Monday, January 4, 2010

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World January 4th

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

*They start with Zach in bed, Jeremy has a megaphone telling Zach to get up. What, why is Jeremy up already?

*Zach and Keith are coaching Jacob's indoor team. Zach's ignoring Keith. There is a lot of bad editing to show Zach saying "What? What" a few hundred times.

*Zach is having hearing problems. Amy sets up an appointment for him. They talk about how Zach is concerned about the dwarf that died from being given anesthesia. I think this is staged drama. We've heard about this one dwarf that died for 5 seasons now. Zach's had many surgeries and didn't seem that freaked out about it before. They always need to make it look like somebody is going to die or something!

*They have a family dinner (I am sure these are mandatory scenes that everybody needs to be present. Even Jeremy is there!) Zach tells them he's having surgery. Molly tells the camera she feels bad because Zach is the only one of the kids who always has health problems. My first thought was about Jacob, but I guess she means actual health problems and not accidents.

*Amy takes Zach for surgery. Matt doesn't go. He waves goodbye from the door and wishes Zach good luck. I suppose it's not a big deal, but yeah I think it's a little surprising Matt didn't go. The show is their jobs. It's not like he has a job that he can't get off work to be at the hospital. Matt talks about how he bonds with Zach because of all of his own medical problems and surgeries....but he's not going to the hospital so...

*Zach has smiley face pajamas :) I believe Jeremy has those smiley faces on his boxer shorts a couple of seasons ago :)

* More talk about the dwarf that died. Again, I'm not believing that Zach is this scared about it. It's not like it's the first time he's heard about this or his first surgery. I think it's staged drama. Yawn.

*The ear specialist looks at Zach's ear and discusses. This is getting gross. I'm kind of squeamish about this stuff, so forgive me if I don't get all the details :) Ew. They're planning on pulling stuff out of his ear. Yeah. Surgery should be 20 minutes...

*After Amy grills the anesthesiologist about the dwarf that died, Zach goes in for surgery.

*More Ew. They're showing the doctors stick things in Zach's ear during surgery. He has a hole in the ear drum. Amy calls Matt at home to tell him it's taking longer than they said. Lots of shots of Amy looking concerned in the waiting room..

*More surgery scenes. They're replacing tissue, talk of the old ear drum, doctor says it will heal beautifully.

*Zach wakes up and calls for Amy. He says it hurts. He's still all drugged up. He wants to hold Amy's hand. Amy likes that Zach wants her there to comfort him.
Kind of cute.

*Zach gets home. None of the other kids are filmed. I think I saw some of the friends outside through the window. Matt comes in to talk to Zach. Matt thinks Zach looks like the little drummer boy. He asks Amy a few questions, Amy snaps at him a bit.

*The put up the graphic "3 days after surgery" and Zach is at soccer practice with Keith. He tells Keith he will need to run it since Zach is to rest. Then Zach proceeds to take charge. Honestly, I think poor Keith is probably capable of directing one soccer practice for a bunch of 12 year olds. But Zach must take charge and ends up bossing everyone around. I think Zach has a lot more of Matt Roloff in him than he would ever admit to :)

*Amy is there and is mad at Zach for being that active when the doctor told him to take it easy. Zach is still complaining that he can't hear well.

*Preview for next week. It's the twins graduation! The only bad part is I think this might be the last episode of the season, maybe? Amy says she knows Jeremy will graduate (yay!) but isn't so sure about Zach. Jeremy is heard saying "It will be a bummer if "he" doesn't graduate with me." That might be an editing trick. "He" might not really be Zach. From what has been said, "he" might be talking about the person Jeremy is really closest all know who that is. We know Zach did graduate. I'll be watching to see if Jer's BFF Mueller is with him on stage for graduation.

*Back to the show, Zach has a follow up appointment. Surprise. Zach did not ruin his ear forever by participating in the soccer practice. The doctor pulls gunk out of his ear. Zach starts to hear better. The doctor tells him his ear drum looks great and his hearing will only get better.

Whew, all that drama for nothing. Zach didn't die and his ear is better than ever. Who would have guessed that outcome? :)

End of the show. Another repeat at 8:30pm. Jer and Matt hit the slopes. This one new episode a week schedule sucks.


M said...

Yay he lives!!!!!! Haha

Anonymous said...

I am livid on how TLC network is showing this show out of order. first the kids are in school then they are on a family summer vacation then they are back in school then they show us their graduation and graduation party now they are showing us zach ear surgery and amy making the statement that you can go to scoocer practice and coach your kids after having surgery but you have now miss three days of school. now next week show is about bad grades again and that someone may not be graduating and if you don't know by now who it is it is the roloff family friend Jacob Muerller. Muerller did not finish with the faith bible high class of 2009, he had to go to summer school this past summer but he was allowed to walk with the class inspite of him having to go to summer school it was stated on one of these websities over the summer with pictures of the class after the ceromony about jacob not finishing with his class. I do not fill sorry for muerller on bit every time you see the him he is allways at the rollof's house very seldom you see their friend Dan Metrie, and Bryan Routh I believe becasue they would be studying and living their livies outside of the roloff clan

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of what Anonymous at 7:28 pm said I guess I would have failed what ever grade I would be in if I was still in High School and if I was always at someone else's house all of the time never picking up a book to study or doing homework. In past years they use to always show the kids studying at matt's office when it was not located on the farm but located in some type of commercial property that matt was leasing but ever since they lost their lease and matt's office was place on the farm the kids studying habbits have decline except perfect one molly. Jacob M parents seems to let him do what ever he wants meaning is he never told to come home always at the roloff's house what kind of parents allow their kid to always be at someone else's house matt and amy could have been the better adult here since Jacob M parens seems to not care and say hey Jacob M don't you think it is time for you to go home, no instead they allow him to continue to hang out at their house and clown around with their kids and jer and zach end up being the ones to finish high school with Jacob M having to go to summer school. If I was Jacob and his absent parents I would fill ashame and embarased that my child did not finish high school with his class but have to pay all this money for him to finish in summer school. I just hope that since they are at a Junior College I hope that these now young adult men are not still goofing around like they did during their high school years I can't wait to see the new shows that they show us with all of them being at the local junior college I just hope Jacob M and the Roloff kids grades are better than what they were in high school now.

lucas said...

TLC hired brainiacs in their editing department. They are brilliant anon, just accept it.

Anonymous said...

I just had a typanoplasty- hope mine heals juist as well

Dana said...

I think they should have cut some of the soccer scenes and showed more family reaction. I was disappointed that Jeremy was barely in this show tonight.

Tashapork said...

I think Matt didn't go with them because they were anticipating it just to be be an ear tube situation that they had had many times in the past. I wonder though if the soccer, Zach working too hard was staged as something for the camera to add some tension and drama. I also wonder how Zach feels about having these experiences filmed and televised and how much say he has had in it. I would like to see Matt or Amy have to go through this just once on camera so they can relate. I also wonder if this hearing problem was part of what was causing Zach to do poorly in school, its hard to tell because the timeline is missing.

David said...

Since the show is about people with dwarfism coping in the "big world" how about this.

When I watch adults on this show, professionals, interact with Zach, I imagine if they were speaking to Jeremy instead. I don't think Jeremy is any more mature than Zach that it is warranted.

They're very nice, but it's more how you would speak to a child.

I remember the photographer asking Zach if he was in school too and what he wanted to be when he grows up. He was nice, but as I said, very child-like. I didn't hear him talk to Jeremy like that.

Last night the doctor kept calling Zach cute and said they loved him, etc. Want to bet if they had operated on Jeremy that the doctor would not have said Jeremy was so cute?

Jocelynn said...

That's a good point, David.

Reading things that other LPs have said, being called cute is a big annoyance. I'm surprised they didn't comment on that. The only time this season when they did something like that was when I didn't think it was called for, when Amy thought the Habitat for Humanity Supervisor was doubting her because he waited a few seconds before deciding what job to give her. The example you cited was a better example. The staff would not have spoke about Jeremy the same way.

Peter said...

Zach is a bigger man than I. If I was Zach, part of me would be hoping that Jeremy had some kind of surgical procedure or something (nothing too serious) happen to him so he can be the one in the hospital for a change. He must feel like he got the short end of the womb when he goes through all of these operations and Jer is healthy as can be and nothing thing ever happens to him.

lucas said...

Loved "What, why is Jeremy up so early." Valid point, thanks for your review!..

Noell :) said...

Great review Expressed! :)
Haha i was thinking the same thing...wait jer is waking zach up? WHAT? haha
And i hate this one new show a week schedual too! it sucks. BOO ON YOU TLC!

Anonymous said...

We love watching LP/BW! It's the honest communication between all the family that makes it so wonderful. We appreciate the honest interaction between all the family members. Keep it coming, TLC!