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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People Big World January 18

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Written by Rap541

8pm Episode

Ironically I prepared myself for this by watching the Simpsons. FYI the dysfunction is funnier when it is animated.

Ok. Amy comments to Matt on how both will graduate. Matt goes on about ow Amy doesn’t communicate. They hug and its sweet. This is actually pretty nasty. Insert credits

Zach whines about how long the senior dinner is. Apparently every parent speaks. Thank god its a small class. I mean really… if the class is over twenty, its hours long. Matt comments how he’s basically gonna bail until the last moment and blames Amy for his lack of participation. Matt? It’s not about you, it’s a school dinner not a business meeting. If you want to attend, attend, and don’t pretend to be a powerless cripple locked in a room by your wife who you routinely badmouth as a slattern on a national tv show. Because after five seasons, we all know you’re not afraid to a) cross Amy and b) do want you want despite Amy’s views. You override her on a constant basis. Please don’t attempt to insist that you don’t dare cross the wife, because you do it constantly.

Zach tries on his grad gear. There’s some obvious fail that is not really that huge of a deal. I had to bobby pin and safety pin my grad hat on. The graduation hat is weird, I really doubt poor dwarf Zach was the only one with a problem. Molly comments how she wants a child with dwarfism because Zach is cute in photos. Molly hun? Please remember all the painful surgeries. Amy is called to make a sobby speech, with Matt and its very sweet. Matt notes how Zach is a “pistol”. Amy notes how she is always a mom to Zach.

Amy then goes on how Jeremy is cool. She cries. Its very touching how she notes how she is “joyed to be his mom”. Jeremy hay bales how cool it is that mom loves him. I mean really, how sweet to see their joy.

Jer goes on about he never pondered graduating until it happened. Yeah, not surprised. OHNOES! The power went out. There’s no real explanation about why the power went out. Anyone ever read Dies the Fire? Set in Oregon? Because I was like “Whoo!“ Anyway. Matt goes on about how the power is out and sends Jake to fetch Jeremy to find the power cords. Amy notes that there is no water. Jeremy snits in a hay bale how Matt didn’t have the cable and how he was being blamed. He seemed pretty annoyed. Matt heads off in the silver Mercedes. Was he going to Taco Bell? I think so.

Amy hay bales how she wants to handle things. She wants the kids to shower. The kids all run off to a place with electricity to shower and Amy is in a funk because she’s alone (Matt went to taco bell?) She hay bales how this is her future, alone and in a dark, powerless house with unshowered children who leave her for soap and hot water. It does make the kids look a tad shallow but in fairness, who doesn’t like Ivory Soap and hot water? Then the power returns, woo!

Matt asks when graduation is. Amy says seven but show up early and Matt plans to show up at seven. He whines how he just won’t go early. They bitch and moan about cream cheese. Amy notes to Jeremy how surreal it is. Zach whines about his hat not fitting. Jeez. Amy whines about it as well. Zach is all “ITS ALL ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL”. they drive off.

Zach goes on about how he has no idea that graduation is serious but he struggled and its serious. Amy goes on about how life is changing and she doesn’t like it but it is happening. She notes that she really wants a front seat where she can see. This is an important issue and I get this one actually. She takes pictures in gowns with Zach on a chair. Its very cute. Jeremy notes how Mom takes photos and is in them with the twins and that Dad generally bales and is not in the photos. He thinks Dad will regret that. Zach notes that Dad isn’t around and that’s not usual. I sorta die inside. Because really. How sad. I so remember my high school graduation, and my dad and I having our picture taken in the rose garden that had bloomed magnificently that spring and my mom having to hand the camera off to my sister because she was just too emotional to take pictures…. I was the child that looked like my dad out of the three of us, and I can’t, *can’t* imagine my mother and father both not being there. (Oh, FYI, they’re looking at anniversary 46 this year, go Mom! Go Dad!)

Amy hay bales how Matt didn’t show, and its timed at 7:05. Matt missed the walk of the grads. Amy takes photos. She says she isn’t mad or annoyed. Matt hauls in and notes he had to park a mile away. He says he has no regrets.

Wow, Matt. Wow. How frakking asshole of you. You knew when it was. You have no excuse. Only a complete moron fails to understand that parking is an issue on graduation day. This is SO jerky. I remember, when my dad was working in Arizona and I was still finishing off college in New York State, and my dad made it a point to get himself back to upstate New York come hell or high water because he had made the college graduations of the first two kids and he’d be damned if he wasn’t there for mine. Because that’s what a father does. Matt? I don’t even like your kids very much and I am so sad for Zach and Jeremy. Kids understand real reasons to miss. You weren’t working, you weren’t sick. You just didn’t bother. Shame on you. SHAME on you.

(And anyone who suggests Matt missed part of the graduation because of TLC plotting? Shame on Matt for going along with it. If you really believe it was a TLC plot, then Matt Roloff accepted money to miss his eldest sons graduation. SHAME on him.)

Jeremy thanks his dad and his pal Mueller who he loves. Yes Mueller didn’t pass. My decent side feels bad for dumdum Mueller getting called out publicly for failing high school. Jeremy thanks Mike and intros Zach. Zach thanks mom for keeping him in school. There’s a nice grad montage.

Now we have the diploma walk. The twins get diplomas. Its very sweet and charming. Matt voices over how things are changing. Amy notes the boys are going to move on. Amy hugs the kids, There is picture taking. Its cute. Oh a montage of cute twin photos. And now somber sad music as the family returns home to a home full of high school grads instead of students. Matt goes on how it’s a turning a point. Only time will tell, it’s the beginning of the end. Its like an episode of Battlestar Galactica with less rape and more blasted dead radiated planets with no hope. Only instead of blasted dead irradiated planets we have Zach and Jeremy.

Btw, I am so not a fan of Cake Boss but I am completely won over by the angry shouty baker hugging Cookie Monster ON Sesame Street. I mean… Sesame Street!


lucas said...

Just one little question... Why is Amy constantly running around taking pictures? There is an entire film crew inside their home documenting every private moment of their lives.
.. She does NOT want private memories, why on earth would she have had a camera crew in her home for the past 5 years. She's an egotist. Can you imagine being parents at a high school graduation and one family shows up with a film crew, front row seats, coming in late... sorry, I'd be pissed...

TLC has lost me on this one, . let's celebrate the drop-out screw off in a shot.. The dumbing down of America, thats all it is.

Yeah, maybe Matts checked out.. no excuse for not knowing what time to be there.. but he's said time and time again how Amy excludes him. and he doesn't want to make Amy mad... hmmmm, first she alienates the kids, talks poorly of him, now he's scared. come to your own conclusion. What if it was Amy saying these things? just a thought.

Rap541 said...

Lucas I disagree with you in that Amy clearly told Matt when to be there, and anyone with a brain in their head knows that parking at a gradation event is difficult. The fact that Amy and Matt didn't go *together* is far more telling. What *was* Matt doing that showing up early was an issue?

I dont think Matt is afraid of Amy in the slightest. If its a big decision that invovlves Matt doing something fun, like say screwing his wife out of a trip to the Virgin Islands, heading to Hawaii for a trip away from the family or buying expensive cars at auction, Matt manages to find his balls and defy his cruel wife. But attending graduation isnt that much fun... I know exactly where Jeremy gets that ugly trait.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Raps snark of this episode. Matt's excuses for not being there on time are pitiful. You are either interested enough in being there for your sons graduation and seeing it from the beginning to the end or your not. Don't blame Amy, you disregard what she wants all the time, and if getting there early in order to be there when it starts is an inconvience, then own up to the fact that you have put yourself first and wasn't interested enough to put your sons first. A perfect example of Matt doing what he wants to do no matter what the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

who sang the graduation song you can hear as background

Anonymous said...

Lucas, maybe Amy is running around taking pictures because she wants her own pictures of these family events. Just because the event is filmed doesn't mean the crew takes the particular photos she wants. The program is edited to fit into approximately 22 minutes (taking into account commercials) and includes a lot more than just the graduation. She probably also wants photos of the twins and their friends and families. I think it makes a lot of sense.

lucas said...

oh, i dunno anon 11:22, it just comes across as strange to me that cameras are following amy, who is being filmed taking pictures. Maybe a private photo album? TLC must have hours of tape not included in their dvds which they hawk to viewers. Give me a break, at least Kate G stopped the sillines with pretending she wanted a personal photo album with her digital camera.

Home movies, oh she's got them!- by a professional film crew.

Rap, iirc, amy clearly stated that she would be going to the school 5 fifteenish or so, and that the ceremony didn't start until 7PM. And she clearly *told him what time to be there*, doesn't sound like a marriage to me, sounds like a dictatorship.

Key words here being, 'she told him what time to be there'. Sorry, she comes across as a hag.

Anonymous said...

Attending graduation isn't all that fun?

I guess it depends on your outlook. It's fun and a much cherished moment in parents lives.

Allison said...

I graduated high school 14 years ago and I don't remember it being THAT big of a deal. Judging by the comments it is? I thought it was a just an Amy and the Roloffs thing or a rich private school thing. They made a big deal out of Molly's 8th grade graduation and the boys' last high school dance and hired professionals for senior pictures. I thought this was one more Roloff over the top thing...but everyone else in the country treats high school graduation like a wedding or a funeral?

M said...

Ok first I'm going to say, we've all seen how the twins did in high school. Let's face it they're not book smart and lazy. So this might just be the last graduation for them. Live it up! I wish them we'll maybe they'll prove me and others wrong and get college degrees. That would be great but if they decided to drop out and get real jobs that's cool too... Whatever I don't know them. Lol

Anyway good jobs to Jeremy, Zach and their friends that graduated. Must have sucked for Mueller though watching his friends graduate. Maybe instead of going to BVI's or another fancy Roloff trip he'll stay home and study.

Jocelynn said...

That's a great point, M. The BVI trip was in March...Mueller failed to graduate in June. More work and less play and he could have graduated with Jeremy instead of being in the balcony watching.

Allison, I would say high school graduation is a big deal, but as always, the Roloffs put the exclamation point on it.

I don't think all high school grads get that emotional, but despite other things that have lowered my opinion of Jeremy, I did like his speech. He is more likeable when he gets emotional.

I should jump over to Expressed's review for this but I'm lazy ;). I agree with your assessment and I also was surprised that Amy appeared to have a more difficult time speaking about Jeremy out of the two boys. I liked Jeremy's reaction, he was touched by it, I think.

Rap541 said...

Lucas - in all honesty, I think we're arguing two different points. I don't care how shrewish or hagful Amy was in telling Matt what time graduation started. She did tell him, she told him the *right* time and she suggested he arrive early. She didn't say "show up at 7pm, there will be plenty of parking and you won't have any trouble" - it was Matt who was " I'll get there AT 7". She didn't say " I don't want you there". Was she being super loving? No - I agree with you there. But she did suggest he show up early which means she wasn't willfully sabotaging his attendence.

If he didn't want to attend because he felt Amy didn't want him there... so what? His sons graduating clearly did want him there and the event should have been about *them*, and not about how Matt doesn't like being told to attend anything.

Anonymous said...

Good overall review of the episode. Anyone out there actually know the Mueller family? I had the same thoughs about his participation in the BVI trip and other Roloff activities. As a parent, all of that would have been off limits until grades were at least at the "passing" level. Are Mueller's parents that disconnected from their son's life? If so, pretty sad for Mueller.

Sheri said...

The comments regarding Matt, both on here in this review, the subsequent remarks and the comments on the show by Zach and yes Jeremy, but Zach was the worst offender, made me very upset.

Matt is a great a father. Period. He gave those kids a great life. I was angry hearing Zach talk about how Matt is never there. Those kids have a roof over their head. Food on the table. Everything they possibly can have. They have opportunity all because of Matt.

All they can do is imply that Matt is not a good father and spout lies about Matt never being there. Have you watched the show? He was there for Zach's surgery in another state. He has been at soccer games. He was with Jeremy at his tryout. So what if he leaves 4 days early on a vacation he arranged for his children?

"We're used to him never being there"....give me a break! They don't know how good they have it.

I cut Jeremy more of a break because of Jeremy's frequent sentiments that show he appreciaties Matt. I suspect Jeremy was probably prompted with leading questions to when talking about Matt being absent, but Zach went over the line (once again) with what he said and the disgust in his voice.

Matt did not miss the ceremony, he missed them walking in. It is not a big issue. Those boys are 19 years old, 5 minutes isn't going to mean anything to them. They probably didn't even know Matt wasn't seated when it began.

Matt is a great man and is time his family stops bad mouthing him on the show, even if it is editing there is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Funny post. I almost always agree with Rap 451. One request, stop using "haybales" so much. Also, you're spot on with Cake Boss.

Rap541 said...

A) You always cut Jeremy more of a break, but really Sheri, what *ever* happened to Jeremy "always speaks the truth"?

You're excusing lies now? Jeremy said what he said, and in regards to the cable, he was ticked off and not lovingly respecting his beloved dad when he whined about Dad blaming him.

B)You're also playing the "When Jeremy does it, I will insist his behavior on camera was coerced/not really so bad but when another sibling does it as well, they need to be publically whipped as "MATT'S BAD SEED".

C) The twins will only walk down the aisle to graduate high school once and Matt couldn't be bothered to show up fifteen minutes early to make sure he saw it and more importantly to make sure they knew he was there for him. It obviously hurt both twins. The day was about them, and considering their mother was in the front row next to an empty seat she was saving for their dad, they *knew* and *could see* that Dad didn't show up on time for their graduation.

I actually don't think Matt's a terrible dad, but he is a distant father, and it shows.

Anonymous said...

He may not be a good dad, but he is sure a good provider. What does Amy do? Do you ever see her complain to those brats to help clean up that pigsty? Matt provided a beautiful home for that family, and no one takes care of it. She blames him and he blames her. The only good child in that family is Molly. She will be the one to suceed in life. As for the twins they don't have a single brain between the two of them. The way they talk to their dad is a shame. Amy needs to shut her mouth and clean her house. And Zach, is nothing but a spoiled brat. I refuse to watch this nonsense any more. Matt wise up. Shut your mouth Amy, for gods sakes your on national tv.

Anonymous said...

Great review, as always, Rap! I wish they'd round you up to review more episodes, like you did with the season 2 episode. I love your sarcasm, and you nail everything on the head!

lucas said...

Rap said, "His sons graduating clearly did want him there." That is the truth. I've long defended Matt, maybe I've been fooled all along because his behaviour was inexcusable in this episode now that I think about it. I'm still not team amy or team matt... he finally did prove himself to be distant, that is for sure. Maybe he got sidetracked by that box of wine, who knows? Thanks for the recap!

Sheri, I'd venture a guess that the boys knew Matt wasn't seated when it began--A camera crew followed him walking through an already seated auditorium , to the front row. Everyone in that place knew when Matt showed up. I would have been so embarressed. High school graduations are* a huge deal, for both parents and children.

Anonymous said...

Lucas, Amy is obviously an amateur photographer who enjoys taking photos. It seems to me she has always had a camera in her hand ever since the show started. I also love to take photos and can put myself in her place. If it my family, under the same circumstances, I would still shoot my own photos, using my own composition for each shot, and shooting what I want to shoot, when I want to shoot it.

I wouldn't have to worry about what the TV crew winds up with once the filming is done. The crew is shooting what works for television, not for works for Amy as a mom and amateur photographer. On top of that, Amy may enjoy the still photos as much or more than watching the episode on DVD. She may feel it is more personal, and I would have to agree with that.

Lucas said...

re: Matt's Late Arrival:

Sheri, I'd venture a guess that the boys knew Matt wasn't seated when it began--A camera crew followed him walking through an already seated auditorium , to the front row. Everyone in that place knew when Matt showed up.

I think Matt enjoyed walking in late and with entourage. He enjoys the attention.

The more I watch the show the more of an attention hog Matt seems to be. The world truly does revolve around Matt and now that his kids are growing up and having their own opinions, choices and lives he feels more and more diminished and the camera crew gives him a feeling of being especial which, I think, he very much enjoys.

That is why, as even Matt admits, Amy doesn't like him engaging in events - because everything then becomes about Matt.

Even his children's surgeries become long diatribes about Matt's life - sure, sharing a story is fine and parental but Matt's focus is always singular - one and only and always on Matt.

His self-absorbtion is legendary in the running of their farm, too. He decides what he wants and goes forth with it with total disregard to everyone else.

Sad. Frustrating to watch.

I know I couldn't live with it... could you?

Anonymous said...

Hey rap 541! I love reading your reviews, I too enjoy invoking sarcasm whenever possible and yours fairly drips off the screen!! If you will bear with me as I play devils advocate on a couple of points. I have been with my husband and his family for almost 20 years. His father contracted polio at age 3, and much like Matt his condition has deteriorated from crutches to a scooter. There are countless similarities between Matt and my father in-law, one of the most telling are their "balls to the wall" attitude.They both live their lives as if they have an expiration date. Both knowing time is of the essence cramming in as many activities(Hawaii, BVI, toys) as possible regardless of others needs. The fear of being further debilitated or God forbid bed bound as they both were during VERY impressionable years is almost palpable. The other being I'll be funny, outrageous, controversial etc.,in other words I'll make you laugh before you can make fun of me. Like Matt he is very outgoing and popular with peers. Not having been with my f-i-l's situation from the get go, I observe (through an adults eyes) his coping mechanisms:arriving late, making jokes, blaming others to deflect the real problem, he feels like a dead weight or a nuisance. For as long as I can remember my f-i-l will arrive almost on the dot if not a tad late for events to further avoid causing even more unwanted attention. Many times I've witnessed if he arrives early his scooter having the effect of a dam at times blocking aisles, doors, pews etc. Most of the time people are gracious, although not wanting to acknowledge (make eye contact) that he is causing problems. Other times people are visible exasperated ruffling the rest of the families feathers and drawing atten from the event. I am not pulling out the poor little handicapped man card,just wanting to point out the possibility that Matt's bravado is perhaps hiding more complicated issues.
Lastly, my husband is like Jeremy in that he is the oldest healthy son and therefore from a very young age has born the responsibilities of the father or husband. He too has been the go-fer, head cook and bottle washer. Perhaps SOME of the laissez fare attitude that Jer has,which drives some up a wall, is simply his way of resisting all he can because of what else is asked of him. I've heard Jer speak of how seeing his fathers degenerating condition hurts. Having a healthy father myself I've only observed the frustration and sadness that goes with witnessing someone who has seemed larger than life, and indestructible becoming the child instead of the parent in many ways. I think his actions have been misunderstood as well.

Rap541 said...

Anon - let me put aside my sarcasm hat for a moment, ok?

Absolutely I consider Matt's physical condition. I have family members with physically degenerative issues and I am mindful of that when I see things on LPBW.

Where I take issue with Matt on this is that this was not about Matt fulfilling his bucket list hopes and dreams, it was about his sons wanting him to be there. I don't care if he and Amy spent the early afternoon of graduation day dicussing their impending divorce. I don't think this day was supposed to be about whether Matt would make it on time. This wasn't a lot to ask. This is an event that happens once for the twins. Is it too much ask Dad to choke back the irritation and arrive early and be bored waiting for 20 minutes, a half hour?

I'll cite a personal example. My paternal grandfather came back from WW2 with a wife, several kids, and a severe disability. As much as he loathed being out in public in a wheelchair, he knew his daughters wanted their father to "walk" down the aisle with them and give them away. He did it because their feelings meant more to him than his embarrassment at being seen as a cripple in a wheel chair who needed someone to wheel him.

This wasn't too much for the twins to ask, Dad showing up on time. What truly saddened me was how they both noted that it wasn't a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Rap 541 point taken. I didn't mean to infer that Matt should use the boys grad as a opportunity to grand stand. He said I believe during the beginning of his diatribe that he didn't want to be in the way. I know from watching these past years that Matt is extremely proud of his boys, and in no way would want miss their moment to shine. I think Matt would also liked to have been more active in watching the boys games, but have you ever noticed the mind games and secretive way that Amy does Matt with info re the kids???
I have noticed the families almost complete lack of understanding regarding Matt's absence from certain activities. I find myself yelling at the tv when the kids are b-chn abt Matt leaving the vacations early. For goodness sakes what small business owner can leave his business for 2-3 weeks and at important times even 1 week. I bring this up because the comments made abt Matt not being in the pics reminded me of those times. Take note the boys grad party episode, Matt standing to the side Amy ignoring him and not including him until the minor league soccer coach encouraged him to jump in there. That was not the first occurrence nor certainly the last!!! Sorry this has been bugging me for a while. All that said, I am not all abt the Matt, he can be extremely grating (at least once an episode ha ha)!!!!
I am very sorry for all concerned that he missed the boys walking into the ceremony, but I think thou dost protest too much (Zachary, Jeremy James).

a time???

NJC said...

Anon 1:01,

That was a well thought out and interesting comment. Although I tend to side a little closer to Rap in this particular case given the magnitude of the event, it's good to be reminded of just how deeply Matt's health, both now and as a child, affects his actions.

Rap541 said...

Anon- I don't disagree tht Amy is a huge part of the problem. She does encourage the distance. But... Matt isn't *innocent* in this either. When Matt *wants* to do something, he makes it pretty darn clear how proud he is to stand up and do as he wants regardless of his handicap issues. He isn't afraid of Amy, he constantly says negative things about her, he constantly does things that make her unhappy and upset....

But I think she clearly told Matt when graduation started and to think about coming early. He chose to be late. he stated to the camera that he has no regrets. Sorry - but thats pretty assy " I missed the boys walking down the aisle for graduation AND I HAVE NO REGRETS".

As I said before, I have no doubt he has some health considerations in play... but he had no shame, no regret, in not making his sons graduation on time. He made a point of stating for the camera - and he's a producer and has some say on what gets aired - and he's out and proud about this.

Sorry, but while I completely agree Amy can be jerky, a loving parent would have choked it down to not disappoint his kids. Matt chose to brag about how he didn't regret it at all.That's pretty asshole.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:01

I have to say I have never gotten the impression that Matt feels his physical limitations make him feel he is in the way and therefore he does things like coming late to the graduation so he won't be in the way. He came down that aisle at a pretty good clip on his crutches with a camera crew in tow. His stated reasons had nothing to do with his mobility. In fact by waiting he had a longer distance to travel from the car. If it was really a physical problem, he would have had someone drop him off at the entrance.

I am not trying to dismiss Matt's health issues at all. In fact, I admire the way he seems to do what he really wants to do despite them. He travels, he skis, he wrestles with his kids, he handles those crutches like they were a part of him. When I first started watching the show I was amazed at how he seemed to not let much of anything get in his way.

But, Matt also loves attention and that is obviously what Amy is referring to when he says she discourages him from participating at events like the graduation party. She wants it to be about the kids, not Matt, who had a tendency to take over.

Another example of the attention seeking was the ski trip. Matt disregards his doctor's opinon and takes the chance to ski again. I am glad it all worked out for him and he wasn't hurt, but of course he was going to be sore. He immediately starts complaining about that and then complains he gets no sympathy from Amy when he gets home. Huh? I wouldn't have any sympathy either, I would tell him to be grateful that he enjoyed himself and there were no problems other than soreness.

It is obvious from watching this season that Amy and Matt are having serious problems, maybe more serious than viewers know at this point. I think that has more to do with the coming late to the graduation than anything else. They don't seem to agree on anything and both of them have behaved badly. If this marriage survives much longer, I will be surprised.