*Back to snarky Molly! She is full of zingers tonight against Jer and Zach. She says it's funny that here they are enrolling in Community College and Amy is rushing around filling out their forms for them. Is Molly a poster on this or another LPBW board? She sounds like she's getting material from fan comments. j/k

*I heard Jeremy say the word "Engineering" to Amy when filling out the form. I guess that's what Jeremy is majoring in?

*They're still on the forms. Jer doesn't know what to write for a question about if he wants to earn a degree or his goal at PCC? He says he doesn't want to be at PCC forever, it's just..."Opps, I got lazy"....

*Okay, I know there is a great divide among people about me and my fellow reviewer Rap and it usually isn't friendly :). I have my fans and haters and Rap has her fans and haters, but I do have to point out that Rap was right about that one. I think that's exactly what Rap said when it was known that they were going to PCC and why. Who would have thought that Rap and Jeremy would agree?? haha.

*Zach blurts out that one of his teachers said she doesn't know if he will graduate. Yawn. Contrived plot. A week before graduation and he doesn't know yet? I don't believe it.

*They're talking to someone from PCC about their plans, surprising Jeremy defers to Zach and tells Zach to speak for him...Zach says something about wanting to eventually go to a 4 year university. Jeremy looks embarrassed. The PCC guy says that's fine because most of their credits are transferable to most 4 year colleges/universities. That makes the Roloffs happy.

*They go on a tour of PCC. Amy mentions maybe she'll take a photography class and wouldn't it be funny if she went to college with her know, I could SO see Amy doing that just to be around them! :) Jeremy says they would have probably been in the same class. So from what I take from this show, Jeremy is taking engineering and photography.

*Fashion note, I don't know much about the soccer team or the player, Jer's #19 Messi (no messy room jokes!) soccer jersey, but it's snazzy. I like it. Jeremy looked very bored or very laid back during this whole visit.

*Amy's parents are at the farm. Amy's mother Pat asks Zach about PCC. He says he likes it and says it was laid back and like a public school. She sings the praises of community colleges and says Zach will like it.

*Friends are arriving for the graduation party.

*Amy tells her friend Amy from Rob & Amy, that Molly has her college plans already planned. The other Amy can't believe she has planned 3 years ahead. Hm, no pressure on Molly...they're at Jer and Zach's grad party and Amy is talking about Molly being the family hope basically :)

*Amy is looking at old pictures of Jeremy and Zach as babies and threw the years. Cute pictures.

*Amy starts talking about how she's been thinking about what went wrong with Zach through the years because he's smart, but his grades are terrible and mention of the Elephant in the about being a TV Star? Yahhoooo to Jeremy for not falling as far as Zach through the TV fame.

*They're preparing for the graduation party, still going on about how they don't know if Zach will graduate. Oh come on. Drop the fake plot. They know!

*I saw this one a graduation present, Amy arranged for a pro soccer team, the Portland Timbers to come to the party, so much for a modest watch or something. You just knew they were going to go all out for Jeremy and Zach's party to give them the biggest and best party and present ever. I don't really care, but being honest, this kind of stuff does kind of drive the point home how much the Roloffs have changed from the beginning of the show when they seemed just like real people. Now sports teams comes to their parties...oh yeah, I can relate to that...not. But getting over that part of it, the twins seemed to like it. Jer seems especially happy about it.

*They play a game against the Timbers, did anyone notice that even for a game against pro players or semi pro (they're in the league just below the MLS and will be moving up to the major league soon I hear) players, Jeremy is playing in bare feet? For a guy who has said he has so many shoes, he sure seems to go barefoot a lot.

*The Portland Timbers give Zach and Jeremy their own jerseys. They look really cool. I like that color of green.

*Amy goes to Faith Bible High School to find out if Zach will graduate. He got an F, but his GPA is still high enough to graduate.

*Amy also says that Jeremy made honors. Jeremy made honors? Considering Jeremy has made it no secret he doesn't prepare for school at all and his "Senior" answer to Matt about why he doesn't do homework...the honors thing seems really weird to me. They don't really make a big deal out of it so that adds to the weirdness of it...But hey, I like Jeremy, so I'll go back into rabid Jer fan mode and say "Congratulations Jeremy! We knew you could do it! :)

*Amy says she is so glad that Zach and Jeremy will graduate together because they've went to school together their whole lives and it would have been sad if Zach couldn't graduate.

*Matt gives a typical Matt Roloff - end of episode speech :) He says for most of high school they thought Zach was alright and thought Jeremy was the one to worry about, but in the end Zach was the one who was in a sticky situation, but when all was said and done, he buckled down and made the grade.

*There is a preview for next week, the actual graduation. OH NO! The horrible season theme is back. Amy says it's graduation and Matt is going to be late for the graduation. She's there and wonders if Matt is even going to see his sons graduate. I don't know if this is fake drama or not because I remember from the senior photographs that there were pictures of Amy with the photographer, but not Matt, but who knows.

End of episode. All in all, I really liked this episode! A lot to talk about. The way LPBW should be. About Jeremy and Zach, instead of the marriage stuff. It was kind of a hatchet job on Jer and Zach with the emphasis on Amy babying them the form filling out scene.

Saja Salman (seen on Little People, Big World) had surgery; send a card

An update on one of the children seen on Little People, Big World during the episode about the family from Iraq who has since moved to Idaho, underwent surgery.

Saja Salman had surgery and unfortunately there have been some setbacks - including a collapsed lung and continues to have a rough recovery.

People are being encouraged to send cards to Saja if you wish. The address is:

Attn: Saja Salman
P.O. Box 759
Kuna, ID 83634

If you choose to send hand-written cards to Saja, you're asked to print. The older sister you've seen on the show (without dwarfism) will read your card to Saja -- she was taught by reading large print as opposed to cursive.

Please keep Saja and her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Also if you wish to make a donation (you can send a check by mail or a very easy paypal method), please visit this website:

All and any donations are appreciated. Russell Hayes usually personally writes a thank you note to anyone who donates, along with the most recent update on how the children are doing.

And if you're in the dark about what any of this is about or missed our original item with Russell Hayes and his heart-felt words, you can read it here: