Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Matt and Jeremy Roloff picture

We just had to share Matt's new (it's actually from the European vacation in 2009 that we'll see in this next set of episodes starting on April 5th) profile picture for anyone who has not seen it.

It's interesting to note that most fans who like Matt the most, also love Jeremy, and vice versa. So I know a lot of readers will enjoy this picture:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Matt Roloff has created a real Fan Facebook Page

Big news on the Roloff social media happenings!

In the last day or so, Matt Roloff set up a real Facebook page for fans.

As we've seen in the last couple of weeks, Matt is suddenly getting more involved in the social media/fan interaction domain. A few months ago, Matt said that TLC has been encouraging the Roloff Family to get involved in social media with their fans. So in the last couple of weeks Matt has been using twitter here:

And now the new Fan Facebook page. Personally, I hope he goes with the Facebook page, as I prefer Facebook to twitter - it allows the person to get a little deeper into thought.

Matt also has a real personal Facebook account. It looks as though he was going to use that to interact with fans, but then decided to set up the Fan page and only add real friends and family on his real Facebook account.

Like Matt says on his profile:

"So many impostors - I can't even figure out if i'm the 'real' me on this facebook thing."

Very true! The impostors make it difficult because what they usually do and have already done -- they copy real Roloff postings into the fake pages to make it seem authentic. Because the fakes have been around longer than the real Matt, the fake accounts have more fans/friends/followers and come to the top in searches.

The Roloff impostors even created a fake Spiritswander blog! The fake Zach Roloff on twitter directs people to a blog site which simply copied from yours truly -- this site that you're reading now Spiritswander/Keeping Up With the Roloff Family.

This is a FAKE Zach

And the Fake blog which the fake Zach is promoting -- it simply copied our items here on to that blog.

If you read that entry and you read here, you know they simply copied our item here (leaving out the part where we discuss the fake accounts of course!)


So Matt has now created a real Fan Facebook page and is encouraging his fans to follow him there.

That's what you should know on the Roloff social media circle for now -- Matt Roloff has a real Fan Facebook Page. We'll see if he sticks with it and actually uses it or if he loses interest, but certainly I have to say, good going, Matt! :-) As I've said on this site many times before, I thought it was very reasonable for the Roloffs to have real fan interaction like the majority of celebrities. Up until this point, their interaction with fans on Facebook or Twitter has been virtually zero, so good on Matt for his sudden foray into being a celebrity with fans in 2010.

Here is the start of Matt's Fan Facebook Page. At this exact moment it only has 20 fans and the impostor Matt pages has thousands.

Matthew Roloff: "Hi Everyone, This is the real Matt Roloff. Several impostors are definitely out there. Some fake Facebook pages have several thousand mis-lead friends and fans. I encourage you to join this list. I'm trying to keep up with the rest of the family who is catching on to this social network stuff.

Sometimes I learn more about what Jeremy and Zach are doing (right here on the farm) thru Facebook postings. lol It would be impossible to accept everyone so this way i plan to share my happening within my wide group of Little people and friends."

While Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Amy also have real facebook accounts, Matt Roloff is the only Roloff involved in any type of real Fan Page or interaction.

As we've said for quite sometime, the Roloffs (other than twitter/mattroloff) on twitter and up until now - the fan Facebook pages for the Roloffs were all fake. Sly fakes, but still fake. They all are linked together -- the twitters direct people to the fake Facebook pages with thousands of friends and fans and the Facebook pages do the same for twitter. As Matt finally states here, they are fakes.

So to review because it does get hard to recognize the impostors:

Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Amy Roloff (with very rare exception) do not interact or speak to or with their fans - they don't share photos - they don't do anything like that with fans. They have nothing to do with fans.

As of March 30th, 2010 the only real Roloff fan pages on Facebook and twitter belong to Matt Roloff and are as follows:

All other Roloff Twitter accounts and Fan Facebook accounts with thousands of fans/friends are impostors.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Extended Preview Commerical for Little People, Big World Season 5B

TLC is airing an extended version of the preview bit that we previously described.

This recap comes from a regular poster to the site, M.

Announcer: the Roloffs are back!

*standing in front of the red screen at farm*

**cue happy European type music**

*"my favorite thing about traveling is the experience of it." - Jeremy

*clips of Jer taking a picture, Zach and Jer sitting on a bench and Zach trying on wooden clogs?*

Announcer: broadening their horizons

*clips of Amy pretending to hold of the leaning tower of pisa, Amy on a Moped, same Jer and Zach beer, Zach high fives on mountain*

Announcer: including a European vacation

*clips of Jer and Zach in the London eye(the huge Ferris wheel type thing), Amy, molly, Jacob on a Gondola*

[then it gets dramatic! LOL]

** lighting crack above Paris**

*drama music*

*clip of angry looking Matt*

Announcer: ..That will test their family bond!

*clips of pissed off Amy face

* Jer and Zach sitting together but not looking at each other*

"when Matt arrives it's all about him" -Amy

*clip of Matt on scooter dragging suitcase behind*

Sidenote: Its seriously played like Satan has arrived! Haha

"whenever we travel it's always some sort of tension.." - Jeremy

*clip of sour faced Amy, Zach looking like he's either sleeping or has a headache in a chair and more pissed off Amy face

"the family was going to disintegrate in front of my eyes" - Matt

*clip of Zach and Jer walking away from the camera with huge back packs on*

**TLC red brick things**

*family back at the farm with red paper behind them*

Announcer: don't miss all new episodes of little people, big world premieres next Monday at 8pm on TLC

Add some fancy old European maps on some clips and that's the gist of it. lol

So it's a season of pretty places, spiced up drama and more pissed off Amy. Woo!

Matt and Amy Roloff to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Monday April 5th is shaping up to be a big night for Roloff fans. Not only is it the premier of Season 5B of Little People, Big World on TLC at 8pm, but Matt and Amy Roloff are scheduled to be guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on the April 5th show.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


04/05/2010 11:34 PM

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Little People, Big World Season 5 commercial - Jeremy and Zach Roloff drinking

TLC is currently running a quick commercial preview for the new season (referred to as Season 5B) of Little People, Big World which begins Monday April 5th at 8pm.

The buzz around the commercial is that it features Jeremy and Zach drinking (gasp) alcohol.

For those who have not seen the commercial or those of you in parts of the world where they're not up to Season 5 yet, here is a recap of the commercial, which is only about 15 seconds long.

A narrator: Matt and Amy face big changes...

(shots of the family from a photo shoot)

Matt's voice: "Amy likes the freedom when I'm not around"

(Matt, Amy and the kids standing around in an airport)

Narrator: ...As their family grows up

(Jeremy and Zach sitting at a table in a pub like setting with giant mugs of beer - they both have big smiles as they toast each other and Jeremy takes a drink)

Amy's voice: "There's something romantic about Rome"

Amy is shown leaning over and hugging Matt.

What appears to be Jeremy (he has a helmet and sunglasses - hard to tell) driving and Amy on the back riding on a scooter type vehicle.

Narrator: Don't miss all new episodes of LPBW, premieres April 5th at 8pm on TLC

For those wondering, the drinking age in Europe is 18. Jeremy and Zach were 19 during the trip. They'll be 20 this May.

Jeremy Roloff enjoying alcoholic drinks while in Europe - Summer 2009 - is sure to set off a firestorm of talk amongst LPBW/Roloff followers because of Jeremy's previous "I don't drink because I only do things that I know please God" stance

If you're confused why anyone would even note that Jeremy and Zach were drinking, that, specifically Jeremy drinking has been a hot topic in LPBW discussions for several years. It primarily stems from the Roloffs' Christian family image they portray and how factions of fans have reacted to it all.

It all started in the Roloff book "Little Family, Big Values". Jeremy is quoted as making the now infamous statement when talking about his religious values and his love of God.

Jeremy Roloff: "My Faith in God keeps me from doing some of the negative things so many kids do -- drinking, drugs and other things. My friends and I like to have fun and enjoy life, but we do it in ways we know show that we have faith in God and in ways that we know please him."

Based on statements like that from Jeremy and how they are portrayed on the show - Jeremy, Zach and their friends shown spending time building forts -- a faction of fans hailed Jeremy as an example of a fine young Christian who abstains from alcohol in the name of pleasing God -- A fine young Christian who is clean living; he builds forts with his friends while so many bad teenagers are out drinking.

Then you had another faction of fans whose reaction to the first group can basically be summed up as "Are you kidding?!?!? It's obvious Jeremy is lying and drinks like so many other teenagers. They're just saying he doesn't and using God as a reason to appeal to the lucrative Christian market.

Then it escalates into a big fight.

Group A: How dare you call Jeremy and the Roloffs liars! Just because other kids drink, doesn't mean Jeremy does. His body is a temple for God. Jeremy James Roloff does not drink and he said it's because of his love of God! Stop lying about Jeremy!

Group B: You're insane, naive and in denial! Jeremy is a massive liar and a phony.

Group B cites the many examples on the internet of Jeremy and his friends over the years referencing drinking. The most famous example -- and for those who inquire about "the Jeremy Roloff vodka story" being Jeremy and his friend reminscing when they were 15/16 about how they stole Matt's vodka, replaced it with Sprite (Jeremy said Matt never knew), got drunk, played with fire crackers and accidentally set the corner of the Roloff barn on fire. Jeremy said his heart stopped beating when he saw the barn on fire because Matt had warned him if he ever burnt down the barn he would kick him out "and he was serious too!"

There have also been many instances of friends talking about how they got drunk with Jeremy. What fans need to understand is for a lot of the friends who grew up with the Roloffs, the Roloffs are just like any other people they know. Most of the friends and reaction of people who knew the Roloffs to that subject is along the lines of "So what? What teenager doesn't drink and do that stuff?"

They don't really grasp the whole Roloff "Family friendly, strict Christian values' image that is portrayed to the public -- in other words a lot of their friends didn't receive the proverbial memo not to talk about how they were drinking with Jeremy -- because they aren't aware that Jeremy was telling the world that he didn't drink and it was because he only does things that he knows please God.

So that is why anytime there are references to Jeremy drinking -- at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast -- there were hundreds of athletes and family and friends who according to them, partied with the Roloffs and told stories about doing shots with Jeremy and things like that. Whenever things like that would come up - it would ignite the old fight between Group A (Jeremy is a sweet Christian boy who doesn't drink and don't call him a liar) and Group B (Yes he does!! Stop living in denial! Jeremy is a liar! He drinks!).

Given all that, it comes as a bit of a surprise that TLC would include Jeremy and Zach drinking in the preview commercial. Keep in mind that it was completely legal since the Roloffs were in Europe and the drinking age is lower than it is in the United States -- however for the group of staunch Roloff supporters who believed Jeremy's anti-drinking statements and hailed him as a hero of Christian values for his 'I don't drink because I only do things that please God" stance, the issue was more about Jeremy stating he doesn't drink because it doesn't please God and how that made Jeremy different and more moral than so many other teenagers.

It will be interesting to see that scene previewed in the commercial and if they portray it as Jeremy and Zach's first ever beer ;-) Stay tuned to TLC and Little People, Big World Season 5B!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Roloff family in Hawaii - More paparazzi pictures

There are some more paparazzi pictures of the Roloffs in Hawaii from the same day as the other pictures. Amy, Zach, Jeremy and Molly at the beach and on the water. These appear on yet another celebrity site.

The Roloff Family Have Fun in the Sun

Surf's up! Matt and Amy Roloff, along with their four children - 19-year-old fraternal twins Zach and Jeremy, Molly, 16, and and Jacob, 13 - of the hit TLC show Little People, Big World were spotted in Maui earlier this week. The family of six spent spring break enjoying the sand and surf under the gorgeous Hawaiian skies.

The fifth season of Little People, Big World will air on TLC on April 5. Amy said that welcoming viewers onto their Oregon pumpkin farm has helped shattered myths about families living with dwarfism.

[We are] a regular family that faces challenges and that happens to have dwarfism and happens to be considered as having disabilities. We learn a lot about ourselves through this whole process, and we normalize dwarfism."

Photos: Bauer Griffin

Matt twitters about Molly and the Roloff store

Matt is continuing to use twitter on a regular basis.

He gets in a quick plug for the Roloff online store; he says Molly hand packs every order. Fans can buy Roloff mugs, shirts and hoodies. Matt is also a fan of the new television sow "Marriage Ref".

"Molly is now running our on-line store and doing an incredible job. Every order hand packed by her. I'm so proud!- "

"Love Oregon.. but this Spring grey weather makes me want to go back to Maui. :))"

"I LOVE the new show the Marriage Ref! Soooo funny. I haven't missed an episode yet and i'm not a big TV watcher. Berry fun."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roloff family and Jeremy (shirtless) makes it into the tabloids again in Hawaii

Jeremy Roloff has made it into the tabloids again -- however, this time it's on a slightly more positive note -- well, I'm not sure being on TMZ because he's shirtless is "positive" but just about anything is more positive than the National Enquirer's 2008 article about Jeremy - "Big Bigot in The Land of the Little People"

So for the third time recently, the Roloff family are in the tabloids while in Hawaii. Matt and Amy were in them twice on the beach a week or two ago, now that kids joined them in Hawaii for Spring break, the whole family made it into TMZ. It appears, primarily because of Jeremy's body.

'Little People' Kid -- Big Muscles

Posted Mar 24th 2010 12:05AM by TMZ Staff

While out with his family in Hawaii on Monday, "Little People, Big World" son Jeremy Roloff, 19, showed off his shirtless ripped chest.

"He's sure to get lei'd."

Unfortunately, once again, the comments attached to TMZ's item, are pretty despicable. If you wonder why most people with dwarfism dislike the word "midget", the comments on TMZ are an example why.

Here are a few more paparazzi pictures

Matt Roloff of 'Little People, Big World' takes his children, Zachary, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob shopping for t-shirts and tourist trinkets whilst on vacation for spring break. (March 22, 2010 - Photos by Bauer Griffin)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Roloffs in Hawaii for Spring Break; Matt Roloff using twitter

It looks as though Matt Roloff might finally be starting to use twitter on a more regular basis. Three "tweets" in the last week (for you non twitter lingo people -- a post on Twitter is called a "tweet"). That's unheard of for a Roloff! ;-).

And once again, we should mention that Matt is the only Roloff currently with a real twitter account. The other ones (except for Amy's Charity Foundation of course) are slick impostors. Even hardcore fans who aren't 'in the know' are being fooled by the fakes on twitter and Facebook.

As most people were aware, with very rare exception, the Roloffs do not speak or interact with normal fans unless there is money being exchanged (public speaking or 'Pumpkin Season') so that rules internet contact out. As a general rule if you see a 'Roloff' interacting with fans on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace it is not the real Roloffs. Nothing has changed with that, except for Matt's 3 twitter tweets in the last week. Matt mentioned that TLC has been encouraging the Roloffs to use twitter and both Matt and Amy in the past couple of months have suggested that they may begin using twitter or possibly a fan Facebook (but as of yet -- they do not -- the ones on there are indeed slick impostors who are the same ones as the fake Roloffs on twitter).

Anyhow, the real Matt Roloff posted this on twitter from Hawaii:

"Out to dinner with all the kids. Lively conversation about upcoming season :)"


"Btw. For those wondering. The subject of twitter came up and the kids couldn't believe I figured out how to do this"

That brings us to some frequently asked questions in the last couple of days:

Question: Are the Roloffs doing anything right now, for spring break?

They are the Roloffs, of course they are! :-) They are in Hawaii. Matt and Amy were schmoozing with other tv stars a few days ago -- one of the kid actors on the show 'Modern Family' - Rico Rodriguez and his family in Maui.

Question: Wait a minute, Hawaii for Spring Break now? Weren't the Roloffs just in Hawaii last week, in the tabloids??

Matt and Amy were, but now their kids went this time. Hey, the Roloffs do really get around. It might be economical for them to get their own private jet ;-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Matt Roloff has a new speaking engagement site

Matt Roloff has a new speaking site set up. He alluded to this a few months ago in one of the "Roloff Farms" newsletters.

If you're a company or interested in booking Matt for your event, check out his site:

It mostly consists of biography information and what Matt brings to the table as a speaker and what he can gear his speeches towards.

He also has some pictures of himself and the rest of the family.

In a rare occurrence, Matt used his twitter account to spread the word about his speaking site. By the way, Matt is the only Roloff who has a real twitter account -- Amy's charity foundation has one; but the rest of the "Roloffs" on twitter and the fan Facebook pages with thousdands of friends/fans are indeed impostors -- we will have more information on that in the coming days in an extensive update we'll have on the Roloffs.)

"It's sooo fun to meet people face to face and answer their tough questions... Check out my new speaking site"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ron and Peg Roloff (and Amy) in Mexico

Ron and Peg Roloff have posted a videos of them vacationing in Mexico.

The "Eric" mentioned refers to one of the senior producers of Little People, Big World -- Eric Streit. He purchased a place in Mazatlan, Mexico and turned it into a luxury home.

Amy Roloff has been there a few times.

Sometimes the places viewers see on the show LPBW are influenced by the producers -- for example, the Roloffs have been to Padacuh, Kentucky twice -- largely due to the fact that it is Eric Streit's home town. So now that he has a great spot in Mazatlan, Mexico, viewers might see or hear the Roloffs going to Mexico more often.

Amy was in Mexico staying at Eric Streit's place in December.

You can read the story of these people who met Amy in Mazatlan on their blog:

"Then we ran into Amy Roloff who is on the show "Little People, Big World" She was very nice and down to earth. She said she loved Mazatlan because it is the 'real' Mexico. That it is not an artifically contrived tourist trap is exactly why we love it too."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little People, Big World Returns April 5th on TLC

The Roloffs and their show Little People, Big World returns with new (as in not seen before -- the episodes will be nearly a year behind in real time) episodes on April 5th on TLC.

On a good note for most fans based on the feedback we received, they'll start out with the old format fans had become used to -- two 30-minute episodes on Monday. For the last portion of 'Season 5 Part A' they had switched to only one episode per week.

On a side note: Do they really have to include the bad cliff-hangers in the press release? "Will a clash with county inspectors threaten to shut down Roloff Farms?" -- Um, no it didn't :-)

Also, it's interesting how the European vacation is being presented -- Jeremy and Zach deciding to backpack "alone" and the rest of the family joins them after. Actually, they just went different places. Amy went with Molly and Jake to Paris, etc, while Jeremy and Zach travelled to Germany, Amsterdam and such. And keep in mind that it is television and "alone" means with about 12 crew members who are their very good friends.

This is the press release from TLC:

Little People, Big World Returns With All-New Episodes On April 5

via press release:

“LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD” returns with all-new episodes

Spring season will air series’ 200th episode

TLC’s hit series LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD continues its fifth season with 20 all-new episodes. From a family trip to Europe to the biggest pumpkin season ever, the Roloff family is back with new adventures starting with back-to-back premieres on Monday, April 5 at 8 & 8:30pm ET/PT. The spring season includes the series’ milestone 200th episode.

The current season of LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD has been a fan-favorite, with an average of 1.8 million viewers per episode and ratings up double digits from season four.

The premiere episodes kick off with twins Zach and Jeremy, recently graduated from high school, taking off on their own for a European backpacking adventure. Soon, the rest of the Roloffs join for a full family vacation that includes visits to Italy and France.

Life continues when the family returns home, as Molly turns sweet sixteen and goes for her driver’s license, and the twins figure out what’s next post-graduation. Meanwhile, Zach and his all-star team of little people athletes competing at the World Dwarf Games in Northern Ireland (which will be the 200th episode) – but Matt and Amy butt heads over team management.

Amy also focuses on her non-profit foundation but gets in over her head organizing a benefit golf tournament, while and Matt conducts the first-ever “Fort-A-Thon” on Roloff Farms and gets ready for the farm’s biggest, best pumpkin season ever. Will a clash with county inspectors threaten to shut down Roloff Farms?

LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD is produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions. Executive producers are Gay Rosenthal, Paul Barrosse, Joseph Freed, and Nicholas Caprio. Co-executive producer is Jeff Weaver.

There still has been no official word about a Season 6, but from what we hear, it's business as usual -- yes there will be a Season 6 and they'll film during their regular schedule -- from May to November.

Matt and Amy Roloff in the tabloid/entertainment sites again

For the second day in a row, Matt and Amy Roloff "made it" into the tabloid/gossip sites during their current vacant in Hawaii.

This is interesting for those long time followers of the Roloffs. For the most part, in the last 4 years since Little People, Big World began in 2006, the Roloffs have stayed out of the media/celebrity attention circle -- with the exception of Matt's DUII arrest and subsequent "Not guilty" verdict and Jeremy's language slurs "A Big Bigot In The Land of the Little People" article in the Enquirer, but other than those, they've stayed out of the celebrity gossip outlets.

Now, suddenly, there is a tabloid push and they're featured daily on sites like TMZ. It's somewhat odd. A few weeks ago TMZ carried a quick story about a local news reporter apparently not knowing who Amy was when interviewing her about a flight delay in California. A week or two after that Amy was schmoozing with an E! Channel Entertainment correspondent during a night on the town in Los Angeles. Suddenly this week they are tabloid regulars? Hmm.

How do long time Roloff fans and followers feel about it? Care or not care? Does it affect your opinion of the Roloffs?

If the increased exposure continues, personally, I would expect the ratings for Little People, Big World to increase in the short-term simply because more people will know about them, but I actually think it will backfire in the long term. I believe part of the reason for the Roloffs longevity on television is that they've stayed out of limelight and away from the glamor of being celebrity. People tend to get sick of people who are perceived as making a career out of being "celebrities" when they see them on the celebrity sites day after day, on the beach, shopping, etc. I think it's more of a point for the Roloffs considering the whole original reason for their success was the theme of "We are regular people just like you and your family". Of course that has become harder for some fans to digest as everyone watched the house expand into the mansion and the fleet of vintage trucks, BMWs and Mercedes and the kids advancing ages and absence of a normal job like most regular people; but appearing on the celebrity sites sort of puts an exclamation mark on the whole thing.
The Hawaii picture has been picked up by The New York Post that have an article about it.

Short Vacation
Roloffs take ‘Little’ time off By MICHAEL STARR

"Everything is just beachy keen for “Little People, Big World” stars Matt and Amy Roloff as they kick back and relax — without the kids — during a “getting away from it all” vacation in sunny Hawaii, far from the family farm in Oregon.

Their series, currently out of production, returns to TLC with 20 new episodes on Monday, April 5 (8 p.m.), as the Roloffs join their boys in Europe (for another vacation!).

The show follows little people Matt and Amy and their kids: Zach (also a little person) and Jeremy, Molly and Jacob (all of average height)."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Matt and Amy Roloff in Hawaii and in the Gossip news

Is this a good thing? The Roloffs have made it to Celebrity Gossip and Paparazzi sites. A picture of Matt and Amy smiling for the cameras on a sunny beach in Hawaii.

For those of you wondering -- the kids are not with them. They are back in Oregon going to school.

Unfortunately a lot of the comments attached to the TMZ article are pretty despicable -- degrading them for being LPs.

Honestly, if you want to take issue with the Roloffs for being on yet another vacation or becoming unrelatable to the average person or for the "happily married on a beach in real life, but 'are we going to divorce?" on the show, but why the degrading comments about dwarfism? I doubt most of those comments come from people that actually watch the show or follow the Roloffs. Even people who are critical of aspects of the Roloffs (the above mentioned items) would never even think about making some of those vile comments. It's sad to see how ignorant some people are.

Another celebrity gossip site had the pictures of Matt and Amy frolicking on the beach. THere are several photos of Matt and Amy on the link below.

"Amy and Matt Roloff, stars of "Big World, Little People," take some vacation time in Hawaii. The couple were seen laughing and joking while splashing around in the clear blue waters. Amy was seen jumping through the waves while chasing her husband Matt trying to soak him. They spent about 30 minutes enjoying the beach before heading back to their hotel."