Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little People, Big World Returns April 5th on TLC

The Roloffs and their show Little People, Big World returns with new (as in not seen before -- the episodes will be nearly a year behind in real time) episodes on April 5th on TLC.

On a good note for most fans based on the feedback we received, they'll start out with the old format fans had become used to -- two 30-minute episodes on Monday. For the last portion of 'Season 5 Part A' they had switched to only one episode per week.

On a side note: Do they really have to include the bad cliff-hangers in the press release? "Will a clash with county inspectors threaten to shut down Roloff Farms?" -- Um, no it didn't :-)

Also, it's interesting how the European vacation is being presented -- Jeremy and Zach deciding to backpack "alone" and the rest of the family joins them after. Actually, they just went different places. Amy went with Molly and Jake to Paris, etc, while Jeremy and Zach travelled to Germany, Amsterdam and such. And keep in mind that it is television and "alone" means with about 12 crew members who are their very good friends.

This is the press release from TLC:

Little People, Big World Returns With All-New Episodes On April 5

via press release:

“LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD” returns with all-new episodes

Spring season will air series’ 200th episode

TLC’s hit series LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD continues its fifth season with 20 all-new episodes. From a family trip to Europe to the biggest pumpkin season ever, the Roloff family is back with new adventures starting with back-to-back premieres on Monday, April 5 at 8 & 8:30pm ET/PT. The spring season includes the series’ milestone 200th episode.

The current season of LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD has been a fan-favorite, with an average of 1.8 million viewers per episode and ratings up double digits from season four.

The premiere episodes kick off with twins Zach and Jeremy, recently graduated from high school, taking off on their own for a European backpacking adventure. Soon, the rest of the Roloffs join for a full family vacation that includes visits to Italy and France.

Life continues when the family returns home, as Molly turns sweet sixteen and goes for her driver’s license, and the twins figure out what’s next post-graduation. Meanwhile, Zach and his all-star team of little people athletes competing at the World Dwarf Games in Northern Ireland (which will be the 200th episode) – but Matt and Amy butt heads over team management.

Amy also focuses on her non-profit foundation but gets in over her head organizing a benefit golf tournament, while and Matt conducts the first-ever “Fort-A-Thon” on Roloff Farms and gets ready for the farm’s biggest, best pumpkin season ever. Will a clash with county inspectors threaten to shut down Roloff Farms?

LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD is produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions. Executive producers are Gay Rosenthal, Paul Barrosse, Joseph Freed, and Nicholas Caprio. Co-executive producer is Jeff Weaver.

There still has been no official word about a Season 6, but from what we hear, it's business as usual -- yes there will be a Season 6 and they'll film during their regular schedule -- from May to November.


Wanda said...

The show and the Roloffs have become so fake.

Jane said...

There is definitely something weird about this whole marriage thing. Last season Amy and Matt couldn't agree on anything. Amy seemed totally fed up with Matt concerning just about everything and Matt played the misunderstood spouse whining for sympathy.

They both talked about how their life as a couple was changing because an empty nest was just around the corner. One day it would just be the two of them in that big house and how was that going to effect their relationship. The story arc of the whole season was the problems between Amy and Matt and they were definitely major problems. If I have ever seen a spouse who seems about to bolt, it was Amy.

Of course people started wondering if the marriage was headed south or had already gone that way. Now we see these photos of the both of them having a great time in Hawaii.

Either last season Amy and Matt played up their problems for the camera to get ratings, or the problems were real and the Happy Hawaii photos are there to throw viewers off the trail of a separation or divorce until they are ready to reveal it. Either way it is real low point for them.

I would like to think they solved their problems and the Happy Hawaii photos are sincere, but I can't help but think that of the three possibilities, that one is the least likely.

David said...

Jane, I agree.

"Either way it is real low point for them."

That says it all. I wonder if you had asked Amy 7 years ago if she would have been willing to pretend to the world that divorce was on the horizon all in exchange for money and television ratings if she would have thought her morals would have allowed her to agree to and be apart of such a sham?

It really is true how money and fame destroys a person's character and integrity.

Rap541 said...

TLC did cover up a LOT of the Gosselin marital issues.

It *is* possible that they went thru a rough spot and have since worked things out. I mean, it does happen.

I tend to agree with Jane - Faked for the camera to generate ratings, or geniune problems broadcas to the nation, its a low point.

Expressed said...

I think it was faked for ratings. Since TLC says the ratings were up from Season 4, it worked! I think it is kind of slimey, but they're human like everybody else. Most people would stretch reality if it means building a fortune for yourselves and your children.

Jane and Rap, the reason why I don't believe one of the options "went thru a rough spot and worked it out" was because from the moment the episodes started airing, Matt was on the internet saying that the show was playing it up. Matt could have said the episodes were filmed months ago and things have gotten better. Instead he said the show was playing it up for drama.

IMO, either Matt was telling the truth and it was ratings ploy that worked and they put one over on the viewers who were the suckers or Matt was lying and the marriage is really in shambles.

Now Matt says because fans were complaining about how depressing the episodes were that they've told the producers to not focus on that for the new episodes.

IMO, that's admitting that it was all staged drama.

If I'm right, I'm having flashbacks to some of the scenes in the last set of episodes. Sandra Bullock better return her Oscar and give it to Amy! All those tearing up scenes and long serious looks into the camera and speeches about the unknown future, she's great at lying, er, acting.

Greg said...

Expressed, that's a good point and shows how far from "reality" the show is.

If it was truthful and real, the Roloffs wouldn't be sitting down with the producers to plan out how they want to portray the marriage. It doesn't sound much different from sitcom writers brain-storming for the direction of a new season.

If the show as real and reality they wouldn't be having those type of discussions about how to portray the marriage.

Expressed the thing about the money is the Roloffs convince themselves that they are "Christian" and have moral values, but they have no problem lying and deceiving the public about something as sacred as marriage (as it is supposed to be to Christians). That doesn't sound very Christian to me.

Rap541 said...

"the reason why I don't believe one of the options "went thru a rough spot and worked it out" was because from the moment the episodes started airing, Matt was on the internet saying that the show was playing it up. Matt could have said the episodes were filmed months ago and things have gotten better. Instead he said the show was playing it up for drama."

Actually Matt has said that they were going thru "changes" and things were getting better and alluded to the cameras. Its in one of those Ask Matt things. Matt also says that they're asking that the marital stuff be downplayed this season, to show more "happy family" stuff.. which means marital discord is still being filmed and Matt no longer is allowed t play the "We show you the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY!" card to boast of his honest portrayal of his family.

Personally expressed, I think the truth is somewhere in between "We're perfectly happy and its ALL editing" and "We hate each other". It's not unusual for a couple to have marital difficulties and Matt and Amy have different ideas about what the future should hold. At the same time, TLC knows married couples fighting sells. Matt just generally protests any criticism of his family - understandable, thats how most parents are. Matt says a lot of things that aren't necessarily the whole truth, and honestly... I don't think Amy is that good of an actress. I also notice that we *never* see anyone but Matt speak for the family. I'd really love to see an interview with Amy discussing the marital discord storyline that they allowed to play across the screen.

lucas said...

Funny. Jeremy and Zach backpacking "alone". With a camera crew. How very independant.

Angela Lafleur said...

I have no ill feelings towards the Roloffs, however I think it best if they fade away. The show has run its course. The original attachment to them for me has faded away. It's no longer about them raising twins, one tall and one little.

I would like to see them in three or five years and see how they all turn out. The weekly show is overkill.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this marital storyline is true or not but if it is I understand. I think Amy is the most annoying person around. I couldn't even imagine living with her. She is never happy unless she come up with an idea or decides how to spend money. Matt is so much easier to watch.

Go Team Matt!!!!

Goodbye Amy, please.