Monday, February 20, 2012

Spiritswander Blog Defeats Matt and Amy Roloff's Subpoena

Spiritswander is very pleased to announce that a United States District Court Judge in Oregon has ruled in favor of Spiritswander and has quashed the Subpoena served on Google Inc. that was seeking the personal identifying information of every person that has ever contributed material or a comment to the Spiritswander blog site. The subpoena was issued by the stars of TLC's reality show"Little People, Big World" Matt and Amy Roloff. Spiritswander's Motion to Quash the subpoena has been GRANTED.

We felt this was a clear abuse of subpoena powers on the behalf of Matt and Amy Roloff since we have nothing to with Washington County and their current lawsuit regarding land use and trespassing. We argued that the Roloffs were unfairly targeting Spiritswander and its community of posters for retaliation by seeking their personal information and was abusing the process by involving us in a completely unrelated matter, simply because they have a long-standing personal dislike for the opinions expressed on the Spiritswander Blog.

I maintain in court documents that I felt the public figure Roloffs' dislike of the Spiritswander Blog originated when I stated that I felt it was wrong for the Roloffs son, Jeremy Roloff, to use racial and homophobic slurs. Many readers as well as myself commented that we felt it was disappointing that Jeremy never apologized for it and felt that the Roloffs were hypocritical considering that one of the admirable things the Roloffs had done with their television show fame was to promote the message that derogatory words towards minority groups are hurtful. Spiritswander and all that chose to comment have a first amendment right to express their opinion on such subjects without fear of retaliation.

The only legal argument that the Roloffs provided pertaining to the case, was that they felt that one anonymous poster used the same phrase regarding the ark that was used in a deposition of an Washington County Employee. Thus, the Roloffs were arguing that because they wanted to know if a Washington County employee had ever anonymously commented on the case, that they somehow needed to know the identity of myself, information about my email and the identity of everyone that has ever posted a comment in the 4 year history. Our very logical explanation to the Roloffs claim that a person commenting as "Brandon" had demonstrated "insider" knowledge of the case when he repeated the phrase "the ark could topple over" was that Brandon was simply repeating what was already in the article that he was commenting on. The article contained a public statement that was released by and clearly labelled as a statement from Washington County's communication department.

In his ruling, Judge Michael W. Mosman simply stated that "Based on a balancing of the value of anonymous online speech and a need for this discovery, John Doe's Motion to Quash 39, 54, which has now properly been filed with contact information, is GRANTED. The subpoena seeking information concerning Mr. Doe's blog is QUASHED."

Several people have been very interested in this issue beyond just the Roloff family VS Spiritswander because of the First Amendment rights that were at stake. So I'll use this item to walk people through the process now that the judge has rendered his decision (in our favor).

First, I have to say that is very satisfying to have emerged victorious. It feels a little bit like a David VS Goliath situation. The big celebrities in their million dollar home and fleet of vehicles trying to flex their power by abusing the system and were attempting to walk over the rights of regular everyday people. As time consuming as this whole process was, I think it does demonstrate that when someone attempts to bully you and strip you of your rights because they may have more money that you do and they may be a "celebrity" -- it is important to stand up for your rights (and the rights of others) and fight. And you can emerge victorious.

Having said that, I still think it's very unfortunate that so much time (of many people) and money (including taxpayer) was spent on this issue which we always felt was a clear abuse of the system on behalf of Matt and Amy Roloff. It's unfortunate that Matt and Amy Roloff spend so much time dedicated to such issues rather than focusing on things that are really important in life, but that was the Roloffs prerogative.

The judge reaching a verdict that we feel delivers justice was a community effort and I would like to take a moment to say some public "Thank you's".

First and foremost, I don't believe this outcome would have been possible without the help and assistance Spiritswander received from internet attorney Karl Kronenberger at KronenbergerRosenfeld, LLP. It seemed like a daunting task to be just a "regular person" with no legal counsel and all of a sudden be told that you have 21 days (which included the holidays) to file an official legal document (Motion to Quash) or else you basically forfeit your First Amendment rights, thus allowing someone to abuse the system and win simply because you can't or don't know how to defend yourself.

At the beginning of this process, I sought the advice of leading internet lawyer Karl Kronenberger. Kronenberger Rosenfeld specializes in the sometimes complicated area of Internet law. Karl Kronenberger has represented all sides of Internet Law cases and has extensive knowledge of the process and what it is necessary to reach the correct outcome of disputes involving Internet law issues.

Although the basis of the Motion to Quash and the Responses were composed by myself (with the invaluable input and effort of poster Rap541), a successful outcome would not have been possible without Karl Kronenberger, Leah Vulic and all at Kronenberger Rosenfeld. They helped guide me through the process and always kept me informed of the next step. If you have any legal issue involving Internet law, I would highly recommend seeking Karl Kronenberger as your attorney. I can't emphasize it enough, but Karl and his team are truly fantastic. Their communication and timely responses to ensure that all deadlines are met is second to none. Any charity donation that Spiritswander and my readers are able to make is due to Karl Kronenberger's generosity.

So I would like to issue a heartfelt public thank you to Internet attorney Karl Kronenberger, Leah Vulic and everyone at Kronenberger Rosenfeld Internet Law Attorneys.

A big thank you to Rap541. Of course, Rap541 is a frequent poster on our blog and a guest reviewer, but Rap541 really stepped up to help me compose the core of the original Motion to Quash. Rap, like me, does not have a law degree, but Rap541 helped take an E-book that was purchased regarding filing a Motion to Quash and did a great job in constructing it into a successful legal document pertaining to our case. Rap541 and I would also like to extend a quick thank you to Rap's friend Lorraine that has some legal experience and provided some answers to Rap throughout this process.

Thank you to all of our readers that offered various forms of support. So many people did whatever they could to help. It was very over-whelming and much appreciated. Some of our readers volunteered to make very generous donations to help support whatever costs were to be incurred from fighting the subpoena. Thank you. In due time, we will have a detailed item about the donations and discussion about the money raised. We might actually be able to make a substantial donation to 2 different charities and causes.

Thank you to all that did searching of your own in an attempt to find sites that would be of help. Your efforts were appreciated. A lot of people have asked about the steps involved and people who might find themselves in a similar situation might ask what to do in this situation? Some people suggested sites that specialize in the area of internet rights and freedoms. I do appreciate anyone who was trying to help and suggested some of those sites. The basic response was 'Get a lawyer and good luck'.

When I first contacted Karl Kronenberger who specializes in the area of internet law, he suggested one option was to purchase the following E-book regarding 'How to file a Motion To Quash a Subpoena' yourself.

I did purchase that and it was very helpful in composing the core of the Motion to Quash (again, a big thank you to Rap541 who helped relate it to our specific case) . I do have to be honest and say that it is difficult without a background in law to navigate through the entire court process in the proper manner as there are many different steps. Again, that's where Karl Kronenberger and Kronenberger Rosenfeld, LLP guidance and advice throughout this whole thing (which has taken over two months) was vital to our victory. So thank you so much to Karl for being committed to ensuring that the correct outcome was reached in our particular case.

Thanks to the people who offered support in emails, did research regarding this process that was very helpful and who helped me monitor the docket.

Thanks to the poster that discovered Matt's twitter post where he announced that the act of subpoenaing Google was "probably the funnest thing [Matt] has ever done in life. Matt had deleted the post from his Facebook page and the post had escaped notice from most, but one of our readers discovered that it was still publicly posted on Matt's twitter account (which at the time, he had set up to automatically display his Facebook posts -- Matt and his staff obviously didn't realize that when he deletes from Facebook, the Twitter post remains). Our reader discovered that tweet by Matt, passed it along and it became an important part of our argument that suggested strongly that Matt Roloff was intentionally abusing the subpoena process by playing games with the system.

Before I get to the actual court documents, I will quickly outline what was involved and how things proceeded.

  • On December 7th, I received a notice from Google Inc, stating that they had received a subpoena requesting all of my personal identifying information relating to my blog and my email address as well that of anyone that had ever submitted written material (including a comment) since the blog's inception 4 years ago. The subpoena request was made by Matt and Amy Roloff and their attorney. Google informed me they would comply with the subpoena and would hand over all that personal information to the Roloffs unless I filed a Motion to Quash with the court in Oregon by December 28th, 2011.

  • With the help that I referenced above, I did submit the Motion to Quash and the subsequent Declaration on December 23rd, 2011

  • Matt and Amy Roloff, through their attorney, exercised their right to oppose my Motion to Quash and did so on January 12th, 2012

  • I exercised my right to submit my Response to Plaintiffs Opposition of my Motion to Quash and did so.

  • The judge then granted me 14 days to re-file the Motion to Quash, this time using my real name and information instead of the anonymous "John Doe" -- yet it would be under seal and the content would be protected from the public (and from Matt and Amy Roloff and their attorney). The court received my re-submission on February 13th, 2012.

  • On February 15th, 2012, Judge Michael W. Mosman rendered the verdict:

    "Based on a balancing of the value of anonymous online speech and a need for this discovery, John Doe's Motion to Quash 39, 54, which has now properly been filed with contact information, is GRANTED. The subpoena seeking information concerning Mr. Doe's blog is QUASHED."

Below are all of the official court documents relating to this case. This is all public information that can be posted via what is known as "litigation privilege".

It is a lot of reading, but feel free to read it all if you're interested. I suspect the documents that will be of the most interest to people are the opposition to the Motion to Quash by Matt and Amy Roloff and my subsequent response to their opposition. Those documents demonstrate the level of focus and attention the Roloff family pay to the Spiritswander blog and all that comment on our site. Our response to their opposition gets into the specific details that have been discussed on the blog that were relevant to why the Motion to Quash should have been granted (which it now has been).

If you only want to read one of the documents, this is the one that gets into all the issues involved and details the history between the Roloff family and the Spiritswander Blog. The document is titled "Final John Doe's Reply to Plaintiffs' opp to Motion to Quash subpoena" :

With each document there is an accompanying "Declaration of" which supports each motion and contains the "exhibits" that were referenced in the documents.

[apparently some users browsing via Internet Explorer might have some trouble viewing these documents, but if you click on the actual link it should work for everyone including IE users.]

Motion to Quash Subpoena

Declaration of John Doe

Response to Motion to Quash.wpd Jan 12

Response Declaration of Ross Day in Response to Motion to Quash Jan 12

Final John Doe's Reply to Plaintiffs' Opp to Motion to Quash Subpoena

Final Decl of John Doe ISO Reply to Opposition to Motion to Quash Subpoena


Justin said...

Way to go Spirits! Nice to know that the arrogant Roloffs can't always use their muscle to stomp on people!

Natalie said...

Wow, great news!

This is definitely proof of what huge jerks Matt and Amy are!

Rap541 said...

I'd like to point out that *Brandon* was the one cited as the possible Washington County employee. Brandon, I always knew you were trouble :)

BeckyM said...


Congrats to Spiritswander and Rap for all their hardwork! Excellent!

Kyle said...


Vic Rattlehead said...

It's official.

Matt & Amy Roloff are trolling for attention and wasting the courts time doing it.

Pam said...

I watched the final special last night. Can I sue the Roloffs to get that hour of my life back?

Timothy said...

Great news! Congratulations Spirits, Rap and Karl!

It's also a plus that all the stuff the Roloffs don't want known is now forever logged in public court documents!

Rap541 said...

Not gonna lie - I'm fairly certain Spirit was allowed to file under seal because of threats made by the anon claiming to be Chris Cardamone, and because Matt has displayed a history of harrassment. Also, did anyone catch the whole "John Doe could have taken five minutes to call us" where we deftly followed up with why didn't the plaintiff take five minutes to email spirit first... when he clearly did take five minutes to brag on twitter how filing subpoenas to Google was just such a fun thing?

Because I found it hilarious. ;)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Spirit, a heartfelt thank you. I'm glad the links work perfectly and everyone who reads this blog can peruse ALL the information relevant to the subpoena. Well done to you and all those involved for all your hard work.
I hope the Roloffs read this. All of it. Including the comments registering the pure disgust with these people and their disrespect for the rights of others. I know Matt thinks this is all a game, but I still have the right to wish that he's so red-faced spitting mad that he can't talk. One famous person told me that, when this is all done, it is hoped that Matt would regret having done this, and having all this information made public. Alas, he is so selfish and self centered that this will have no effect whatsoever.
Now, I wait patiently for his staff and supporters to get on her and claim the judge acted in a very unprofessional matter, that justice has not been served and how could Spirit do this to such a wonderful, funny, giving family man. Will Matt post this on his FB so his sheep can bray, "You go, Matt! Good for you, Matt!"? Probably not. Oh well.
The Wrong shall fail, the Right prevail.

The Truth And Nothing But said...

I am so happy that this foolishness is now over with. Good work and a job well done Spirts, The Lawyer, and Rap541 and thanks to all who keep you all and prayer and was hoping for such a good happy ending for this bogus case. A job well done xause I sure was one.

Rap541 said...

Well, Podge, all I know is that when Matt thought he was *winning*, he was all about posting on facebook about jawdropping discoveries being made on the case. Check it out on Facebook. On the same day Spirit puts up the post about donations for the defense fund, Matt is proudly making snickery comments.

Where are your comments now, Matt? Matt's staff? We *know* you're reading and reading very closely - how about it? Is Matt amused and finding this the "funnest" ever now? :)

krisa said...

thank you to the finacial supporters too.
we all know celebrities are special and have a set of rules for themselves and another for the hoi poi. (you and me). if I was Matt, I would fire the lawyer who suggested that this subpoena was a good idea. when you are narcisstic, you think you can do anything.

Sandie said...

Wow. Well done. Integrity, truth, justice prevailed. Huzzah!

David said...

Huuray Hoorah! Spirits, Rap and the lawyer! It would have been concerning if celebrities had been able to get their way with the legal system. At least they didn't in this case.

David said...

Krisa, based on Matt's personality, I would be willing to bet that the subpoena was Matt's idea and the lawyer went along with it to please Matt.

The lawyer must have known he was treading on dangerous ground. There must be penalties that can be issued if a lawyer abuses the system.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

David, I agree. The attorney works for Matt. Krisa there's not much the attorney can do if Matt wants to pay him to prepare and file this subpoena, as well as the related documents. One person believed that attorney Day was probably not counting on Spirit fighting the subpoena! I mean, that would have made it a walk in the park on a sunny day. And then, Spirit, Rap and Karl go and rain on his parade. Boy, the gratitude of some people lol!
Rap, while I'm thanking the team I do want to take this opportunity to express my surprise that the plaintiffs chose to include the rantings of the previously mentioned lunatic anon claiming to be you-know-who. That's when I personally really really wanted this to backfire big time on the person who made those remarks, the identity of which I spoke to in an earlier post.

Steve said...

Have read this blog for a long time but this is my first post.
Good work to all involved in getting this result.
One question though. As you were the defendants and won the case can you now apply for costs (all your legal fees) from the plaintiff Roloff???
You can in the juristiction that I live in but I've no knowledge of the law regarding this in your part of the world.

Be good if you can then make donations to charities (eg. ASPCA)that would really annoy Matt & Amy.

M said...

Woooooooooo! Congrats spirit!!!!!!!! :D!!

Rap541 said...

To be fair, Podge, we were the ones who included the threatening comments from the anon claiming to be Chris Cardamone because we were using it as an example of the harassment Spirit already puts up with. I personally think that if Matt had Spirit's info or the info of anyone here, that he would use that to encourage harassment. He's used the TLC forums to name call his neighbors in the past, and while we don't know whether that anon WAS Chris Cardamone... we don't know that it wasn't either, and that and the Roloffs hostility and the complete lack of well, reasonable belief that someone from Washington County was behind the blog... It was an info grab. In my opinion, Matt was abusing the system. His lawyer's arguement was that Brandon said "The ark toppling over" meant that he was using terminology only an insider would. Since that terminlogy CAME FROM a media release from Washington COunty, well, of course it was similar to the terms used by Washington County employees. The other piece of insider info? Was an anon post that had a quote and a link to a public website that went over Oregon's local ordinances.

And you know what? *IT WAS MY ANON POST* not some Washington County employee working in the grand conspiracy to keep Matt oppressed. I only posted it anonymously because people sometimes knee jerk react when it's "Rap541".

BigBrother said...

Steve, Spirit wasn't a defendant in the case. Rather, the Roloffs had gotten a subpoena filed to obtain Spirit's personal info (and that of the rest of us that have ever posted on here) as part of the 'discovery' process that the Roloff as Plaintiffs claimed was necessary info for the court to obtain. Washington County, and two employees are the actual defendants in this case.

Jocelynn said...

Congratulations Spirit. Thank you objecting to the subpoena. It was very nice of the lawyer to help you out. There are good people in the world.

I think the anonymous comments posting as Chris Cardamone were important.

A court MUST take threats very seriously. Spirits was threatened. If you called someone up, screamed at them and said you were hunting them, you would be in very serious trouble.

Whether it was Chris or not, they were threats from someone that obviously cared a lot about the Roloffs and hated Spirits. The judge had to take that seriously. There's a lot of nut jobs in the world. Could you imagine if the judge told the Roloffs where Spirits lives and all that stuff and then Spirits was attacked? Lots of people would be in big trouble.

Courts can't go around handing out personal information, especially when the person has had threats made against them from people claiming to be friends of the person wanting to know their information.

Bonnie said...

The Roloffs make me sick. They whine about being discriminated against (in their minds!) because every publisher in the world isn't lining up to give them a cookbook, but they try to discriminate and abuse people that aren't rich and might not be able to fight back in a court of law.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, I don't get it. The first time I see the threatening remarks of the anon claiming to be Chris Cardamone in print is exhibit 1 of attorney Day's Declaration in Response to the Motion to Quash. I read Spirit's Motion to Quash and Spirit's Declaration, but can find ro example in print or a reference. When did Spirit include it?

Brandon said...

OMG! Should I say sorry, Rap, Spirits?

Ridiculous is all I have to say! Thank God, praise Jesus that truth, justice and integrity prevailed!

I don't believe for a fraction of a second that Matt thinks I'm an employee of Washington County! I commented on helluva LOT MORE things than the ark stuff.

Matt has some nerve to put this in the court. I don't work for Washington County, either! I don't even live in Oregon or any of the neighboring states!

I guess I would have been on Matt's list for retribution and revenge if he was singling me out. I better say thanks too. Thanks Spirits, Rap and Karl Kronenberger for defending my rights too.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, no need to apoligize. It was patentlly ridiculous that anyone was accused here. I pointed out my anon posting to make that point - I live in AZ and I am clearly not an oregon washington countly employee (and Matt's comments about Az and his lackey's comments clearly make it clear that they do have my id and enjoy sniping me about it which means Matt can and will be abusive) and it was an issue.

Oh and hey, Matt? MATT? I know you send the lackeys to read here so the next time you knock how people who work in customer service suck or when you send your lackeys to do so, please look long and deep at the customer service scum who doesn't own a million dollar house like you and who isn't on tv like you and who doesn't have a law degree and who defeated you when you acted like a rich abusive jerk.

And feel free to whine how this all happened because you're little. That's a lie. You lost because you are wrong.

tml said...

Yay spirits!

oh matt and amy, the ships of fools are sinking

Pam said...

OUCH! Excellent point, Rap!

Ray said...

The Roloffs have no respect for other people's rights.

Rap541 said...

Here's another excellent point. Matt's a bald faced liar every time he says he doesn't pay attention to naysayers and "hateblogs". Cause guess what? He was paying excessive attention to the posts here, and actually seriously got a lawyer involved over it. So every time someone trots out "Matt could care less, Matt doesn't pay attention to you!" well HA HA HA. Believe *Matt* or believe the LEGAL DOCUMENTS THAT PROVE THE OPPOSITE.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap Rap Rap you keep forgetting. He got a lawyer involved over it, THEN tweeted it was probably the funnest thing he's ever done in life!!!
Seeing as he watches this blog like a hawk, his tweet can't be repeated enough.
We should call him "Matt who has the most fun abusing the rights of the ordinary people" Roloff. I wonder what he thought (and what he thought Judge Mosman thought) when he saw that as an exhibit in Spirit's Final Reply to the Opposition of the Motion.
Spread the word, people!

Grace said...

Thank God they lost. Celebrities think they can do anything they want.

Rap541 said...

Btw Podge, you were totally right. I had forgotten that the lawyer had included a ton of not so um... complimentary stuff in their declarations. I'd forgotten that.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

It surprised me a bit, Rap. They must have been counting on the fact that Spirit you et al were not going to fight. If they'd won, the information would have gone to them alone, so they could cover up whatever they wanted, including the real identity of the anon poster claiming to be Chris. They did if first, so it was Spirit's duty to jump all over it. They put harassing comments towards Spiritswander in their own documents. Nice.

Peanut Butter Cups said...

Their subpoena was clearly overly broad for their cause of action. I am surprised Google tracked the ID of every poster ever so quickly and would pony that up so readily if need be. That would have had to have been very expensive to comply with.

To the extent the Roloffs were fishing, maybe it was related to their stalker Matt mentioned on his FB. So far as I can tell, that person was never charged with anything (at least I never heard anything about it). It really sucks if someone was threatening Molly--she seems like the least offensive member of the family to anybody.

David said...

Peanut, if they were seeking information about Molly's alleged stalker, they were still abusing the system. The subpoena was in regards to their court case with Washington County about the Ark investigation.

Personally, I think all the subpoena was about was the Roloffs trying to find out if someone in their inner circle is Spiritswander.

By the way, if you read the court documents submitted by the Roloffs, they say Molly's alleged stalker was apprehended, not "arrested".

These are the Roloffs and they are never entirely truthful. I find it very hard to believe that if someone was genuinely threatening to seriously harm a 17 year old girl that they would not have been arrested and only "apprehended".

It kind of makes me wonder if it's a classic case of someone writing that "Molly is rude" and the Roloffs turning it into "Someone is trying to kill Molly! Police! FBI! Help! We are the Roloffs!

Rap541 said...

David, agreed on all points.

One of the reasons the subpoena failed was that there wasn't enough plausible reason to think anyone posting was posting *because they were part of a conspiracy among Washington County employees to treat the Roloffs unfairly*. The only examples were things that we were able to prove weren't secret Washington County employee only knowledge... and let me be blunt. If you didn't sit down and read the response - there was a grand total of TWO examples cited and neither of them were posts that *Spirit* had made.

This was an info grab pure and simple.

I also agree about the issue of Molly's stalker. "Apprehended" not "arrested"? Let me explain. If there had been an *arrest*, there would be an arrest record.

And that still wouldn't be a reason to subpoena the ids of every poster here over Matt and Amy's case against Washington County.

Peanut Butter Cups said...

@David, like I said, it was overly broad. I was just trying to make the point that a stalker can cause people to be paranoid about everybody and everything. I speak from personal experience about that when some whack job mistook my being sociable as meaning I was interested in them and my subsequent avoiding them was me playing hard to get.

There may have been an argument that the incident damaged their reputation because of negative opinions expressed about Amy's behavior that was a direct result of the "trespass" and therefore the info sought pertained also to damages. Not saying it is a great argument, but an argument. I am surprised their lawyer issued the subpoena under such flimsy grounds as a single person using the same commonplace phrase as was used in a deposition for things falling over. I am still amazed that ark didn't squish somebody.

David said...


"I was just trying to make the point that a stalker can cause people to be paranoid about everybody and everything"

I agree. That's why I don't believe Molly has a stalker.

I saw fan pictures of Molly from the most recent pumpkin season. Posing next to hundreds of strangers that the Roloffs allow onto their property. Molly is smiling and standing shoulder to shoulder with everybody.

If you had a stalker (or your daughter had a stalker) and were paranoid about everything and everyone, would you invite every stranger to come into your backyard and pose for pictures with everybody who asked?

I sure as hell wouldn't. I don't think that's the actions of someone that has a real stalker or worried for their safety (or the safety of their daughter).

I think it's classic Roloff. Somebody probably wrote a rude letter insulting Molly and the Roloffs attempted to turn it into "crazed psycho trying to kill Molly!"

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your legal victory! It's good to see sensibility triumph!

barnaby said...

This is great news. Congratulations.

I find this totally ironic in my case, since I have rarely been critical of the Roloff family - other than Matt. And my comments have been beyond bland concerning him.

However much I often disagree with most of the comments posted, I have enjoyed the opportunity to read this blog and I am extremely pleased that whoever in the Roloff family wanted to stifle our comments by trying to find out who we are, has been quashed, literally.

This is truly a victory for freedom of speech.

BeckyM said...

Is it just me or has there been a lot more newcomers lately especially after this announcement?Whether they are pro or con I welcome that.

It really defeats Matt's Great Plan if more people are visiting and reading about his stupidity. Silly Matt, file a funny subpeona and then see the blog you hate go up in visitation! ROFLMAO!!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Good eye, BeckyM. I agree, whether pro or con, I feel it's most important to get the word out. However that gets done.

Delia said...

From what I heard the Roloff's got what they needed using the subpoena. 2 people were added to the defendant list along with more charges. I guess just the threat of being discovered makes people come clean. It's crazy that the Roloff's get away with the sneaky crap that they do.

Brandon said...

Delia, The Roloffs didn't get anything they wanted. The subpoena was denied and all the subpoena did was cost the Roloffs money in lawyer fees and pissed the judge off by wasting his time.

The subpoena was an info grab for Spirits info (and mine apparently!!) because control freak Matt wants to know what friends have the audacity to be honest about them.

Rap541 said...

Delia - Brandon is correct in that the subpoena was successfully quashed and Google did not hand over any info on any posters here, including Spirit's.

The people added to the lawsuit were the higher ups at the county, the supervisors over the two guys first named.

Anyone with a pacer id can read the case information. So far none of the arguements presented on either side even hint that Matt and Amy felt someone from this website was involved.

Toast said...

Spiritswander, you are my HERO. The Roloff Trash and their spawn of Satan need to be held accountable not only for those disparaging remarks, but for not even having the good sense or decency to attempt to make amends for them. They instead tried to bully & throw their weight around to make all the sites documenting the comments virtually disappear. And most of them did, all except yours & one other site! It's a shame that Cowards would rather dismiss a situation rather than to try & right the wrong! You stood your ground and I applaud you for making sure this haunts them online forever! I am starting a petition to appeal to TLC's decency in the matter because they are just as guilty for continuing to endorse & cover for them. Keep up the good work! :-:Thank you:-:

Kimberly said...

Can they just Roll Off into a sunset, or a volcano? A show about people Because they are Short???? I'd fire the moron that brought that idea to me. Just say No folks, don't watch, shut this nonsense down.

Randy said...

This Facebook post by Amy just makes me laugh:
"I'm thankful for Zach that he'll be hanging out with Jacob while I'm traveling. I have such wonderful kids."

I bet he does a real good job watching over him. Makes sure he's to bed on time, has homework done, and arrives on time to school.

Timothy said...

Randy, well, from following Jacob's twitter, it doesn't sound like any of those things ever happen.

I've lost track of the number of times Jacob has tweeted about not sleeping/still being up at 5am, the number of times he's been late for school, not doing homework...meanwhile, Matt and Amy post about how they are travelling promoting their celebrity status which in the past has included a book about parenting.

Very ironic.

Tezca said...

I know this is two years late but I just want to say I'm glad you guys won. From what I see already you guys are exercising freedom of speech and stuff.