Thursday, February 18, 2010

Matt Roloff speech at St. Cloud University in Minnesota

Matt Roloff recently was in Minnesota to give a speech. Another blog site that attended the speech posted about the experience.

Matt's answer in the question and answer segment was interesting. Hmm.

"A student asked him how he was able to afford building his large house. His reply was that he owns 5 different businesses. He was also asked if he makes most of his money from working with TLC, the answer was no. He makes a large amount of money by selling pumpkins. I thought that was very interesting."

You can read the full article and a couple of extra pictures of Matt on the link below. I have to say, unfortunately, Matt appears to be looking thin or a bit frail, in my opinion.

Here is another article about Matt's speech in Minnesota from the university Chronicle.

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M said...

Interesting. Hmm? Lol

Your right Spirit, He does look a bit frail.