Monday, March 29, 2010

Extended Preview Commerical for Little People, Big World Season 5B

TLC is airing an extended version of the preview bit that we previously described.

This recap comes from a regular poster to the site, M.

Announcer: the Roloffs are back!

*standing in front of the red screen at farm*

**cue happy European type music**

*"my favorite thing about traveling is the experience of it." - Jeremy

*clips of Jer taking a picture, Zach and Jer sitting on a bench and Zach trying on wooden clogs?*

Announcer: broadening their horizons

*clips of Amy pretending to hold of the leaning tower of pisa, Amy on a Moped, same Jer and Zach beer, Zach high fives on mountain*

Announcer: including a European vacation

*clips of Jer and Zach in the London eye(the huge Ferris wheel type thing), Amy, molly, Jacob on a Gondola*

[then it gets dramatic! LOL]

** lighting crack above Paris**

*drama music*

*clip of angry looking Matt*

Announcer: ..That will test their family bond!

*clips of pissed off Amy face

* Jer and Zach sitting together but not looking at each other*

"when Matt arrives it's all about him" -Amy

*clip of Matt on scooter dragging suitcase behind*

Sidenote: Its seriously played like Satan has arrived! Haha

"whenever we travel it's always some sort of tension.." - Jeremy

*clip of sour faced Amy, Zach looking like he's either sleeping or has a headache in a chair and more pissed off Amy face

"the family was going to disintegrate in front of my eyes" - Matt

*clip of Zach and Jer walking away from the camera with huge back packs on*

**TLC red brick things**

*family back at the farm with red paper behind them*

Announcer: don't miss all new episodes of little people, big world premieres next Monday at 8pm on TLC

Add some fancy old European maps on some clips and that's the gist of it. lol

So it's a season of pretty places, spiced up drama and more pissed off Amy. Woo!


Rap541 said...

"Sidenote: Its seriously played like Satan has arrived! Haha"

Hee! M, maybe *you* should do a recap or two ;)

And I thought the marital discord was going to be downplayed?

Expressed said...

I agree Rap. Great job M! You should review. That was funny.

Oh no, more fake marriage drama crap. We know they are all vacationing together as a family in Hawaii, happy as can be!

I don't know if I can stand an entire European vacation being ruined by the constant "Amy and Matt hate each other, the family is dying, we might get divorced! Watch next week!

Jocelynn said...

Go for it, M. I liked it too :)

Richard said...

I like the roloffs a lot

I could watch them everyday

I don't know how Amy Does it

All the kids are great

Amy And Matt. You folks have raised an amazing family

Wish your show was on daily


Judy said...

Jeremy's quote is actually:

"Them 3 traveling, there is always some type of tension."

Obviously meaning Matt vs Amy and Zach.

Poor Matt and the rest of the family. I guess Amy had not started treating her husband better last summer and Zach still hasn't grown up.

Rap541 said...

Yes because a wife should serve her man and be grateful for the scraps he throws. Matt's *bitch* should be begging him for affection since as a wife, she is nothing but his *bitchslave*.

The only words Matt's wife should ever utter are "Yes Matt", "I love you Matt" and "You're always right, Matt".

Correct Judy?

And Zach, as a *son* should always be "Yes Father" as well?

I'm curious, when Jeremy lips off to dad, is he EVER guilty of disrespect? Or since he is Matt's official BEST CHILD, he's allowed to say something other than "Yes Father"?

I mean, as I understand it, Matt's will is the will of God. If Matt says it, we should all be jumping as there is NEVER reason to think Matt Roloff hasn't made the best decision ever!

Right? ANyone who doesn't do as Matt Roloff says or who isn't hopping to serve him is wrong?

M said...

Thanks for the kind words Rap, expressed and joycelyn! :)

Richard they used to be on daily (intill very recently) they used to play at 4pm

Judy thanks. He pretty much mumbled them... I had to rewind a couple of times. Close enough we get the point Amy and Matt suck traveling together. Add zach now whatever.

Anonymous said...

Hey your show. You're family is amaizing...Good Job! I also love love love your House and all the additions in your property. My question is, what was the name of the Ferris Wheel type thing we saw on the Europe scenes? My mom and I do paint by number paintings and have done lots of scenes from that area. We are currently doing one of the Ferris Wheel and I remembered seeing it on your show. Unfortunately, our kits are in German so, we don't know what it's called LOL. I had already erased the episode where Amy and the kids were there. Could you please, tell me where I can get a picture of it to show my Mom?

Much all of you.
Terri Black

Erin said...

Terri, the Ferris wheel is called the London Eye.

You can google image it to see more pictures of it.

Rap541 said...

The Doctor - in Dr Who - used the Eye to destroy the Autons and the Nestene Consciousness :)

I am assured by my british friends that this is very cool.