Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jacob Roloff video clips (Broken wrist, falls, accidents, fights and boxer gate)

All the Jacob Roloff fans and those who just like discussing Little People, Big World scenes should like this. A bunch of Jacob Roloff clips from LPBW were put on You Tube. I'll put some of the most talked about scenes on here. Starting with the one from the 5th season which surprisingly, generated a lot of talk on here (and in general internet inquiries) -- Jacob walking through the room with his boxers showing -- I guess you just never know what is going to generate controversy ;-)


Matt confronts Jacob and misplaced remote

Jake falls unconscious and fractures wrist

Zach and Jacob fight

Jake hangs out with Zach and Jeremy

Jake plays on the twins' indoor soccer team

Jeremy kicks the soccer ball into Jacob's healing wrist; another trip to the hospital

Jacob annoys Jeremy; hangs off his leg

Jake and Zach play soccer

Jake jumps over side of boat

Jake gets a tick

Jacob steps on a nail

Jacob riding on shopping cart


Craw said...

Groan. All the Jacob Roloff fans? I'm shocked that there is such a thing as a Jacob Roloff fan. What is there to be a fan of????

These clips are good proof why he's such a brat and a crybaby.

My favorite of these is Zach giving Jake the beat down. lol. Much deserved.

The one that best exemplifies why he's such a brat is the one that starts with him grabbing Jeremy's leg. When they were leaving, Jeremy is explaining to him that they're coming back for him. Jake the brat sulks and whines, walks away and calls Jeremy an idiot (I think that's what he was going to say "You..."...and Jeremy was telling him what he wanted to hear. If that's not an example of a brat, I don't know what is.

Greg said...

Zach was out of line in the fight, but at least he spends time with him unlike a certain other older brother who shall remain nameless.

The Zach and Jacob play soccer clip from the same episode as the Trebechet accident is the good side of Zach and Jacob's relationship. Has Jeremy ever played soccer with Jacob and complimented him or made him feel special?

lpbw537 said...

i think it was cute how they took jacob along when they were going to that wasterfall place, he seemed really excited.

And it was also nice to hear Zach compliment Jakes soccer skills during the high school game. He even said he thought Jacob was growing up faster than he thought which i guess could be twisted to some dort of good comment

Judy said...

I don't care what anybody says, a 12 year old boy should not be parading his bare nothing but boxers butt to a television audience and now to the world wide web. Jeremy may dress like that in the privacy of his friends, but he has not done in front of millions. He is also not a 12 year old. A 12 year old Christian boy should not be looking like that.

The other video that makes me sad and angry is Jacob's sass towards his father Matt. That shouldn't have happened. It is all there in his tone and the looks he gives Matt. He should not be talking to Matt like that. He's the most disrespectful kid I've seen. Matt has provided him with so much. Jacob shows no appreaciation. I have no heard Jacob express the sentiments Jeremy has about Matt.

Rap541 said...

"I don't care what anybody says, a 12 year old boy should not be parading his bare nothing but boxers butt to a television audience and now to the world wide web. Jeremy may dress like that in the privacy of his friends, but he has not done in front of millions. He is also not a 12 year old. A 12 year old Christian boy should not be looking like that."

A) Jeremy has paraded like that in front of millions.

B)Jake was in his home, and has no privacy from being peered at because he's a minor and the parents have decided money is more important than their children's privacy

C) "Privacy of friends" was on tv (see above) and btw that picture of Jeremy slutting his ass to the world got on the internet somehow... wanna bet it was one of his friends or Jeremy himself who made that charming slutboy photo available? Christian boys don't bare their skanky ass out their boxers? Guess Jer isn't a Christian since there is photo evidence of him slutting his butt out his shorts for his friends.

Btw don't like seeing Jeremy called a slutboy? Or a skank? Then explain in a reasonable mature (nd not "Jeremy is a teen and cool!" or "its fashionable!" as to why its "slutty" and "skanky" and "not Christian" when its Jake, and why Jeremy who dressed the same way is not a slutboy skank.

If its NOT CHRISTIAN for a 12 year old, please explain why i IS CHRISTIAN for the 12 year old's older brother?

lucas said...

Craw said, " My favorite of these is Zach giving Jake the beat down. lol. Much deserved."

Seriously, what happened in your childhood to make you so angry? Your post shows serious character deficits. Most bullies have low self esteem. Maybe you were one of the not so nurtured children who also thought it was 'much deserved' to pick on Zach at his own birthday party?

I'm sorry you're parents didn't give you the love you needed. People that have this attitude in high school often end up being not so very different in years to come..

Difference is --- it's not viewed as being cool or awesome or whatever.., you're looked at as the biggest loser around.. chew on that.

Anonymous said...

Zach picks on Jake because he's been picked on.

Tashapork said...

My problem with Jacob's pants wasn't so much that he had them falling down, because kids that age often don't pay attention to things like that but that the adults allowed it during filming and that TLC didn't have the decency to blur it out like they blur our brand names that they don't want. I also wonder that if Jeremy and Zach were being filmed during the ages that Jacob has been if peoples' opinion of them would be different.

Jocelynn said...

Tashapork, good thoughts as usual.

"I also wonder that if Jeremy and Zach were being filmed during the ages that Jacob has been if peoples' opinion of them would be different."

That's a great point. I really wish we could have seen Jeremy at the age Jacob has been on the show, since most of Jacob's harshest critics tend to be Jeremy fans for some reason.

Although I have to say, I don't understand the furor over that shot of Jacob or that picture of Jeremy for that matter. It's the style kids wear. Besides, boxer shorts are really just shorts. I guess I don't see the big cause for concern. When I was growing up, which wasn't that long ago, boys wore shorts that would pass as boxer shorts today. I am sure that my brother's soccer shorts back then are exactly the same as boxers today except they don't say "Joe Boxer" or whatever on the waistband.

If it was bare skin, then I could understand the uproar.

Jocelynn said...

Judy, re: the remote control.

I think the reason why Jacob was like that was because I honestly think Jacob didn't do it and knew Matt was blaming him unfairly. Later Matt immediately jumped to the conclusion that Jacob was the one who burnt the coffee table. To me, Jeremy sounds like the prime suspect. Perhaps Matt was right, but I think Jacob was innocent and knew Matt was blaming him anyway.

Erin said...

Craw, I don't blame Jake for calling Jeremy an idiot and sulking.

Jeremy and his friends (and Zach when with his friends although at least Zach does spend one on one time with Jake) told Jake to get out of the van. They told him he wasn't allowed to come. I can understand why an 11 year old would be feeling sad and sulk after being ordered out of the vehicle.

I thought Jeremy was the one acting like a jerk. Jeremy called Jake an idiot. Is Jeremy so dense and so void of empathy that he can't understand why Jake would be feeling down after being ordered out of the vehicle?

jkf12 said...

Jake is definately getting better looking as he gets older.

Brenda said...

In the remote video, listen to the sound of screaming kids in the home as Matt and Amy are on screen and talk about confronting Jacob. It sounds like kids screaming at an amusement park. Totally out of control.

Lynn said...

Jocelynn, I disagree. I would bet anything that Matt was right and Jake was guilty. Why would you think he wouldn't lie? We have seen that kid lie before.

Anonymous said...

"I don't care what anybody says, a 12 year old boy should not be parading his bare nothing but boxers butt to a television audience and now to the world wide web. Jeremy may dress like that in the privacy of his friends, but he has not done in front of millions. He is also not a 12 year old. A 12 year old Christian boy should not be looking like that."

You can't be serious. You have far too much time on your hands if you see anything sexual in Jacob, in any shape or form.

Judy said...

That is the point. There should be nothing sexual about Jacob. He should not be looking like he is trying out for the Junior Chipendales. He is a 12 year old boy in a Christian boy and should not be strutting around with his underwear showing and his butt hanging out for the world to see.

Rap, I believe we have been through this before. How many times must it be explained.

1. Jeremy is not a 12 year old. He is a 19 year old. Would you approve of a 12 year old girl wearing the same clothes and style of a 19 year old girl? I hope not.

2. No matter how much you insist, Jeremy did not parade around on television like that. It was a still picture of him hanging out in his driveway with his friends. It was on a personal site and fans found it. That is not the same as Jacob strutting around in front of the camera as he did. Regardless though, there is a difference between a young man Jeremy's age and Jacob. Weren't you making the point in another thread that Jeremy is a man and not a boy? If so, why are you comparing the dress of a 12 year boy to a man?

Where I come from, it's not appropriate to see a child look like Jacob does in that clip.

Jocelynn, I disagree about Jacob's guilt or innocence. Matt is the father and I believe Matt knows his children. If Matt felt Jacob was the culprit, I trust Matt's instincts. He is a smart man. However, it is the tone and the attitude that is all wrong. Jacob had NO right to speak to his father like that.

Peter said...

It's a good thing people think Jeremy is pretty. He takes a lighter to his brother's skin...And there are no words to describe:

"If you leave the head in, it will travel through your bloodstream to your heart, regrow its body and start eating you alive"...what an idiot.

Rap541 said...

Judy if it is the age of the boys and not the *manner of dress* that bothers you then you're being unfair. You're condoning it in Jeremy even though what bothers you is that its a sexualized form of dress. So you don't have a problem with Jeremy actually dressing this way, but that Jake is too young to dress this way. And that Jake was "struttin' and sluttin'" his wares to the public.

So explain to me, do you think Jake is an adult? He legally has no choice but to be on the show and his parents get final say in how they allow the slutboy skank to display his ass sexually (as you believe). Matt and Amy clearly have no problem with this. And please do not attempt to pass this all onto Amy. *Matt* is a parent and a producer and has no problem with either of his boys dressing as slut boy skanks.

And honestly, if you believe that this is sexualizing Jake... I am shocked you have no problem wih Jeremy dressing in a sexualized manner. I mean, he was 17. You think Jake at 12 is *sexually inappropriate* because of how he dresses inside his home, but the same style of dress is ok for the 17 year old to be outside, with friends?

I don't understand how "outdoors, with friends, with photos on the internet" somehow is "Jeremy being private", nor do I understand how a 17 year od hanging his butt out his pants is Christian. I also point out that again, Matt and Amy clearly have no problem with *Jeremy* dressing this way.

See, if you were concerned about Jake's *age* and his style of dress, since he is just 12, you'd be assigning some blame to both his parents. Since you're acting as though Jake is an adult, then his age has nothing to do with it, in theory you just don't like the style of dress. But you condone the style of dress in Jeremy.

Which means this isn't about age or style of dress, its finding a reason to justify calling a 12 year old names like "slut" and "skank".

Rap541 said...

Btw Judy, your answer does basically come down to "its ok for Jeremy to dress slutty because he's a teen".

I'd also point out that picking up trash in one's home is hardly "strutting like a chippendales dancer".

Lynn - my point of disagreement with you, and agreement with Jocelynn is that there's really no evidence as to which kid did what, in either the remote incident or the table burning. There were a LOT of kids running around the house, and while I am not pointing a finger at Jeremy or Zach either (I honestly think there's a possibility it wasn't a Roloff kid at all considering the party atmosphere) I do have multiple episodes of this show where Jeremy and Zach are gleefully destructive around their home.

Matt's method of random accusation and punishment isn't great - I preferred his idea of hauling all four kids in and asking who burnt the table but apparently he wasn't concerned enough to actually do some parenting.

Jesús M said...

Jake is a good kid, his behavior is product of the lack of attention and love, I honest think that he’s paying for the consequences for the worst family values that really T.V has show us, the good thing is he have good grades and if he keep the good work he would go to College and leave that horrible place that the Roloff call home.

And how do I know Jake is a good kid well I espend a lot of summers as a in summer camps and with the time you can tell which kids are just a mess and which ones are just lost….

I stop watching the show 2 seasons ago … sometimes I like to visit spirits but the true is that Jeremy and Matt fans are really creepy how they can follow a person so selfcenter, racist and mediocre.

Judy said...

Rap, I don't appreciate your line of questioning. You have your opinion. I have mine.

I have never seen Jeremy prance across my television screen as I saw Jacob. I certainly didn't see that when he was 12. In my world, based on my values, it is not appropriate for a 12 year old to dress like that and at 12 the kid should know better. I hope Matt and Amy did punish him later. I can't think of one 12 year old that I know, from my son's Christian school or from my Church who would be seen as Jacob was.

Rap541 said...

Judy - would you want your seventeen year old son to dress with his boxer covered buttocks hanging out AS JEREMY DRESSED?

Do you consider it appropriate for a 17 year old to display his boxer covered buttocks?

These aren't hard questions. You have a problem with a 12 year "sluttin' and skankin'"his buttocks. You feel Jake was being sexual, right? You found his buttocks covered by boxer shorts at 12 years of age "sexual". You described it as Jake being sexual.

You also make no comment when asked why you assign adult blame to a 12 year old. Which says a *great deal* about your bias.

So Jeremy "sluts n struts" his boxered buttocks outdoors where people clearly can take pictures. Do you approve of him doing so? Yes or No. Would you allow your own 17 year old son to dress as Jeremy did? Yes or No?

That you are willing to judge Jake very harshly and won't state your opinion on Jeremy says a great deal about your actual opinion.

Oh and any comment on Matt's parenting or Amy's parenting since both are aware that their 12 year old was "slutting himself" on tv? Seems like if you have a problem with Jake being sexual on a show about LP awareness, you might have a problem with the parents (and producers) condoning the Chippendales dance that has you so hot and bothered.

Lynn said...

Judy, I'm in full agreement. Jacob looks trashy.

Jacob should watch those clips. Maybe he would learn that if he try so hard to annoy his brothers they (Jeremy) might be more inclined to include him.

Melanie said...

How many times has Jaoob been knocked unconscious? Two or three or more? That could account for some of his problems. People who suffer multiple head injuries sometimes are "off" a little.

M said...

We've all seen Jeremy boxers on the show. There was even a episode where they have a snow day and Jeremys walking around in just his boxers at 16-17? Jeremys not innocent of it.

Anonymous said...

Why are you all being so judgemental towards a 12 year old boy? Stop picking on the kid! He's a kid and does not deserve so-called adults trashing him.

Jim W said...

This is the one that proves that Matt and Amy were right when they called Jacob their most challenging kid, though all those videos are evidence of that.

All kids talk back at home sometimes, but I've seen one Roloff kid be out right rude in public. Doing it at home is one thing, but to and in front of the waiter is another thing. I would have sent him back to the car and in an hour when he starts complaining that he's starving, tell him no and to shut up. That's how a kid learns. He has no appreciation. Some kids don't get out to those types of restaurants evenonce a year and this kid is acting like that.

Judy said...

Jim, I couldn't agree more! I would have smacked that kid after Matt asked him if he wanted him to ask if they would make him a grilled cheese sandwich. Jake's tone and expression was completely unacceptable.

I notice that despite apparently being sick earlier, Jeremy was not making a scene or trying to be miserable to ruin it for all.

Judy said...

M, I don't consider the example you're citing of Jeremy to be similar at all.

That was during the time of the remodel. Jeremy was forced to sleep on the floor in the living room entrance way. It was in the morning, his friends jumped on him. He stood up and walked over to his pile of clothes to put his jeans on. When he put his pants on, his boxers were not hanging out of his pants showing his butt to the world.

Jake walked through the room twice and for the entire clean up with his jeans down around his upper thighs.

They were not comparable.

NJC said...

Of course they're not comparable at all. Because the Messiah I mean Jeremy can do no wrong and Satan Jacob can do no right.

They were both woken up early in the morning. Both walked around their own home with their underwear showing. Neither went out of their way to cover up. But no not comparable at all.

It's underwear. Big flipping deal. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Rap you sound really angry. Could you be taking the show too seriously? Take a deep breath and calm down. Maybe a nice vacation will help.

Anonymous said...

I would like to report Raps post. It's sick!!!

NJC said...

Rap, I've found that trying to keep track of all the double standards applied to Jeremy and Jacob will just make your head hurt. It's best to simplify them:

Jake did it = horrible, bratty, psychotic, slutty and inexcusable.
Jeremy did it = give the poor boy a break you're all just jealous Christian haters.

I mean how else can you explain the vastly different reactions to two kids doing the exact same thing, showing their underwear. One is excoriated and the other defended.

Or how is it that when Matt, without evidence, accuses Jacob of taking the remote, it's all about how Matt knows his kids. He has good instincts. "If Matt felt Jacob was the culprit, I trust Matt's instincts". But when Matt accuses Jeremy of damaging the Mercedes? It's a whole other story. Nothing about his great instincts then. Just excuse after excuse for Jeremy.

You'll probably take some heat for the coarseness of your post, but I understand you were just exaggerating your language to make the point. When you mentioned selling sex though, I couldn't help thinking about the new opening of the show. There's a reason why Jeremy is shirtless twice in it, and it has nothing to do with showing what a fine example of a young man he is. Sex sells and the producer admitted as much on here.

Judy said...

Rap, this will be my last post to you. I am surprised you are permitted to post here. You use ludicrous hyperboyle, exaggeration and coarse language.

It is quite simple. Many of us are Christian. We don't feel it is right for a 12 year old boy to walk around in front of television cameras with his jeans wrapped around his thighs and his underwear fully exposed.

It does look trashy or "skanky". And totally inappropriate for a 12 year old. He does look like something that I'd imagine the Junior edition of the Chippendales would *look* like.
That's as far as it goes. Nothing about selling sex to the audience. You're ridiculous and offensive. The look is not what a 12 year old in a Christian family should be portraying to the world.

It does fall on Jacob because he is choosing to dress this way. He must think he looks cool. Perhaps this is the style of dress that Taylor prefers? Whatever, it is not appropriate for a 12 year old Christian boy.

For the fourth and final time, Jeremy is not a 12 year old and Jeremy does not have a scene similar to that.

NJC, It was not comparable. I stated the reasons. Jeremy merely stood up from his slumber and walked 5 steps across the room to put on his jeans. Jacob was dressed or obviously thought he was dressed. He had his jeans below his butt.

A 12 year old should not look like that. End of story.

Judy said...

NJC, While I don't know if that was their intention with the new opening, being without a shirt is not as offensive for a 19 year old guy as it for a 12 year old to be only wearing boxer shorts with his jeans around his thighs.

Rap541 said...

"There's a reason why Jeremy is shirtless twice in it, and it has nothing to do with showing what a fine example of a young man he is. Sex sells and the producer admitted as much on here."

I agree. And that point is proven every time someone starts the "but Jeremy should have his own show, he's so HOT" talk.

I am being intentionally course with my language, to make a very real point.

1) It's the group of fans here who claim to be "Christian" who began calling Jake Roloff "slutty" and "skanky" because he was "sexual" so until I see those comments about a 12 year old rescinded, I really don't think anyone has the right to complain. Calling a 12year old a slutty skank should be out of line, and certainly *would* be out of line if poor widdle boy Jeremy was on the firing line.

2) You're absolutely right about the double standard. I've heard "poor Jeremy was just a boy, he didn't know he was hurting anyone" for years concerning his language. If Jeremy, who does not appear to be mentally challenged and who was not raised outside of society can get away with "I didn't know n=word meant anything bad" at 17 because he's too much of an innocent little boy to understand his words.... I really don't understand why Jake is accountable.

Well, I do. Some Jake fans have said Jake will be better looking as an adult (possible but remains to be seen) and therefore Jake has to be torn down since no one can ever be better at anything than Jeremy.

Except Molly, at school, and funny how all of a sudden Molly's getting called out as a rude little bitch for her horrible "not praising Jeremy enough for what Zach did".

Completely agree on Matt. If Matt has such great instincts then Jeremy deserves as little benefit of the doubt over the car gouge as Jake got over the remote. Matt said Jeremy did it, why is anyone questioning Matt?

Oh right, because *Jeremy* is involved and *Jeremy* is *perfect*.

Ashley said...

"There's a reason why Jeremy is shirtless twice in it, and it has nothing to do with showing what a fine example of a young man he is."

Well, that could have just been coincidence. Didn't the old opening used to show Zach shirtless driving a tractor? I didn't think they were selling sex then, so I'm just trying to be fair :)

Although being impartial, the part on the bike seems to fit with normal footage, but the other is a little more suspect, but it does show him smiling which is what they want during the credits when they put their name on screen.

Rap541 said...

Judy - so Jake is a man at 12 and responsible for all of his actions since he's old enough to know better, correct?

So he's more mature and more of a man than Jeremy, who at 14-17, is a boy who has no idea what he is saying and can't held responsible for his racist comments?

That IS what you're saying. Jake is a man and has to own his own actions. Jeremy is a boy who isn't responsible for anything he does.

Btw Judy - if you're offended by "slut" and "skank" perhaps you could stop using those terms as well?

Expressed said...

The new opening is just the producers being smart. If the show was only about dwarfism and education it would have been cancelled 4 seasons ago. I think Spirits has even said that about half of all things people search for about the Roloffs are about Jeremy's "attractiveness" in some way. The producers know that and are just giving the people what they want.

And I say "Thank you"! :)

Jim W said...

Rap, cut the act. There is a difference between saying someone looked "skanky" and the way you repeat it.

Expressed said...

I have to chime in about Matt's accusations. I'll willingly admit that it's obvious Jeremy is Matt's favorite so he's going to have a natural bias, but in how people commented about it?

It's different. Matt said he suspected Jacob took the remote.

Matt said Jeremy scratched the car. Nobody in the comments on here really doubted that Jeremy was the one who had the car our when it was scratched. People were only saying that it was probably done in a parking lot by a careless driver or passenger and not necessarily because Jeremy was bad driver or was street car racing.

Nobody was doubting that Matt was right about Jeremy being the one who had the car out.

Matt seems to have a better and more realistic read on the kids than Amy does. I'll agree with Matt when he said he thought Jeremy was the one who would break the rules for being home alone when they were leaving on their trip.

It's not like Matt acts like Jeremy is an angel (only in the book and newsletters!) so if he thought Jake messed with the remote and burnt the coffee table, I'm betting that he was probably right.

Rap541 said...

No, there isn't, Jim. If "slutty" and "skanky" are wrong, they are wrong when its "Jake is slutty and skanky and not Christian" and wrong when used like "Matt accepted money to show his son dressed like a skanky slut boy".

Judy said it was about Jake being sexual. She found the scene *sexual*. I didn't, but Judy saw Jake and thought he was "strutting like a chippendales dancer". That's sexual, and lets all not pretend now that some people weren't calling Jake sexual. Sexual and unchristian, so just what was Jake trying to accomplish?

I mean, it can't possibly be a dumb fashion choice, no, Jake was being "slutty" and "skanky" and "sexual". Jim, you know what a "slut" is, right? When Judy et al are calling Jake a slut, what comes to mind?

For the folks who may not know - a slut is someone who pretty much will have sex with anyone. That's what Jake is being called. That's also pretty much what skank means. SO lets not suddenly be all up in arms.

Anonymous said...

rap is crazy!!

Jim W said...

No, there is. They said he **looked** slutty. Somehow you've twisted that into people saying he's a prostitute. Judy made her point clear for anybody who is an adult and capable of rational debate and thought.

You just like to rant and rave so that all of the talk becomes about you and then you'll receive all of the attention.

Kind of like how Jacob acts on the show and probably for the same reasons. LOL!

Rap541 said...

Jim -what does lookin slutty and skanky mean? Why is it unchristian? Judy's point is that he looked like a slut and a skank.... My point? His dad and mom got money for it, and clearly had NO PROBLEM with him dressing like a slut and skank.

Judy also said it was sexual and unchristian. So when its pointed out that the Golden Boy clearly has dressed the same way... suddenly its only slutty and skanky and sexual when a prebuescent boy dresses that way.... the 17 year old with a man's body? Not sluttin' and struttin'.

Seriously, Jim - did you think "slutty, chippendales strut" when you saw Jake? Seriously? That's the first thing that popped into your mind? So much so that while clearly Jake's parents have no problem with him dressing this way, you believe he's an adult and should be treated as a responsible adult who knows right from wrong, and therefore should be namecalled "slutty" and "skanky" by adults?

While Jeremy meanwhile, is a boy making mistakes and no one should judge him ever?

Jim - in all seriousness,do you see the double standard?

Rap541 said...

Btw - if slut and skank are just bad words, then I respectfully point out that no one had a problem when "slut" and "skank" were first used here to describe a 12 year old. Funny that. Now all of a sudden, its wrong?

NJC said...

"NJC, It was not comparable. I stated the reasons. Jeremy merely stood up from his slumber and walked 5 steps across the room to put on his jeans. Jacob was dressed or obviously thought he was dressed. He had his jeans below his butt."

Um no Judy, they both were woken up and walked around their own house in their underwear. They both got dressed after the fact. Jacob was not dressed like that for the day. He did not go outside like that. By the end of that clip he is fully dressed.

If underwear is such a huge deal why didn't Jeremy cover himself with a blanket? Why did he strut over to get his pants? Why didn't his parents make damn sure that the TV show didn't have permission to film their children in their underwear? Probably because being seen in one's underwear in the proper context really isn't a reason to get bent out of shape. Whether it's an 18yo or a 12yo.

With respect to my claim that Jeremy is shirtless twice in the opening because sex sells, that's not an educated guess on my part. The producer said as much in an interview posted here.

Anonymous said...

Jacob showed no more skin then the times he's walked around in a bathing suit. Leave the poor kid alone.

Craw said...

There's way too much talk about the boxers clip. The good one is Zach kicking Jake's butt after he wouldn't stop harassing Mueller.

Or the clip where he's really obnoxious and under his breath calls Jeremy an idiot when Jeremy was telling him want he wanted to hear if he had stopped pouting for a second. I notice the "Jake fans" defend him about that.

Laura said...

When Jacob broke his wrist, I never understood why they acted like it was such a tragedy that he thought he couldn't swim in the pool at the twins party. Someone needs to tell teach the Roloff kids the old Rolling Stones song


lucas said...

Craw thinks its 'awesome' for older kids to beat up younger ones... It's sort of sad that you have this view. Is it possible that in your house mom and dad didn't encourage much cohesiveness between siblings? I guess the reason it's sad is relationships learned in the home often contribute to the way you feel about others. If you can't treat a brother or sister with love and respect, how on earth can you do the same to people you're not even related to?
I feel sorry for you Craw. Too bad you never learned what great bonds could be established between brothers and sisters. It doesn't bode well for your future.

Craw said...

[[rolling my eyes]]...Lucas, sometimes little brats need to be put in their place by older brothers. Jacob makes a habit out of annoying his siblings and their friends. They ask him to stop, he doesn't. It's a good brotherly lesson. I actually wish Jeremy would do it sometimes or if he does, that they would show it.

Your way raises out of control kids who never know when to quit.

Julie said...

I do think that Jacob tends to be a bratty crybaby. HOWEVER, watching all these clips in a row, the overall impression that I get is that he's just starved for attention. Youngest kid, constantly overlooked, etc. I feel sorry for him, despite his bratty tendencies.

I don't think there was any excuse for Zach to start physically fighting with him. So what if Jacob was being a brat? Zach is 7 (?) years older and should have been the bigger person.

I don't have any younger siblings, but one of my friends has a sister who is 9 years younger and a brother who is 12 years younger. She spends a lot of time with them, and doesn't treat them half as badly as the way the older Roloff siblings can treat Jacob. (And wouldn't you know it, her younger brother and sister are very sweet kids, maybe because they don't have to constantly scrabble for attention the way Jacob does.)

Anonymous said...

"Jacob makes a habit out of annoying his siblings and their friends. They ask him to stop, he doesn't. It's a good brotherly lesson."

Okay, so beating up your much younger sibling (it's not like Jake was only a year or two younger) = good brotherly lesson? Got it.

Honestly, that is just sad. I hope you don't have any younger siblings.

Anonymous said...

Lucas, what do you expect from a bully? Craw is only stating it in terms she knows & respects. I've little doubt she not only practices this with her siblings, but anyone at school not considered *cool*. It will only stop when she bullies the wrong person & they respond by bouncing her nose off the lockers on the opposite side of the school hallway. Bullies keep bullying until they get their noses bloodied. That's all they understand.

lucas said...

calling children "little brats" is never a good lesson. How about building some confidence in children? My parents never referred to us as brats. I'm sorry if the lesson learned in your house was that degrading children was a positive thing. My guess is that your father thought that was a great thing.. break the cycle now Mr. Craw. (I'm a little past eyerolling sweetheart, and way past trying to reeducate you) good luck .

mary meghan said...

CRAW, are you an abusive parent?

Greg said...

In defense of Zach he is shorter than Jacob now and Jacob clearly picks fights with Zach because he`s a dwarf. He doesn't with Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

right anon 8:58 PM, people that live in small towns/sheltered areas/ very small high-schools often have these attitudes. Put these kids in an urban school district, with a graduating class of 600---how soon they will learn to keep their mouths shut. Again, its a case of kids that think they're big fish in a very small pond.

Lynn said...

I can't believe people are defending Jacob from being called a brat. That's what he is. He is terrible spoiled, rude and disrespectful.

lucas said...

Lynn, he was brought into this earth an innocent child, who do you hold responsible for his behavior? Parents? Parents are responsible for their childrens behavior. Thank M&A for that.

Expressed said...

I agree with you Lynn. Its no secret Jake is my least favorite. I don't care for Zach sometimes too but at least he has a sense of humor about himself sometimes. It's hard for me to find anything that I like about Jake.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Roloff parents... this is what you created.... don't blame children for the sin of their parents.

lucas said...

Ex, please don't ever become a parent.

Lynn said...

I disagree. Jeremy doesn't behave like Jacob. Molly doesn't behave like Jacob. Matt and Amy recognize that Jacob presents more challenges than any of the other 3 kids. That should be plain to see.

lucas said...

I've known moms and dads that got just a little bit weary when dealing with their younger children. No free pass, no excuses.. If you choose to bring children into the world you should devote as much time to your last as you did your first. Case in point grades in school. A admitted that by highschool she loses control of homework and such. Very classic, but no excuse. (did Jacob have as many pictures taken of him as a baby as his older brothers?) doubtful. I'd guess the same could be surmisssed about the attention he received.

Brandon said...

Lucas that's a good point about the number of pictures taken. You can see that by the birthday parties and gifts Jer and Zach usually get compared to Jake. Jer and Zach have a special place being the first borns and Amy's life long dream and purpose in life fulfilled. Molly is the only girl. Then there is Jake.

Rap541 said...

Honestly, it is a bit noticable that the twins (and Molly) are lavished with attention and material goods, in comparision to Jake. I can think of one thing that was an exampe for Jake and just for Jake, and that was Space Camp (where he seemed well behaved and popular among the new little friends he made).

I'm honestly off put by Amy's stated view that she's pretty much done parenting and moving on with her life with Matt now that the twins are out of school, and Matt's whole "I don't have a reason to get up unless there's a project"view.

Because there's two minor kids in the house.

Rap541 said...

"I can't believe people are defending Jacob from being called a brat. That's what he is. He is terrible spoiled, rude and disrespectful."

Actually Jeremy, Zach, and Molly are all just as rude and disrespectful. I think it's pretty bratty to let one's friends trash one's home and then be all ticked about having to clean up (all FOUR of the kids were none too pleased at picking up their own mess). I think its rude and disrespectful to snot "S-e-n-i-o-r" and turn your back and walk away when a parent is asking you a question. Was Jeremy lovingly respecting Matt there? Or was he being a rude brat? How about Jer scratchingt he car up and respecfully and lovingly not saying a word? Was he "respecting" the expensive property? Or being a rude spoiled brat who breaks a new toy and won't even fess up to dad?

All of the Roloff kids act like spoiled brats. I can cite examples of Zach and Molly as well.

Lynn said...

Don't defend him Rap. Jacob is the worst of the bunch. All kids can be brats sometimes, but Jacob takes it to the extreme.

NJC said...

I'd love to see how saintly some of you judgmental folks would look if your life was filmed from age seven on up.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - in case you missed it, the only defense Jake got from me is that his brothers and sister are also spoiled. And rude. And brats.

Oh, and disrespectful.

Ever hear the song in Charlie and Chocolate Factory "Who do you blame when your child is a brat"? Because thats ALL the Roloff kids.

Disillustioned said... surprises me that any of you can seriously degrade a 12 year old. Do you people have no decency?

Let him be the kid that he is and move on with your lives people. How would you like it if someone was talking trash about your 12 year old who, by the way, is only acting like a normal 12 year old?


Dana said...

NJC, Jeremy does not behave as badly as Jake. He has been filmed for the same amount of time.

How about we deal in facts. Does Jake act like a brat? Is he disrespectful? Does he annoy his siblings? Does he cry and sulk? Is he a wonderful kid who is a joy to be around and always helps others and shows respect to his elders?

There are videos posted here. 13 videios. They are all from different times with different circumstances. Shall we walk through the

1. His lack of clothing has been addressed. He helped made the mess, but appears moody and needs to be told by Molly not to throw the garbage on the table, that he must put it in the bag.

2. He is deplorable. He most likely did something he knows Matt does not want him doing (moving the remote). He disrespects Matt by talking back to him and copping an attitude.

3. Not much to say here. Yet another injury.

4. He is very rude to a guest in his home, who happens to be his big brother's best friend. He is given multiple warnings to cut it out, he refuses. When it gets physical, he loses, cries and then pleads innocent to Amy (he was not innocent). I don't like how Zach handled it either. Zach has his problems too, that's what Jeremy stand out among the Roloff kids.

5.Not too much here. Jeremy and Zach are nice enough to include him. Instead of thanking them, he starts to get negative and complains about the times he wasn't allowed to go with them instead of being thankful for the moment that was happening then.

6. Not much to comment on. He seemed to do well for playing against bigger kids. Zach said that they (Zach and Jeremy) made the decision to bring him to the game because they were feeling guilty for what happened before...his pouting worked?

7. He should not have been playing at all if he wasn't up to it. He gets involved and although it is hard for me to tell what happened, it sounds like he was disrupting the game by refusing to kick the ball, forcing Jeremy to run over and get it himself. After he accidentally gets hit by Jeremy, he cries and then attempts to blame Jeremy. I probably should not even ask the question, but is there anyone who really believes Jake's version of what happened? Jeremy aimed at his broken wrist and intentionally belted the ball at it? He needs to stop blaming others. He wonders why Jeremy is reluctant to include him?

8. One of the worst and typical Jacob. He annoys Molly on the computer, then turns his attention to Jeremy. Tries to invade on Jeremy and his friend's private conversation (Jeremy is standing behind the door for a reason). He then tries to annoy Jeremy by hanging onto his leg. He really should know better at age 11. He then storms away pouting when told that he couldn't go with them and ends it by disrespcting Jeremy with name calling. If anyone doubts that Jacob is a brat, I suggest you watch that clip again.

9. Not much to say about this. They play soccer. He won so he didn't get upset. They had fun.

10. What he did was extremely dangerous and stupid. He could have been killed if he had slipped which is not out of the realm of possibilities.

11. Not a lot to say, he doesn't do much. Jeremy and Mueller took control of the situation. I was impressed he didn't get upset. He showed some humor when Jeremy went at him with the lighter. That was refreshing to see.

12.Brat? Enough said. Listen to the way he talks to Molly and after he scratched up his side.

13. Shopping...there is no words to describe that. It is wrong and disrespectful on so many levels. To Molly, to Amy, to any other customers in the store, to the store itself. An 11 year old should not behaving like that in public. It's horrendous.

There are 13 clips of Jacob. He is not called a brat without good reason.

Dana said...

"by the way, is only acting like a normal 12 year old?"

I'm sorry to say, but my previous post is not the actions of a typical 12 year old.

Remember that Molly, Zach and Jeremy have all commented negatively on Jacob's behavior towards them. Matt and Amy describe him as their most challenging child. If you pay attention, you can see how frustrated he makes Matt. Matt did not flip a coin and decide that Jeremy makes him proud and Jake makes him frustrated. His feelings are based on how they behave.

Rap541 said...

Dana - how would you describe a normal 12 year old?

and "as Jeremy" is not really an answer.

I also ask - because you can and will throw this in my face when I cite 13 examples of Jeremy acting badly on the show - do you realize you're only seeing a highly edited portion of Jake's life where the worst moments are picked out for drama? Just like Jeremy?

Why, when Jeremy snots off to his dad and disrespectfully walks away (there's a number of examples), is it always editing?

But Jake is rude on a highly edited show and therefore although you only see a small highly edited portion, you confidently state you know he's Matt's least loved child?

And honestly, what impeteous does this 12 year old responsible adult have to change? He's an child, being judged by adults *as an adult*. He's not allowed a moment of stupid behavior without "and thats why he's the least of his famuily" being posted. He acts like the older siblings? The older siblings are never cited for the same behavior. Jer wears his undys out? no big deal. Jake does it? Jake is a horrible unchristian monster. Jake smiles in a photo? He's a horrible monster for smiling. He cries? he's 12 and a man and men don't cry!

Seriously Dana, the kid is a brat because his mother and father are raising him like a spoiled puppy - just like they did the older kids. Frankly the older kids all have nasty sass mouths and none would last long in my parents home without getting called on their rude, spoiled behavior.

NJC said...

"NJC, Jeremy does not behave as badly as Jake. He has been filmed for the same amount of time."

Seriously Dana? A 19 year old doesn't act as bratty as a 12yo? I'm shocked. Are you for real? They are not equals. One is an adult and one is a little kid. Heck by your logic, Matt has been filmed the same amount of time. He doesn't behave as badly as Jacob either. Should have used him as an example too.

I know you have some kind of rule that Jeremy must be praised in every post, but this really isn't about him. Of course living in your Jeremy-centric world you missed the whole point. The point is, just how many of you judgmental folks would come out smelling like a rose if we had your entire 7-12 year old life on film? Let he without sin etc. But since you felt the need to bring Jeremy into this, let me just make the obvious point. Jeremy was not filmed from the age of 7-12. The only reference I've seen to him in that age range was when that reporter happened to mention that he pouted because he lost a soccer game. You remember the article. The Jeremites were all ready to string that poor writer up simply because she had the unmitigated gall to mention that a pouting child was pouting. I'd say the double standard was shocking but nothing in the way your crew twists reality to fit your needs shocks me anymore.

Finally, as for Matt and Amy describing Jacob as their most challenging child, there's a good reason for that. They checked out of parenting him. They go from place to place giving speeches and letting him fend for himself. Any moron can see he's starved for attention. From what I've seen he lost his only parent when Mike died.

p.s. Sorry I didn't answer each of your comments on the various video clips but I honestly couldn't stomach reading any more of your delusional ramblings.

Lynn said...

Dana, excellent job. I don't think I could come up with 13 clips of Jacob acting properly, but I can think of many more like these that weren't posted here. He has earned his reputation as a brat.

THe good thing is he can change. It's time to start. A start would be showing more respect for Matt.

Rod said...

A good start would be Matt & Amy being PARENTS instead of buddies..........

Expressed said...

Rod, whenever I see Jake now, I think of your very apt description of him in the texting episode..."Non-stop brattitude from opening credits to closing credits."

Brattitude, great word :)

lucas said...


Jeremy-centric & Jeremites, great words :)

Rod said...

Expressed - Do you align yourself with Craw then, that beating him up just for laughs is *cool*? I hope not. I have to agree with Lucas, Anon 8:58 & Anon 10:37. Her statement is nothing more than that of a bully. I Thought better of you.

Matt said...

the editor of the show and the parents are at fault no the kid he was just doing what his parent told him to do, clean up.

Yes he is a big brat and mean to his parents, but in this case he did nothing wrong and Matt and Amy should be at fault

Lynn said...

Jacob looked ridiculous at the graduation. Was that a red jump suit?!? I wouldn't let my son go out to the backyard dressed like that, let alone for his brothers graduation.

Craw said...

Lynn, actually I think his pants were! Jake humiliates the family once more, what is new?

NJC said...

You're right. He looked very similar to how his big brother likes to dress.

Rap541 said...

I assume he gets his fashion sense from Jeremy "Pink girlie shirt and overalls" Roloff... :)

More importantly... 12 year old sitting next to mom and later dad... neither said a word. They're parents condoning his dress. If they're humilated - well, Matt and Amy both certainly allow their son to dress that way, right Lynn? You have a problem with a minor child's dress, therefore you do have a problem with *Matt and Amy's* parenting decisions, correct? Since Jake isn't an adult and his parents do allow it?

Jim W said...

Lynn, Craw, worse than what Jacob was wearing was his behavior during the ceremony. He doesn't behave. I remember for Mike's funeral he was rocking back and forth, looked bored out of his skull.

Same thing through graduation. During Jeremy's emotional address, Jacob was squirming around in his seat chewing gum. Show some respect. He was 12 not 6.

Anonymous said...

Just read these comments and I had to comment. "Christian" in the terms some people are using them here is ridiculous. Being Christian has nothing to do with how someone is dressed or not. Someone can be Christian and dressed in the barest of rags, it has nothing to do with how somebody is dressed. Being Christian is a set of values related to the actions of a person, not if someone's underwear is showing.

Boxers nowadays are just like swimsuits, would someone be so offended if Jacob was wearing a swimsuit around the house? No. It's just underwear, there's nothing scandalous about underwear. Given the level of dirtiness in that home, I say be glad the kid was wearing underwear at all and didn't have nothing to wear because nobody does laundry around that pigsty. To glorify and exalt Jeremy while blindly chastising Jacob for WALKING AROUND HIS HOUSE is ridiculous. It's his house, he doesn't dictate what gets shown on TV. He was cleaning around his house, his pants were not pulled all the way up, oh my God, that's sexual! No it's not, it's only sexual if YOU see something sexual in it and if you do, that's being quite judgmental of all of you, isn't it?

Now tell me, being judgmental, how Christian is that?

Anonymous said...

what the hell is wrong with you people? YOu all are seriously ill. Christians are the most intolerant, most ignorant people I have ever met in my life. Get a life. Truly

AussieMum said...

The only thing I've noticed about the TLC christians is that they all love MONEY. Not very godlike is it?

As Matt said on that trip back to Oregan with the V-dub...."You can never have enough MONEY"

Cody said...

Good Lord People.....Jacob is just a boy. Sure sometimes he acts like a spoiled little brat; but it is the way he is brought up. His mother babys him so much that he can't grow up. At least now his older brothers are starting to let him hang out with them. I think that will have a big influence on him to mature a little bit. I think he is an adorable kid. Each one of the people in this family have their own individual personality. I think it is great. I love this show and will miss it dearly when it is taken off the air. It's a shame that good TV like this has to be removed; but I guess the family needs to start living their own lives and have some privacy. I'm sure it gets old having the whole world knowing every move you make. When the parents have an arguement it's on TV. When one of the kids hits puberty; it's on TV. I mean...these poor people just about share everything they do with the world except for how many sheets of toilet paper they use when they go to the bathroom. YOU try living your life on TV with the whole world watching every move you make and see if you can be normal. I doubt it seriously. Actually I think they did quite well staying normal; especially the kids. It must be kinda tough having everybody around you...your friends and other family members...knowing everything you do. I admire this whole family. I especially admire the kids for the way they get along. You can see that they genuinely care about each other. There is not enough of that in this world today. As for can call him a brat or whatever you want; but I would love to have him as a son. There are times on that show where I just want to pick him up and give him a big hug. He is just like a little teddybear. Gonna miss you Jacob and the rest of your family. God be with you all.

Greg said...

Cody, I think you have it totally wrong.

"At least now his older brothers are starting to let him hang out with them."

That's not a good thing. A 13 year old hanging out with a bunch of 20 year olds that are in college? Is it any wonder why people say Jacob has an attitude? What kind of habits do you think a 13 year old will pick up hanging around 20 year olds?

philipem said...

I just found this web site and reaing some of these comments I wonder if any of you have siblings??!! I mean, who are you to complain about a boy walking around his own house in boxers and wanting to hang out with his older brothers?? I grew up in a house of seven kids, with four brothers and these kids are perfectly decent and normal kids. EASE UP PEOPLE!

bocaJ_naF said...

My first thought watching the scene where Matt can't find the TV remote:

... meanwhile, kids in Africa are suffering from starvation..."