Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interview with Amy Roloff from Portland Mercury

There is an interview with Amy Roloff on the Portland Mercury site.

Obviously there is a mistake when it refers to the Roloffs youngest child having dwarfism. Odd that it actually quotes Amy as saying "some of us have dwarfism, like myself, my husband and my youngest son..."

Anyhow, some of the things mentioned in the interview:

- Molly and Jacob will travel with Amy on her cruise this summer.

- Amy comments on the cruise: "And the cruise is just another extension on what I already like to do on the show. I love to travel, I've done it before and what better way to take the benefit of my celebrity and help other people?"

-Amy thinks the media's portrayal of people with dwarfism and disabilities has been changing in the last few years and cites Meredith Eaton from Boston Legal as an example.

-Amy states that their true initiative for doing the show was for different reasons than people who want to be in movies or on television. They wanted to promote dwarfism, and it wasn't about the money.

-She emphasizes what she has said previously:

"My second, as a mother, was that TV follows us; we do not follow TV. Meaning, my kids will continue to do what they do because it's supposed to be a show about us, it's supposed to be about how what we think and do and give people a perspective that this is real, this isn't staged. Keeping my kids grounded in the sense of their schooling or activities that, yeah, TV can come and film their sporting event of soccer or something like that. Great, I'll let TV take care of the logistics!"

-Amy is asked about the wikipedia statement that they receive a dozen emails per minute (which always seemed a bit ridiculous, in my opinion) Amy says she doesn't think it's that much, but they do get a lot of fan email. You Wiki-users, why hasn't someone changed that? :-)

-She is asked if they receive emails nitpicking about the show? "Oh absolutely, that's what media's about. But you know what? In the long day of it we get a lot of positive emails. To be told that we're inspiring to other people, as a little person I never thought I would have the opportunity to have someone else view me in the perspective that, whatever they were going through, our show has helped them get through some medical situation, some relationship issue or dealing with their kids or whatever it may be."

You can read the full interview on the following link:

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