Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guest Roloff Reviewer Rap541 tackles LPBW Season 2 Episode: "A Twin Experience"

Due to the positive feedback for one of guest reviewer's brand of dry sense of humor in the reviews, we've decided for your enjoyment (but won't be for everyone) to publish a review from Rap541 of an old episode that some of you might get a kick out of.

When this site first entertained the idea of having guest reviews, Rap541 generously submitted an example of the style. In the sample review, Rap tackled the episode from Season 2 "A Twin Experience", when Zach visited the Manuel twins and Mike Detjen took Jeremy and friends to a soccer game in Seattle.

So take a trip down memory lane with Rap541 as your guide :-)

All opinions expressed and statements made Rap541.


Hmmm the four foot tall speech to start. I’d forgotten how the show used to be about making a life on the 34 acre farm…. Three average height, one dwarf kid…. Twins who don’t look alike… Ah, the Roloffs.

The kids prance around the credits.

Ooooh clouds. And Zach whacking stuff with a stick, kicking a ball in a decidedly depressed manner. Jeremy joins him out doors. Jeremy wants to go to Scott‘s. Zach would rather feast on goldfish crackers.

This leads to a somewhat stilted off camera speech from Jeremy about how they just returned from the LPA conference and how Jeremy wants to include him but Zach is not interested. Considering how forced this speech is, I perhaps understand Zach’s antipathy. Somber sad music plays.

Matt at the counter. Matt and Amy voiceover how awful real life is after the LPA conference and how real life with the tall people kinda sucks socially. Zach is of course pouting as he realizes even Mom and Dad agree with how crappy things are. Mom and Dad Roloff decide the way to solve Zach’s problem is to send him off on a plane trip to Pasedena so he can play with other little people. Since god knows, being around us norms is a frigging nightmare.

Quick raise of hands. How many of us as teens, had parents who could afford to indulge our transitory sad moments by…. Flying us to different states for playdates? Come on people.

Insert some lengthy discussion about how the Manuel twins are twins. Because we can’t figure it out otherwise.

Amy and Matt lecture Zach on not to be a baby in the airport. Zach stares blankly. Then he is told to go bathe. I know I mock poor Zach, but really, at sixteen, I could usually tell when I needed a shower without Dad telling me. He looks visibly dirty and uncombed. We then get a voice over of how nervous he is about the flight as he picks through the pile of trash on the floor. Oh, I mean “packs his suitcase”. Amy yells at him to move. He wears that damn Army kepi.

Amy gets a hay bale moment. She goes on about how she worries about him in the airport and how people will look. Again, because we norms are monsters always.

Amy takes Zach to the gate and hay bales about traveling and seeing friends. She felt Zach *needed* to see his friends. Again, the subtext is because his life is awful.

Cut to Pasedena. Where we learn dwarf teens basically stand around like regular teens having the same sort of vapid talks the kids in the apartment downstairs have. “Wassup” etc. The Manuel twins go on about how they met Zach. It’s a bit dull since hey, we know they met through the LPA. The twins also discuss how cool sports are. Wow. This is amazingly deep talk. I mean… sports. Woo!

Now we get the episode lecture on dwarfs. The Manuel twins are dwarf twins etc etc etc. Back problems, leg problems, concerned parents talking about loving their kids. In fairness the Manuel parents seem like very nice people.

Scenes of the kids playing with Zach. The parents go on about how the Breakers make life worth living. Dad Manuel notes how the twins only really feel comfortable when they are with the Breakers. With other little people…. I never realized how much anti-height-ism this show had… Hmmm…

The boys play soccer. Zach hay bales about how he gets intense when he plays soccer and how he can compete for a change because of course, normal people are always scum who won’t let him play. Then the Manuel Twins go on about the same thing, how awful the norms are.

Humorously, the Manuel twins specifically cite Jeremy as being a complete clod who can not understand their pain despite having it explained many times how hard it is to be little. Ha.

Soccer… high fiving. Zach hay bales how having an average height brother sucks. . .

Meanwhile Jeremy in Portland prances with a ball to an audience of his friends. He hay bales about he loves soccer and how he is trying out for ODP.

His hair in the hay bale is significantly shorter than his ragged ‘fro he has while showing off his mad skillz. Jeremy? Shorter hair is better for you, it really is.

Mike D. has decided to take “Jeremy’s friends” to the soccer game in Seattle. Because people do casually take their business partner’s kids and friends on train trips to different states in middle class Americana. Jeremy stares vapidly out a window. One wonders if he is sleeping with his eyes open or if he is struggling to find something to say other than “I like soccer”.

Jeremy is excited to see Freddy Adu and David Beckham. There’s much excited running about. Sadly this seems to get a better crowd than my beloved Phoenix Coyotes. Jeremy says its really amazing several times. Faith Bible? He might need more vocabulary words. He’s not articulate. Also, just to note - his voice overs during this have his voice significantly deeper and its very clear that his hay bale session was some months after. Just in case anyone thinks we can’t tell.

Jeremy voice overs how he wants to get a soccer ball signed for Zach. Again, this sounds like he is reading it. Its very noticeable in this episode that his live chatter at the game is no where near as articulate, and his later words are monotone. I think he’s been coached what to say. He has the ball being signed by lots of players. He calls it a precious ball. He chats up Freddie Adu. Freddie seems nice, gives good tips. Jeremy totally fan girls over talking to Freddie.

Interesting note - there’s a great shot of Jeremy being the only one at the metal rail waiting for the players. I find myself wondering where Mike D and the pack of DBU Boys were while Jeremy was doing his film thing.

Back in Pasadena, Zach is taught how to suit up for a really expensive hobby, go kart racing, Make no mistake about it - the Manuels are well off because this is not a cheap sport at all. Manuel Dad makes a fun joke about how the boys don’t need leg room. Interestingly, they do seem to embrace wearing safety gear. Insert a lot of talk about how driving a go-cart is somehow a physical sport, interspaced with racing shots. The Manuel twins talk about how the norms always talk smack and how they kick norm butt.

More racing scenes. Meh, this is why I don’t watch NASCAR. Of course there’s a lengthy amount of praise how Zach just takes to driving a race kart like a maniac. Really, not to put too fine a point on it, but I have seen six year olds racing these things. I’d be shocked if Zach couldn’t figure it out.

Back in Portland….Oh, Jeremy is trying out for ODP. He’s rocking the ‘fro.

Amy and Matt show up for it. Jeremy misses shots and Amy looks worried. Amy hay bales how his eyes were opened. He looked beat. Didn’t make any shots.

Mike and Amy spend a lot of time bucking up Jeremy afterward. He voices over how he gave it his all. I believe that. But I also believe the kids who were rocking by him were chosen for the team because they played better, not because Jer was robbed. He wasn’t the best looking filly out there.

Oh geez. Jeremy hay bales how Zach just got back from Pasadena. Zach sits in the bedroom, and Jeremy walks in with a MUCH SHORTER haircut, holding the ball. The two boys pretend that this is live. It’s like watching the monotone reading of lines in a high school drama class.

Zach: (deadpan) “Its sweet”
Jeremy: (slightly less dead pan) “Do you know how sweet it is?”

Jeremy does show some life when he describes his fan girl moment with Freddie. Otherwise they both seem totally bored in this touching moment.

Zach hay bales a description of the scene they just recreated. The boys then put the autographed ball on one of the piles of crap in their bedroom.

Next week! Jeremy! With the longer ‘froed out hair magically regrown! Catching bees with Mueller! Will they catch bees? Find out next Monday!


Tashapork said...

I like that. I remember the episode and thinking exactly what you said about most families being able to send their kids out of state for playdates. This also reminds me of the big part Mike played in their lives. It really seems like all of the boys have gone downhill without him. I think he did a lot of things with the boys that Matt either physically couldn't do or didn't have the time and patience to do with the boys. Even the interest in soccer waned.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of how the Roloffs have raised their kids. I think Amy excuses (for whatever reason) their bad behavior too often and Matt is ineffective whenever he jumps in to "parent". But, I do think Rap541 has been very heavy handed on making fun of the comments made by the Roloffs on how dwarfs are treated by some members of the general public.

I don't doubt LP have been made to feel they are objects of curiosity out in public, as anyone who is different usually experiences. I doubt it has only happened a few times. Being different, especially at that age, is very hard.

Another thing is the numerous use of "hay bale". This is obviously regional slang term for something. I have never heard of it before and had to guess what was meant by it's use? Venting? Complaining? Explaining? Whining?

Rap541 said...

Hee! The visuals add a lot :D

Peter said...

LOL! Rap, you could do the opening monologue of a Late Night talk show :D

Expressed said...

Oh Rap........... :) I have to admit I did laugh a few times reading that :)

Of course I think you're hard on Jeremy, but it was amusing.

But I always hated the part where the Manuels and Zach talk about Jeremy as an average height brother. The sad part is your commentary about that "the Manuel twins specifically cite Jeremy as being a complete clod who can not understand their pain despite having it explained many times how hard it is to be little. Ha. was right on target! (I'm blaming the Manuels, not you). That is exactly what they said.

Derek said...

Pretty funny stuff, lol. I miss LPBW circa seasons 1 and 2.

Brandon said...

You're the best, Rap!! :) There are too many to pick the best, but for now my personal favorite is:

"Jeremy stares vapidly out a window. One wonders if he is sleeping with his eyes open or if he is struggling to find something to say other than “I like soccer”."

hehe. I like the visual too.

Greg said...

Classic stuff. Ha.

Expressed, before the Zach is the devil for what he said about average height twin starts

What would people have said if Jeremy said that about having an average height twin brother? Hey............he did kind of say that in the BVI episode about rather having Mueller to vacation with Zach because he can do more stuff Jeremy likes...the Jer Fans had no problem with that.

IIRC, at least Zach added (although rather unconvincing after his enthusiastic agreement with the Manuels speech!) that having an avg heigh brother was kind of cool too.

David said...

Thanks Rap, that was fun. The straight goods on what goes on.

Your comments about the soccer ball scene were bang on. That scene was the worst staged scene ever in the history of Little People Big World.

I didn't think of what it was similar to, but you're right!

[["It’s like watching the monotone reading of lines in a high school drama class".]]

Em said...

Ha, you're funny Rap :)
I gotta say, I liked Jeremy better back then, personality wise. I don't know, he seemed more innocent fun and less of a jerk that I usually end up thinking now. Maybe that's because he (and the rest of them) were less guarded when this stuff was happening and more natural (except for the soccer ball scene in the bedroom!).

I liked Jeremy's hair in the picture below the comment about shorter hair being better for him, during the "hay bale".

Anonymous, "Hay bale" is what Rap and sometimes Expressed (the other reviewer) calls the scenes where the Roloffs give their interviews to the camera. TLC dressed up the studio to make it a country barn setting, there are bales of hay all around them. Instead of being bland and saying "Jeremy tells the camera during a sitdown interview in the studio ", Rap got inventive :)

Sheri said...

Well, I don't think it is funny. Mean-spiritedness is not funny. I think you enjoy picking on Jeremy James Roloff because he is a white Christian kid.

It's easy to make fun of people. If you were to exchange places with Jeremy, would you like someone like yourself to make those comments about you.

Dana said...


I just read that and I did think some spots were a little bit funny about the obvious (the Manuel twins being twins) and some of the repeated comments about average height people, but overall, your attempts at humor is just another way to rip Jeremy.

I will review your review a little bit.

- The opening scene, Jeremy was being very nice to Zach. It did not sound forced. Depsite people attacking Jeremy's character, he is a caring brother who was trying to include Zach. What sounded forced about it? Zach never appreciates Jeremy's attempts to include him.

- The Roloffs have money. People who are wealthy can afford to send their kids on trips. I know people who have paid for their child to visit a friend who moved away to a different state.

- They are teens. Why would you expect deep talk when 3 of them are hanging out?

- The comments on the show about from Eric and Jeff Manuel and Zach were in my opinion one of the worst things said on the show and should have been omitted by producers (I don't think Matt was a producer at that point). It shows that Jeremy is a forgiving Christian because he doesn't seem to have held a grudge, despite the twins trashing him on television. As far as I'm concerned. There comments were garbage. Jeremy's behavior in the opening scene proved them wrong.

I didn't believe Zach's attempt to salvage what he said because he sounded unconvincing about being happy to have an average height twin. He shouldn't have said what he said before that. God does not make mistakes and Zach should (as Jeremy has said at another time) be happy for whatever God puts into his life and God put Jeremy as an average height person into Zach's life).

- This is where you go off the rails and cross the line. He was a sixteen year old boy enjoying himself on a trip to see a soccer game. What do you expect, Shakespeare? He sounded like a normal teen. There is no reason other than to be mean to comment like that.

- I don't think his voice over was scripted, anyone would sound different when they have a chance to reflect on what to say as opposed to at the time it is happening.

- "Fan girls"...totally unnecessary. You said that to demean Jeremy. He loves soccer. He likes Freddie Adu. He was excited to meet him. Why ridicule? Get the ball signed for Zach that Jeremy does care about his brother and does think about people other than himself.

- At the tryout, there were scenes of Jeremy deking out the defender. The show is edited and all I know is that Mike went online and said ODP made a mistake by not selecting Jeremy.

- It is said seeing the picture of Mike consoling Jeremy. I miss seeing Mike on the show and it's easy to forget the impact he had on the Roloffs and especially Jeremy. I hope everyone says a prayer.

-Didn't Matt explain this? Jeremy did give Zach the ball. The cameras were not there at the time. When they returned they asked them to do it on camera. Your comment that it seemed staged was fair, but it's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Great work Rap!

Anonymous said...

"The boys then put the autographed ball on one of the piles of crap in their bedroom."

So true. LOL!

Justin said...

Rap, Great stuff :) Thanks.

The picture of Jeremy at the tryout, hunched over looking like he's about to collapse as the other players jog on by says it all.

If it requires work, Jeremy checks out.

I think Zach would agree with you about the soccer ball scene sounding like a disastrous high school drama play. I remember Zach's online comment around this time telling a friend that he didn't like the new crew/producer for the Second Season because they treated the kids like they were actors.

Jocelynn said...

I really enjoyed that :) Thanks for the laughs, Rap. It's fun to remember what the show used to be like. There was a lot to comment on.

This inspires me to break out my DVD and watch them again :X

Rap541 said...

Oh Dana, your bias is so hilarious.

Guess what? I completely ripped on Zach, and you're whining and moaning how poor *perfect* Jer wasn't described as "Jeremy,the best boy ever! Smartest! Wisest! Strongest! Fastest! Most Christian! Jeremy is not perfect but there is never ever ever any reason to NOT say Jeremy is perfect! NEVER SAY ANYTHING BUT PRAISE FOR JEREMY BECAUSE EVERYTHING HE DOES IS ALWAYS WONDERFUL"

Really Dana, lets review your review, shall we?

1. It sounded forced because Jeremy was speaking in a monotone about how he tries to include Zach. Jeremy in the scene itself was not "Oh Man! Its gonna be fun! Come on, go with me!" but instead was very perfunctionally saying "Scott invited me,do you want to come?"

2. Yes, the Roloffs do have money and Dana, this was season two where onscreen Matt and Amy both were still lamenting the bills and costs. I agree with you, the Roloffs have been lying about being poor for sometime and since the show was still nominally about how LP teens cope, the point that *most people watching* would not be able to afford out of state playdates is valid.

3.What I find amusing is that you seem to miss the pont that indeed, they are just like regular teens.

4.The Manuel twins, unlike you, have met Jeremy. You are simply proving an often stated point - when someone who has met Jeremy is less than complimentry, they are attacked by Jeremy's fans. I think it was harsh, personally, but also valid since Jeremy isn't very empathetic. But I imagine the Manuel twins are now on your hit list since they have dared to not praise Jeremy for his lack of understanding.

5. Actually it was sarcasm, not "mean" and you didn't (and don't) have a problem when I apply sarcasm to Zach, Amy, Molly, Jake. Up above I mock Zach as being a baby and that he's too dumb to bathe without orders and you, Dana, had no problem with that. But poor precious Jer not being praised.... hmmmm.

And he did sound scripted, and the actual live talk with his friends made it pretty obvious.

6. Could you explain to me why you think "fangirls" disrespects Jeremy? He was fangirling. Look at the picture. Change his clothes and he's interchangable with a Twilight fan.

7. Jeremy himself, in the book that he supposedly spoke truth in, said that he wasn't prepared, didn't do well, and wanted to quit after the first day of tryouts. His mom said something similar.

8. Mike was a good guy, agree.

9. It took Matt a year to concede that the boys re-enacted the soccer ball scene. Until then he was insisting the family didn't redo scenes. I know this may fly by you, but the issue is that it reveals a) that this isn't a candid reality and b) reveals that producton isn't concerned with or even trying to hide the time differences. Its a flaw in filming in other words.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - I notice you don't mind "mean spiritedness" when Zach is the target. Jeremy was hardly the target here, Zach was, and yet, here you are angry for *just* Jeremy James Roloff.

Personally, I am quite certain Jeremy has said worse in the past - and if it meant I could loaf about doing nothing but goofing off in a new McMansion, and plenty of money, free trips and cars, I would cheerfully allow anyone to badmouth me. Obviously Jeremy likes the money too.

Brandon said...

Rap, don't worry about Dana and Sheri. Your review was great and nailed everything perfectly the way it was. And with humor, something some people don't have when it's about JJR.

Rap541 said...

Thanks Brandon. You know, I heard The Tonight Show might need a new host... ;)

Brokenwing said...

Rap, about Jeremy's changing hair length, I see a lot of people comment about that.

IMO, it's not bad editing. I don't think they are trying to fool anyone.

They film stuff. The producers/editors sort through it and come up with story lines. After they decide what to use, they sit the family down (by this time it is months after the original filming) and talk about the scene.

That's why their hair length is always different. I don't consider it a flaw in editing or the show trying to be deceptive.

I actually agree with your comments about the soccer ball scene. I think it was wrong for them to do that since they used to say it wasn't a scripted show. Re-doing scenes make it unnatural. The audience can tell and that's not why people watch.

I agree with Dana and Expressed about the comments from the Manuels and Zach. I didn't like it either. You have to admit Jeremy is much more more complimentary when he talks about people on the show than Zach is. As you wrote, you're right. They specifically singled Jeremy out as being a clod who doesn't understand their pain despite explaining it to him several that nice to say? No, it's not. I also don't think it's true, although they are entitled to their opinion. I think some LPs have a chip on their shoulder. What do they expect from Jeremy?

Brandon said...

Rap, do you like Bill Maher? :) If he reviewed LPBW, I can picture his comments sounding a lot like yours (except maybe there would be more shots at the Roloffs religion :))

tay said...

i think this was very funny in parts but rap, i wish you would cut on jacob like you do to jeremy. jeremy is a better person in all ways then jacob so i don't understand why you don't cut into jacob like you do to jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Don't praise RAP too much, you'll boost their ego. Don't make their head bigger than it already is. It's not really that funny to make fun of people's lives...when you all complain about how the Roloffs do the same thing. Weird.

Rap541 said...

"They specifically singled Jeremy out as being a clod who doesn't understand their pain despite explaining it to him several that nice to say?"

Not especially. On the other hand, you're pretty clearly stating the Manuel twins are lying. Which, considering you don't know them, isn't especially nice.

And when you run to insist how you're deigning to allow them their opinion - you're also stating that their opinion isn't true. SO in fact, you're not allowing their opinion, you're makng it very clear that you believe the Manuel twins are liars. And stating that "some lps" have chips on their shoulders.

Which is one of the Official Jer Fan Club Rules - When someone who has actually met Jeremy isn' complimentary, that person is a liar who is angry with Jeremy for some reason that is never Jer's fault and is usually some variation of "they are just jealous"

"What do they expect from Jeremy?"

Obviously something that they didn't get.

Carol said...

I thought it was a wonderful recap because most of the comments were what people actually think and about how the show is presented.

If you want to nitpick, the harshest thing in the review, imo, was about Zach needing to be told to take a shower and that was said by Matt. But of course the objections are all about Jeremy. They choose to be on the show. People get to comment. I didn't think it was too harsh. It was humor about what is actually being presented.

I'm glad you commented on the bad acting in the recreation of the soccer ball scene. I don't fault Zach and Jeremy for that because they aren't actors.

Rap541 said...

Tay - when Jake hits fifteen and can be bumped into adult courts because he's old enough to know better, then all bets are off. Cutting on an 8-12 year old (Jake's ages with this show) is a bit like beating a child. Jer - and Zach who frankly got slammed a great deal in this and of course no one cares since he's not Jer-Bear, aren't little boys.

Anne B said...

Rap, re: your comments to Dana about your "fan girl" comment. Any person who meets a famous person is going to be excited and react as Jeremy did. Including grown men. It is insulting to describe him or the moment as "Jeremy fan girls". Girls aren't the only people who are excited to meet someone they like.

I enjoyed that scene because it is heart-warming to see someone have genuine excitement and be happy about something. You shouldn't have made fun of that.

Rap541 said...

Anne - if you believe that, then you agree that Jeremy should not have made fun of the fans? The ones he was mocking on his public myspace?

They were having genuine excitement and were mocked by Jer and buddies. I assume you think Jeremy was wrong?

Btw - you're assuming that I find fangirling to be "bad". Trust me, I don't - I have fangirled, and I know lots of peope who do.

Julie said...

Please. The people taking issue with the comment "fangirl" are being way too oversensitive. I will freely admit to fangirling myself over certain stuff. Honestly, get a grip. Not everything [that doesn't explicitly say what a wonderful human being Jeremy is] is meant as a slam on your boy.

lucas said...

Great reading Rap, Do you think it is possible that TLC has shown about a seasons worth of episodes of all these lame soccer games, complete with dramatic orchestral accompaniment?

I'm the biggest sports fan out there, but it is just so boring. Amy yells, Jer is a star, Zach and Jake are frustrated. We get it TLC. this network makes me sleepy.

"I like soccer"--- we know, we know...

lucas said...

oh, and my trip down memory lane, the one where Jers character was cemented into my head was.... the LP conference where Mr. Popular was dancing on his knees with girls-- yep the same one Zach felt uncomfortable and shy at, the same one where A & M just couldn't figure out how to get Z out of his shell. Why did they bring Jer in the first place? To outshine his brother, to show off, to be the "star" of the dance? Mr. Jer has been seeking attention for years at the expense of his brother. I don't remember exactly which season that was, but it was early. jmo.

Brandon said...

Lucas, I agree and disagree.

I disagree about soccer. One of the real things about the Roloffs that isn't contrived or an act is their lover of soccer (at least Amy and the boys). Any true reality show about their lives should reflect that. I don't have a problem with the soccer that they show because that's actually real - soccer is important to them. The kids playing soccer and Amy watching is one of the few things the Roloffs do and still do that normal (income) people can still relate to.

I totally agree with you about Jer the star at the LPA conferences. I am sure the Jeremy fans are going to chime in any second pointing out that in that episode Zach said he liked Jeremy being there or something, but anyone could see that was part of why he was in a "shell". At the next one they went to without Jeremy, Zach seemed to be more involved.

Bringing Jeremy is setting the stage to be just like Faith Bible with the DBU where Jeremy is the star and Zach is his follower. I didn't believe Jeremy. He's not capable of being a "wingman". I think that's why he's still going and I am betting still will be going to LPA events at 18+, including bringing Mueller along to dance it up with him (and be sure, he doesn't bring Mueller to keep him company in the hotel room while the LPs have their time, I've seen the pictures, Jeremy and Mueller were as active as the dances as any LPs.

Jocelynn said...

Brandon, I agree with both your points, but I will say:

"Amy watching is one of the few things the Roloffs do and still do that normal (income) people can still relate to."

Their passion for soccer has changed too because of the money and power from the show. Most normal families don't get a real soccer team to come to their son's graduation party. I think I read on here or somewhere that he Portland Timbers team that came to Roloff Farm has over 10,000 fans who pay to go to each game. Even in the episode Rap reviewed a normal fan doesn't get to go in the players tunnel and get to ask the players for advice.

I liked Jen Montzingo's answer about average height siblings going to the LPA conferences.

I'm skeptical about the speech they gave in that early episode about Jeremy going to help Zach break out of his shell. He seems to have had the same LP friends since he was a little kid. The LP video that was posted showed them much younger. Zach was hanging out with Bill and the Manuels and Jen and Casey. I don't think Jeremy needed to be there for Zach. I think Jeremy saw it as a chance to have fun at a party and Matt and Amy are never ones to say no Jeremy if he wants to do something because it's fun.

Justin said...

"To outshine his brother, to show off, to be the "star" of the dance? Mr. Jer has been seeking attention for years at the expense of his brother."

Lucas, well said. I couldn't agree more.

Judy said...

"Jeremy isn't very empathetic."

I'm just wondering, why would you say that? Jeremy is the only member of the family who continually shows awareness and concern over Matt's deteriorating health. Agreed? That's being empathetic.

Rap541 said...

Let's see.

1. Rather than support his family in a crisis, Jeremy went off to a friend's house while his younger brother was having brain surgery.

2. Jeremy's own stated views on his twin brother's frequent hospitalizations pretty much can be summed up with "I don't like hospitals".

3.Jeremy actually didn't want to go to Oakland to support his twin, he commented on it.

4. When his twin brother was srtruggling on crutches, Jeremy did nothing to help him, and headed off to have his own good time at the dance he had talked his brother into attending. I believe it was Dan who showed empathy in that situation.

5. When his mother, brother, and sister were hurt and upset that his father had excluded their mother from a family vacation, he clearly said he had no idea why they were upset and did not understand why his mother's hurt feelings should be considered when there was a trip to have fun on.

I have numerous examples of Jeremy's lack of empathy, but really, if he *was* super empathetic, he wouldn't need the Manuel twins and his brother to *explain* why things tend to suck for them.

Anyone else want to share examples of Jeremy's lack of empathy?

Kapper said...

Hilarious review Rap!!! I can see however that you've offended many members of 'Jer's' fan club.
And Dana, hey, when a family chooses to go on television and put their lives out there for the entire world to see, then they better learn to be tough-skinned. If you feel they're being 'picked on' then you're absolutely right. Get over it.

Brandon said...

Rap, that's a good list. I might add the numerous times Jeremy has enjoyed demolishing and demoralizing his 7 years younger brother in soccer. He doesn't show a lot of empathy for Jacob's desire to hang out with him. Jeremy's quote was "He's such an idiot" when Jacob was dejected after being ordered out of the van.

Not from the show, but online, joining his friends in trashing and making fun of fans who made fan pages for him and clearly idolized him by insulting them and ridiculing their profile pictures in a spot where he knew they would see him insulting them is not something a person with empathy does.

M said...

to fro or not to fro that is the question! Sometimes I wonder if that's all jer ponders. :)

great review rap! Loved the discriptions! :D

lucas said...

"I liked Jen Montzingo's answer about average height siblings going to the LPA conferences."
--Can any kind posters remind me what this was?

M said, "to fro or not to fro....." What a perfect description of the Jers thought processes!

Brandon and Rap, great points, but we already know that Jer and empathy are oxymorons. (look it up Faith students)

Justin, well I guess great minds think alike.

Brandon said...

Good point, lucas :)

On her blog, Jen opened her blog up to questions. Someone asked her as an LP what did she think of average height siblings who attend the LPA cons and dances and avg height sibs who bring their friends (cough cough)ahem, fairly obvious who the questioner was referring to.

Jen did a great job in answering. She was respectful, but thoughtful, insightful and most of all honest. But of course the Jer fans attacked Jen as betraying Jeremy the great and hurting his feelings. Because the world revolves around how Jeremy might feel...

lucas said...

Thanks Brandon, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Man pleeeeease review more episodes! I love reading your stuff!