Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Matt Roloff Interview for Stop-stressing-now Cruise via Podcast

Matt Roloff did an extended interview with the person (Steven Diamond) who is running the Stop-Stressing Now cruise, where Matt will be a key-note speaker. They have a pod-cast of it on their website so you can listen to the interview with Matt.

The whole Podcast is located here:

It's about 48 minutes, so we'll recap the interview for people who don't have time to listen to the whole thing. Overall, I think Matt came across well, pretty standard stuff for loyal Roloff followers. Tthe first 5 minutes was basically an infomercial for the cruise and I have to confess that kept reminding me (for any The Simpsons' fans out there) of the episode where Homer went to that tranquility retreat ;-)

Anyhow, I trust that most people who read our site know the basics so I won't be too in-depth in the recap about the basic facts that we all know about Matt that he was asked about in this interview -- we know Matt spent a considerable amount of his childhood in the hospital, we know that Matt's parents had one healthy child and three with major physical problems, we know that Matt and Amy met at an LPA conference in Michigan, etc, so I'll highlight the parts that I think might be of more interest to fans. I'll had in my personal opinion about a few of the things I feel the need to interject :-) in a different font.

*Matt was asked about the neighbors, he said there are always some good and bad. He said there has been a shift in attitude among some and now they partner with some of them. He thinks they now see the wisdom in what he has done with his farm , the agritainment angle, and their fame and that the inconvenience of the clogged roads for a few weeks in the year is worth it.

*Matt is 49, his dad was a marine, he spent his childhood in a body cast, born in San Francisco, moved to Oregon shortly after he married Amy.

*He said his childhood taught him about hope and resiliency and you have to focus on what you can do, instead of what you can't do. Learn from the obstacles in life and have a cheery and positive attitude and you'll be happier.

*When he was a child he had an open and fun childhood, they would hit each other with sticks and throw rocks at each other.

*When something goes wrong in life, look for the silver lining in it because there is always a silver lining.

*He was asked if he was teased as a kid in school. Matt said he remembered a few days coming home crying, but not many because the attitude his parents told him to have was that he was getting built in attention and many people in the world go to great extents to try and get people to pay attention to them.

*The interviewer/organizer said he knew someone who went to Matt's pumpkin season that raved about how his little girl asked Matt a question about dwarfism and he went over to her and answered her question. Matt said there are so many people they would like to touch individually, but that's the tough part of their celebrity that they can't do that a lot.

*Interviewer talked about the show; referred to Matt and Amy having a normal American experience in their lives. Matt took a bit of offense to that and corrected him. He said actually, it has been a goal of theirs (Matt and Amy) to live an extraordinary life, rather than an ordinary life. He wanted to give his kids an extraordinary childhood and did all the things (that fans are well aware of - castle, tree-house, pirate ship).

*Talked about how the TV show began, Matt said they wanted to educate people about dwarfism in a non negative way. He said the show is raw, they show the good and bad in the most honest and open way they can.

*He was asked if it was hard for the family to get used to having their life on display for the world. Matt said there are definitely some challenging days. He said increasingly they are taking longer and longer breaks. Filming has really cut back; they used to film 5 days a week. Not anymore.

*Matt said the hardest part is the criticism they receive. He said people take things out of context or don't understand editing and how television works.

*He was asked if he reads the blogs and message boards. Matt claimed they've learned not to do it. Sometimes his staff will cut and paste something out of a blog and send it to him. He said it's hard to understand how people can get it so wrong. Sometimes they take the negative comments to heart. Matt explained that it seems like someone will always take the opposing position.

"If I put a fork down, some will say 'Why did Matt put that fork down, he shouldn't have done that', while the other half will say 'Wow, that's so wonderful of Matt that he put that fork down'"....I like that one. I think that one is definitely true to a point.

*Matt claimed that they don't read it because it would drive them crazy trying to respond , but sometimes staff will forward him something from a blog.
Sometimes he will go in and ask the kids 'Did you really do that?' (Hmm, I wonder what that could have been referring to...?), but Matt said the kids are really great, when he does that, they just say 'Dad, are you reading that stupid forum stuff again?'...

*Then Matt did his common double-speak when he talks about this stuff, after saying that, he said, but they really appreciate that the fans watch the show and they're really glad that they have fans who write about it whether it's good/bad/or indifferent. He said they all really appreciate the fans and want to hear from fans but it's hard to not take it personally.

I have to say, I understand why Matt takes this public stance that he claims to regarding this stuff, it's the same as athletes claiming that they never read newspaper reports about their performance. Everyone knows they do, they just don't admit to it.

I would love to hear an interview like this with Zach, because personally, I feel Zach is the most honest Roloff and I think you'd hear the truth rather than Matt's spin. Matt claims they don't read stuff about them, he's previously suggested they hardly ever use computers because they are just so busy....I think most people recognize this as being false to a ridiculous degree.

I'll let you the readers know that from maintaining this site and all that we know and all the many different people and sources and contacts we talk to -- almost completely contradicts what Matt claims. From what we hear (and I won't even address the ridiculous notion that the Roloffs don't use computers that Matt sometimes suggests), the Roloffs do read stuff about themselves, they are very aware of what is said about them. For instance, from what we know, Jeremy is very aware of what his reputation is like. Depending on who is speaking, there are different versions; one that he laughs at how stupid he thinks it all is, yet there is another story told by friends and people close to the Roloffs that Jeremy does take it very seriously to the point where he is praying about the whole situation.

And to further contradict what Matt suggests -- we're told that the kids and their friends are very active about searching for stuff about themselves and the show -- to the point where Jeremy and Mueller post video clips about the show that people have uploaded to You Tube and things like that for all their friends to see and comment on. They obviously do search for things about themselves, as you would expect, despite what Matt claims. I can say that with one hundred percent certainty.

Anyhow, back to the interview..

-Matt said Season 5B will start back up in late winter/early Spring (April was the date TLC announced at the end of 5A). He said it will focus again on the relationship of Matt and Amy, their relationships with the kids, they take a big trip (which was summer of '09). Jeremy and Zach backpack through Europe. Zach has a big soccer game at the World Dwarf Games, Matt said the tension was intense just watching (we have an item about the Epic Gold Medal battle on here in the archives -- Matt is telling the truth about this one)

One thing I have to interject about this because we're seeing a lot of comments and getting emails because of the way it's going to be presented and even as Matt is saying here...regarding Jeremy and Zach backpacking through Europe alone? Even their critics are saying they want to see how Jeremy and Zach did on their own through Europe because they don't think the twins would be able to do it....keep in mind that they were not really on their own -- not at all. They were with the crew and the producer. When they go to restaurants, they don't eat at a table for two, they sit at a table for 10 - 16. I don't think it can be stressed enough that the Roloffs are best friends with the crew and the producers. They are not silent robots without personality who fade into the background. When the Roloffs travel with them, they travel with them like they would travel with any of their other friends -- of course they have all the equipment to do the filming that they need to do, but otherwise, it's a bunch of friends traveling together.

That's not to suggest that I'm not eager to see their European adventures or that it won't be entertaining, but I think fans tend to not fully grasp the whole aspect of the producers and the crew -- keep that in mind when talking about "Jeremy and Zach back-packing alone through Europe", because I think people are being played the fool a bit.

Back to Matt's interview...

- Interviewer asked Matt about Zach being the only dwarf child in the family. Matt and Amy have tried to prepare Zach for some things. They've tried to prepare all of their kids for things and sometimes they look back and think they could have done this or that better, but on the whole he thinks they've turned out well and that the show has prepared Zach for a lot and he will appreciate the efforts from doing the show.

- Matt discussed all of the other LP shows on television. He mentioned the couple in "The Little Chocolatiers" by name and Jen and Bill from The Little Couple and Pit Boss. Matt thinks all the LP shows are great and goes a long way in normalizing people with dwarfism.

- They've received a grant to build custom made bikes for LP -- although there will probably be two different models. Matt mentioned CoDA in this project and talked about the importance for LP kids to be able to keep up with their average sized siblings and friends. He said it was fantastic when they built the bicycle customized for Zach because he was finally able to keep up with Jeremy and his friends, but he thought what about the other LP kids. Matt has a passion to fix that problem.

- They talked about their speaking engagements and the Q&A sessions and some of the questions. Matt said some get too personal and because they share so much on the show, they are very protective of what they do have left, so they've built up a wall around them, which is unfortunate, but Matt says it's the way it has to be due to their fame.

- Matt says they do really enjoy the speaking engagements and the question and answer sessions at them because those and pumpkin season are the only times they interact with their fans and they really love interacting with people.

My cynical side needs to point out the fact that in both of those situations the Roloffs are being paid and paid quite handsomely to interact with people. When they aren't being paid; they don't do it, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Matt says they enjoy interacting with people at the Speaking events or pumpkin season because they're are scoring big bucks for themselves. If they aren't being paid, they seem to lose their supposed love of interacting with people...

-Matt mentioned that they aren't currently filming, but actually that day (January 30th) they were doing audio for the show -- I believe this refers to the voice overs which most fans identify as the parts where it sounds like the family is reading during their narrations.

-Matt mentioned that they'll have another solid month off and then they'll decide whether to keep going on (the big Season 6 or is it over question).

-Matt was asked about the Iraqi family. Matt announced the very sad and heart-breaking news that Saja had just passed away on the Friday. There were too many complications after the surgery she had. Matt took a plane there, but landed about half-hour after they learned that she passed away. He cried and hugged with Russell Hayes.

And then that was the end of the interview.

For information about the Cruise with Matt and how to book, you can visit this site below:


Mike said...

I appreciate the synopsis of the speech. To be honest, I haven't seen a new episode in months, instead relying upon the reviews on this blog. (If something piques my interest, then there's always reruns!)

I've been a member of quite a few forums dedicated to the show and used to frequently defend Matt. No more. Out of all the family, the show has changed him the most, IMO.

(I found this blog after reading something about a "spitwadder" and then doing some research. lol I've subscribed via my Google reader for nearly two years, and this is my first post...I think)

On an unrelated note, I was standing in the checkout line at WalMart earlier today and saw some Mountain Dew (tm) lip balm. Made me think of Zach and wondered if he knew of it and if he did, was he addicted to it, too? -grin-

Greg said...

Gee, I love the part where Matt says the kids are really great, they refer to the fans as the people on "that stupid forum stuff". Gee I wonder why the kids are so disrespectful in general?

Of course the kids think it's stupid. That's probably how the National Enquirer conversation went with good ol Jer.

"Jer, did you say racist gay bashing stuff?"
"Dad, are you reading that stupid internet stuff?"
Gee, I can see why Matt says the kids are so great about it.

Then the obligatory, "But we love you all!" Does Matt expect anyone to swallow this?

I give Matt a lot of credit for not letting dwarfism hold him back, but he sure sounds like a jerk talking about their fame.

By the way Matt, most celebrities deal with fans when they don't get paid out of appreciation. Try doing something once in a while that doesn't involve you getting a money for it.

Jocelynn said...

Mike, I agree with most of what you said (welcome to the world of posting even if that means the Roloff kids now think of you as one of those stupid people that post on sites), but in my humble opinion Amy has changed the most.

In my opinion Matt was always quick to stretch the truth and arrogant. I think Amy used to be grounded, but has fallen in love with her own celebrity status, the attention and money that comes with it. At one time I at least like to believe that Amy's number one priority was making sure her kids turned into good people with good values that did the right thing. She has lost focus in my eyes.

I remember way back when Molly did that back to school photo shoot, Amy said she didn't want her kids becoming models because she hoped they would do something more substantial. Now that is kind of what they've become. A stable of cars, vacations everywhere, the kids don't work. If Amy had kept her priorities, I think she would have made the kids get some kind of typical job so they would develop work ethic instead of believe this false sense of what the world is like.

Rap541 said...

"He said people take things out of context or don't understand editing and how television works."

" He said the show is raw, they show the good and bad in the most honest and open way they can."

"He was asked if he reads the blogs and message boards. Matt claimed they've learned not to do it. Sometimes his staff will cut and paste something out of a blog and send it to him. He said it's hard to understand how people can get it so wrong"

"Then Matt did his common double-speak when he talks about this stuff, after saying that, he said, but they really appreciate that the fans watch the show and they're really glad that they have fans who write about it whether it's good/bad/or indifferent. He said they all really appreciate the fans and want to hear from fans but it's hard to not take it personally."

Why not do an interview here, Matt?

I am pretty sure Spirit would allow it. I mean, why not clear up the misconceptions?

The double talk is interesting. Is the show raw and honest? Because Matt says it is but also says things are taken out of context and edited to look a certain way. So it's not raw and honest, right?

I mean, I am just trying to understand Matt. Because its either honest and raw, or its edited and things are portrayed out of context. You can't have both. Or rather, you can't accept the praise for the first, and then use the second as an excuse when people criticize you.

I also see Spirit's point on the interaction issue. If you're willing to pay, Matt will "interact" with you.

Interesting about the LP bikes but considering it was someone else and their company who made Zach's bike, why would Matt have gotten a grant to build bikes? I am curious about the details - is CODA funding the bike makers?

Jillian said...

I think you're all being a little hard on Matt and the rest of the Roloffs.

1. Yes, they are paid handsomely for doing the show. I think they earn it. They certainly have given me a lot more insight and understanding of people with disabilities. They have a right to put up a wall around what little privacy they have left. Doing LPBW is their JOB. So is interacting with fans on paid speaking engagements. So they want to be left alone when they're not "on." Respect that, because they do give up a lot of their lives in the name of entertainment.

2. The kids refer to the "stupid forum stuff." I believe Matt when he says he doesn't read blogs, forums, etc. about his family. A lot of snarky stuff gets said that isn't exactly constructive criticism. I think some of us are reading way too much into the "stupid forum stuff" comment by the Roloff kids. It could be Matt popping off, or more likely, the kids have learned to handle the fame by avoiding some of the negative criticism that comes with it, which is their right to do. Maybe they do think we're stupid. More likely, it's a survival technique.

3. Yes, Matt is changed by the fame. I think fame would change any one of us, too. He seems to have better control and a handle on it. He's not like Jon and Kate out whoring themselves and being stalked by the paparazzi. The Roloffs aren't holding themselves up as the perfect family, or being holy, and doing the exact opposite, like Kate Goesslin and her godliness. I always felt deceived watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. The Roloffs are honest. Once you get past the dwarfism, they are like any other family. I have friends who are flight attendants who have had Matt as a passenger. Aside from wanting his scooter at the gate, he graciously and professionally poses for pix with the flight crew.

4. I think the fact that the twins aren't working is more a reflection of Amy trying to cling to her motherhood by stalling their entry into adulthood. I have friends are desperately clinging to motherhood, still making their adult children's lunches, screaming at them to get out of bed in the morning, not holding them accountable, etc. Molly, with her straight A's, seems to have a work ethic. As for Jacob, Matt and Amy are older parents. They're probably sick of arguing with a 13yo after the first three. My sibs and I are spread wide apart in age. By the time the youngest became a teen, they were much more relaxed with him than the older kids, and cut him a lot of slack.

5. Heartbreaking to hear about Saja. Saja would have died without the surgery. I think it's wonderful what Matt is doing for the family.

6. Matt still has his priorities in order, to be an advocate for little people. It's great that he wants to build customized bikes for dwarf children, so they can exercise, keep their joints healthy, and fare better in the mainstream world. It's okay with me if he wants to use his fame as a bully pulpit for enhancing the lives of people with dwarfism. Before the Roloffs, we had Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf on Howard Stern. Hank hated himself and allowed himself to become an object of derision as he drank himself to death. Too bad Hank didn't have a Matt Roloff in his life.

Brandon said...

Jillian, I disagree with you about most of your points.

1.I don't like the implied Saint aspect that you're giving the Roloffs. They're sacrificing themselves for our entertainment. No, they're doing it for money, to make themselves rich and to get an easy ride. I don't blame them for that, but lets not make them saints doing things out of the goodness of their hearts. They made themselves celebrities. They should deal with it. I agree with Spirts and Rap. Matt shouldn't say he loves interacting with fans when the only time they do is when they're getting paid. Jillian, do you think Matt "LOVES" intereacting with fans? If he doesn't, then he shouldn't lie and say he does. If he does love it, well, when you love doing something you don't only do it when you're getting paid.

2. I don't believe Matt. It's obvious by things Matt and Amy have said that they do read stuff about themselves. I trust Spirits and the connections this site has. When Spirits says Jeremy and Mueller search for and post LPBW stuff for their friends I think that's clue that they obviously come across forum stuff.

I think the kids are as disrespectful as it sounds and as some people are saying. People who have been on the forums for a long time like myself, remember when Jeremy and Zach all had public Myspaces. They called fans dumb idiots and stupid losers who suck the unsuckable. That's a fact. Anybody that was on the forums back then remembers that because we all talked about it when they were caught. lol.

3. I'm not a Jon and Kate fan, but I've always been lost at how people try to separate the Roloffs from the Gosselins. The only difference is in how people react to them. The Gosselins were always more popular and had more of a water cooler appeal. The divorce got everyone talking and the tabloid stuff exploded. If Matt and Amy were offered lots of money to pose on magazine covers there is not a doubt in my mind that they would do it.

I'm shocked you would call the Roloffs honest. Are they happily married? Matt says they are. But wait, on the show, THEY constantly make it sound like divorce is pending. That's not editing. That's Matt and Amy saying "We've lost our friendship, I don't know what will happen in the future, we're drifting apart..." Rap explained Matt's "honestly" well. Matt says the show is honest and raw. Matt says people don't understand editing. He's lying about something. I think Matt lies about a lot.

I also don't understand how you can say the Roloffs don't hold themselves up as saints. The Roloffs did write a book about their Big Values...with a lot of things in the book that are flat out lies or things that make them hypocrites. Unless you really believe Jeremy doesn't drink like most teenagers? You really believe that or were the Roloffs lying to make themselves look like saints to sell books in the Christian market and make money?

4. I don't have much disagreement with you here, but I think Jocelynn is right here too. Amy lost her priorities. Amy has hurt her kids because she doesn't want to see them grow up. She still says she didn't want their lives to become about tv and tv would follow them, but by the kids being tv stars and not getting jobs, they are following tv, not the other way around.

5. It's nice that Matt flew there and I feel terrible for that family. If you've read everything about them, the real selfless hero of the story is Russell Hayes, his family, and this Tammy person in the U.S military. They are the ones who live the ups and downs with the family every day. I don't want to fight over who did what, but I am a little put off when Matt says "we" or "I" brought them to the United States. Read the article about Russell and his church.

6. The bikes sound like a good idea.

Rap541 said...

Jillian, I understand and respect where you are coming from. I do want to clarify a couple of things in your points.

1. I don't think anyone disagrees that the Roloffs make a nice wage from doing the show. Nor do I think anyone disagrees that it is helping lps gain more acceptance. However,as Brandon points out, being filmed on a free trip to the Bahamas is hardly the Roloffs martyring themselves to just give back as much as they can because they are *sacrificing every shred of privacy solely and entirely to make us norms more aware*. I mean really. They are doing the show because they profit from it materially. They do the paid diversity talks because they profit from it. There is no sin in making money. But being paid 7500 to talk to school kids about being different and how it affects you is not the same as volunteering to do it for free. I don't *expect* Matt or Amy to volunteer services - but I also don't plan to laud them for their sacrifices when they are clearly being well compensated to do the show and their diversity talks.

2. To me the issue of what the kids say to Matt isn't the big issue at all. Its the lies that are constantly presented. For kids who are too busy enjoying God and nature to find time to do a once a month twitter, the Roloff kids sound pretty forum savvy. For someone who used to post at both TLC and TWoP and who had his own forum set up so he could control everything, Matt seems to be painting a picture of how innocent and internet illiterate he is. Poor simple Matt needs to have an assistant find thing on forums? Come on, this guy is almost always sitting by a computer when in his home, and he's got more internet and phone toys than I do.

3. I understand your comparison to the Gosselins, personally I thought it was obvious that Jon was very unhappy very early on, but to a point we're getting something very similar on LPBW. Matt says *outside the show* that everything between he and Amy is fine. That comes across in his newsletters, his forum q&a's, and interviews. But why, if everything is so great, are we seeing episode after episode of Matt and Amy at each other's throats? Which goes back to how Matt says the show is honest and raw, but also highly edited with many things taken out of context. One of these things can't be true.

4. Agree on Amy being part of the twins immaturity problem. She's clearly checked out of parentin and Matt had never checked *in* so the two younger kids pretty much need to raise themselves.

5. I feel so badly for the Salmans, and for the Hayes family as well. Gosh, wouldn't you love to see that family group on Extreme Home Makeover?

6. I think the bike thing is a great idea. I am just curious about the details,.

Anonymous said...

I see why Matt says he doesn't read this blog. You are very cynical about everything he said. You never give him a break. If the show goes off are you going to keep this blog going?

Spiritswander said...

The purpose of this site is to present all information that people who follow Little People, Big World and the Roloff family might find interesting. We pass along information unfiltered -- whether it is positive, negative, silly -- whether I personally agree or disagree we present it.

Sometimes I do interject my personal opinion on the content after presenting it, because it is after all a site that I and others help maintain and don't feel it's out of line to express myself on my own site :-) However, fans of LPBW people have all different opinions and everyone is going to form their own opinion. As it says in the sidebar, there are no elephants in the room here. If it's something that people will be thinking, we don't bite our lips and pretend like we didn't notice a discrepancy about something.

I have to say though, I don't think my cynicism with certain things here was out of line. It was almost a 50-minute interview. I expressed "cynicism" regarding about 3 or 4 things said, which I think there is good reason to be cynical of those things. I personally would rather be cynical about the right things than be naive and foolish. Our site is friendly with many friends and associates of the Roloffs and people connected to the show. Many of them respect that we have a realistic view of the show and have referred to some of the official sites as "fluff" -- that's just the way those sites have to be -- I understand that, but we're a little different. We favor being real and honest. That is what people have come to expect from this site and why we have large a following.

If it offends you to ever hear skepticism expressed after Matt says something, I would kindly suggest that you might be happier only getting your information from Matt's official site -- things there are filtered so there are many things you won't see or hear about there and Matt's words or actions are never questioned.

Spiritswander said...

To go into a little further detail about my cynicism expressed in this item -- there were about 4 things. If someone says something that you know to be false, I don't think you have much choice but to be cynical about it.

If Matt were to say in an interview that he doesn't wear red sweaters, what are your possible reactions? You could:

A) Ignore that you know that what he said is false and pretend like you didn't notice the discrepancy
B) Turn off your brain and believe him, even though you know that he does wear red sweaters.
C) Say that what he said is not accurate and state why.

We favor the C option.

It's not that I think that wearing red sweaters is wrong. I'm not criticizing him for wearing a red sweater. I'm just stating, wait a minute - he does wear red sweaters, why is he saying he doesn't? That's false.

For example, when Matt suggests that his family rarely uses computers and are rarely online, that is just simply information that we know to be false. All six members of the Roloff family do use computers often -- they all use iPhones and anyone with an iPhone knows the access to the internet is a major appeal of the whole thing. That should not really come as a surprise to anyone that the Roloffs do in fact use computers and the internet. It's not a criticism. However, if Matt is going to insist that they don't use computers -- suddenly stating that the Roloffs, like most everybody else do go online, becomes opposing Matt Roloff and being cynical? So be it :-)

This site is friendly with several friends and associates of the Roloffs and people connected to the show -- I feel confident in saying that the Roloffs are very aware of what is said here and on other forums. I completely understand why Matt insists publicly that they don't read it -- I wouldn't want to read forum stuff if I were them either - some things can be plain mean. However, it's hard to avoid and resist because contrary to what Matt says, the Roloffs are active online and the kids and their friends do search and post video clips and things of that nature that fans put on the internet and comment on.

I also think it is reasonable to point out the discrepancy in such things as Matt stating that they love interacting with the people -- when in fact, and it is a fact, that the two ways he listed that he loves doing it, involves the Roloffs being paid and making money off that interaction. I think that's a fair observation to make. It is my personal opinion that the Roloffs should indeed have more *free* interaction with their fans online than they do, like the majority of celebrities, but you are welcome to disagree. Readers to our site such as Joanne have presented the other side of that argument nicely as well. It's a difference of opinion. That's fine.

The third point I made about Jeremy and Zach's backpacking alone, was not really a criticism of Matt, but a reminder to viewers. When you don't actively think or talk about the crew, there sometimes is a tendency to forget about their impact on travel and filming. If every fan saw Jeremy and Zach sitting with 8 or 10 other people eating dinner and chatting and laughing with them and then someone said Jeremy and Zach are having dinner alone -- just the two of them, you would say, no they aren't! But when you don't see that and you don't hear talk about it, and it's presented as Jeremy and Zach having dinner alone, you would be more likely to forget about the crew aspect. So pointing that out was not really a criticism of Matt.

As for your last point, we will cross that bridge when it comes, but I don't believe that will be happening any time soon.

Jocelynn said...

Good answer, Spirit! :)

Expressed said...

Ya Spirit, everyone knows you and I disagree on a lot of things because I am pro-Jeremy, but I don't think you were rough on Matt's interview.

I can't seriously believe there is anybody who actually believes everything Matt says? I don't! Of course they lie. Jeremy does too and Jeremy is the reason why I watch the show. But lies are lies, lol.

Of course Jeremy drinks like every other teen except for a few that I know. Of course they use the internet. lol. Of course Matt is lying when he says they love the fans. It's obvious that's why they don't do twitter or fan Facebooks. They don't get paid.

They lie, but oh well, I still like them when all is said and done.

your drunken kid better not kill my sober one said...

Not all teens drink. Some have the fortitude to stand up against peer pressure. These are teens who know where they've come from and also where they're going. Let's research the death rate for underage drivers with little experience on the road, and little experience with alchohol. If any of my children get killed on the road by a drunken driver, (and I don't care if they're 16), I will make sure that the owners of the vehicle involved, and the people responsible for providing liquor for underage drinkers are sued for their entire life savings ---after losing your home, I will fight to the death to see that everything you have will be taken from you. You will be penniless and in prison.

Teen drinking is not acceptable and certainly not the norm. Teens driving (and that's what they love to do!) with overly permissive parents are a death trap for the rest of us.

If you are so weak willed that you allow underage drinking, please have the forethought to make sure that not one single person gets behind the wheel within your property.

My kids are alone with a production staff, and cameras, and lighting, I'm scared said...

ooooo, it is so strange when Amy says they're leaving the kids behind on their own, and ummmm, yeah, they left an entire camera crew, soundpeople, lights etc, following their every move... Note to AMY------this is NOT reality, and we aren't stupid.