Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Statesmen (Zach Roloff's team) vs Celebrities' Basketball game replaces Martin Klebba's dinner event

Martin Klebba's previously announced event to raise money for CoDA on March 4th, has been replaced by a charity basketball game between various celebrities and Marty's "Statesmen" team who of course is the dwarf team put together by both Marty Klebba and Zach Roloff. The new date is April 16th in Troy, Michigan.

The change was said to be made to accommodate all ages including children. The previously announced event was scheduled to be an over 21 gathering.

The Statesmen games will be seen on the upcoming string of episodes when Little People, Big World returns in April on TLC. If you want to see what happened in the epic Gold Medal game at the World Dwarf Games in August 2009, you can check out our item here:

Friday, April 16, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Troy Athens High School
Street: 4333 John R rd.
City/Town: Troy, MI

Come see Athens Alumni Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs) and his STATESMEN take on some of his Celebrity friends in a basketball game to raise money for Charity.

BizMatchConnect Presents
Worlds Gold Medal winning Dwarf Basketball team
Basketball Game

Tickets $20
$10 for 10 years of age and younger

Tip Off 7pm
Doors Open at 5pm
Silent Auction- We will begin our Silent Auction at 5pm. This is so that you will have time to start your bidding/ browsing early.

Photo Stations- We will have movie prop stations set up so you can get your photo take with characters from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and More.

Autograph Line- After the game we you will have an opportunity to get to meet the teams and have them autograph your program.

Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs fame) is heading back to his old high school to help raise funds for CoDA (Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy) and Athens Theatre Company. CoDA is a Charity that Marty started back in 2006 with his friend Matt Roloff (Little People Big World). One of their major contributions is to get orphan dwarfs adopted. “Just cause they are dwarfs, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a loving family.” Marty is also donating a percentage of the money to his old high schools theatre company. “the first role I got was as a pirate in Peter Pan… Now I have made a career in Disney’s Pirate of the Caribbean franchise.” The Statesmen have just come off an impressive win in the world championship played in Ireland. “I truly feel this game will be a game for the ages. For all that attend and for the players participating.” Says Colin president of BizMatchConnect. “I think a lot of people are going to come cause they think it will be ‘cute’ but then they will realize the Statesmen have game.”

We will be playing the game starting at 7pm with an autograph line afterward. “This is the biggest game that the statesman may ever play. I want them to shine as much as the celebs.” Says Klebba.

For Tickets e mail or call 877-985-3237

*If your company (or someone you know) would like to advertise in our program please let me know.
* If you would like to sponsor this event we are looking for companies to help out. Sponsorships are $200 and $300.



Expressed said...

Thumbs up to more Roloff content.

Too bad that picture isn't a little more to the left. That's Jeremy's right arm and part of his right buttock. lol ;)

Sheri said...

I am pleased to see this time in the write up it states that CoDA was formed by BOTH Matt Roloff and Marty Klebba.

M said...

I wonder why things were changed?

tay said...

is jeremy going to be there?

i was looking at the guest list. i'm sorry but i have a complaint.

why are friends of the statesmen players going to be there? like that lexi girl. i know she hangs out with the roloff crowd at the lpa events.

isn't this supposed to be about the fans? the people going to support marty's coda organization?

i bet you anything because ppl like this lexi don't see the other statesmen guys including the roloffs, are going to be talking to the roloffs and marty when they aren't playing.

of course they're going to want to talk to their friends because they know them.

but that is ruining what it's supposed to be.

i remember someone complaining about tha at the roloff farm and i think it was a valid complaint.

one of the roloff friends from school went through with her family and younger siblings. because she knew jeremy and zach. because they knew them, they were talking to jeremy about school, their weekend and stuff. the person that was complaining said they didn't even get a chance to talk to jeremy or get his picture with them because they needed to go and his friends was taking up all his time.

i bet the same thing will happen at this event.

i think their real friends should stay out of things that are for the fans.

Anonymous said...

Tay, yes Jeremy is scheduled to be there, along with Zach and Matt.

There will be plenty of time for fans to see the Marty, the Roloffs and the other celebrities.

Anonymous said...

Just a note.... The Celebrity team as of now consists of Matthew Lillard ( Scooby Doo, Scary Movie ), Don Reid ( retired Detroit Piston ), Jeremy Roloff ( LPBW ) and other Local Detroit Celebs as well. Martys friend from Pirates Lee Arenberg will also be there as the Guest Annoucer/play by play. Matt Roloff will also be in attendance. The Statesmen and Celebs will be signing purchased Programs after the game as well to help Marty Raise Money for CoDA. There will also be a Silent auction on items and services before the game.

Anonymous said...

I read that there are some other Celebs coming as well. Tony TC Cox ( Me myself and Irene, Bad Santa ), Jonas Jerebko ( Detroit Piston ), Rick Mahorn ( Bad Boy Detroit Pistons ), Dan Severen ( UFC ), Scott Norton ( WWE N W O original ).