Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jeremy vs Zach Roloff at Martin Klebba's charity event

To confirm for those reading some of the comments, Jeremy will also be playing in the Statesmen vs Celebrities game for Martin Klebba's charity event at April 16th in Troy, Michigan. We hear Matt Roloff is also scheduled to be there with Jeremy and Zach. Proceeds go to CoDA.

Jeremy Roloff (Little People Big World) Just announced to play on our Celebrity Basketball game April 16th
6:05 AM Feb 21st via API

Zack Roloff (Little People Big World) will be playing on the Statesmen against his twin brother. this should be good.
9:06 AM Feb 21st via API

Usually they compete in soccer for fun, Jer and Zach will be on different basketball teams for Martin Klebba's charity event April 16th, 2010 in Troy, Michigan

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amy Roloff interview with the Cruising Authority and Barry Vaudrin

Amy did an interview about her cruise to benefit the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation with Barry Vaudrin, the host of the Cruising Authority program.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Matt Roloff speech at St. Cloud University in Minnesota

Matt Roloff recently was in Minnesota to give a speech. Another blog site that attended the speech posted about the experience.

Matt's answer in the question and answer segment was interesting. Hmm.

"A student asked him how he was able to afford building his large house. His reply was that he owns 5 different businesses. He was also asked if he makes most of his money from working with TLC, the answer was no. He makes a large amount of money by selling pumpkins. I thought that was very interesting."

You can read the full article and a couple of extra pictures of Matt on the link below. I have to say, unfortunately, Matt appears to be looking thin or a bit frail, in my opinion.

Here is another article about Matt's speech in Minnesota from the university Chronicle.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Statesmen (Zach Roloff's team) vs Celebrities' Basketball game replaces Martin Klebba's dinner event

Martin Klebba's previously announced event to raise money for CoDA on March 4th, has been replaced by a charity basketball game between various celebrities and Marty's "Statesmen" team who of course is the dwarf team put together by both Marty Klebba and Zach Roloff. The new date is April 16th in Troy, Michigan.

The change was said to be made to accommodate all ages including children. The previously announced event was scheduled to be an over 21 gathering.

The Statesmen games will be seen on the upcoming string of episodes when Little People, Big World returns in April on TLC. If you want to see what happened in the epic Gold Medal game at the World Dwarf Games in August 2009, you can check out our item here:

Friday, April 16, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Troy Athens High School
Street: 4333 John R rd.
City/Town: Troy, MI

Come see Athens Alumni Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs) and his STATESMEN take on some of his Celebrity friends in a basketball game to raise money for Charity.

BizMatchConnect Presents
Worlds Gold Medal winning Dwarf Basketball team
Basketball Game

Tickets $20
$10 for 10 years of age and younger

Tip Off 7pm
Doors Open at 5pm
Silent Auction- We will begin our Silent Auction at 5pm. This is so that you will have time to start your bidding/ browsing early.

Photo Stations- We will have movie prop stations set up so you can get your photo take with characters from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and More.

Autograph Line- After the game we you will have an opportunity to get to meet the teams and have them autograph your program.

Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs fame) is heading back to his old high school to help raise funds for CoDA (Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy) and Athens Theatre Company. CoDA is a Charity that Marty started back in 2006 with his friend Matt Roloff (Little People Big World). One of their major contributions is to get orphan dwarfs adopted. “Just cause they are dwarfs, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a loving family.” Marty is also donating a percentage of the money to his old high schools theatre company. “the first role I got was as a pirate in Peter Pan… Now I have made a career in Disney’s Pirate of the Caribbean franchise.” The Statesmen have just come off an impressive win in the world championship played in Ireland. “I truly feel this game will be a game for the ages. For all that attend and for the players participating.” Says Colin president of BizMatchConnect. “I think a lot of people are going to come cause they think it will be ‘cute’ but then they will realize the Statesmen have game.”

We will be playing the game starting at 7pm with an autograph line afterward. “This is the biggest game that the statesman may ever play. I want them to shine as much as the celebs.” Says Klebba.

For Tickets e mail or call 877-985-3237

*If your company (or someone you know) would like to advertise in our program please let me know.
* If you would like to sponsor this event we are looking for companies to help out. Sponsorships are $200 and $300.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interview with Amy Roloff from Portland Mercury

There is an interview with Amy Roloff on the Portland Mercury site.

Obviously there is a mistake when it refers to the Roloffs youngest child having dwarfism. Odd that it actually quotes Amy as saying "some of us have dwarfism, like myself, my husband and my youngest son..."

Anyhow, some of the things mentioned in the interview:

- Molly and Jacob will travel with Amy on her cruise this summer.

- Amy comments on the cruise: "And the cruise is just another extension on what I already like to do on the show. I love to travel, I've done it before and what better way to take the benefit of my celebrity and help other people?"

-Amy thinks the media's portrayal of people with dwarfism and disabilities has been changing in the last few years and cites Meredith Eaton from Boston Legal as an example.

-Amy states that their true initiative for doing the show was for different reasons than people who want to be in movies or on television. They wanted to promote dwarfism, and it wasn't about the money.

-She emphasizes what she has said previously:

"My second, as a mother, was that TV follows us; we do not follow TV. Meaning, my kids will continue to do what they do because it's supposed to be a show about us, it's supposed to be about how what we think and do and give people a perspective that this is real, this isn't staged. Keeping my kids grounded in the sense of their schooling or activities that, yeah, TV can come and film their sporting event of soccer or something like that. Great, I'll let TV take care of the logistics!"

-Amy is asked about the wikipedia statement that they receive a dozen emails per minute (which always seemed a bit ridiculous, in my opinion) Amy says she doesn't think it's that much, but they do get a lot of fan email. You Wiki-users, why hasn't someone changed that? :-)

-She is asked if they receive emails nitpicking about the show? "Oh absolutely, that's what media's about. But you know what? In the long day of it we get a lot of positive emails. To be told that we're inspiring to other people, as a little person I never thought I would have the opportunity to have someone else view me in the perspective that, whatever they were going through, our show has helped them get through some medical situation, some relationship issue or dealing with their kids or whatever it may be."

You can read the full interview on the following link:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Matt Roloff Interview for Stop-stressing-now Cruise via Podcast

Matt Roloff did an extended interview with the person (Steven Diamond) who is running the Stop-Stressing Now cruise, where Matt will be a key-note speaker. They have a pod-cast of it on their website so you can listen to the interview with Matt.

The whole Podcast is located here:

It's about 48 minutes, so we'll recap the interview for people who don't have time to listen to the whole thing. Overall, I think Matt came across well, pretty standard stuff for loyal Roloff followers. Tthe first 5 minutes was basically an infomercial for the cruise and I have to confess that kept reminding me (for any The Simpsons' fans out there) of the episode where Homer went to that tranquility retreat ;-)

Anyhow, I trust that most people who read our site know the basics so I won't be too in-depth in the recap about the basic facts that we all know about Matt that he was asked about in this interview -- we know Matt spent a considerable amount of his childhood in the hospital, we know that Matt's parents had one healthy child and three with major physical problems, we know that Matt and Amy met at an LPA conference in Michigan, etc, so I'll highlight the parts that I think might be of more interest to fans. I'll had in my personal opinion about a few of the things I feel the need to interject :-) in a different font.

*Matt was asked about the neighbors, he said there are always some good and bad. He said there has been a shift in attitude among some and now they partner with some of them. He thinks they now see the wisdom in what he has done with his farm , the agritainment angle, and their fame and that the inconvenience of the clogged roads for a few weeks in the year is worth it.

*Matt is 49, his dad was a marine, he spent his childhood in a body cast, born in San Francisco, moved to Oregon shortly after he married Amy.

*He said his childhood taught him about hope and resiliency and you have to focus on what you can do, instead of what you can't do. Learn from the obstacles in life and have a cheery and positive attitude and you'll be happier.

*When he was a child he had an open and fun childhood, they would hit each other with sticks and throw rocks at each other.

*When something goes wrong in life, look for the silver lining in it because there is always a silver lining.

*He was asked if he was teased as a kid in school. Matt said he remembered a few days coming home crying, but not many because the attitude his parents told him to have was that he was getting built in attention and many people in the world go to great extents to try and get people to pay attention to them.

*The interviewer/organizer said he knew someone who went to Matt's pumpkin season that raved about how his little girl asked Matt a question about dwarfism and he went over to her and answered her question. Matt said there are so many people they would like to touch individually, but that's the tough part of their celebrity that they can't do that a lot.

*Interviewer talked about the show; referred to Matt and Amy having a normal American experience in their lives. Matt took a bit of offense to that and corrected him. He said actually, it has been a goal of theirs (Matt and Amy) to live an extraordinary life, rather than an ordinary life. He wanted to give his kids an extraordinary childhood and did all the things (that fans are well aware of - castle, tree-house, pirate ship).

*Talked about how the TV show began, Matt said they wanted to educate people about dwarfism in a non negative way. He said the show is raw, they show the good and bad in the most honest and open way they can.

*He was asked if it was hard for the family to get used to having their life on display for the world. Matt said there are definitely some challenging days. He said increasingly they are taking longer and longer breaks. Filming has really cut back; they used to film 5 days a week. Not anymore.

*Matt said the hardest part is the criticism they receive. He said people take things out of context or don't understand editing and how television works.

*He was asked if he reads the blogs and message boards. Matt claimed they've learned not to do it. Sometimes his staff will cut and paste something out of a blog and send it to him. He said it's hard to understand how people can get it so wrong. Sometimes they take the negative comments to heart. Matt explained that it seems like someone will always take the opposing position.

"If I put a fork down, some will say 'Why did Matt put that fork down, he shouldn't have done that', while the other half will say 'Wow, that's so wonderful of Matt that he put that fork down'"....I like that one. I think that one is definitely true to a point.

*Matt claimed that they don't read it because it would drive them crazy trying to respond , but sometimes staff will forward him something from a blog.
Sometimes he will go in and ask the kids 'Did you really do that?' (Hmm, I wonder what that could have been referring to...?), but Matt said the kids are really great, when he does that, they just say 'Dad, are you reading that stupid forum stuff again?'...

*Then Matt did his common double-speak when he talks about this stuff, after saying that, he said, but they really appreciate that the fans watch the show and they're really glad that they have fans who write about it whether it's good/bad/or indifferent. He said they all really appreciate the fans and want to hear from fans but it's hard to not take it personally.

I have to say, I understand why Matt takes this public stance that he claims to regarding this stuff, it's the same as athletes claiming that they never read newspaper reports about their performance. Everyone knows they do, they just don't admit to it.

I would love to hear an interview like this with Zach, because personally, I feel Zach is the most honest Roloff and I think you'd hear the truth rather than Matt's spin. Matt claims they don't read stuff about them, he's previously suggested they hardly ever use computers because they are just so busy....I think most people recognize this as being false to a ridiculous degree.

I'll let you the readers know that from maintaining this site and all that we know and all the many different people and sources and contacts we talk to -- almost completely contradicts what Matt claims. From what we hear (and I won't even address the ridiculous notion that the Roloffs don't use computers that Matt sometimes suggests), the Roloffs do read stuff about themselves, they are very aware of what is said about them. For instance, from what we know, Jeremy is very aware of what his reputation is like. Depending on who is speaking, there are different versions; one that he laughs at how stupid he thinks it all is, yet there is another story told by friends and people close to the Roloffs that Jeremy does take it very seriously to the point where he is praying about the whole situation.

And to further contradict what Matt suggests -- we're told that the kids and their friends are very active about searching for stuff about themselves and the show -- to the point where Jeremy and Mueller post video clips about the show that people have uploaded to You Tube and things like that for all their friends to see and comment on. They obviously do search for things about themselves, as you would expect, despite what Matt claims. I can say that with one hundred percent certainty.

Anyhow, back to the interview..

-Matt said Season 5B will start back up in late winter/early Spring (April was the date TLC announced at the end of 5A). He said it will focus again on the relationship of Matt and Amy, their relationships with the kids, they take a big trip (which was summer of '09). Jeremy and Zach backpack through Europe. Zach has a big soccer game at the World Dwarf Games, Matt said the tension was intense just watching (we have an item about the Epic Gold Medal battle on here in the archives -- Matt is telling the truth about this one)

One thing I have to interject about this because we're seeing a lot of comments and getting emails because of the way it's going to be presented and even as Matt is saying here...regarding Jeremy and Zach backpacking through Europe alone? Even their critics are saying they want to see how Jeremy and Zach did on their own through Europe because they don't think the twins would be able to do it....keep in mind that they were not really on their own -- not at all. They were with the crew and the producer. When they go to restaurants, they don't eat at a table for two, they sit at a table for 10 - 16. I don't think it can be stressed enough that the Roloffs are best friends with the crew and the producers. They are not silent robots without personality who fade into the background. When the Roloffs travel with them, they travel with them like they would travel with any of their other friends -- of course they have all the equipment to do the filming that they need to do, but otherwise, it's a bunch of friends traveling together.

That's not to suggest that I'm not eager to see their European adventures or that it won't be entertaining, but I think fans tend to not fully grasp the whole aspect of the producers and the crew -- keep that in mind when talking about "Jeremy and Zach back-packing alone through Europe", because I think people are being played the fool a bit.

Back to Matt's interview...

- Interviewer asked Matt about Zach being the only dwarf child in the family. Matt and Amy have tried to prepare Zach for some things. They've tried to prepare all of their kids for things and sometimes they look back and think they could have done this or that better, but on the whole he thinks they've turned out well and that the show has prepared Zach for a lot and he will appreciate the efforts from doing the show.

- Matt discussed all of the other LP shows on television. He mentioned the couple in "The Little Chocolatiers" by name and Jen and Bill from The Little Couple and Pit Boss. Matt thinks all the LP shows are great and goes a long way in normalizing people with dwarfism.

- They've received a grant to build custom made bikes for LP -- although there will probably be two different models. Matt mentioned CoDA in this project and talked about the importance for LP kids to be able to keep up with their average sized siblings and friends. He said it was fantastic when they built the bicycle customized for Zach because he was finally able to keep up with Jeremy and his friends, but he thought what about the other LP kids. Matt has a passion to fix that problem.

- They talked about their speaking engagements and the Q&A sessions and some of the questions. Matt said some get too personal and because they share so much on the show, they are very protective of what they do have left, so they've built up a wall around them, which is unfortunate, but Matt says it's the way it has to be due to their fame.

- Matt says they do really enjoy the speaking engagements and the question and answer sessions at them because those and pumpkin season are the only times they interact with their fans and they really love interacting with people.

My cynical side needs to point out the fact that in both of those situations the Roloffs are being paid and paid quite handsomely to interact with people. When they aren't being paid; they don't do it, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Matt says they enjoy interacting with people at the Speaking events or pumpkin season because they're are scoring big bucks for themselves. If they aren't being paid, they seem to lose their supposed love of interacting with people...

-Matt mentioned that they aren't currently filming, but actually that day (January 30th) they were doing audio for the show -- I believe this refers to the voice overs which most fans identify as the parts where it sounds like the family is reading during their narrations.

-Matt mentioned that they'll have another solid month off and then they'll decide whether to keep going on (the big Season 6 or is it over question).

-Matt was asked about the Iraqi family. Matt announced the very sad and heart-breaking news that Saja had just passed away on the Friday. There were too many complications after the surgery she had. Matt took a plane there, but landed about half-hour after they learned that she passed away. He cried and hugged with Russell Hayes.

And then that was the end of the interview.

For information about the Cruise with Matt and how to book, you can visit this site below:

Amy Roloff Charity Foundation now has a You Tube Channel

Amy Roloff's Charity foundation now has a You Tube channel and just uploaded their first video about Amy's cruise.

If you're wondering, per person rates based on a 2 person cabin for the cruise starts at $1629 before taxes and fees.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Roloff family in New York

We're passing this along to all of our readers -- we received some emails and messages from other readers and fans of the Roloffs informing us that they spotted the Roloff family in New York on Friday.

Apparently the primary reason they were there was for "business" -- a TLC photo shoot for the Little People, Big World, but of course they had a chance to enjoy New York City while they were there.

Thanks to the people who emailed. :-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amy Roloff to speak to kids about teasing/bullying

Amy Roloff will be traveling to North Attleborough, MA, March 16th, to speak to children at public school. Her theme is "Fun Being Different, but Not When Being Made Fun of."

"Mar 16 - Community School 1;15 p.m. - Amy Roloff, star of the Discovery Channel, TLC’s Little People, Big World will visit Community School to talk to the students about diversity awareness. Her theme is Fun Being Different, but Not When Being Made Fun of. Parents are welcome to attend this event."

Here is an article about the person responsible for bringing Amy to North Attleborough from the Sun Chronicle.

"...With Maia enrolled in kindergarten at Community School this year, her parents John and Kristen Kraskouskas were searching for way to help promote understanding about dwarfism amongst her friends, as well as teach the importance of celebrating differences.

"Sometimes, you get one of those looks and sometimes people are afraid to ask how old Maia is," Kristen Kraskouskas said. "Since Maia was starting kindergarten at Community School, I really wanted to find a way to educate her peers so they know she is just like them.

"So, I decided that I would just shoot Amy Roloff an e-mail. We ended up starting a little bit of a correspondence and she agreed to come and speak." Kristen, Maia and John Kraskouskas are trying to promote understanding of dwarfism, of which Maia has a form. For those who aren't familiar, Roloff is a reality TV star on the Discovery Channel show "Little People, Big World."

Roloff and her husband Matt were both born with dwarfism, as was one of the couple's four children. The Roloff family lives on a farm in Portland, Ore., where visitors can pick their own pumpkins.

Roloff will talk about overcoming obstacles and celebrating diversity, as well as sharing her own personal story during two presentations scheduled for March 16.

Kraskouskas said the "Little People, Big World" show itself has helped give viewers an inside look at life with dwarfism - which is pretty typical, aside from the occasional height challenges.

Little People of America, a nonprofit organization, also provides information on dwarfism, which Maia's parents said they both found helpful since the condition does not run in either of their families.

Maia, who turns 6 in two weeks, is comfortable with her shorter stature.

"When Maia asks why she's different, we tell her that's what makes her special. She really takes it in stride," Kristen said. "I hope it never gets in the way of her spirit. She has a positive attitude."

Kraskouskas recently started "Little People, Big Strides," which is raising money to pay for Roloff's visit and speaking fee. The Roloff speaking event is sponsored by the Hockomock Area YMCA, Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program, the Community School Parent Teacher Organization and the North Attleboro Early Learning Center Parent Teacher Organization.

Roloff will speak to students, parents and staff at Community School during the day on March 16 and then at an event open to the general public that evening.

The general public can hear Roloff speak at Wheaton College's Cole Memorial Chapel. Doors open for the event at 6 p.m., with the presentation to start at 7 p.m. Tickets for the event are $10 each and can be purchased at the Hockomock Area YMCA on Elm Street beginning Monday. "

You can read the full article here:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jeremy Roloff and Mueller clean out Barn 3; TLC video

TLC has released another "bonus" scene on their website: Jeremy and Jacob Mueller clean out one of the barns, apparently called "Barn 3". It was before their trip to the BVIs; Jeremy talks about how Mueller has not been outside of the United States before then and how the trip will bond their friendship.