Sunday, February 7, 2010

Roloff family in New York

We're passing this along to all of our readers -- we received some emails and messages from other readers and fans of the Roloffs informing us that they spotted the Roloff family in New York on Friday.

Apparently the primary reason they were there was for "business" -- a TLC photo shoot for the Little People, Big World, but of course they had a chance to enjoy New York City while they were there.

Thanks to the people who emailed. :-)


Christine said...

Is it for Part B in April or for season six?

Don't tell me it is for a new opening? The original opening must have been a photo shoot style before they changed to video camera film material.

No more shirtless Jeremy in the opening??

Craw said...

I can predict what happened. Amy complained Matt wasn't doing things with them but barked at him when he was.

Jeremy and Molly had a great time probably and Zach and Jacob pouted.

Tashapork said...

I am glad they are in New York, too bad they can't stop off in Washington DC and shere with the kids about their nation's capital. I think the Roloffs should take advantage of every perk they can get, I would be doing the same. There are a contingent of people who think that they Roloffs (or Duggars, Gosselins, etc) are practically on the dole, sucking the money out of TLC, when it is the oposite, they are making money for TLC or they'd be thrown to the curb.

Anonymous said...

I hope they got me a souvenir!

Disillusioned said...

I read about this a couple of days ago via twitter.
I saw it on one of the "fake" Roloff accounts that I follow at and they had it on a couple of days before this blog posted about it.
So are those really fake accounts??

Spiritswander said...

Hi Disillusioned,

They are fake accounts. You can refer to the response to David in another item. To be brief, the fake accounts are lifting real info and pictures off of the Real Roloff social networking pages.


When it comes to impostor Roloff accounts people are welcome to believe what they wish.
However, we exist for the great fans of LPBW who are interested in the Roloffs. We lay the information out there for people who want to know truth. People can and will form their own opinions.

Trust me when I say we would never lead fans astray or deceive our visitors. In this case, we are one hundred percent confident of the truth. We have excellent sources close to the Roloffs and the show who know what is going on.

The family of Roloff impostors (most likely all one person) are lifting information and pictures off of the real Roloffs various pages which the Roloffs intend for their real friends and associates.

As we've previously said, there is value in the fakes from a fan perspective -- they are basically doing what fans wish the real would do. While morally questionable, it is actually a kind thing the impostors are doing for other fans.

However, people should at least have the chance to know that they are being deceived.