Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amy Roloff to speak to kids about teasing/bullying

Amy Roloff will be traveling to North Attleborough, MA, March 16th, to speak to children at public school. Her theme is "Fun Being Different, but Not When Being Made Fun of."

"Mar 16 - Community School 1;15 p.m. - Amy Roloff, star of the Discovery Channel, TLC’s Little People, Big World will visit Community School to talk to the students about diversity awareness. Her theme is Fun Being Different, but Not When Being Made Fun of. Parents are welcome to attend this event."

Here is an article about the person responsible for bringing Amy to North Attleborough from the Sun Chronicle.

"...With Maia enrolled in kindergarten at Community School this year, her parents John and Kristen Kraskouskas were searching for way to help promote understanding about dwarfism amongst her friends, as well as teach the importance of celebrating differences.

"Sometimes, you get one of those looks and sometimes people are afraid to ask how old Maia is," Kristen Kraskouskas said. "Since Maia was starting kindergarten at Community School, I really wanted to find a way to educate her peers so they know she is just like them.

"So, I decided that I would just shoot Amy Roloff an e-mail. We ended up starting a little bit of a correspondence and she agreed to come and speak." Kristen, Maia and John Kraskouskas are trying to promote understanding of dwarfism, of which Maia has a form. For those who aren't familiar, Roloff is a reality TV star on the Discovery Channel show "Little People, Big World."

Roloff and her husband Matt were both born with dwarfism, as was one of the couple's four children. The Roloff family lives on a farm in Portland, Ore., where visitors can pick their own pumpkins.

Roloff will talk about overcoming obstacles and celebrating diversity, as well as sharing her own personal story during two presentations scheduled for March 16.

Kraskouskas said the "Little People, Big World" show itself has helped give viewers an inside look at life with dwarfism - which is pretty typical, aside from the occasional height challenges.

Little People of America, a nonprofit organization, also provides information on dwarfism, which Maia's parents said they both found helpful since the condition does not run in either of their families.

Maia, who turns 6 in two weeks, is comfortable with her shorter stature.

"When Maia asks why she's different, we tell her that's what makes her special. She really takes it in stride," Kristen said. "I hope it never gets in the way of her spirit. She has a positive attitude."

Kraskouskas recently started "Little People, Big Strides," which is raising money to pay for Roloff's visit and speaking fee. The Roloff speaking event is sponsored by the Hockomock Area YMCA, Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program, the Community School Parent Teacher Organization and the North Attleboro Early Learning Center Parent Teacher Organization.

Roloff will speak to students, parents and staff at Community School during the day on March 16 and then at an event open to the general public that evening.

The general public can hear Roloff speak at Wheaton College's Cole Memorial Chapel. Doors open for the event at 6 p.m., with the presentation to start at 7 p.m. Tickets for the event are $10 each and can be purchased at the Hockomock Area YMCA on Elm Street beginning Monday. "

You can read the full article here:


Kim said...

Great job, Amy. It's very important to stress to kids about the damage teasing and making fun of kids can do. It is a very important topic

Dana said...

Who said the Roloffs don't do things for free?

Matt and Amy should both be invited to speak to public school students about teasing. More schools should follow suit.

Greg said...

Are you freaking kidding me? The hypocrisy will make my head explode.

Amy is in no position to speak to kids about name calling or to speak about the evils of making fun of kids who are different when her own son is Jeremy Roloff and his friends, whoshe calls "great kids" like Jacob Mueller made their entire teenage school years about name calling people who were different than they were.

Amy should control her own kids and their 'wonderful' friends before she lectures other kids about it.

Dana, how do you figure Amy is NOT being paid for it? It never says that in the article. Amy's going rate is $7000.

$7000 to speak about to kids about not making fun of others when her own son and his friends were made infamous by doing just that....hypocrites.

Dana said...

Greg, you don't know there was a fee. I am sure her travel expenses are most likely being paid, but beyond that you don't know. They lady said she began a corespondence through email with Amy, she agreed to speak. It did not say they were negotiating a price.

Regardless, once again you are off base. You don't know that Jeremy and Mueller ever made fun of kids at their school. Faith Bible is a very close knit school. All the kids seem very good friends. I doubt there was any bullying done and definitely not by Jeremy.

Greg said...

Dana, believe it or not when white Christians like Jeremy and Mueller name call and mock gay people, black, mexican and asian people, people with down syndrome and hearing impairments, and Jewish and Muslim people, that is still name calling and making fun of them. They are people too!

Perhaps you think gay and non-white Christian people aren't human, therefore when Jeremy and Mueller did indeed call them names, you don't count that? That is your own prejudice.

Anonymous said...

The article makes it clear that they are raising money to pay for her "visit AND SPEAKING FEE" [caps added by me]. Sorta' takes the whole "caring about people who are different" to a whole new level for this newly wealthy family. But, hey, the more you get, the more you want ...

Dana said...

Anonymous 11:34, I am sorry, that was my mistake. I misread that. Just like the Roloffs, I am not perfect and can admit to my mistakes.

However, it is not of great importance. I wouldn't expect them to speak for free, it is still a valueable speech to make to school children, especially public schools, and being paid for to speak is the usual practice.

Dana said...

Greg, Jeremy's and Mueller's comments were not things directed at one person. They were jokes in general, not about one specific person.

Leviticus said...


That was the sound of irony flying over Dana's head.

Go back and read the first 2 paragraphs, genius.

Dana said...

The first two paragraphs of what? My message? Greg's message? Spiritswander's words? The SunChronicle's article?

What is ironic? You are making no sense.

Rap541 said...

In fairness, Dana, you were lauding the Roloffs for doing this for free, and when you discovered you were wrong - then suddenly its a moral good to accept money.

Dana - I ask this seriously of you. If I was making fun of dwarfs in general... not refering to a specific person, would you be fine with it? More importantly, would you defend me to someone who was offended with "Rap was just joking and not refering to a specific person so don't be offended"?

It *is* hypocritical for Amy and Matt to take a mild stance on "n-word", "F*ggot", "Beaner", "kike", "Downy" etc (and btw "Downy" was directed AT Zach) and then tell kids its not ok to make fun of people who are different. Because thats exactly what they condone.

Except dwarf jokes. Dwarf jokes hurt *their* feelings so dwarf jokes are wrong.

Anonymous said...

"Greg, Jeremy's and Mueller's comments were not things directed at one person. They were jokes in general, not about one specific person."

SO FRACKIN WHAT???!!! Since they didn't have a specific target (that we know of), that kind of crap is ok with you???!!! Are you REALLY saying that???!!!

perfect polly said...

wow Dana.... just wow. What is something about you that would be ok to joke about in a 'general' sort of way? Please let us know! Since none of us are perfect, there *is* something about you, I'm sure, that you might be a little sensitive about. Would it be ok for us to joke about that? (missing the empathy gene doesn't count)..waiting to hear.....

M said...

Yes Jeremy and Muellers comments weren't directed at one person they were directed at many! I find that worse because it was directed at so many people. Maybe it just me but I find that worse.

To clear it up I don't a agree on making fun of one person either.

Happy Now Anon. said...

Poor Dana,
I understand her argument is unpleasing and alittle over the top to agree with,which i dont,but must we all gang up on her so harshly? Some of these comments are ridiculous and unnecessary. We can post our opinions and comments without ganging up on someone,can't we? Are we mature enough to do that?
All though i disagree with you Dana,i do apologize for the way it was turned on you.

In my opinion,it is Alittle hypricritical to make speeches to kids about bullying when your own son as offended so many with hurtful it a good cause,By all means Yes! But you shouldnt be so set out to have everyone not bully LPs,because in my view,thats why shes doing it,to help Little People,and make sure everyone knows your cause and treat you well and fairly, when your own family is teasing others who are differnt.its sad and seems very selfish.

Disilllusioned said...

Amy should know that her price for speaking is too much when NOBODY can afford to pay for her to speak and has to ask for assistance!

Anonymous said...

When you charge a fee (which we know is large enough in this case to require fund-raising efforts), you don't get to claim that you are selflessly doing it for the benefit of a cause, unless you donate the entire fee to charity (in ADDITION to any plans you have already made to be charitable). Look, if somebody offered me money to go speak for the children of Haiti, I could go give the greatest speech ever, but by accepting the fee, particularly when I don't need the money to live on, I am not earning any points toward sainthood.

Like the show, the speeches are about enriching their bank accounts. There is nothing wrong with that except when claims are made that they are doing it for the good of others -- then it just becomes common hypocrisy.

Do you believe for a minute they would have turned down the offer to do a lucrative reality show if they were not little people? Do you think she would not accept the same fee to go talk about her favorite brand of tennis shoes? Look, they have sacrificed much, especially their own kid's privacy, and they contractually deserve to be rewarded for that (kids as well, or kids especially). But lets call it all for what it is -- a handsome income stream, not an example of concern for their fellow humans.

Anonymous said...

Rap I'm very offended that you keep repeating those awful words. Can we lay off the bad language please?

Rap541 said...

When Jeremy admits to using them and that he was wrong, sure. But until then, since I constantly hear how Christian and ok it is to use such terms as long as I, as Jeremy James Roloff, don't refer to a *specific* person, I don't understand why *I* am chided when Jeremy James Roloff gets a free pass to say "n-word, fagit, faggithol, beane, Downy" etc.

Give me a viable reason why I *should not* be lauded as Jeremy Roloff is and I will stop using the words of Jeremy James Roloff and his Faith Christian Bible Buddies.

Anonymous said...

I know that everyone likes to judge but if we were all judged by out children's actions (of about 2 years) how would we be judged? As much as I HATE the name calling I work in schools and I hear kids calling each other names. I hear mentally handicapped kids calling each other names also. It is not okay but instead of destroying I tell them to "please not speak that way around me" it offends me or I have loved ones who are that nationality or "hey guys what do you think my last name VARGAS means" just to make them think. They are kids, is it right, no but don't crucify. I guess my thought is when you have not offended someone by gossiping or your lies or whatever then you can judge until then help and guide instead.

Anonymous said...

I participated in the event in North Attleboro. It was not free. Members of the community and friends of the family organized to raise the funds, including selling tickets to a public lecture that evening. It was truly a community event. The shared effort in planning was a major part of making it community based. Amy Roloff's visit was phenomenal. She was warm, generous, fun, accessible. I believe her visit will make a big difference for many people in that community.