Saturday, January 23, 2010

Martin Klebba Charity Event with Amy Roloff

The Spiritswander/Keeping Up With The Roloff Family staff (unpaid staff that is since we all make the same amount of money for maintaining this site; 0 cents :-)) received an invitation to attend Martin (Marty) Klebba's charity event on March 4th, 2010 in Warren, Michigan. Proceeds are for Marty's foundation CoDa Foundation and The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation.

We're passing along the details to all of you to spread the word for this worthy event because it is for a good cause and the more people attending and supporting the event the better. If you want to attend, you can contact the email below -- as long as the event is not sold out, I'm sure they would welcome the support. It's a very affordable price for a fun evening.

Amy Roloff will be in attendance as well.

Tickets are only $30 per person, which honestly is a great price and it is to support charity. Even if you are a primarily just a Roloff fan, consider that for some of Matt and Amy's speaking engagements, the cost of tickets can be upwards of $75 - $100 and of course the Roloffs have their deal at their Farm where it costs $300 for 30 minutes with a Roloff. So if you would like be in attendance with a Roloff for an evening and support charity for an affordable price, this would be a great way.

Details of Martin Klebba's Charity Event:

"Spotlight is fundraising to raise awareness and money for the Amy Roloff Foundation and CoDA, (Coalition of Dwarf Advocacy.. helps to find orphan dwarfs a loving home). Spotlight will be bringing Hollywood to Detroit for these two worthy causes. At the Spotlight event you will feel like a celebrity the minute you step out of your car. The red carpet awaits you, paparazzi taking your photos as you enter the festivities. Spotlight will be having a DJ, dancing, silent auction, raffle, hor dourves, , and a cash bar.

Booths will be set up to get your pictures taken with a movie backdrops and celebrity impersonators. Some of the themes for the booths will be Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Predator, and Beauty and the Beast.

Celebs that will be in attendance:
Martin Klebba
Amy Roloff (Little People Big World)
Jake Busey (Starship Troopers/ Tomcat/ Twister)
Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Seinfeld)
plus you will never know who may stop in.

Attire- Dressy, Dress to impress, or something clean
Must be 21 and older to attend
$30 a ticket per person

27500 Donald Court.
Warren, MI 48092 US

Phone: 877.985.3237 or email Colin at

If you are not able to attend, but would still like to support the cause you can make a small tax exempt donation you can here:

Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy
22115 NW Imbrie Drive
Box 317 Hillsboro, OR 97124

CoDA EIN is 20-5397605 (Tax ID # )

Just in case any casual Little People, Big World fans are unaware, Marty Klebba is an actor best known for his roles in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies and TV roles on Scrubs and guest roles on the 'CSI' series.

Marty has been on LPBW several times, usually for the LPA events and fulfilling the bad guy, Darth Vader type of role on the LA Breaker teams the competed against Zach's team at the DAAA games. Marty and Amy are long time friends from back in Michigan. Marty and Matt Roloff were co-founders of the charity CoDa (Colliation for Dwarf Advocacy) which was featured on a couple of episodes of LPBW. Viewers will be seeing Marty Klebba with the Roloffs in the next addition of new episodes (returns this April) as Marty was part of Zach's team -- The Statesmen who competed in the World Dwarf Games - 2009 in Belfast, Ireland -- and spent the week with the entire Roloff family and the rest of athletes and their families.

Here are some more of Marty's pictures.

Marty is rabid Raiders fan. With Eric and Jeff Manuel and other Raider fanatics

On the set of Pirates.

Marty Klebba and Orlando Bloom

For any WWE fans. Marty and Rowdy Roddy Piper

This is Marty's picture of Jeremy. Marty originally captioned this:
"My nephew Jeremy! Stud!"

Marty spent the week chilling with the Roloffs and the rest of the athletes at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast. LPBW fans will see these episodes when the show returns in April.

Marty's picture of Molly. Marty originally captioned this:
"My niece Molly!"

If you're interested in attending and supporting Martin Klebba's event on March 4th, 2010 in Warren, Michigan, you can call 877.985.3237 or email Colin at


M said...

That is pretty cheap to attend. Hopefully they'll be able to raise alot of money for both charitys.

Hey I wonder If Martys going to be in the next pirates of the caribbean movie?

Expressed said...

Alright Spirits! Go!

If Jeremy was going to be there and I lived closer, I would go too! :)

Maybe Jer will be one of the "You never know who will stop in" guests"? Then snatch him for an interview! :)

Sheri said...

Good luck to Marty. Personally, I think more should be made out of the fact CoDA was Matt's idea and would not exist without Matt Roloff.

I certainly hope that as a reviewer, Rap541 is not considered staff and will not be attending the event.

I do not think Amy or Marty would want Rap541, someone has criticized Jeremy James Roloff so much at their charity function.

Lauren said...

Nice pictures. It's wonderful how Marty and Amy give back to others.

lucas said...

Hope all have a great time and come back with lots of fun 'insider' info! It sounds like a fun event, and somewhat in our neck of the woods. Can't wait to read the 'recap'.

Jocelynn said...

Spirits interview Amy on the 'red carpet', TLC or Matt won't be able to interfere, it will be great :)

Carol said...

That's nice.

I didn't know that Marty was that close to the Roloff kids to call them neice and nephew.

Disillusioned said...

Marty is a nice dude.
All props to Marty and his organization!!!!!!!
I hope they do well!!!

p.s. this is a brand new twitter account set up for the readers of this blog to contact me personally for any reason.

Anonymous said...

what book is Molly reading there?

Jocelynn said...

I don't know what book it is, but it is a Ted Dekker book. He is a Christian author who writes suspense thrillers.

Cathy said...

I think this event for CoDa sounds like it will be fun. I wish I lived closer to MI. Does anyone know why Matt won't be attending? I hope he still is involved with this organization.

Anonymous said...

Actually, CoDA was Martys Idea, It was originally called the Martin Klebba Foundation. In order to get a 501ce Tax exempt ID #, he had to have a Board of Directors. Knowing that Matt, Being a close friend, was also President of LPA once, he asked Matt to take that seat. Martin is the VP along with other boards members John Morgan, and Rob Haines. Marty is also the one most active in trying to raise money for his cause. He is also paying out of his own pocket, for a New family to be able to attend the Convention this year in Nashville TN, who wouldn't be able to afford to attend. Martin wants them to see what it is about and be able to have their son meet with Drs that specialize in Dwarfism. He had heard that the family's pediatrician was giving the boy Growth Hormones. I think Martin is a true man, and loves helping others.

Sheri said...

No, Anonymous that is not correct. Matt was as instrumental in founding CoDA as anyone. Have you not watched the show? Have you not listened to Matt speak? He would not take credit for the foundation if he was not indeed responsible.

I am sick and tired of people trying to discredit or minimize the impact Matt Roloff has had on society and the enormous amount of good work he has done to help people with dwarfism.

No single individual in the last 20 years has done more for the cause of dwarfism and to help others than Matt Roloff and that includes Marty Klebba. Marty's contributions should not be forgotten or dismissed either, however I take offense to your statements that Marty is responsible for CoDA and Matt simply attached his name to it which is what you seem to be implying.

Rap541 said...

Sheri, you may want to check out this link

where Marty Klebba says:

"Cooper: You started an organization to benefit little people.

Klebba: It originally was called the Martin Klebba Foundation, but then upon further research I found out that you have to have a board of directors to get a 501(c) tax ID, so that way everything’s on the up-and-up. I don’t want anybody thinking that any donations were going into my pocket. One hundred percent of every dollar we get from donations goes to helping little people, whether it’s little-people couples or average-sized couples looking to adopt little people children from around the world, or maybe a little person who needs some accessibility features on a car or a home. "


Cooper: How long has CoDA been around?

Klebba: About two years. One of my great friends, Matt Roloff, who does the show Little People, Big World, is president, because he had prior experience as president of Little People of America. I’m the vice president. Sometimes I go out on movie shoots and I don’t have time to hold the reins, but he’s generally home filming the TV show and can be around a lot more than I can.

I am sick and tired of people demanding Matt Roloff be treated like he's the only advocate for dwarfs out there and I am sick and tired of Matt's fans reacting to any praise to anyone else as though Matt is being attacked. I'm no huge Marty Klebba fan but but he's NOT CRAP UNDER MATT'S SAINTLY SHOES DEAR GOD ONLY MATT ROLOFF DOES ANYTHING FOR DWARFS AND ANYONE WHO DARES SUGGEST OTHERWISE IS A LIAR!!!! MATT ROLOFF IS THE ONLY ADVOCATE FOR DWARFS ND ANY PRAISE FOR SOMEONE NOT MATT ROLOFF IS A LIE!!!

That was your point, Sheri? Matt should get all praise for CODA and Marty Klebba deserves none?

Sheri said...

Rap, you proved my point. The Anonymous poster was trying to minimize Matt's involvement and contributions to CoDA. My disgust is for people such as the Anonymous poster and individuals such as yourself. It is not Martin Klebba attempting to take all the credit for CoDA, it is the Anonymous poster.

It is all right there in the article you quoted. Matt is the President. Marty is the Vice-President. While Marty Klebba is shooting movies, Matt Roloff is handling the work involved.

"One of my great friends, Matt Roloff, who does the show Little People, Big World, is president, because he had prior experience as president of Little People of America. I’m the vice president. Sometimes I go out on movie shoots and I don’t have time to hold the reins, but he’s generally home filming the TV show and can be around a lot more than I can."

Rap541 said...

And the MartinKlebba Foundatio was created before CODA? What about that?

No one is minimizing Matt's contribution. you're the one minimizing everyone else's contributions. If Matt is so into CODA... please name the CODA events Matt went to in the last six months?

Rap541 said...

And Marty created the foundation, in that article I posted and you agreed is the truth, not Matt.

Or are you saying Marty is lying?

Anonymous said...

Look everyone, I was not trying to take any credit away from Matt, just stating that it was actually Marty who took on the Foundation idea first. Of course Matt is equally important. From what I have seen and know, Marty and Matt are very close and take this cause to the heart!

For your point, why is it that no one else can have been the Idealist, or as the Wizard of Oz would say..." The doer of Good deeds!" originally? Everything is always ROLOFFS this and that.

Another case in point... It was Marty's idea to see is Zack wanted to join and create the new team " The Statesmen" ( Marty came up with name, Jersey design and colors as well). They each picked guys they thought would play well together and leave the attitudes at home. If you are to read about the team, it's always ZACKS TEAM or the TLC Roloff team...Just another case in point where it looks like the TLC LPBW show as overtaken something to give them some good light!

No Matter...Matt, Zack and all the Roloffs are special and good people I will admit. Just wanted to state that MARTY is just as important to the cause's! Heck, some of the best episodes are with Marty involved in some way ...NO?

I also heard that Marty is flying the whole team out to his Home town of Troy Michigan to have a Fundraiser game vs a team comprised of Celeb friends of his. Taking place at his old high school. He's putting alot on the line in hopes he will make alot for CoDA! Not to mention the Charity event he is putting on also in Michigan with Amy Roloff and her Charity and CoDA raising Money at a Black Tie Red Carpet event that Marty is bringing Celebs for as well.

Love the Roloffs, but its ok to love others as well.

Rap541 said...

There's that as well, Anon. Matt does a lot of things but why is he the only one allowed to be aknowledged?

Anonymous said...

Dang he's Cut too! Good God, Any other Dwarfs with that good of body?

Anonymous said...

Whats with all the hate on Marty too? He plays the bad guy to Zack because it makes fun for the show. He's been like an Uncle to them forever. The dude would do anything to help anyone. Actually in 2004, he gave a Family $25,000.00 alone to help get this little girl adopted from Russia to a loving Dwarf Family.

Just makes me laugh when people hate on the guy. They have no clue what a Big Heart Little Dude has!

Brandon said...

Anon at 12:05, I agree with you but I don't think Marty is really being hated on here.

Matt and Jeremy fans like Sheri go crazy for those two, they are always better people, never praised enough...but aside from Sheri, I don't think Marty is getting hate. I have seen some people on other boards say they don't like him because of his role as the bad guy and I agree with you about that. He was just playing. It's obvious he's good friends with the Roloffs (which may not be a good thing...haha).

Christine said...

I think Marty's heart is in the right place. I admit I think most of Matt's charity involvement is for good PR.

Like Zach said this season. The thing Matt cares about more than anything else in the world is his own name and reputation.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking, not that it's a good thing...LOL, but if there is 1 Little Guy a would want to watch a show about, it would be Marty. The guy exudes confidence and seems more interesting then LPBW now after 7 years of the same old same old.