Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roloff family-- Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.

We're getting a lot of inquiries about various social networking accounts which claim to be the real Roloffs; fans are wondering if they're legit? Particularly in recent days after this picture...


...appeared on "Jacob's" twitter page, people are wondering if they're real...

The answer is no. They are fakes or impersonators. They often have morsels of truth that they say and that helps make them appear authentic. Example: One of the "fake Jeremy" accounts recently posted a "Young pics" album, which were the pictures we passed along on here in association with the 1998 article. Or they find a real picture (ie. the Jacob/Taylor example) and post; then people are convinced the account is authentic.

http://twitter.com/mattroloff is the real Matt, however he doesn't use it, despite publicly saying that TLC encourages them to use them.

Most of the "supposed" Roloff accounts on those sites appear to be linked together (ie, the fake Molly twitter, directs people to the fake Molly on Myspace, the fake Jacob on twitter is connected to the fake Jeremy on twitter, etc). One thing I have to say is humorous about all the fake pages, is they all write "This is the real Jeremy James Roloff (or Amy J Roloff or Molly, etc)...as if that means anything since the impersonator is the one writing it. I would love for humor sake for one of the fakes to say "I am not the real Molly Roloff, I am just pretending to be her." An honest fake! :-)

Basically in general, this is what you need to know about the Roloffs and sites like those as we see it: If you think the Roloffs are talking to you and hundreds or thousands of other fans....they are not the real Roloffs.

With very rare exception, the Roloff family members do not associate with fans on the internet unless there is going to be money involved (from you or a group to the Roloffs). The Roloffs are paid public speakers; if you contact them regarding a business opportunity, then you might hear from them.

The Roloffs also are still "offering" their $250 charge for 30 minutes (for up to 3 people, $50 each additional person) with them for a pre-arranged visit.... wait, scratch that....the Roloffs have raised the price -- it is now $300 -- http://mattroloff.com/?p=287 .

If you are a big enough supporter of them that you think it would be neat to talk to them on the internet, well, the Roloffs sell autographed merchandise on mattroloff.com as well as jars of their dirt. It's a business. It's about making more money. They are paid for the show. That's all they are contracted to do. It's obviously easier for them to spend no time on their fans and every three or four months when Matt's assistants send out his newsletters, include a sentence about how much they appreciate and adore their fans or say they have great fans during a television or radio interview. However, the Roloffs aren't into showing that in a tangible way.

That is the gist of the Roloffs and their fan dealings on the internet. Fan interaction for the Roloffs is a business; they want to make money directly from the fan interaction. Why talk to their fans for free when there is money to be made from fan interaction? Years ago Matt used to interact with fans directly on some sites. Now when Matt wants to communicate something to the fans he goes through "his people". Does that sound like "Going Hollywood" to anyone? :-) Years ago when Matt Roloff would email their newsletters they were actually very nice letters - very personal, like someone would send family or friend. More recently, the direction has changed considerably and they're usually only sent in time to promote something and the content is all about business, how to buy things from them and the personal details that fans enjoy are lacking.

With very, very rare exception the Roloffs don't associate with normal fans online. If you're fan, but you are "famous" yourself or know someone who is or you run a service that the Roloffs may be interested in using, then you're exempt from being a "normal" fan.

Let's face it, for them, it is not fun to spend time talking to people they don't know or to be asked repetitive questions about things that may not even be true -- I think most people would agree it would be awkward for Jeremy to respond to compliments about his stance (abstaining from, supposedly) about teen drinking that some people believe because that is what Jeremy said in the book.

The Roloffs (unlike a large majority of people in the public eye in 2010) don't do those types of things to be nice to fans or to show appreciation or gratitude. They don't post pictures and share them with fans just because they think fans would like to see them. That is just not their attitude with fans. Those things may help inspire fan loyalty or goodwill, but again, things like that require a little bit of their time and they aren't getting paid directly for it.

The Roloffs go to the extent of issuing really bad excuses (we have to tell it like it is, they are bad excuses! :) for why they don't interact with fans. These are some of the excuses that they have floated about over the years:

*They are always too busy ...you can probably determine by yourself how ridiculous that is to believe, but we are told that recently it couldn't be further from the truth, especially for Jeremy and Zach. We've been told by fans who also attend PCC, that, for example, Jeremy apparently only has classes 2 days a week. Their job is to play themselves on the show, so no 'real' job although the one they get paid for is obviously very profitable. That's a heck of a lot of free time. Can a 19 and a half year old ever get bored of too much time to snow-board, hunt, go crabbing, hiking, road trips, play video games, attend parties, etc...The point is apparently even Jeremy is lamenting about how much free time he has on his hands, according to college classmates of some of his friends.

*They don't really use computers...(just ignore all the computer monitors, laptops, iPhones that you see on the show, often three or four in one room)

*There are the fake accounts so they can't have real ones (yeah, I've never understood the logic in that excuse either ;-))

*They don't consider themselves celebrities (though they offer that $300 deal as well as sell autographed merchandise and encourage people to watch them on tv or dvd which sounds very much like embracing being a celebrity...).

Obviously if they go to the trouble of making bad excuses for why they do not interact with fans that tells you all you need to know when you see a "Roloff" on one of those sites interacting with yourself or fellow fans. The "fake" Roloffs are almost always very polite to fans (though they appear to give a lot of one word responses "Thanks", "Yes", "No"...but hey at least they make the effort ;-)) on those accounts and basically how fans wish the Roloffs were, but keep in mind, they are not the real Roloffs.

That's not to suggest that if you're interested in the Roloffs that you may never want to check out the fake accounts -- the fake accounts sometimes have real pictures and things fans generally enjoy seeing. Just keep in mind, though, they are not the real Roloffs.


Jim W said...

I agree it does seem greedy, but they have a right to be greedy. Greed makes the world go round.

Doesn't everybody want to make as much money as they can? Some are more *creative* than others and seize every possible opportunity to expand their bank accounts.

David said...

Jesus would be so proud of the Roloffs.
Isn't this what Jesus taught?

Rap541 said...

I easily say they have a right to charge what they like... and be judged as celebrities and not "average folks" accordingly.

For three hundred dollars, I could have gotten autographs with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Edward Olmos, and Mary McDonnell. And in fact I did at Dragoncon. The Roloffs *just might* be overpricing themselves, particularly considering how hands off they are.

Diane said...

What a bunch of money grubbers.

What happened to smug Matt insisting 'People don't understand we don't do the show for money or for fame'

Right, I really believe that when they are charging for everything they possibly can.

The Roloffs aren't about LP awareness or "giving back" like Amy says all the time now. They're about lining their own pockets with $$$.

Maybe Amy's father can give a sermon about that?

UU said...

Almost 20 years old.
No work committments
2 days at a Community college.
Surrounded by the same kids since kindergarten.
Playtime 5 days a week to think of nothing but fun for Jeremy.

The life of Jeremy (and Zach?) Roloff. Pathetic.

NJC said...

If they're willing to spend a half hour with three strangers just to make 300 bucks I seriously have to downgrade my estimate of the amount of money they're making from the show. I don't begrudge them any money they can squeeze out of their fame but millionaires don't disrupt 30 minutes of their lives for $300.

Christine said...

I don't like all the lies they use.

Greg said...

NJC, for some people you can never have enough money. Remember Jeremy 3 years ago when he failed with changing a flat tire saying he could make $50 in that amount of time? Now they have an easy way to make 300 in 30 mins if they can find suckers. They seriously lack morals.

Brokenwing said...

I do agree that the Roloffs should be more fan-friendly and should do a bit more than they do.

Honestly, the excuses are bad and are insulting, but what else are they to say? Fans are annoying, get lost!" Didn't Kate Gosselin once say that? It's smarter to do what the Roloffs do and hope fans don't notice that they don't back it up.

I don't mind them charging for the tours. If people will pay, no one is forcing them to. But I wish the Roloffs would get with the time and do some FREE things for their fans.

Dana said...

I agree with some of that but no one should pretend to know how much time Jeremy has available in a week. I am sure he is doing what he thinks God wants him to be doing.

He may not have a heavy coarse load this semester but there is no accounting for his time and it's wrong to speculate. I would assume he spends time with his church group and volunteer work that we never hear about. I don't think he is spending 5 days a week doing nothing and purposely ignoring the fans.

Tanya said...

Matt would like to get online more but his fingers are bad and can't type well anymore.

Jeremy told my friend who went to their farm that he would talk to fans online and answers questions but he is just not a computer person, he would rather be outdoors.

I think Amy, Zach and Molly don't have as good reasons to never do some Twitter like things with the fans sometimes. Jacob is too young and doesn't count. Besides I can imagine what Jacob would say to fans, listen to how he talks to his parents!

Rap541 said...

Wait? "I'd rather be outdoors" is a valid excuse but Amy, Zach, and Molly, who's excuses are....? Don't have as good a reason?

You do realize "I'd rather be outdoors" isn't exactly um.... the selfless volunteering and church work that Dana is alluding to, right? The volunteering and church work that Jeremy has reduced his course load for and that is as proveable as his many many supposed modelling career offers?

Really? He's pretty much saying he doesn't want to be bothered and thats a good reason? Really?

NJC said...

Let me get this straight Tanya. You think Amy Zach and Molly can't come up with as good a reason as "I'm just not a computer person and would rather be outdoors"? Yeah that's an awesome excuse. You don't think those three have something they'd rather do too?

As far as Matt's fingers go, there are excellent talk to text programs out there.

And Dana this fantasy life you create for Jeremy to justify your obsession just gets better and better.

Tanya said...

Sorry if I confused you. What I meant was people are different. Some people are out door do things type of people and some are homebodies and take a pass on doing things.

You can tell by watching the show and what Jeremy has said that he loves nature and to be surrounded by God's creations. I don't think that was an excuse that he told my friend. It's what he has been like since the show started.

Zach and Molly are not as active as Jeremy. They are home more. Zach has said he is like a nerd on the computer and prefers the computer to talking on the phone.

That's why Zach and Molly don't get a free pass. I hope I explained it better this time, thanks.

I don't know if Jeremy is doing charity work or not. All I know is what he told my friend. He said he loves the fans and doesn't purposely ignore anybody, he is just not a computer person and loves being outdoors with his friends instead of spending his life on the computer. She said he didn't seem like he was lying or "just saying" it.

NJC said...

Tanya you explained it better but I'm not buying it. Saying I'd rather be outdoors is the exact same thing as saying I can't be bothered with it.

By the way didn't Jeremy have to be a computer person to keep up his MySpace page? I thought he also had a Facebook.

I'm not saying he has to update his fans on line but his excuse is lame and certainly no better than the rest of his families'.

NJC said...

Tanya, just a quick follow up. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm beating up on you on this one. I didn't mean it that way. You brought some interesting personal insight to the topic. We just have different takes on the strength of the outdoors man excuse.

Rap541 said...

Tanya - I agree with NJC - I am not attacking you in this, I just don't understand how "I'd rather be outdoors" is a more valid excuse when it does amount to "I don't want to.". Zach may be more comfortable with computers, and Molly, but really, if you're correct, all three have the same excuse - they don't want to be bothered.

I don't understand why Jeremy gets a pass and Zach and Molly don't. I don't think any person who wants to see Jeremy on line (I personally have no interest) expects him to be around 24-7 so saying its a choice being living his life and not.... Gotta be honest, if using the computer for an hour a month cuts into his "outdoor" time too much, then perhaps he should consider how working a real job would do the same.

Btw I am perfectly open to hearing Jer's friends testify with examples of his recent charitable work, his recent church activities, etc, since his fans are now claiming his low course load is due to his devotion to volunteerism and church.

Joanne said...

Where is it written that the Roloffs have to be involved with "fans"? They have a reality show and its about their lives with/as little people.

I think America is way too obssessed with "celebrity", and that is why we have so many "wannabe celebs" out there like Kate Gosselin who thinks she is angelina Jolie, and the balloon boy dad, Octomom, etc...

Cant americans just watch a show, take what you want from it, and then go back to their own lives?

Angel said...

The Roloffs are the classic get some fame and money and forget why their raking in all the money. The fans.

The excuses are lame!It can take less than 10 mins a day to give back to the fans who keep the show on the air.

Christine said...

Joanne, I don't mean this as rude as it will sound, but why don't you get back to your own life and stop watching a tv reality show? Stop watching other people's marriage and stop watching other people's kids and how they do in school?

It seems hypocritical to tell people to get back to their lives when you're watching a reality show.

I watch because I'm interested in the Roloffs. The show is almost a year behind. I'd like to know what's going on with them. I'd sometimes have questions that aren't answered in the 22 minutes that we see each week.

Bring a tv star celebrity (that is EXACTLY who Amy's own charity website describes her) means having fans. They keep you in business. Take care of your fans by being genuine.

Brandon said...

Well said Christine. I hate it when people act like havin some fan interaction in this technology age is asking too much. It would take so little of their time.

If strangers enabled me to have work from home by playing myself, 12 vacations a year, free stuff, I would say thank you to them by giving a bit of myself.

It's the polite thing to do in exchange for their support that they benefit from.

Kayla said...

its hard to argue that the roloffs aren't stuck up.

DJ said...

If fans didn't care about the Roloffs they might actually need to live in the real world. They don't. They live in the celebrity rule. THat means being good to the fans if you're a good person. But the Roloffs are all about themselves and money.

Anonymous said...

zach used to be good at mingling with fans on the internet but then he was ruined by the fame and money. typical people get money and believe their own hype and change.

Jocelynn said...

Great article, Spirits.

I don't think it's asking a lot. That's why so many people have twitters, Facebook or Myspace fan pages and websites that they actually use.
I can honestly say I would do it if I were in their shoes. It doesn't take a lot of effort on their parts.

Anonymous said...

roger federer maybe the greatest tennis player ever is great to his fans. he answers their questions on faceboo, posts videos and pictures just for them.

there's a person with a skill and talent and more time constraints than the Roloffs but even he knows when you have fans you should give back, not shun their support and interest.

Canuck said...

Don Cherry the great Canadian hockey personality had an awesome story about why celebrities and people in the public eye with fans should interact with their fans, but I forget the details, sorry.

The moral was if someone cares enough about you to buy your stuff and invest their money and time in you, you should feel honored and the least you can do is make time for them.

Timothy said...

In my opinion, it's a character issue.

The Roloffs fail.

If the Roloffs want nothing to do with fans, don't ask for their support, don't make flimsy statements and lies about their affection for fans and don't offer poor excuses for why they ignore fans.

David said...

It's ironic, the reason why the public made the Roloffs wealthy and successful was because of their appeal as down to earth people who seemed like people you could talk with.

They get it and then they fall into the celebrity trap.

Reap the rewards of celebrity but ignore the people that make it possible.

Justin said...

Joanne, maybe you should tell the Roloffs to stop being obsessed with celebrities (if people were, the Roloffs wouldn't be where they are!) .

Tell Jeremy and Zach to stop meeting soccer players, asking for their autographs and yes trying to find out more about them on the internet. I've seen Roloffs with celebrity "friends" and leave comments on celebrity pages. They probably get a response because of who they are but it's the same concept.

When the Roloffs are fans they love the interaction with people they like.

I don't want to talk to the Roloffs although i admit I would read their responses to other fans, but I don't want to be their friends because I don't respect them and this is yet another reason why I don't respect them.

They don't have character or integrity.

NJC said...

It would probably take less than five minutes a week to keep fans happy with a couple of Tweets: "So stressed about my Science test!", "Really excited about pumpkin season!" etc. No big deal.

I do think though there's a legitimate argument against the kids having much more interaction than that. I saw a show recently that talked about how some of this more personal interaction can stoke the warped imaginations of stalkers. They start to think they really know these celebrities personally and create all sorts of fantasy scenarios in their heads that can become dangerous.

So at the very least Molly and Jacob shouldn't be more interactive with fans. Fans or not, is it really a great idea to encourage children to talk to strangers on line? As for the rest of the family, maybe the occasional generic tweet wouldn't be the worst idea.

Rap541 said...

I actually understand Joanne's point, to a point (heh). I've met celebs - real celebs. They generally are very nice... and its not always that interesting to talk to them because they tend to be pretty conscious of what they say. Thats why I personally have no interest in chatting up Matt or Amy online.

Where I agree with Brandon and Christine, is that the Roloffs are attempting to have it both ways. They're on a tv show. They aren't doing it for free, and they aren't doing it for charity, they are doing to to put money in their pockets... just like other celebs. They aren't doing community service. Part of being a celebrity is handling fame. They don't get to say they're just average folks living.

I easily allow the "Matt's hands are messed up" issue, although I respectfully point out that Matt himself insists he doesn't let his disability stop him from doing what he wants. I think its a bit of an *easy* excuse and there are plenty of ways to help him (I use voice activated software) but Matt has a disability and gets to throw the dwarf card.

But Amy, Zach and Jeremy? All adults, and in the case of the twins, they're basically paid to play around. "I don't feel like it" is fine as an answer but really, they are hardly jetting around Hollywood setting up new gigs. I heard the "class two days a week" from a credible source as well, and allowing for a five day work week, it's just a little sad that Zach and Jeremy can't be bothered to sit down for gosh, an hour a month to update a fansite.

And folks who think I am harsh? Please look at what I am saying - the twins in this scenario get weekends off and *still* have three days a week with no job other than to be filmed having fun. Yes, I will mention how there are plenty of 19 year olds who attend college and work *full time* at jobs that aren't "Just go play with your buddies and we'll film it". Yes, the twins are lucky to be *celebrities* who don't have to work... which makes the excuses sound pretty lame and ungrateful.

Jocelynn said...

NJC, I understand your point, but I think that is more dramatic than reality about the dangers. I agree about Jacob, but anyone with a Facebook, twitter or Myspace and the majority of teenagers have them need to have some common sense. If they do, then there is no problem

I agree with you. Fans would like hearing what movies the Roloffs saw and if they like it. Stuff that most celebrities do. I've heard Zach actually has a witty sense of humor for updates like that. Posting a picture saying "I did this last weekend or just a normal picture wouldn't hurt either.

Jocelynn said...

"allowing for a five day work week, it's just a little sad that Zach and Jeremy can't be bothered to sit down for gosh, an hour a month to update a fansite."

Rap, well said. That's where I stand on this issue, too.

"Please look at what I am saying - the twins in this scenario get weekends off and *still* have three days a week with no job other than to be filmed having fun."

Add to that, unless it changed since Spirits last report, they aren't even being filmed right now. It's the off season. They literally having nothing taking up any time other than class a few days a week and maybe part of a day filming for a special occasion.

The fact they completely ignore their fans does make me think less of them.

Z to the Zee said...

I'm on a fan page for a Christian suspense author, Ted Dekker. He is very interactive with his fans. You could make the same argument that Joanne was making. He writes books. He doesn't need to give fans a second thought. But he does.

The reason why I mention this? One of Dekker's fans? Is one of Jeremy's and Zach's friends from Faith Bible. He wrote Ted Dekker a fan note on his internet site. Ted responded to him (and has several times). Jeremy and Zach's friend said about that:

"Feeling awesome. Not to sound like a crazy fan boy, but it's really cool to have someone you respect to write back to you".

That's the truth. That's how most people feel.

David said...

NJC, I know you aren't steadfast in defending the Roloffs lack of interaction, but my point to your point is this.

If you're worried about safety and weirdos in the world....it's probably not best to have a reality show where you show your kids sleeping, grades, publicize their school, have personal conversations and all that.

The Roloffs do all of that, seemingly without worry since they keep renewing. I really can't accept that they are comfortable with all of that, but a "tweet" with fans on the internet is what puts them in danger and freaks them out.

As Spirits suggested, it's just another bad excuse.

Lynn said...

"If you're worried about safety and weirdos in the world....it's probably not best to have a reality show where you show your kids sleeping, grades, publicize their school, have personal conversations and all that."

Or show your 12 year old boy in boxer shorts..."danger" is not an excuse, imo.

Rap541 said...

On an aside, I point out that Matt insisted for some time that he didn't use his twitter account.

Until opening day of pumpkin season where he is suddenly finding time to drop tweets about how the farm is having a MAJOR LEGAL CRISIS.

Funny that. Never has time until there's a major crisis, and then he's got plenty of time to blow on the internet.

Tashapork said...

Now Zach and Jeremy are adults and Matt and Amy certainly could do more tweeting and such, but as a parent I would probably not allow Molly or especially Jacob to do the same because they are minors. There are too many cuckoos out there and kids don't have the savvy, not to mention the reasoning and critical judgement skill. I have wondered sometimes how Jacob especially would feel if he was reading some things on this site. I have seen on my nieces and nephews facebook pages, people's personal phone numbers and such because they don't think before they type. I think that part of keeping one's children from being exploited is to shield them from some of this stuff.

Rod said...

"I don't sign autographs, I never have and I doubt I ever will. What I owe you as an actor , in return for your paying the of admission is to give you the best performance I possibly can. If you see me in public, please don't ask me to sign anything & please don't ask me to remove my glasses so you can see my blue eyes"...............Paul Newman.

I think what irks so many people about the Roloffs is that unlike Mr Newman, they have not, that we can see anyway, given back to the community with charatable contributions, participation in/sponsoring mentoring programs, or generally giving of themselves & their time if it doesn't directly enhance their show or themselves. Couple that with the documented instances of the belittlement/ridicule of fans by some of them, The Roloffs come off as all about self agrandizment & nothing else. Mr Newman gave back in so many way beyond his great performances that he *earned* the right, if you will, to decline to sign autographs.The Roloffs (adults) have not.

NJC said...

Can't argue with your logic David. You're right there's not a person who watches the show that doesn't know where the Roloffs live and go to school. I do think that even though that privacy ship has sailed it's still probably best to leave Molly and Jacob out of it as Tashapork says.

lucas said...

It's all about the money. It's about mass media sucking people in to admire people that really aren't that admirable. Who would pay $300 for a personal meet and greet with these people? Shocker folks, --- THEY DON"T CARE ABOUT YOU!

Establish a savings fund for yourself, children,or grandchildren- donate to a worthy charity that you support, keep your money in the bank.. Many were fooled by the Gosselins cry for help in the way of love offerings, --to me its a modern day story of "a fool and his money are soon parted".

The Roloffs don't care one iota about you. They want your money, plain and simple. Theres a fool born every minute, isn't there?

Blind idolatry, not so good.

Jocelynn said...

Rod, I don't know if I agree with Paul Newman, but I have less of a problem with a celebrity not signing autographs than completely ignoring their fans online. Times have changed. It's easy for them to do what many people have suggested.

I sympathize with celebrities trying to have dinner and being asked for autographs.

Computers allow celebrities to do it on their own time in their spare time (which they have because of fan support for their show).

Anonymous said...

who cares what paul newman said. a multi millionaire living a spoiled life that doesn't think he should ever take a moment out of his life for fans. i'm not surprised.

if mr. newman worked 60 hours a week for little pay doing hard physical labor he might not be whining about giving an autograph.

but i agree with jocelynn. online communication is much easier than signing autographs when you're out with your family and things like that.

Peter said...

It's not that complex. It's basic communication to be nice to those that fund your lifestyle. An hour a week or a few minutes every few days to update a site or answer a few questions or something. It wouldn't take anything for them to do that.

Joanne said...

Christine, I watch the show because I enjoy it. I dont expect anything from the Roloffs and wont throw a hissy fit because they dont interact with fans.
I have a life that I live and when I relax, and choose to watch some TV, then I do. Its not hypocritical. I go to the movies on occasion too, but I dont need to know everything about these people who are in the movies/TV.

They are no different than anyone else except they get paid ricidulous amounts of money.

You arent going to change them by complaining they arent talking or responding to me because I watch their show, and they owe me. They owe you nothing. They get paid to do what they do, and you have the option to watch or not.

They arent signing up to be your friends.

Natalie said...

That's a pretty bad way to treat people. If I had fans that made me rich and let me live without a traditional job, I'd do things for my fans. I consider it good manners.

Rod said...

I quoted Paul Newman because I believe thats what the Roloffs are afraid of, being hounded by autograph seekers & the like while in public. The best way to avoid that, in their minds, is not to initiate an implied intimacy with fans by establishing an online rapport with them via twitter/myspace/facebook, etc. Jeremy's MySpace experience has made them even more gun shy about fan interaction.They feel the main Roloff website is enough. Do I agree with that? No. But I think the *hounded in public* aspect of celebrity is what they fear.

BTW, I believe the Roloffs confuse *celebrity* with *notoriety*. They are well known because of the show, but their sense of *celebrity*is, in my opinion, inflated. I don't view them as celebrities...........YMMV.

Joanne said...

Natalie, that would be your choice, and although I think its a nice thing to do, I certainly would not expect it.

Rap541 said...

Well, I think we're veering into "how celebs should act". Joanne - I understand completely where you are coming from. Making an effort to reach out to fans on line is not a *requirement* of their job.

On the other hand, I didn't see Freddie Adu walk on by Jeremy with a "I'm paid to play, I did not sign to be your friend and give you soccer tips" comment. And by rights - had Freddie said that, people would be calling him rude and arrogant.

Believe me, I don't think it's unreasonable for the Roloffs to go places without people asking them for autographs. I don't think Jeremy needs to spend hours every day answering emails and fan questions and being everyone's on line buddy, or any Roloff for that matter. But there's a difference between the Roloffs and Paul Newman. Paul just didn't want to deal with fans in public and had the cojones to say so. I'm sure he caught flak for being unapproachable by fans. The Roloffs in contrast, handle this the way they handle many other aspects of their public lives. They don't want to take flak for an honest answer "we just don't want to" (which btw is what Paul Newman's comment amounts to) so they hem and haw about how they don't have time, don't really like computers, are so busy busy busy.

They clearly don't mind being on the recieving end of celeb attention. Does anyone really think that Freddie Adu *had to* be nice to Jeremy and sign his ball?

Brandon said...

Rap, excellent post, bravo. Jeremy's elation over getting to meet Freddy Adu has always irked me when you think of how the Roloffs treat their own fans.

They obviously never learned "Treat others how you want to be treated."

The only reason why Jeremy met Freddy Adu and was allowed to go in the players tunnel (for free) was because of fans watching LPBW making money for TLC -> makes money for the Roloffs and gives them perks like that). Jeremy loved interacting with someone he liked from watching him on tv and reading about him.

With the "don't need to be your friend, didn't sign up for that"....like you said, Hey can you give ME tips for MY soccer tryout?" And Freddy did and was very nice and thoughtful. Jeremy wanted more from a celebrity than just watching him on tv and he was thrilled when he got it.

Your other point was great too. The Roloffs don't risk being honest by saying they just don't want to, they give all those lame excuses (also called lying).

DAVID said...

I went to there farm this october. I wnet on the tour and stop at the western town Peggy Roloff was there i ask her if she had a twitter she said yes which this is her real twitter page ( http://twitter.com/pegrol ) then i looked who she was following she is follow amy roloff that page is ( http://twitter.com/amy_roloff ) the only thing that makes me think that is the real amy roloff is that she is following some family mebers on her twitter page. I know that is the real Peggy Roloff but i don't know about the amy roloff i'm 90% sure that is the real amy roloff.

Anonymous said...

I have read the comments and I totally agree with the majority of the people. I sent Matt a lovely message telling him how wonderful it was to have him and his family open my eyes to being able to accept little people as no different from non dwarfs, among other words I wrote.

I started watching the show because I was intrigued with dwarfs and I knew there was a lesson for me to learn. I thought they were concerned with changing the world, by changing peoples views (obviously they aren't). I would have liked some kind of response to my emails. Besides I only wrote the message because TLC kept announcing on the commercial breaks "chat with Matt Roloff." Why lie about it? Matt needs to tell TLC to stop airing the message that he will chat live with fans. It is as simple as that! I ended up sending 2 different emails, both with no response. It's no wonder people feel the same way as me.

Bottom line. I had a lot of respect for the Roloffs in the beginning of their success, but quickly lost interest when they kept buying stuff. I tried not to judge; reminding myself that when you have money you spend money, but why do you need to remodel a home that cost a fortune when 2 of your children aren't even going to be living there much longer anyway?

Is it asking too much of the parents or even their kids (because since when did Amy and Matt monitor what the kids do or don't do at home? look at how organized their house is) to take an hour every week or even every month to respond to peoples message's. I think the fans were deceived into thinking the Roloffs were special, different from the average person; they are not!


Spiritswander said...

Hi David,

That is Peggy's twitter account, but the Amy account is not the real Amy Roloff. That Amy account is one of the family of fakes. The Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob associated with it are all impostors also.

As stated in the above item, they are clever fakes, that sometimes post accurate details they have come across, but they are still impostors.

It is confusing that Peggy is "following" the fake Amy, but Roloff family members and their friends are not immune to being fooled or can be too trusting when they receive a friend request or a follow (on twitter) from another "Roloff". I would suspect it happens because Twitter accounts are not the topic of conversation when they do see each other.

An update on the picture we linked at the top of this item -- of Jacob and his girlfriend Taylor. We were in contact with a person associated with Taylor.

That picture of Taylor and Jacob is actually Taylor's picture on her social networking site. Obviously the fake Jacob Roloff on twitter saw that picture and reposted on twitter, so it make Jacob's twitter account look authentic. The fake Jacob Roloff on twitter also posted another picture of Jacob and Taylor, it is a picture that Taylor's father posted on in his site.

That is the gist of how the fake Roloff accounts operate and how they are able to appear as though they are authentic.

As said in our item about it, fake accounts are not worthless to fans because fans enjoy seeing pictures, but they are indeed impostors.

We stick by what is said in this article. The real Roloffs -- meaning Matt (he has a real twitter, but does not use it)/Amy and their 4 kids will not communicate with fans on things such as twitter or fan Facebooks or Myspace pages.

Andrea said...

I agree with most of the comments, but I don't think Jeremy and Zach should take all the heat for being stuck up.

Molly is just as bad. She is not a little girl. She has her own old style car for gosh-sakes. She loves to travel. I'm 17 and unless you are mentally challenged, the internet is not a dangerous place for a 14, 15, 16 or 17 year old. There is no reason why Molly can't sometimes be involved with fans either. It's not ONLY Jeremy and Zach who are snobs. I think Molly is a spoiled little princess.

Christine said...

Yeah, Spirits you have it right. I am sure. Fake Amy told people to add fake Molly. Even if the Roloffs weren't stuck up like they are, Amy wouldn't actively tell people to follow her kids on twitter.

Then the fake Molly tells people to friend her on Facebook and Myspace. I know for a fact that the Molly Facebook that Molly twitter said was real is fake. The real Molly told one of her friends that the Molly with thousands of friends is not her. That means the Molly twitter is fake and the Amy twitter is fake.

The Roloffs would never give the fans any of their time. HUGE egos.

Craw said...

I wish Jeremy could do more with fans but I know he does what he thinks God wants him to do and I will accept that.

DAVID said...

Thanks a lot for the help. I know I'm on a other subject but that mollys twitter has good pictures of new york city.

DAVID said...

I know for sure they all have a facebook ( but not jacob ) but they just add there friends and people they know. They will not add fans!!

Spiritswander said...


Yes, that's correct.


You're welcome and your last remark was also correct.

When it comes to impostor Roloff accounts people are welcome to believe what they wish.
However, we exist for the great fans of LPBW who are interested in the Roloffs. We lay the information out there for people who want to know truth. People can and will form their own opinions.

Trust me when I say we would never lead fans astray or deceive our visitors. In this case, we are one hundred percent confident of the truth. We have excellent sources close to the Roloffs and the show who know what is going on.

The family of Roloff impostors are lifting information and pictures off of the real Roloffs various pages which are intended for their real friends and associates.

As we've previously said, there is value in the fakes from a fan perspective -- they are basically doing what fans wish the real would do. While morally questionable, it is actually a kind thing the impostors are doing for other fans.

However, people should at least have the chance to know that they are being deceived.

Christine said...

Thanks Spirits! You're the best! :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone on this site needs to GET A LIFE. The Roloffs are very kind and wonderful , and are living life to the best. Negative remarks only refelect jealousy ...and simply recognize those who have nothing better to do then sit at a computer and criticize a family who has become successful.. Instead of looking at themselves and decide how to better their own lives.. What a waste!!!!! ( Matt and Amy...god bless you and your family.. keep up the great work!!!)

Rap541 said...

So we should all only sing praises to the Roloffs? Oh Matt I love it when you spend money without consulting your wife! Its so perfect! Amy, you are incredibly awesome for not cleaning the house! Zach - you sure did work hard getting those Ds! Keep it up because I am jealous! Jeremy, you really were awesome when you said you were going to community college because you were lazy! All Christian boys are jealous of you because getting into a school that has to take anyone who lives in the county and can pay is a MAJOR success!

I mean, wow, maybe if I throw some pop cans on the floor and don't vaccuum, my raging jealousy will end :D After all, if you aren't living like the Roloffs, you're less than them and just jealous!

Right? The only successful happy people in this world are people who look to the Roloffs and emuate them since the Roloff way is the only way to have ANY happiness or success? :D

Diane said...

Rap, what do you do for a living? Do you ever give it a rest? Every time I come on here, one of your posts shows up challenging somebody or complaining about some Roloff.

Who cares that they are slobs, lazy and sometimes ridiculous? If they are so bad...stop watching the show. Some people don't have the same opinion as you and most likely never will. So just leave it at that. Let them have their opinion and shut up. Please. You make this site not even fun to come to.

Rap541 said...

I'll let them have their opinion when they let me have mine. This anon, like many, is doing the "I don't like your opinions so SHUT UP" routine. Everyone needs to agree with them or else they don't have a life....

Look at your own comments... you want me to shut up because you don't like my opinion... in all seriousness, I don't think your intent is "only people who praise the Roloffs should post" but really.... do you think its enjoyable for people who legitmately would like to see the Roloff twitter and facebook to hear how they are losers who should getlives and be silent as their opinions are not worthy?

The courtesy you want needs to go both ways for it to actually be courtesy.

And you'd be shocked if you knew what my job was.

Diane said...

Actually, you're jumping to conclusions. I never stated that i disagreed with you. I don't even know who you were squawking at or what it was about. I just constantly see your negativity. It does not mean that I agree with whoever you don't agree with. I have my own opinion that I prefer to keep to myself.

I may agree with you, I may not, but I'm not going to try to change your mind. Clearly, that will not happen. I just think you need to take it easy, maybe even give it a rest. Like yourself, other people's opinions are not going to change.

And I don't think I would be that shocked as to what your job is, don't worry. :)

Brandon said...

" I have my own opinion that I prefer to keep to myself."

Um...that kind of defeats the purpose of a blog or message board. It's for people who want to express their opinions and see what other people are thinking.

If you prefer to keep your opinion to yourself and don't want to see other people's thoughts, maybe you shouldn't get on the internet and come to places where people talk about the Roloffs....

Rap541 said...

Diane - you're right - I don't know how you feel on any topic. All I know is that you're telling *me* to SHUT UP and not saying boo to the anon who thinks anyone speaking ill of the Roloffs is a loser with no life.

If you don't have the courage to actually give your opinion - you seem pretty clear that I am wrong but you don't seem to want to endorse the "SHUT UP LOSERS" view... then why should I tremble at your *nonopinion*? How brave you are taking no stand at all except "Shush rap!"