Sunday, January 31, 2010

Heart-breaking news regarding Salman family seen on Little People, Big World

Heart-breaking news to pass along to anyone who does not yet know. Saja Salman, one of the children seen on Little People, Big World in the episodes regarding the family from Iraq that re-located to Idaho last year, passed away yesterday due to complications stemming from surgery she had earlier this month.

In lieu of flowers, it has been requested that you make a donation at:

Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with the Salman family and all who loved and cared for Saja.

This was an "update" letter that was sent out announcing the tragic news.

"It is with a very heavy heart that I am informing you of the news I just received. This evening while doctors were trying to work on her trach, Saja passed away. My sister in law was there and notified another one of her sisters, who contacted us.

Saja's family has gone through more in the last couple years than any of us can imagine. Her father and her family have been marked for death because he helped the Americans and refused to fight against them in Iraq. Her uncle was beaten to death for refusing to help the terrorists. Yet through all of this she smiled. She had no reason to. She was a dwarf with a crippling disease. Her country was torn apart by religious and political differences. Her family lived in exile in a storage container until some American soldiers were able to help them find refuge in America, a strange country where nobody understood her language or customs, yet still she smiled.

Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting her personally but my wife Terry did. Every person I know that met her said the same thing, maybe in different words, but the same thing, "her smile just radiated love".

Saja's family is extremely close and are taking this loss very hard. Russell Hayes, the now retired warrant officer, and SFC Tammy Goodwin who became so close to this family are obviously very distraught also. They worked so hard to come this far and to lose Saja now can seem to be a failure, but only God knows his plan. So many people have come together for this cause, perhaps that will be Saja's legacy.

Please keep the Salman family, Russell and Tammy in your prayers.

As you look at your own family, count your blessings and hold them tight.

William Clark
Wm Craftsmen Lodge #717


Rap541 said...

It is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to this family. :(

Melissa said...

What a tradgedy! I hope that her family can try to find some comfort knowing she is now free from pain and will always be watching over them. I can't imagine what the Salman family is going through right now. I will continue to keep them in my prayers! )=

M said...

Oh that's so heartbreaking! No other word can describe it. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Tashapork said...

This family makes me feel so thankful for what what I have. I feel bad for them they are so loving with each other. I hope the Roloffs acknowledge her in their show next season.

Sheri said...

I am praying for the family and friends. Well said, Tasha. And I am sure Matt will acknowledge Saja.

Rap541 said...

I'd believe that more if if members of matt's special personal board hadn't thrown a fit about linking to this site for donations. Since Spirit posted about it, there's a rule that no matter what, if it's on THIS site, matt doesn't want this site mentioned. there is also NO link to Russsel's site on Matt's site.

I really hope the Salmans aren't being punished for Russel interviewing here.

Rap541 said...

And for the record? I'd like to see Russell's site linked purely so that family gets more donations. I have posted their site in places that HAVE nothing to do with dwarfism so that family gets some donation. That has led to people who don't even know who the Roloffs are donating. Why isn't Russell's site prominently displayed on

Roxanne said...

This is terrible. I thought things were going to get better for them once they got to the US and now for this to happen. Just awful.

Rap541 said...

I know - I sent a donation saturday not knowing with "I heard saja was doing better" since that was the last report I saw... I feel awful :(

Joanne said...

I am so sad to hear this. She seemed like such a sweet little girl. My prayers and sympathies to her family and friends. I am sure Matt and Amy are very upset about this too.

Disillusioned said...

My prayers go out to their family and the organization that helps them.

By the way...thank you Spirts :) (you know what for!)

NJC said...

This is so sad. What an infectious smile she had. My condolences to her family and all the people she touched.

Anonymous said...

Rap: I'd believe that more if if members of matt's special personal board hadn't thrown a fit about linking to this site for donations. Since Spirit posted about it, there's a rule that no matter what, if it's on THIS site, matt doesn't want this site mentioned. there is also NO link to Russsel's site on Matt's site.

I really hope the Salmans aren't being punished for Russel interviewing here.

Rap you are wrong about everything in your post. Do your homework a little better.

Brandon said...

Rap is not wrong.

There is no link to Russell's site on Matt Roloff's official site links.

On the right side. He links Amy's site, the DAAA, the LPA, CoDA, a place to buy pedal extensions, how to buy Matt's DAS stools and the Roloff store to buy Roloff merchandise. There is not link to dwarfchildren on Matt Roloff's website links.

Rap is also right that on the Matt Roloff message board they do not allow links to this site regardless of the content. Matt's moderator scolded someone who wanted to link Russell's message/interview here. It's deplorable. He uses his website to try to prevent people from seeing Russell's message and plea for help for the Salmans if it is on this site. Matt should be ashamed.

Rap541 said...

Sorry Anon - but I noticed the lack of a link a while ago - about the time Matt's moderator scolded someone for linking to Russell's interview here. I double checked after Saja's passing thinking that it was possibly an over sight. Brandon is correct - as of this morning the only links on Matt's page are to DAS, Amy's site, CODA, the pedal extender site, and the Roloff store.

I would say you might want to check out the Salman links over there while you can... there's a tendency to erase things... But there is no official linkage to the Salmans site. There are some kind souls who have posted the link in their posts with no references to this blog to make it "ok"... And at least one poster there admitted to posting the address to send Saja cards on and then removing it because they felt insulted by a poster there, and then brags on Matt's board about how justified they were (I reposted the address and the link to the Salman website on

Anon, in all honesty - my hope is to see the link for the Salmans site officially on Matt's page and not posted at the whim and discretion of his boardies who get so easily offended.

Susanne said...

To be fair, I don't think Matt is aware that the mod has forbidden linking to this site. We have actually posted Russell's interview from here without specifically linking to it. I post over on Matt's site, and we are trying to bring it to his attention to put a link on the home page. We are all saddened by the recent news of Saja's passing and have been following it as closely as some of you have here.
I have also posted this information on other social networking sites, and even posted a link to on TLC's board. Ironically, they pulled my post but allowed links to this site. To each his own, I guess.

Rap541 said...

Matt owns the site. Matt pays for the site. Matt personall chose his moderators. Matt's personally chosen moderators won't allow Russell's site to be mentioned if the poster mentions this site.

There is no official link to Russell's site on Matt's site, and yes, there are nasty snitty posts from mr boardies on how they showed NON mr boardies the whatfor by removing the address to send cards to Saja on that have NOT been removed by Matt Roloff's personally chosen moderator.

I don't care that the man who chose the moderator and who pays to keep his site doesn't give enough crap to care how his personally chosen moderator and much loved and praised personal ass kickers (unaware Matt HAS publically praised his boardies for their ASS KICKING on the SPIT site*) I really don't. He brought the Salman family to our attention... why is there no link to Russell's site?

*Its Matt's mod who allows this "spit" crap with a "teehee! I find the mocking funny and won't remove it or discipline the offender but I am publically saying I don't like it even tho I teehee and won't do a damn thing to stop it! teehee! Oh and NEVER MENTION THE HATE SITE EVEN THO IT MENTIONS THE SALMAN FAMILY!"

FYI Disruptve Spirit won't do more than "teehee" over the spit comments but WILL crack down on people who directy link to Russell's interview here.

Susanne said...

"ASS KICKING?, CRACKING DOWN on people who directly link to this site? ....boardies who get so easily offended?"
We obviously have a difference of opinion.
I visit both sites, sure the "spitwadder" comments are immature teasing. But I think I prefer that to the vitriolic comments I find here sometimes. Like I said, to each his own.

lucas said...

"teehee"? Sounds like the person/s in charge of that site have about as much grasp of the english language in a debate type forum as grads from Faith. no wait... students with D averages through their senior year who graduated with honours. It's a tough curriculum.

Of course Matt is in charge of that site. It's o.k. for the great MR to sell dirt, but not ok to post the link, probably because his name isn't personally involved. I'm losing respect for the man.

lucas said...

"vitriolic comments"??? How funny! Jeremy, his friends and his grandpa are the kings of vitriolic comments. hmmm, n word, f word,... give me a break.

Anonymous said...

It sure is sad that Saja's farewell thread turned into a spite fest. Very sad.

M said...

I believe matt is very aware of this site and doesn't allow spirts links on his site. He'd rather this site and all our views be not shown.

Christine said...

That is so depressing. I am so sorry for Saja's family and Russell Hayes + family. They deserved better for all their caring and kindness.

MaeE said...

I am sorry and sad for this precious little girl. She missed her chance to live in freedom and enjoy life..I send my deepest sympathy to her family and loved ones ...May God give them courage and peace to travel their journey in freedom..