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Guest Roloff Episode Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World January 11th, 2009

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

8pm Episode

*Alright! An interesting episode because it's about Jeremy and Zach graduating!

*Jeremy is telling Amy that he thinks he gets himself up in mornings, he never remembers Amy waking him up even though he knows she does. Amy thinks he's being stupid. I know what he means. People don't always remember the first thing that happens in the morning. Amy doesn't seem to get it.

*They're having dinner. Hey, we've seen this scene before! Not the same conversation, but the same dinner. It was when Molly got an F on a test and Jeremy spelled out "Senior" for Matt. This time they're talking about college. Matt says something about it. Jer says "Okay Mr. College"....then Jeremy says out loud that he crossed the line and that was way too much of a rebel... I think Jeremy has said worse things than that to Matt over history ;-)

*Amy explains that Jeremy will graduate, but they're not sure about Zach. Cue the forced plot for the next 28 minutes! Will Zach graduate????? Yes he does! The people with the show should realize that people will still watch without these forced fake plots.

*Zach says he doesn't want to go to the sounds of his bad grades that's a smart decision, Zach :)

*Matt announces that he's considering renting a house near Ron and Peg and that will be for Jeremy and Zach to live, their bachelor pad. A couple of thoughts. We know that didn't happen, but since I consider myself in a "normal" situation financially for most people my age (a bit older than Jer and Zach) I can't relate, but hey, no wonder they're going to be rich. They're already rich and even in this situation that doesn't actually happen, Matt is basically going to pay for their living arrangements. You'd think they have so much money and they're 19 that they might start paying for themselves, but hey, what's another house to Matt Roloff? :)

*Molly is doing some serious snarking at Jeremy and Zach. She grins to the camera that there is no way she can see Jeremy and Zach living on their own. They wouldn't live. Haha. She says they are way too babied at home. It's probably true, but Molly needs to be careful, sure she seems more responsible and gets better grades, but she is spoiled too...don't get too holier than though there sister girl :)

* Amy gets back to talking about waking Jeremy and Zach up in the mornings. That seems to be a theme this week. They show Amy trying to get them up. As usual, they look like a couple of dead bodies placed on their beds. There is a leg sticking out from under the covers of Jeremy's bed. Zach usually has some kind of conversation with Amy during this stuff. Amy tells Zach it's astounding that she still needs to get them up at 19. Oh come on, we all can see that Amy loves her role.

*Amy remarks that she doesn't think the twins realize just how much she still does for them. That is probably true too, but who is to blame for that? Amy! What kid isn't going to choose to be lazy if Mom will do it for them?

*Amy is in a store buying stuff for the graduation party...the graduation party that we saw a week ago or two weeks ago....thanks TLC out of order programming and editing.

*Portland Community College, the Rockcreek campus! Thanks Spirits! How about we all give Spirits some props for having the scoop way back when :)

*Amy, Molly, Jer and Zach are at PCC to register. Jeremy and Zach are bored and look like they don't want to be there. Amy complains that they didn't come prepare. She gives them the usual lecture that we've seen many times about them forgetting their ID and stuff like that.

*They're filling out forms...this won't be pretty, I have a hunch! :) Hmm, Jeremy says "Social Ins number?...Unknown"....

*Zach doesn't know how to spell "Oregon"...Molly helps him. Wow this whole episode is sure throwing Jeremy and Zach to the wolves, isn't it? Could it make them look any worse? First the part about Amy waking them up. Then more about her waking them up at 19 and the speech about how much she does for them. Now showing them struggling to fill out forms...

*Back to snarky Molly! She is full of zingers tonight against Jer and Zach. She says it's funny that here they are enrolling in Community College and Amy is rushing around filling out their forms for them. Is Molly a poster on this or another LPBW board? She sounds like she's getting material from fan comments. j/k

*I heard Jeremy say the word "Engineering" to Amy when filling out the form. I guess that's what Jeremy is majoring in?

*They're still on the forms. Jer doesn't know what to write for a question about if he wants to earn a degree or his goal at PCC? He says he doesn't want to be at PCC forever, it's just..."Opps, I got lazy"....

*Okay, I know there is a great divide among people about me and my fellow reviewer Rap and it usually isn't friendly :). I have my fans and haters and Rap has her fans and haters, but I do have to point out that Rap was right about that one. I think that's exactly what Rap said when it was known that they were going to PCC and why. Who would have thought that Rap and Jeremy would agree?? haha.

*Zach blurts out that one of his teachers said she doesn't know if he will graduate. Yawn. Contrived plot. A week before graduation and he doesn't know yet? I don't believe it.

*They're talking to someone from PCC about their plans, surprising Jeremy defers to Zach and tells Zach to speak for him...Zach says something about wanting to eventually go to a 4 year university. Jeremy looks embarrassed. The PCC guy says that's fine because most of their credits are transferable to most 4 year colleges/universities. That makes the Roloffs happy.

*They go on a tour of PCC. Amy mentions maybe she'll take a photography class and wouldn't it be funny if she went to college with her know, I could SO see Amy doing that just to be around them! :) Jeremy says they would have probably been in the same class. So from what I take from this show, Jeremy is taking engineering and photography.

*Fashion note, I don't know much about the soccer team or the player, Jer's #19 Messi (no messy room jokes!) soccer jersey, but it's snazzy. I like it. Jeremy looked very bored or very laid back during this whole visit.

*Amy's parents are at the farm. Amy's mother Pat asks Zach about PCC. He says he likes it and says it was laid back and like a public school. She sings the praises of community colleges and says Zach will like it.

*Friends are arriving for the graduation party.

*Amy tells her friend Amy from Rob & Amy, that Molly has her college plans already planned. The other Amy can't believe she has planned 3 years ahead. Hm, no pressure on Molly...they're at Jer and Zach's grad party and Amy is talking about Molly being the family hope basically :)

*Amy is looking at old pictures of Jeremy and Zach as babies and threw the years. Cute pictures.

*Amy starts talking about how she's been thinking about what went wrong with Zach through the years because he's smart, but his grades are terrible and mention of the Elephant in the about being a TV Star? Yahhoooo to Jeremy for not falling as far as Zach through the TV fame.

*They're preparing for the graduation party, still going on about how they don't know if Zach will graduate. Oh come on. Drop the fake plot. They know!

*I saw this one a graduation present, Amy arranged for a pro soccer team, the Portland Timbers to come to the party, so much for a modest watch or something. You just knew they were going to go all out for Jeremy and Zach's party to give them the biggest and best party and present ever. I don't really care, but being honest, this kind of stuff does kind of drive the point home how much the Roloffs have changed from the beginning of the show when they seemed just like real people. Now sports teams comes to their parties...oh yeah, I can relate to that...not. But getting over that part of it, the twins seemed to like it. Jer seems especially happy about it.

*They play a game against the Timbers, did anyone notice that even for a game against pro players or semi pro (they're in the league just below the MLS and will be moving up to the major league soon I hear) players, Jeremy is playing in bare feet? For a guy who has said he has so many shoes, he sure seems to go barefoot a lot.

*The Portland Timbers give Zach and Jeremy their own jerseys. They look really cool. I like that color of green.

*Amy goes to Faith Bible High School to find out if Zach will graduate. He got an F, but his GPA is still high enough to graduate.

*Amy also says that Jeremy made honors. Jeremy made honors? Considering Jeremy has made it no secret he doesn't prepare for school at all and his "Senior" answer to Matt about why he doesn't do homework...the honors thing seems really weird to me. They don't really make a big deal out of it so that adds to the weirdness of it...But hey, I like Jeremy, so I'll go back into rabid Jer fan mode and say "Congratulations Jeremy! We knew you could do it! :)

*Amy says she is so glad that Zach and Jeremy will graduate together because they've went to school together their whole lives and it would have been sad if Zach couldn't graduate.

*Matt gives a typical Matt Roloff - end of episode speech :) He says for most of high school they thought Zach was alright and thought Jeremy was the one to worry about, but in the end Zach was the one who was in a sticky situation, but when all was said and done, he buckled down and made the grade.

*There is a preview for next week, the actual graduation. OH NO! The horrible season theme is back. Amy says it's graduation and Matt is going to be late for the graduation. She's there and wonders if Matt is even going to see his sons graduate. I don't know if this is fake drama or not because I remember from the senior photographs that there were pictures of Amy with the photographer, but not Matt, but who knows.

End of episode. All in all, I really liked this episode! A lot to talk about. The way LPBW should be. About Jeremy and Zach, instead of the marriage stuff. It was kind of a hatchet job on Jer and Zach with the emphasis on Amy babying them the form filling out scene.


Anonymous said...

The Rolloff twins are very young for 19 yr olds. They act like my 15 yr old son. My older son is almost 18- he is away at a 4 yr university. He and his friends -who all graduated last year at 17 and 18 yrs old- seem older than the twins. Why is this? Do you think the show had anything to do with it? I hope they mature as they enter their 20s. I'm happy they both graduated- but they will have to work harder at the community college to pass.

NJC said...

Good review thanks!

Just a couple of thoughts I had:

1. I think what Matt was talking about was buying a house that the kids would rent from him as they went to college. I've heard of people doing that before. It actually makes sense if you can afford it. You buy the house rent it to your kid and some of his friends. It ends up being cheaper than the dorms and when your kid graduates you sell the house and come out ahead of the game.

2. The more I think about it Community College is perfect for these two. They don't seem to know what they want to do yet and really haven't found anything that excites them in school yet so why waste the money. They can get a feel for what college is like, sample different fields and maybe just mature a little. It even has more hands on mechanical type classes. Not everyone has to go the professional route. There's plenty of money to be had in the trades. More people should take advantage of Community Colleges. College is a waste of money until you figure out what you want to do with your life. Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing. It lets you get a fresh start on your grades. Being a screw up in high school doesn't have to haunt you for life.

3. It's clear that TLC doesn't care about these contrived cliff hangers anymore. Will Zach graduate? Oh I just don't know I'm so nervous. Hey isn't he wearing a cap and gown in that commercial? Note to TLC, if you want to keep people guessing hold the ad for next week til the end of the show. If TLC produced 6th Sense they'd interrupt it half way through to tell us all Bruce Willis is ***********. (Thought I should edit that just in case. Didn't want to pull a TLC)

Anonymous said...

Zach And Jeremy are so clueless about their future until it is ashamed for them and not only that it seems that they don't even care what they will even become once this show goes off the air one day and the money stops coming in from making this show. not only that every one that they now and go to school with see how bad off these two young men are this is a sad day for Zach and Jeremy I have seen each and every show and this season here is the worst of them all. I truely believe that they are not going to make it in this big wide world of ours once they leave the family farm their is so much that they don't know that they should know with little common senese til it is ashamed it has really been revealed how they have lived such sheltered lives and I fought their parents for most of it. Zach and Jeremy has never once tried to take up their own responsabilty for their actions it is always left up to their parents. Being parents should be about raising and loving and caring for your kids while they are kids not continuing to baby them as they are entering their teens years as teens you are suppose to let some things that you do as a parent go and let them see for themselves how and what to do with the parents making and deciding less on what to do and now they are young adult men and Matt and Amy are still babying them as of tonights show Matt wanted to buy a house for them while they are in college although we all know that did not happen what good would that have done for those two young men if it would have really happen we all know that they would not have gotten any jobs to help buy food and pay bills and put gas in their van and car mom and dad would be the ones to have done that. so what would have been the point of doing this it would have been like they where still living at home which would have been in their case home away from home. I got my first job and first car which was brand new when I was 20 years old and I my self was even at a local community college in my home town living with my parents, they paid for my insurance up until I got my job and car from their I took over that which was more than right my point is Matt and Amy need to let their 19 soon to be 20 year old young adult men sons take care of themselves and stop treating them like baby's and suggest that they try and get a job outside of the farm they could at least work four hours some ware it does not have to be a grocery store or fast food place sense I personally belive that it would beneath them to work at a place like that they could maybe get on at a local group home of some sort their are all kinds of group homes they could work at while they attend college they really need to see how other people live and work in the real world Matt and Amy please let Zach and Jermey grow up let them go and stop babying them and let them live their own lives with out you all bailing them out. let them reap for their own actions not you all getting them out of their mess that they create on their own please.

Noell :) said...

Great job Expressed! :)
I loved tonights episode!
Thanks for the awesome review again! :)

lpbw537 said...

great review expressed! :]

this was a great episode...mostly because Jeremy was in a lot of it haha

did anyone else notice when Amy was in the school office place and the office worker said something about Zach having or getting an 18% in creative writting... wow

Tashapork said...

I was thinking about how these boys are growing up and actually they are kind of similar to some of my younger cousins and older nieces and nephews born in the late eighties and nineties. I think it tells a lot about the parenting practices. These were the kids that rarely got spanked, that lived parent driven child centered lives. Mom even if she worked all day cam home and toted kids to activities and supervised the childrens' lives. Kids don't learn self sufficiency because they don't really need to and nobody has or wants to take the time and hassle to teach it to them. I have 16 year old cousins that if mom and dad don't come home and cook or buy dinner, they don't eat, they aren't even allowed to take the bus places, and they just do token meaningless chores for their allowance.

Anonymous said...

How could Matt consider such a stupid idea of buying a house to rent out to Zach and sexy fine Jeremy neither one of them have real jobs beside the little help they do around the farm along with making money from doing the tv show. They live only ten minutes away from the Junior college and if they were to go to a actual 4 year college that would be about thirty or forty minutes away from home so why would matt waste the time and effort of considering such a stupid idea if anything he could still buy a house and rent it out to some true liable and responsiable young adults who would actually pay the rent, because we all know they would pay for maybe just maybe the first 3 months of rent and come up with all kinds of lame excuses not to pay rent after their 3 months their. Also who would buy and pay food, snacks, water, cable or sattilite gas, and electric bill and put gas in their cars all of these things come with the plan of living on your own. Not pretending to live on your own with your parents fitting the bill for them. Did any one noice Amy did not even make a commit when matt made the statement, it was molly all alone who made a commit even she knows her self that they can not make it at this point and time on their own and she was at the time of taping this show was only 15 yrs old that is so sad even a 15 yr old knows that their 19 yr old brother are not capable of making it at this point and time on their own. Matt Roloff is just a big joke when it come to his plans and ideas for Zach and sexy fine Jeremy they don't have a care in this world of how and what it is to live in the real world not even a clue Zach does not even know how to spell the state that he has been living in for 19 yrs Jeremy does not even know his ss number I learn how to spell the name of my state I live in the 4th grade I was either 9 or 10yrs old.I learn my ss number when I was in the 10th grade I was either 15 or 16yrs old, how patheic of these young men who are 19yrs old they don't know basic simple things but yet poor matt can't see that but he want's to buy and rent out a house to his poor clueless sheltered don't care about nothing young adult sons maybe matt should teach and show them the basics of how to live a life with a true real job outside of the farm before going and buy a house to rent out to his clueless son who like I said would only pay rent for maybe just maybe 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Earlier episodes of discussing which colleges the twins should consider: Wharton, Corbin, Portland State, etc. But the BEST moment of all is when Jeremy kind of mumbles that he is considering applying to UCLA. UCLA???? Is he freaking kidding?!!! Consider it all you want Jeremy, just ain't no way you could even get your foot in the door on that one.