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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: January 18

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

It's about an hour before the episode airs. I asked Spirits if this could be posted early. A pre-show posting! It's the long awaited graduation episode! I must say I think it's a rip that we've all watched Jeremy and Zach for their entire high school careers, from their first day of high school until tonights graduation episode and we're only going to get one 30 minute episode. A graduation episode should at least be the full hour.

Predictions for tonight? Amy will cry! :) Jeremy will reminisce about how sad it is that he's graduating and might not never see these people again (only we know that he's really going to school with basically everybody at PCC) but I love Jeremy's ability to get all sentimental.

Another thing I'll be watching tonight. Will Jer's BFF, Mueller be up on the stage with Jeremy and the rest of the DBU receiving his diploma? Most people have probably heard the rumors and seen the postings that said he didn't graduate and wasn't allowed up on stage. Basically the bad Zach plot they used last week except Mueller really didn't make it. I'm guessing they won't say anything about Mueller and will show him afterwards at the "backstage" party to make it seem like he graduated.

Another pre-show prediction, Matt will make the graduation! I'm going to be really pissed off if they make this whole graduation episode another tiresome Amy and Matt bicker-fest about Matt not being there because Amy takes control of situations with the kids and then magically at the last second Matt shows up and gives a heart warming speech the wrap up the episode. This the graduation episode. Please TLC, give us Jeremy and Zach graduation, not more stupid "we might divorce" drama.

Another question mark heading into tonight since this is the finale of Season 5 Part A. Will there be a cliff-hanger? What will be the big drama in the preview for the next section of Season 5? The safe guess is MORE stupid "Will Matt and Amy divorce?

At least after tonight's episode we should know when Part B is returning because they always say new episode in "March" or whenever.

8pm Episode
And the show begins!

*Matt and Amy talk about graduating. Matt asks if both Jer and Zach are graduating...yawn. Really, like Matt didn't know. Amy laughs...she's probably laughing at the bad plots they need to act through ;)

*Amy says graduating class is a class of 47. Wow, that's huge for Faith Bible! They're getting ready for senior dinner. Whoa, Jeremy looks sharp in his suit! Really handsome.

*Amy tells Jake they're going to senior dinner. Jake roll his eyes and shrugs like he is put off. What is his problem?

*Matt tells us that they can't do anything right with these graduation type things. If he gets there too early he will take over the conversation and that will get Amy mad so he will just shut up.

*They're Faith Bible trying on their cap and gowns. Zach's hat doesn't fit. Mueller is there but not dressed like the other graduates.

*At the banquet table for senior dinner Molly looks at baby pictures, she tells Zach he's the cutest and wants to have one dwarf baby.

*It's time for Matt and Amy to stand up and talk about Zach and Jeremy. At the table Zach asks Matt is he and Amy are going to fight up on stage. Nice.

*Amy and Matt are up on stage to say a few words about Zach and Jeremy. First up is to talk about Zach. Amy is emotional. Her voice cracks. Matt gives a very nice speech about Zach being born and Matt knowing Zach was a fighter. It's a nice little speech. Amy says she loves him. Zach looks completely embarrassed.

*Now it's time to talk about Jeremy. Wow, Amy loses it. Awww. Very touching. She says Jeremy loves life. She talks about or tries to talk about how being a dwarf mother with average size kids, it gets hard to hug her kids, but Jeremy will reach down and pick her up. Jeremy looks touched. Aw. Sweet. Amy breaks down crying and turns it over to Matt. He is emotional too, I can tell by his voice. He says very matter of factly "Jeremy, you are an amazing person".

*Great speeches!!! Good job Matt and Amy.
Now I'll start the controversy ;) Lets admit it people. BOTH Matt and Amy were more emotional talking about Jeremy. I wouldn't have predicted that. All the speeches were sweet, but they both had something extra talking about Jeremy.

*Jeremy haybales (if you don't get it, that's another word for "Jeremy sits down in an interview with the camera and tells the tv audience with a bale of hay behind him in a make-shift do you see why it's easier to say hay-bale? ;) about how Amy got emotional talking about him. Jeremy thinks about growing up on the farm and all the great memories he has.

*It's the last day of school, Jeremy, Zach and their friends get home...and the power goes out. Darn, because Jeremy is shirtless on the couch! lol.

*Matt is upset no one is helping with the power generator. Jake is in his office. Jake is giving Matt attitude big time. Matt asks him if Jeremy is taking care of it. Jake says no. Matt tells Jake to tell Jer to get on it. Jake yells to Jeremy that Matt wants him.

*Yipeeee!!!!!!!!! Now that there is light from the camera we get a nice shot of Jeremy wearing nothing but those soccer shorts. Jeremy looks very, very good! :) That's what they need on this show. More power outages in June so Jeremy will look like this.

*Jeremy is now in the garage by the power generator. But now he has those black overalls on. But nothing on under it. You can definitely see that he's shirtless. Interesting. I have to say what I'm thinking. Doesn't Jeremy look like a male stripper? Maybe if he had a fire-fighter hat on he would look just like one of those guys that show up for a party full of women. ;)

*Back to the task. Jeremy says Matt didn't bother to get the correct cable for the generator for the new house, but "of course it is all my fault"...ouch. Is that tension between Matt and Jeremy? It sounds like it with Jeremy's choice of words "Of course it is all my fault".

*The kids and their friends go to another friend's house to shower and get ready for graduation.

*Amy sits in the dark house all alone. It's sad. Amy cries. She says this is what it will be like when the kids leave (except hopefully she won't sit in the dark like this!).

*Let there be light! The lights come on! Amy is happy.

*Matt asks what time graduation starts. Amy says 7pm. Matt says he will be there right at 7. Matt tells us that Matt Roloff doesn't wait for things. He shows up right at the time for an appointment because he doesn't like to get to things early and need to wait.

*Matt's more interested in asking Amy to go to the grocery store and asks about cream cheese...

*Zach got a new hat for graduation. The school fixed it up special just for him. Zach drives Jeremy to graduation. Jer says he just got nervous.

*45 minutes to graduation. Zach says it's been a struggle to this point but they made it.

*What is Jake wearing??? All red??

*Amy got a front row seat, she doesn't like sitting behind people because she can't see.

*Jeremy talks about how Amy takes tons of pictures and how she's always in pictures with the kids and Matt is usually not there. Jeremy thinks Matt will regret it one day.
Zach says Jeremy and him are used to Matt not being there. It's been that way since kindergarten so Matt not being there is nothing new.

*Amy worries that Matt won't make it in time. It's 7:05pm. The graduates walk down the aisle to take their seats. Matt still isn't there and misses that. Amy thinks Matt will regret that.

*Matt arrives! He says all the parking spots were full and that's why he was late. He missed them walk in, but he is there for the ceremony. Matt says he has no regrets.

*Hmm, I guess the graduates at Faith Bible speak? They didn't at my school. Jeremy gives a speech. Jeremy is getting emotional, his voice cracks....he thanks...who else, Mueller! His best friend. Mueller is sitting way up in the bleachers? My pre-show question is answered. I'm surprised. Jeremy tells us that Mueller couldn't graduate because of bad grades....back to Jeremy's speech, he thanks Matt for helping him with his paper work and Amy for waking him up. Then he thanks Michael James Detjen. Aw.

*Even Jeremy's critics have to admit his speeches at these things are very good. He introduces Zach as his "good friend and twin brother Zachary Luke Roloff"

*Zach thanks Matt and Amy too, I think a teacher and has a few regrets that he didn't do better in school. Sorry people, but Zach's speech doesn't have the same power as Jeremy's. Some people know how to give a speech and some aren't as good.

*Amy hugs Matt. Matt congratulates Amy. Amy congratulates Matt. Wow, a rare time Amy actually embraced Matt first!

*Back at the house, it's just Matt in his office and Amy walks by silent and walks into her office. Here comes the drama (YAWN!!!!!!!!) Amy says it's a big house and what are they going to do when it's only them (hello, Jake was still 12 at this point and Molly is 16...)

Matt and Amy both give the very fake and tired speech about their marriage"What will the future hold"? End of episode!

There is a preview of the new season (or Part B of Season 5). It will return in April. Wow this is old. The Rockstar stuff with the mini motorbikes. I think that will be a full year behind. And their summer Europe trip, and the dwarf games. Matt talks about building a barn without Amy knowing and how she will be mad...That's all coming starting in April.


Brandon said...

Amy's speeches were nice.

Sorry but I remember Jeremy's shot at gas station employees (people who actually get up for work, Jeremy) a couple of years ago. He called them "Dumb High School drop outs".

How fitting is it that Jeremy's best friend didn't graduate high school? Hahaha.

lucas said...

karma much Brandon? funny

lpbw537 said...

I felt so bad for Amy when she was alone at the house, it was so sad. Same with Jeremys speech, he's extra cute when he's emotional.

I have to agree about the "what are we going to do now attitude" dont get me wrong I know the twins graduating is a turning point but they still have a 12 and 15 year old (at the time) and we all know Jer and Zach are going to PCC...

Also the Matt/Amy drama was annoying...tlc do us a favor and put in more of the events and the kids and not marriage drama

Im so sad the seasons over :( can't wait till April

Anonymous said...

Amy act like it was the end of the world at her sons senior banquet dinner she was so emotional and very dramatic it was as if they where going to be going off to college and living on campus and we all know that did not happen they went right their to a local junior college while still living at home which is 5 minutes away from home and she was right there by their side when they enrolled and was giving a tour of the school.So please Amy stop being so clingy to your 19 year old sons. Where was Matt's parents Pop and Honey not one scene nor picture or mention of their absence or presence what was up with that, and to Jeremy for actknowledgeing to his girl friend Jacob Mueller that he loves him and he is his best bud you can't tell me that they are not gay. I find him putting and single mueller out before his family is a slap in the face to them along with the bud clique. Jeremy has always stated that they are all buds for life no matter what and that they are all equal and now on graduating day because mueller did not walk with the class which was his own fault for not keeping up with his grades and credits singles him out from every one else. So to all you out there who think jeremy is not gay well think again because for watching tonights show and for how he was acting at the ceromony with that speech of his there is certainly something going on between him and mueller.

Expressed said...

Well that's a bit of a stretch! Just because he thanked Mueller that means he's gay? THAT (you) sounds homophobic to me. A guy can't "love" his friend without them being gay? Sure they can. It's more common for girls to openly admit friendships like that but that's just because most guys are afraid of what people will think (exactly what you're doing).

It's easy to see how close Jeremy and Mueller are as FRIENDS. I'm not surprised he thanked Mueller, Jeremy does get sentimental at these end of high school events.

I think it's just childish to say "he's gay!!!" because he said "i love you bud". Good for Jeremy for not caring what people would say.

By the way the girl that was sitting beside Mueller when Jeremy thanked him is Mueller's girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Amy act like Zach and Jeremy are the only two kids she has it is as if she did not even give birth to Molly and Jacob it is like they are either her step or adoptive kids that is so horrible of her as a mother to single out her first born twin sons as if the other two are not even there. She act like it is the end of her life and her world because those boy's are out of high school they are still living at home going to the community college five or ten minutes away from home. I hope Amy stops and realize that she favors Zach and Jeremy more over Jacob and Molly all of those kids should be equal and not seperated. I hope that Amy starts paying and giving her other two kids attention now that the older ones are in junior college before it is to late because it is a chance that maybe one day Molly and Jacob might realize that and will begin to show resentment towards her and even maybe start being disrespectful to her for how she live and base her life only towards her first born twin sons wake up and open yours Amy J. Roloff wake up before your last two kids turn on you like you have so far turn on them as if they are not even there wake up Amy please wake up.

Anonymous said...

In response to what Expressed @10:57 pm said People at this day and time in this world can have boy are girl friends and still have relations with the same sex, they can have a significant other as a decoy to cover up their real sexualiaity it it called in case you don't know living on the down low so Expressed @ 10:57 pm please get with the current date, time and program please thank you.

Expressed said...

Right,,,,the fact he has a girlfriend is not the primary reason why I think it's ridiculous to say Jeremy is gay because he said "I love you bud" to Mueller.

It is impossible for two guys to be best friends since kindergarten without it being a sexual relationship? What was I thinking? {rolls eyes}

Em said...

I think the editing was off when the power went out. It didn't seem like after school. When Jeremy walked over in only his shorts, he looked like he had just woken up.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry but I remember Jeremy's shot at gas station employees (people who actually get up for work, Jeremy) a couple of years ago. He called them "Dumb High School drop outs"."

Did he really? Man, this kid comes off as more of a tool every time I hear about him. Hey, Jeremy? I used to work at a gas station, because I was helping out my father, who owned the station. Because, you know, I wasn't a lazy butt like you who sat around and got Cs in high school. You want to compare grades and SAT scores, Jer? *rolls eyes*

At least people who work at gas stations and retail establishments, whether they graduated from high school or not, are interested in an honest day's work. Unlike Jeremy and Zach, who are simply lazy bums.

Brandon said...

Anon at 11:08AM, I totally agree. I don't think Jeremy would last a month working at a gas station. Get up and show up for work on time? Work for someone other than your dad? Work a shift instead of playing with your friends every day and night? Being polite to people and not offending everybody? Jeremy couldn't cut it.

His comment was in the first RV road trip episode. After they left home, they stopped at a self serve gas station. Jeremy and Zach couldn't figure out how to pump gas for themselves.

That's when Jeremy said Oregon is so much nicer because you just drive in and some dumb high school drop out pumps your gas for you. Zach then made the comment that "Jeremy was making fun of the gas pumpers as being dumb high school drop outs, but he couldn't figure out how to do it, so I guess he is dumber than a dumb high school drop out."

And now his BFF for life fails high school. Haha. I wouldn't normally make fun of someone for their struggles, but Jeremy and Mueller are such crappy people who have no respect for makes it hard to resist.

You might not have seen that scene because that was back when TLC would repeat the episodes on Saturday. When they did, they would usually include one scene that was not in the original airing. The gas station scene was one of the "bonus" scenes.

Noell :) said...

This episode was great! :)
I teared up...haha.
Great review Expressed!
I agree about having more power outages ;)
It was sooo sad when Amy cried in the house!
Her speech about Jer was so cute :)
This episode could have been better but TLC had to go and ruin it with the marriage "problems"

Sheri said...

I firmly believe disparaging remarks regarding Jeremy and his best friend Jacob Mueller are made out of jealousy. They are both fine young Christians and they share a deep friendship and bond. Love of God, Family and Friends are the three most important things in life. Jeremy has all three.

Do not judge Mueller. God has greater plans for him than how he did in senior year of high school.

Matthew 7:1
Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

Rap541 said...

Mueller judges others quite harshly. Perhaps you could give Mueller this wisdom the next time he calls a fan a b*tch or tells a fan to eff off and committ suicide or calls a fan a fat pig?

I mean, you're not suggesting its ok for Jeremy's buddy but no one can treat Mueller as Mueller treats others, right?

lucas said...

Fine young Christians? Actions speak louder than words. what a joke. Who exactly is holding these racist homophobes up as an example of what a good Christin should be.. Me thinks you need better rolemodels. (and theres plenty of them out there, good Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, and Jews) I don't think the Jerster is heading towards sainthood anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, Expressed, you complain (rightly) about the bickering.

Then you turn this thread, whole threads, thread after thread, into one long UNREADABLE bicker session.

And you don't have the wit to see it . . . .

I don't even bother anymore.

NJC said...

I'm not a fan of the "which parent loves which kid the most aspect of this review" but I really liked your idea of starting to write the review before the show came on. It was fun to see what you were anticipating and then to see what actually happened. Nice job!

Spiritswander said...


I thought it was a good idea as well. It gives people a chance to express their thoughts immediately after the show while our reviewers are still hard at work composing their reviews...too bad we waited until the finale (of this section) to come up with that idea ;-)

Oh well, we will be on the top of our game for Part B :-)

Anonymous said...

"Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

You mean like you judge anybody that doesn't slavishly kiss Jeremy's ass? Or anyone who dares to challenge their words based on their actions?

Sheri, you're a frakin joke. A "good Christian joke", but a joke nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon, this is the same Anon you responded to. Anyway, I completely agree. I am 99% sure that my father would have fired Jeremy within a month if he had worked at my family's station. Dad doesn't suffer fools kindly, haha.

I completely missed the episode where this scene occurred, as I'm only an occasional LPBW viewer. There's only so much stupidity and inertia I can take, you know? You are obviously made of sterner stuff than I am. :P

EJ said...

I know you people are going to say whatever you like, but I feel that you judge Jacob Mueller too harshly. You have never even met him. You don't know anything about his life.

He picked himself up to attend PCC. He is working hard, forgoing fun for a paycheck. His boss is not Matt Roloff. He works at a local store where I am a frequent customer. I believe one day he will dedicate his life to the U.S Military as I know he has talked about it.

I also know that he does love God and attends functions put on by the Church all of the time.

Sure he might have made some mistakes during his teen years, but who hasn't? The difference is you all don't have an audience of millions judging you so harshly because you have a friend who is on a television show.

I ask that you step back and consider what I said before you judge Jacob Mueller so harshly.

Thank you.

Rap541 said...

EJ - I mean this seriously.

It would mean more if Jacob Mueller would speak for himself instead of through anonymous untracable friends. It would also mean more if Jacob Mueller was willing to say he wanted to change the behaviors that people have a problem with. You say he's considering the military. Good for him, I applaud that ambition. But ultimately I'm not willing to accord him respect for that decision until he actually makes it.

In the mean time, people were hurt by Jacob's unapologized for "mistakes". He's not apologizing, he's not saying he was wrong and wants forgiveness. You aren't even apologizing for him, you're simply statin that he shouldn't be judged harshly. Believe me -I geniunely feel bad that he got called out on national tv for not graduating... and I do wonder about his family situation but I also know the noble young man has no problem judging others harshly... so why treat him with respect when he's not going to give respect in return?

Anonymous said...

Brandon and Anon- I tell you this in humor!!! My husband and I are from Texas. Traveling through Oregon last year we stopped for gas. The gas attendant almost fell all over himself to take the gas nozzle from my husbands hand!!! My husband being self-sufficient and in full use of all faculties naturally gave the kid a fierce back the F- off look and continued filling our truck! The poor kid finally got up his nerve and told my husband HE had to do it...... Evidently in Oregon it's the LAW the attendant has to pump all gas!!!!!! Who freakin knew!!!!! They need to put this on large signs everywhere so that us Texans don't cause a scene!!!!! Anywhoo I think that might have been the root of the gas station debacle!!!

Brandon said...

Anon, yeah I remember hearing that from Oregon residents after that episode aired. I had no idea that was a law there either.

Btw, Anons, it is A LOT easier and less confusing to responde if instead of posting as Anonymous, pick Name/Url and leave Url empty :)

The show didn't really have to single Mueller out for humiliation like that. If they didn't have the voice over explaining that it was because he failed, most of the viewing audience probably would have thought he was in a different grade or something less humiliating then have the spotlight shone on his failures.

The producer or editor must have been sympathetic to one of the fans that Mueller was so cruel to over the years. Ha.

EJ said...

Rap541, Do you publicly apologize to strangers for mistakes you made when you were a teenager? Just wondering.

Rap541 said...

I have for some. In fairness, my mistakes weren't ON national television.

I also respectfully point out that you're still asking for Jacob Mueller to be respected without making amends or even commiting to changing his behavior. I ask again, why should I accord him respect when he isn't required to change the behavior I find disrespectful? He's not apologizing, he's not willing to concede he was wrong... He's not being required to *earn* the respect you are demanding for him.

Sheri said...

EJ, well said. Thank you for posting. Though it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that he's a good young Christian with a strong love God and his church. He is Jeremy's best friend. I would expect nothing less than for him to have an excellent relationship with Jesus Christ.

"I ask again, why should I accord him respect when he isn't required to change the behavior I find disrespectful? He's not apologizing"

What did Mueller do to you, Rap?

You don't like Jacob Mueller because he's very important to Jeremy James Roloff. End of story.

Rap541 said...

I don't like Mueller because I believe he told a fan who was nothing more than Jeremy's biggest defender and booster to "eff off and kill herself".

Is that Christian, Sheri? The fan *liked* Jeremy. What was her crime that she deserved that? You claim to be Christian - why would Jesus want Mueller to tell someone who adored Jeremy to *eff off and kill themselves*

Is "effing off and committing suicide" one of Jesus's beloved things? Mueller was spreading Jesus's love and *helping* Jeremy?

lucas said...

Sheri, I'm getting weary of this 'good young Christian' thing you write about. In the church I was raised in, Christians were taught to love thy neighbors as themselves. Hate to go here with the bible verse thing but I am sick to death of the hypocrisy. Please don't you dare speak for all Christians. Christians that I respect walk the walk, talk the talk.

We aren't hateful towards people of other races. We respect others choices about whom they choose to love. We don't judge. (and by the way, the language used by some teens on this show on the internet is not what I would consider a teenage mistake, nor should it ever be considered typical. To me it shows a standard of the way a child was raised, maybe Jer got these view from grampa, who knows.

Since you profess to know so much about what a 'good Christian' should be, you might possibly review the 10 commandments
3-profane language ( count the n and f***t words)
5th-honouring your parent
6th- realizing that God made man in his own image (shocker, that includes people of different races)
8th-thievary- the roloffs sell dirt on their website.

Hate to put everyone through that, but it upsets me to hear people idolizing others as Christians that have terrible attitudes. whew.

Anonymous said...

Sheri needs an intervention.

Rap541 said...

BTW Sheri - didn't you recently state you were done talking to me?

Another lie from a "Christian".

Since your vows on your honor to God clearly mean nothing, how about responding to the comment I made - Since Jeremy James always speaks truth, why do you disavow his comments about his father as "coerced"? I mean, are you stating Jeremy James was beaten or tortured or in some way forced to speak badly about his dad?

Was he *lying*? I thought only haters said Jeremy lied but you said Jeremy lied, Sheri! Explain yourself? How can you say Jeremy is lying and then insist that anyone who says Jeremy lies is a hater who lies? :)

Carol said...

Rap @ 7:56, are you serious? I've never heard that story. I'm disgusted.

Brandon said...

Carol, yeah that story is fairly infamous on the internet because the girl was one of the more...well known Jeremy fans and for many years.

In all honesty, as I remember it, about three of four of Jeremy's friends were terrible to this fan and went out of their way to be cruel. I honestly get mixed up about which friend sent which message.

One of Jeremy's friends told the girl she should kill herself.

One of Jeremy's friends responded to her by calling her an #^*^@^^@ bitch.

One of Jeremy's friends told her she was an effing loser who must have no friends...

I honestly forget which response was Mueller's, but it doesn't really matter. The point is he and the other "Christian" guys Jeremy says he loves so much went out of their way to be cruel to fans who liked Jeremy.

The girl who still blamed herself for messaging them in the first place (only once each) mentioned it once on LPBW site that she didn't like Mueller very much. When asked why, she said why. Fans *like* Sheri, accused her of lying so she posted a screen captured (most people didn't have any doubts because like Rap said she was the biggest Jeremy supporter around).

Other people that heard the story were disgusted. One person emailed Peggy Roloff because she was travelling the US and Canada spreading the Christian word on television stations and her grandson's friends were telling girls to commit suicide. It wasn't too long after the story in St, Louis about the girl who killed herself.

Peggy apologized and said she had placed a call to Jeremy about it. That's the last anyone heard about it. For Jeremy's part, people messaged Jeremy on his Myspace about it, he read the messages but apparently his only response was to post a bunch of pics of him and Mueller captioned "BFFs".

It is stories like that why most of us have so much disdain when Amy gets on the show or talk shows and says her boys and their friends are such great kids. I wonder how Amy would like it if someone Molly liked on tv or in music responded to Molly like Jeremy's BFFs, Mueller and the gang? I doubt she would call those guys great Christian kids.

Rap541 said...

I must ask, since brandon raises the point - Sheri as a Christian, do you think it is appropriate and Christian for the friend of a celebrity that Jeremy James Roloff likes and emails with questions to tell Jeremy James to "eff off and commit suicide"?

Since its so charmingly Christian for Mueller to do so?

Does Jeremy James deserve to be treated as Jacob Mueller treats others?

Anonymous said...

Forget it Lucas, Sheri's brand of *Christianity* condones that crap. Not only condones it but encourages it. Usually in the park at night when they're burning a cross wearing their hooded robes. They profess to be *good Christian boys* too.

Laura said...

Expressed, I totally agree with you about Jeremy and Mueller's friendship. And I don't even like Jeremy or Mueller very much. LOL..if that makes any sense.

I think they act like jerks when together and I think they are much worse in real life when the cameras aren't on them, but I agree about their friendship. They're great friends with each other.

I hate how some people think two guys can't be best friends without being gay.

It reminds me of my favorite movie Stand By Me and the two main characters. If you go to a message board like IMDB, all these people say that the two main boys in the movie must be gay because they were so close. It's very irritating.

Expressed said...

Thanks Laura. That was my point. I checked out the IMDB thread you were talking about and yes! That was totally what I was saying. Jeremy and Mueller are the modern day Chris and Gordie?? :)


Boys these days couldn't have friendships like the one in the film.
They would always get accused of been gay.
One thing I would like to add, in the time this film was set (1950s) homosexuality was extremely frowned upon and was even illegal yet no one said a thing if boys were close friends, now in so called tolerant 21st century there is much more stigma attached to boys who are close.

Jeremy and Mueller are good example of what people were talking about in that thread. Two guys who are very close, best friends. Jeremy gives his speech, singles out Mueller and gets a little bit emotional saying "I love you, bud"...some people's only comment is "They must be gay!!!"

[eye roll!]

anonymous pastor said...

AMEN!! Anon Jan. 20, 2010 11:14 PM.. Theres lots of them good ole christian boys down south that burn crosses Saturday night, then go to church the next mornin. apparently they don't all live in the south. What kind of church do these people go to? (the church that thinks it's ok to only love white people?)

Anonymous said...

@ Ex, I don't think anyone ever cared about Jers bromance with Meuller until they started putting people with a different chosen lifestle down. It has been clearly demonstrated that often, men that are homophobic, and tend to go, on and on and on and on about how much they despise gays, often are covering up something.

It's kind of like a small child that immediatly shouts, I didn't do it, when a parent walks into a room. The parent immediatly looks around to see what happened and also knows who is guilty. If you don't care why mention it?

This also comes wilth maturity and self esteem, something neither have mastered.

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal if Jermey and Jacob M. are gay who cares if they are gay are not that is their personal lives that everyone is talking about that no one knows about because everyone making and responding to these horriable remarks do not know them personally and are no better than them if they are gay so be it why can't all of the hate remarks just stop right now. why can't the peron who is over this blog block out the gay bashing of Jermey and his friend Jacob M. as of right now, and if you the person that approve of what people post on blog could at least make good judgement on what people post please do so for example several post had good truthfull things to say but in making their remarks started bashing Jeremy and his friend would it be possiable to just edit the gay stuff out of the person post but still post all the good stuff they have said, if so and it is not to time consumming to do well then do so . We all can still have fun on this blog with out talking and judging people sexuality the bible says judge not let they be judge so stop this gay madness just stop it now you as a human being would not want others to judge you who don't even know you so be considerate of others as you would want for your self.

Rap541 said...

Anon - if you believe there's nothing wrong with being gay, then why is speculating that Jeremy *might* be gay.... gay bashing?

What if Jeremy and Mueller are closeted lovers? Doesn't make me think *less* of them. I'd feel a bit sad for them, that they're in that situation....

Personally I don' care for Sheri and Dana calling me a "sexual deviant" merely because I have a gay brother that I don't express rightious Christian hate for (Does everyone understand that while I personally have never considered homosexuality, in this brand of Christian belief, I deserve to go to hell as a sexual deviant for my brother's supposed sin? Good.)

I think that's pretty open gay bashing - and frankly incredibly hateful since my entire family has been called names by Sheri and Dana merely because I don't think Jeremy is Superboy... But I don't ask that Sheri and Dana be edited. You know why?

Because this blog is in the US, we have free speech, and since they're allowed to name call publicaly, I see no reason why the Christian set here gets to bully and the rest of us have to shut up.

Jeremy is a television celebrity. He's an adult reality show participant. He is no more protected than the twits on The Jersey Shore. And if its socially acceptable to speculate about Jake's sexuality a la "slutty skanky strutter" then I see no reason why Jeremy needs protection that his 13 year old brother isn't allowed.

Expressed said...

Rap, I whole heartedly disagree with you about this.

Speculating on someone's sexuality is not nice. It's not polite. It's not respectful.

Some people do the "Jer and Muel are gay" to mock. Some people do it because they are really just wondering. But it's all disrespectful.

Someone like Clay Aiken IS gay and he sure didn't like people saying he was gay when he was on American Idol or the year after. He IS gay and didn't like it. Imagine how insulting it is for guys who are Christian and firmly believe homosexuality is 100% wrong and disrespectful to God. I've heard enough about the Roloffs and their friends to personally feel confident that Jeremy, Mueller, Dan, Scott, etc all feel homosexuality is WRONG.

I think it's even more disrespectful to Jeremy and Mueller because on the other hand they are called bigots and gay bashers.

Rap, Jeremy really has nothing to do with your war with Sheri. I agree it's wrong for Sheri to throw out "Sexual deviants" (although I am Christian and don't agree with homosexuality) but that doesn't make it right for people to ignorantly speculate about Jeremy and Mueller because of their close friendship.

In defense of Sheri (and I disagree with her saying sexual deviants) the whole reason why that came up was because you told one of the Anonymous' that you felt personally insulted by Jeremy's language because your brother was gay. I believe you said THAT was the reason why you're mad at Jeremy because Jeremy is allowed to "hurt" your gay brother with language but Jeremy said no on "midget". So you did bring your brother being gay into the reason why you don't like Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Sorry expressed, I am not going to HATE MY FAMILY in order to kiss your ass or sheri's, or Jeremy's. And Jeremy Roloff does NOT have the right to HATE my brother and if he wants to call gay people fags and black people N-word, I am not gonna coo "oh sweet christian Jeremy bless the *boy* for his sweet comments."

And if you seriously feel Sheri is out of line, why are you defending her? She called me a sexual deviant because my brother is gay. Explain to me why thats defensible. I *am not* gay. I simply haven't christian hated my brother or killed my brother.. why am I a sexual deviant?

And btw Jer-Bear likes the n-word. WHy is THAT defensible? Oh right... white Christian boys call their father figures n*gger all the time.

Considering you're handing Jeremy a free pass to disrespect gays and blacks, I really don't see why its "Ok" for Jeremy and Mueller to be disrespectul and everyone they disrespect? have to SHUT UP and TAKE IT.
Explain it to me Expressed. Why is it ok for Sheri to *disrespect* me but NOT OK for Sheri to get it in return? I'm not even gay... why do I have be silent and agree to Sheri's hate?

WHy is it OK for Jeremy to hate? You ARE defending hate. Are black people less than Jeremy? How about hispanics and jews? All people Jeremy slammed and WAS PRAISED AS A CHRISTIAN FOR.

You claim to be Christian - is that *CHRISTIAN*? Does Jesus love WHITE ONLY?

When Jeremy and Mueller stop mocking *others*, I will start listening to the arguement you are making. I have it on good authority that Jer and Muel still get their jollies hating on blacks, homosexuals, and other races. Since they aren't stopping... why should I?

Btw you ARE defending sheri calling me and every member of my family sexual deviants. Either its wrong or it's not. You're defending Sheri calling my entire family sexual deviants because I have a problem with Jeremy Roloff calling my brother a rude name. Would you like me to call your brother a rude name, Expressed? Come on, if it's OK FOR JEREMY TO SLAM MY BROTHER you should have no problem with smiling and nodding while I slam your brother.... right? It is ok with you and you would smile and nod?

Sheri said...

Rap, you are trolling again. This is why I stated that I would not respond to you (but that is my personal choice and I change my mind, but you always prove it's impossible to have a debate without you being a troll).

You volunteered the information that your brother is gay. To be gay and have sexual relations with a person of the same sex is being sexually deviant.

You either are lying or are mistaken. I referred to you having a sexual deviant in your family. Obviously having a gay family member doesn't make one gay themselves. I have dear friends who attend my Church whose son declared he was gay (they are now estranged from him). I know the pain that can cause for good Christians who have done everything wrong.

From the information you volunteered and brought onto this site, you support your brother's lifestyle and as Expressed stated, you admitted that is why you have a grudge against Jeremy James Roloff. You did not like Jeremy joking about the gays because you take it personally because of your homosexual brother (notice I did not refer to you as a homosexual). In return, you make it your mission to criticize the young Christian Jeremy.

Expressed said...

Rap, I think you're going a little over the top....

I did not defend Sheri, I said she was wrong to say "sexual deviant".

My point was two fold.

One, you brought into the discussion by saying you feel personally offended by Jeremy because of that and that's why you're going to criticize Jeremy like you do. Because you think it's "personal". If I said I don't like Jake because my little sister hit on him and he turner her down, I wouldn't be surprised if the Jake fans made negative comments about my little sister.

The second point is:

"Explain it to me Expressed. Why is it ok for Sheri to *disrespect* me but NOT OK for Sheri to get it in return?"

That's not what I said. Sheri is not Jeremy. I don't understand you think it's alright to be rude and insulting to Jeremy because someone who likes Jeremy is rude to you. It is Sheri, not Jeremy.

But out of respect for Spirits, I am going to bow out of fighting with you. I stand by my position that it is low class and disrespectful and it is insulting to speculate that Jeremy and Mueller are gay (I notice you didn't comment on my point about Clay Aiken who is gay, being insulted that people speculated about him...because it is disrespectful, don't pretend that it's not). I think it's even worse because half the crowd thinks Jeremy hates gay people and is a bigot against them.

I find it insulting and quite frankly homophobic because like the Stand By Me discussion, people obviously think two guys can't be great friends without them being gay which is ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Sheri, Expressed, the cleaners called......your hooded robes are ready.

Expressed said...

Oh please. I don't think Jeremy is racist, so that makes me racist? And I don't hate gay people, but I am a Christian and don't believe it's right. That is what most Christians believe. It doesn't make us KKK members...

Jim W said...

Sheri, Expressed: Please don't indulge Rap. She is an attention whore. All Rap does is make the conversation all about Rap. This could be a blog about ice skating and she would be posting to get attention. You're falling into the trap when you reply to her.

lucas said...

Expressed, I am a Christian and don't believe it's right to JUDGE others. Why is it up to you to speak for all Christians? How dare you speak for the church saying that is what most Christians believe!

Put this in your pipe and smoke it, the following churchs all identify themselves as 'Christian'. Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Pentecostal, Anglican, Monophysite, AIC, Latter Day Saints, Evangelical, Sda, Jehovah's Witnesses, Quakers, ... theres more.
.... but apparently you are the spokesperson for all? That is absurd.

If you came to our church you might learn about loving all of Gods children. God made us in his image correct?. .. We aren't all white, straight, and racists. Shame on you for gay-bashing!

judge not, lest thee be judged, something like that.....

carpenter from Jerusalem said...

Sheri, Expressed, give me a call, you're misinterpreting my message.

Expressed said...

lucas, seriously, how am I gay bashing? I am a Christian who believes homosexuality is wrong.
You need to support it or else you're a gay basher? That's a very narrow minded view.

The saying is love the sinner, but hate the sin. It's not, "Love the sinner by loving the sin".

Your church is very different than mine because everyone I know who is Christian don't support gay marriage, etc. I know that most if not all of the families the Roloffs know at Faith Bible Christian School also believe homosexuality is wrong. That's the same as Christians I know and what I believe.

Leviticus said...

You're all going to burn in hell for eating shellfish and ending slavery.

tay said...

I know there is and always will be racism in this world but for some one to make such a stupid remark like Leviticus made on Jan 25, 2010 at 1:59 pm on this blog is just really low and why was it even worth the time and effort of posting it. that post really needs to be remove before other bloggers come across it as i did and read it it was not even worth it to post who ever wrote it is either serious or just trying to start something on this blog so if any one else read it please don't even bother to entertain it.

Greg said...

Tay, just to explain, the "Levitcus" comment wasn't actually supporting slavery. It was someone being sarcastic pointing out the flaws in the arguements of Jeremy's/Roloff fans who quote the bible for their comments about why the Roloffs and their friends and themselves feel being gay is "wrong".

"Leviticus" is obviously pointing out if they are clinging to the Bible for that, they should also be upset about the ridiculous things about slavery and shellfish

tay said...

Thanks Greg for pointing that out to me I see what you are saying thanks and god bless. Tay