Monday, January 25, 2010

Comments and Suggestions about Keeping Up With the Roloff Family site /Spiritswander blog

Just a couple of notes on the site.

Comments on the items are welcomed. This site receives thousands of hits each day. If you would like to express your opinions for a large audience, it is easy to do so. No registration is required.

However, the posting method which is easiest or preferred is the Name/URL option. Simply leave the URL blank. If you have a Google/Blogger/Typepad account, you're welcome to use that as well.

Please do not use the Anonymous option. There is no reason not to use the Name/URL option. Again, simply leave the URL blank. It does not make your comment any less anonymous. You can enter any name you want (within reason).

Using a name or screen name instead of Anonymous simply makes it less confusing for other readers to reply to your comment and discuss with you. If there are 7 comments in a row from different "Anonymous" posters and someone else replies "Well said, Anonymous, I felt the same way when I watched that episode."....nobody has any idea what the heck is going on or which "Anonymous" is being referenced. If you used a screen name -- anything - for example "Soda" (well, keep in mind if you get ridiculous in your screen name people will probably take your comment less seriously ;-) - another reader can say "Well said, Soda. I felt the same way when I watched". That way everyone including you will know that you are being addressed.

We always do welcome reader comments, but we might be forced to crack down on Anonymous comments and reject perfectly reasonable opinions if you post as Anonymous. Simply use Name/URL and there will be no problem.


The second item we would like to address is do you have suggestions or comments about what you think would improve the site? Subjects you would like to see? Features you think would be interesting?

We received a good one at the end of the season from our own reviewer Expressed to post a pre-review of the episode which we will begin doing when Little People, Big World returns next April.

You can email your suggestions to or leave a comment here.

Not all suggestions will be implemented of course, but we will consider them.

We have received some requests for a public counter recording site traffic so you the reader can see how busy the site is. We're also considering occasionally passing along the popular keyword inquiries so you the reader can see what other people around the world are interested in regarding the Roloffs.

As we're in the "off season" for Little People, Big World, we have received some requests for Rap541 to review more old episodes so we can all think back to LPBW - the earlier episode and reminisce.

If you have a suggestion about something you would like to see, leave a comment or send an email.


M said...

We'll said "soda" I think we all agree it'll be easier to swap our thoughts.

I like the review idea! It'll be fun to hear others thoughts on old episodes! Will it just be rap?

Rap541 said...

Honestly I think SPirit is pretty open to other reviewers....

SF said...

Can you do things about Jeremy's friends? How about the Sexy friend, Scott? <}