Monday, January 4, 2010

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World January 4th

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

1st Episode:

Jeremy wakes up Zach with a bull horn, is trying to talk him into going to a birthday party. This ends with a siren and no awake Zach. Hmmm…. Foreshadowing?

Zach and Keith are at the indoor soccer field and Zach is all “What? What?” Zach hay bales over how he has hearing issues. This leads to an ultimately kinda offensive series of shouts of “What? What?” from Zach. I think we all got it after the first thirty times.

Zach and Amy talk about how he can’t hear in class. No one seems especially concerned, or wonders if this might be impacting his grades, but Amy sets up an appointment for an operation. Zach and Molly talk about how this guy named Ryan who died from anesthesia. There was a breathing tube issue. Molly says “that sucks”.

Amy announces how Zach is having surgery at the supper table. Molly hay bales how Zach has lots of surgeries. She is also annoyed that the whole previous conversation with Zach over the guy who died didn’t end with “and btw I am having surgery” moment. Amy asks him if that’s why he isn’t paying attention in school. He’s all “what” as a joke. And now we’re off to surgery, and Matt gets up to say good bye and “check the anesthesia dials“. Matt hay bales how this is all about his childhood surgeries. Amy notes again that anesthesia is dangerous for lil people. Amy wants to talk to the anesthesiologist because that guy Ryan died.

Man I hope Ryan’s family isn’t watching.

More hospital. Zach gets prepped for “exploratory surgery”. A doctor comes in, and explains that this is basically pretty quick and not a serious surgery. No one seems to mention the guy who died and was that the breathing doc? No, that was the surgeon. Amy plays with Mexico’s famous ball in a cup for a bit.

The anesthesiologist wanders in and Amy throws all the “that guy Ryan died” stuff out. Amy hay bales how serious it is. There will be a breathing tube, etc. Zach is fairly cool about the surgery. Amy says she doesn’t want to show anxiety…. They seems to be filming the whole surgery. Ick. And now we return to the days of old school TLC - where we get surgeries! The doc goes on about how there’s a hole in the ear drum, and they basically fix it and it takes a bit. I miss Trauma, Life In the ER.

Amy talks to Matt on the phone and she seems kinda worried . As does Matt. I think she was calling him because she was scared. A very real moment. More surgery.

Sad worried music. Amy is all stressed since it’s been two hours. The doc seems pleased to explain every gory detail to the camera as he does stuff. The doctor comes out and tells Amy ALL the same details we just heard. Doc seems pretty excited to have a teaching moment. Doc gives Zach a few days off. Zach of course is filmed while being high as a kite. Amy is nicely supportive. Its sweet. I think Zach got the good stuff. Amy hay bales how Zach is her little man and all.

The doc wanders in and says don’t do stuff again. This was outpatient surgery, in and out the same day, and Zach is placed on the couch of comfort. Matt notes that Zach looks like the wounded Revolutionary drummer boy and again waxes on his own surgeries and how that forms a bond.

Quick little note. I hate to say the anesthesia issue is being overplayed here, because that guy died and all…. But…, let me let you all in on a little secret, ok? I have had surgery. Recently in fact. Yes, in fact while writing reviews for this show. If Zach was at risk with anesthesia, serious risk, unless he has crap doctors, this would not have played out the way we saw it. How do you know that, since you’re not a little person, you ask! Because as soon as it became clear that I needed surgery, my GP was investigating everything in my medical record that could be a problem, and something was found to be a *potential* problem and what was normally outpatient surgery, home the same day, involved a stay at the hospital, because my surgeron and anestelogist didn’t want to take the chance that I might stop breathing at home (it takes about 24 hours for the drugs to fully clear). My anestesiologist didn’t wait for me to ask questions, I got a phone call before the surgery that lasted for an hour and went over my medical history in heavy detail. Whatever the achondroplasia breathing issue is… Zach went home the same day. My problem? Which is sleep apnea (Matt stopped breathing 37 times in an hour? I stopped 87 times) was undiagnosed, not impacting my life, and simply because there was a history of it in my family, I had to be tested and frankly I had to spend the night in the hospital “just to be safe”.

I don’t think Zach was in major danger if he got to walk out while still groggy.

Three days later! Zach decides to coach soccer, despite all the warnings. He manfully brags to the 12 year olds how he’s in miserable pain and plays soccer with the kids. Do note that he is playing, and not really coaching. Amy basically yells at him and hay bales how she is disappointed. Zach also notes how he can’t hear still.

Zach is back seeing the doctor. Amy hay bales how worried she is. Zach is concerned about how he can’t hear. The doc says that is normal and that there’s lots of gunk still in there and there medical gunk pulled out. Amy notes worriedly that this will probably be a life long issue. And Zach notes his hearing seems to have improved.


Dana said...

I actually agree with you about Molly's remarks. She was not very respectful of the young man that passed away. I've been disappointed in Molly this entire season. She began by not appreciating Matt's thought and work to complete her castle. Next, she made the very rude comment about it being "cool" to have a brother like Zach when in fact, she has twin brothers. I forgot some of the other instances this season, but tonight was just one more.

Greg said...

Yeah, I noticed that Zach was still playing instead of coaching the kids. Someone - the owner of the Indoor place, Keith, Amy, somebody needs to tell Zach to back off playing, that's not his job.

David said...

I could be mistaken, but I thought Molly uttered "that sucks" in response to Zach being the only one to have medical issues, not in response to the story about the dwarf that died.

I did think they were playing that up. There is risk for anybody. I would like to see the statistics on the dangers of anesthesia for people with dwarfism - how many deaths are there?

Gina said...

I liked the show. It was about little people and the surgeries and their medical needs.

I think it was very generous of Matt, Amy and Zach to allow the cameras in the operation and recovery room.

I like how Zach doesn't care if people see him wake up or see him want to hold Amy's hand. That's why I love the Roloffs. They are a very loving family. They don't care what other people think of their love of family and God.

Joanne said...

I agree Gina. Anyone who has surgery wants comfort and its nice to see Zach reach out for his mom. I really hope he will not need any more ear surgeries, but if he should down the road, I am sure he will handle it well.

Love the Roloffs!

Cindy said...

Did anybody notice in the opening scene that Mueller was wearing a jacket with Jeremy's name on it?? It had the letters "Jeremy James..." on the back. I couldn't see the front to see if it was the latest in the Mueller's line of clothing with Jeremy's picture on it.

Like seriously people, what is up with that? I'll go with the conservative guess and say it's Jeremy's jacket and Mueller was only borrowing it, but given the history of those two...Doesn't Mueller have clothes of his own? He spends all his time with Jeremy. He wears their freebie clothers (Rockstar), and wears clothes with Jeremy's name on the back...weird.

Annette said...

Did the Roloffs get a new cat? There was a black and white cat in the house.

Dana said...

Cindy, he did not. So just drop where ever you were going with that please.

Rap541 said...

Dana - have you been made a moderator by Spirit?

If not, you have no right to tell anyone to drop a topic.

Personally I didn't notice Mueller in any "Jeremy" inspired attire. I am more amused that you're targeting Molly as bad now. And for what? Oh right - Zach did something nice for her, and she was grateful and said so... and since she *didn't praise Jeremy for what Zach had done* she's officially a bad Roloff now.

Because she didn't add "But no matter what Zach does, its really Jeremy who is important and best". Real nice.

Tashapork said...

I think a lot of people think that because Molly is so academically smart that she is more mature and socially adept than she is. I see this a lot with some of my teenaged relatives. The bad thing is when the parents see the smartness and then treat the child as older than they are and don't provide the training and guidance that they still need. Teenagers typically don't see outside of their own worlds.

Anonymous said...

What does "hale bale" mean?

M said...

Hmm I didn't notice new Jeremy clothing on Mueller. I have the episode saved on my DVR I'll have to replay it again and see.

Dana said...

M, thank you for the back up.

Rap, I am not a moderator. However I don't feel people should be allowed to post lies about Jeremy's best friend for the purpose of having something to ignite a rant about Mueller and Jeremy's friendship.

You reviewed this episode and didn't notice what Cindy claims. I didn't see this. M didn't see it. Cindy is posting lies about what was shown so she can snark about Jeremy and Jacob Mueller's friendship. That is not right.

Kapper said...

My first reaction to last night's episode was that it seemed like one of the 'old' shows, before the Roloff's got so famous.
Then I read these posts and it dawned on me that, yeah, certain parts DID seem staged.
Especially Amy's concern that the anesthesiologist may not be aware that little people are at higher risk during surgery. And she made a notation on the registration form that she needed to talk to the doctor about this fact.
Hmmmm....let's see. You mean to tell me that the hospital had no idea that Zachary Roloff of LPBW was a dwarf (duh), therefore this particular patient was at higher risk (double duh)???? Sure, right. They'd have never known if mom Amy hadn't advised them. Whew, that was a CLOSE one!!!
That's what I mean about LPBW - they take genuine moments and squeeze the life out of them. Genuine becomes phoney. Great job TLC!
Zach waking up from surgery and taking his mom's hand was sweet and touching, nothing staged about that.
Oh, and I totally agree with Tashapork regarding people's assessment of Molly; smarts don't always equal maturity.

Anonymous said...

The Roloffs have a new black and white cat named Mo. I didn't see him in the show. What scene was Mo in?

Rap541 said...

I didn't see Jeremy James texting while driving (something that was pointed out to me) in the skiing episode until the third watch.

You're not a mod, therefore you don't have the authority or right to control the discussion.

Let's go back to how you are saying Molly is rude because when Zach does a nice thing for her, she's rude to not praise Jeremy for it. :)

Because that makes sense, right? Zach does something nice for Molly, and the ONLY POLITE thing Molly (bad rude Roloff) could do was praise *Jeremy* for what Zach did.

Kapper said...

I know, what's with the obsession with Jeremy???
Just don't get it

NJC said...

"she made the very rude comment about it being "cool" to have a brother like Zach when in fact, she has twin brothers"

You must be watching a different show than I am. On the show I watch she has 3 brothers. Or is it just not rude to leave out lil sagger Satan.

Anonymous said...

Mo was seen in another episode very briefly. He is Molly's cat. Becky told me about him. Mo, Spike, and Rocky all get along nicely. Much better than some of you around here.

Anonymous said...

Wrong time to try and eat dinner (even though it's a dinnertime show) with all the blood and gunk. BLECH.

Z said...

Jeremy has a new (really new) orange kitten named Lucious.

lucas said...

Nice review Rap. While I'm somewhat new here it seems a little odd that people reading your reviews just immediatly go on the attack. Don't know much about it but maybe said bloggers could contribute their own review to come under scrutiny?

Can't say I have a ton of experience in responding to these sort of forums, but, I know that the people that post reviews do it for the enjoyment of us all, otherwise, why are you here. just suggesting a little thanks the the reviewers who take time out of their lives to thoughtfully post.

Why post on such forums if the only thing you have to say is drop it, why are you here.? Hmm, I'm off to thank Expressed.

Rap541 said...

Thanks NJC. That means a lot. Its always nice to be appreciated. :)

(and yeah, thank expressed too! :D )

Rap541 said...

Thanks *lucas* (although NJC is also nice)

Your comment was very kind :)

Dana said...

"Because that makes sense, right? Zach does something nice for Molly, and the ONLY POLITE thing Molly (bad rude Roloff) could do was praise *Jeremy* for what Zach did."..."On the show I watch she has 3 brothers. Or is it just not rude to leave out lil sagger Satan."

Rap and NJC, if I recall correctly, Molly said "It is cool to have an older brother like Zach"...that is why Jacob does not fit into this.

She has 2 older brothers. Molly is not a child, she's old enough to start thinking about what she is saying and how it will be perceived. Especially when she is saying it for the world to hear.

It was a slap in the face to Jeremy. She has two older brothers. To say it is cool to have a brother like (and name one) is disrespectful to the other brother (Jeremy.)

Rap541 said...

Dana - She was praising Zach for helping her with her first dance. He made a special effort to attend to her. She has two older brothers and praised the one who had pointedly tried to make sure that she had a good time at her first dance.

I do not understand why you think Jeremy deserves to be praised by Molly for the effort Zach went to. If it was "a slap in the face" - and I very much doubt it was - perhaps Jeremy should stop and consider *why* Molly was praising Zach.

I ask you this Dana, that if Molly said "It's great to have a cool brother like Jeremy" - would you be *insisting* she include Zach in her praise because she has two twin brothers and should always respect both equally regardless of what brother it is? That Jeremy should, because he is a twin, never be held up by his younger siblings for any nice thing he personally does, because he is a twin and if he does something nice for Molly, Molly should ALWAYS praise "Zach and Jeremy" and not just Jeremy?

If the roles were reversed, would you demand Molly respect Zach and hold Zach up for what Jeremy does?

Dana said...

That's how I feel about it, whether you like it or not, Rap. I have been disappointed in Molly's behavior this season.

I'm not talking about make believe and what ifs. I go by what I see happen. When you have two older brothers, it is not proper to tell the world that it's cool to have an older brother and name one only. I don't like it. I don't care if you don't agree. Maybe you like disrespecting family, but to me it is not an admirable trait.

Anonymous said...

This was a moving episode. It reminds us what makes the Roloffs so special. I can't imagine going through the painful medical treatments that they have gone through in their lifetimes (not to mention the costs.) That scene between a druggy Zach and Amy tells you everything you need to know about what kind of mother she is.

They're a wonderful family.

And I'm not a conservative.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I seriously, going forward, expect you to demand Zach be praised for Jeremy's accomplishments... if that's genuinely how you feel - that if Jeremy makes a great soccer play, that Molly should praise Zach. If Jeremy does a favor for Molly, like teaching her to drive, then really, since she has two twin brothers they both did it.

And I believe in family which is why I think its noteworthy that Molly has two twin older brothers, and one was concerned about his sister having a good time at her first dance, and one wasn't. Families support. In this example, this REAL "actually happened" example, where was Jeremy in regards to Molly?

I mean... since you're citing Molly as being disappointing over *her* behavior... what DID Jeremy do to support her?

NJC said...

Dana, I'll just point out that I copied what you wrote so that's why Jacob came into it. I don't recall the actual quote so you could very well be right about her mentioning "older" brother specifically.

As to your overall point though, based on your track record I find it very hard to believe that you would have found it offensive had Molly said "Jeremy" in that sentence rather than "Zach". The idea that you can't say something nice about an older brother who does something nice for you without including all other older brothers is just odd. You know what that sounds like? Lefty liberal tree hugger talk! "We must treat everyone equally regardless of their actions. We can't risk hurting anyone's feelings by praising one without praising all."

I understand you feeling the need to defend Jeremy. He takes some unnecessary hits on here sometimes. It seems to have reached the point where every new episode is seen by some as an opportunity to re-arm in the Jeremy v. Zach, Amy v. Matt wars. I find your defense in this case to be over the line though. To brand Molly as rude simply because at one point in time she was feeling extra appreciative of one of her brothers and expressed it, is just unfair.

NJC said...

Dana, just looked into this a little more. This is what you said in a comment to Expressed's review when the show aired:

"Dana said...
Great review Expressed.

I thought Molly was being a bit thoughtless in these episodes. She didn't appreciate what Matt did and then she disrespected Jeremy by saying it's wonderful to have a brother like Zach.
October 12, 2009 11:48 PM"

No mention of her limiting her comment to an "older" brother either in your comment or Expressed's recap of the incident. So yeah if it was disrespectful to Jeremy (which it wasn't) then it would be equally disrespectful to Jacob (which it wasn't).

Kapper said...

I have two sons. Sometimes (and often I hope) I will say to either son: "Wow, you're a great kid"
This does not mean I'm being mean or disrespectful to my other son...

lucas said...

Hey NJC--You keep us "lefty liberal tree huggers" out of it, lol.

lpbw537 said...

Why is this Molly thing being so over analyzed?
Why would she say anything about Jeremy, in this case he didnt do anything so theres no reason to even bring him into it!

For all we know once the cameras left that day she could have said the same kind of thing to Jeremy, leave Molly alone

NJC said...

Lol. Don't worry Lucas I've been accused of hugging a tree or two myself (I swear it was consensual). I was just being a lil sarcastic there.

lucas said...

your sarcasm was understood NJC :)

Rap541 said...

lpbw537 - basically because it's branding Molly for being rude and hateful to Jeremy when any reasonable person would not find the situation "disrespectful to Jeremy".

Leave out names. A girl has two older twin brothers. One brother makes a point of doing something nice and special for the girl. The girl says in public that its cool to have an older brother like the first one.

Would any reasonable person cite the girl as being rude and disrespectful for her comment? Because she didn't cite both brothers for what one brother did?

If *Jeremy* wasn't in the equation, Molly's comment would not be considered "rude and disrespectful".

Its kinda like how wearing one's pants down low over one's butt is slutty, skanky, and unChristian when anyone BUT Jeremy James is doing it.