Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Matt and Amy Roloff in Hawaii and in the Gossip news

Is this a good thing? The Roloffs have made it to Celebrity Gossip and Paparazzi sites. A picture of Matt and Amy smiling for the cameras on a sunny beach in Hawaii.

For those of you wondering -- the kids are not with them. They are back in Oregon going to school.

Unfortunately a lot of the comments attached to the TMZ article are pretty despicable -- degrading them for being LPs.

Honestly, if you want to take issue with the Roloffs for being on yet another vacation or becoming unrelatable to the average person or for the "happily married on a beach in real life, but 'are we going to divorce?" on the show, but why the degrading comments about dwarfism? I doubt most of those comments come from people that actually watch the show or follow the Roloffs. Even people who are critical of aspects of the Roloffs (the above mentioned items) would never even think about making some of those vile comments. It's sad to see how ignorant some people are.


Another celebrity gossip site had the pictures of Matt and Amy frolicking on the beach. THere are several photos of Matt and Amy on the link below.


"Amy and Matt Roloff, stars of "Big World, Little People," take some vacation time in Hawaii. The couple were seen laughing and joking while splashing around in the clear blue waters. Amy was seen jumping through the waves while chasing her husband Matt trying to soak him. They spent about 30 minutes enjoying the beach before heading back to their hotel."


Jocelynn said...

No, it's not a good thing. Jon and Kate here we come.

Justin said...

Good Lord. How many trips to Hawaii do they need?

Laura said...

This shows how far the Roloffs and Little People, Big World has fallen since the first season when it was a sweet show that real people could relate to.

Now they have Mercedes and BMWs coming out of their ears, they might as well have a permanent residence in Hawaii, they are there so often and now they are mugging it up for the paparazzi.

I am sure the tabloid coverage will boost ratings, but I am done with this show. The money and fame went to all of their heads.

Brandon said...

I read something about Amy. She said "You can only have so much stuff" and pretended like they were all about charity.

Hey Amy, how about you can only have so many vacations to Hawaii?

Carol said...

Am I mistaken or is the Oregon school system still in session?

Matt and Amy leave their 13 year old son during school to lounge around in Hawaii yet again.

They've become outrageous. Real parents are home with their kids during the school year. They don't fly around the world vacationing and spreading their mugs for the tabloids.

Greg said...

I'm not surprised that they've "made it" to the celebrity circle. You could tell they've been totally caught up in being tv stars in the last couple of years.

Having said that, the comments on the TMZ site are sad.

Anonymous said...

where are the kids?

Jan said...

It is so sad when you think of what the Roloffs used to be like in the first season before the money went to their heads.

Rap541 said...

Anon - what kids? Amy has made it clear in multiple comments with the *twins* graduating high school that she's done as a parent and Matt only has his farm projects keeping him from a slow death.

They're done parenting. Molly and Jake? Were no doubt left at home with their 20 year old siblings who are adults living at home.

Greg - Agree completey on how awful someof the TMZ comments were.

Timothy said...

Rap and Greg, I agree. That's what I like about Spirits site. Here people tend to cut slice through the Roloff BS, but you don't need to worry about seeing 12 year old-ish comments lauging at them for being little people. The sad part is that I don't think most of those people leaving comments are 12.

Ironically, I think Jeremy and BFF Mueller would have made the same comments on the TMZ site if Jeremy did not have little people in his own family.

lucas said...

While its great to see both M and A smiling.. at the same time.. in the same photo..., my husband and I would also be smiling if we were on a beach in Hawaii. (not happening anytime soon... sniff). Props to Matt who is on the beach on crutches, that has to be difficult.

If only Amy could come across as pleasant in the next season.. ... that would be nice. I thought they were nice pics, even though they probably were quite aware they were being photographed. Oh well, I'm a sucker for smiles...

Brandon said...

lucas, I don't think it's great to see them smiling on the beach because it shows how low their morals really are.

To me it means they pretend like they are going to divorce to get ratings and make money.

What kind of people seriously pretend like they're going to divorce? They have no morals. It's not editing, they're freaking producers.

Great "Christians" that trick the world into thinking they might divorce. Bwahaha.

Erica said...

I don't like it either. Way too "Look at me, I'm a celebrity!" for me.

Get back your roots Matt and Amy. I think it's too late for that though.

lucas said...

Maybe you're right Brandon, I must have had a little moment there, drawn into the hypocrisy, and media fed images...ok.....How Dare They vacation in Hawaii again. While the rest of America struggles to pay their mortgages and bills, we randomly get pictures to suck us into the new and improved happy couple M&A...

Thanks Brandon, I'm not sure why I thought that pic was sweet, after dunking my head in the snow, I've recovered. ( still think it is quite an achievement to frolic on the beach (of HAWAII) on crutches.

M said...

They are so full of themselves now. Seriously do they want to be the next gosselins??! I bet they do but once the articles read something they don't want everyone to know they'll be all no please go away! All they do now is travel and more travel. Normal people can't just pack a bag and fly off.. But I guess they can since they have so much money and no longer have real jobs. They're job is to be "the roloffs" now. Sad. I miss the old likeable Roloffs. :-/

I look foward to seeing the new season and if they do any parenting anymore. I'm guessing no. Prob more babying the twins, praising mollys grades(and looks) and neglecting Jacob entirely.

Em said...

I totally agree with you M. Bring back the likeable Roloffs. These pictures look very phony, imo.

Brandon, I don't know what to believe about their marriage. I don't think these pics are proof that they are happy and in love.

Look at that pictures again. They look very fake. They are totally hamming it up for the cameras. Is that Matt lifting Amy's cup to drink? Give me a break! They don't really act like that.

Move over Zac Efron and Vanessa! These pictures are more interchangeable with the pictures of Zac and Vanessa on a tropical beach.

Peter said...

Jacob? Who is Jacob? Oh yeah the 13 year old with parents who are running around the world posing for tabloids. Lets call it like it is. They are posing. I wouldn't be surprised if they paid or arranged for these pictures to be taken.

M said...

You right 'em, It does look rather fake to me.

I wonder if they called the paparazzi like "hey! Hey i'm on tv! Take my picture! I'm on the same network at the gosselins! Come take my picture pretty please!!"

if they try and play the new season as divorce talk non stop again I'm going to scream! You can't have it both ways! You can't talk all this marriage drama crap and then pose happily on the beach! Somethings fake which one is it? Can they only be happy away from the farm and their 3 kids... My bad 4 kids(who counts Jacob anymore lol)?!

Haha said...

I smell some jealousy among all you posters! Good for them! They have cameras following them 24/7, which can be hard. They deserve the money. Who cares if they are enjoying themselves. You know you would all be doing the same if you had the opportunity, and don't say you wouldn't.

Eddie said...

What do they have to vacation from? Another vacation? These people are out of touch with real reality.

It's obvious they're seeking attention.

I think the secret plan with Jeremy's hovercraft was to have him float in the sky while calling the authorities and news stations. Balloon boy's parents and the Roloffs have similarities.

Joanne said...

What on earth is so wrong for them to vacation in Hawaii? Geeeeezzzzz. Let them be people. They have worked all their lives, and earned some r & r.

Peter said...

Joanne, how have they earned it? They are on vacation every third week!

Don't go spoutin' off to the viewers how "we are just like you" when all they do is jet around the world to different beaches and now pose for Paparrazi.

You talk like they slave all year breakin their backs (like many people do) and this Hawaii trip is their one escape. Not so, Joanne.

Joe Richardson said...

Whether their marriage talk is a ruse for the coming season or not, their family is falling apart and that's not being faked. I would be ashamed if my kids were that lazy and pampered. The first couple of seasons showed them as interesting people, bright, with prospects. Now the twins are without any work ethic, their grades have bombed and they think their celebrity will get them through life. The Roloff's are now a train wreck waiting to happen.

fake fake fake...spend time with Jacob. said...

@Haha, We're not jealous...sigh. If you think I would want a filthy house, a racist teenager that barely made it out of highschool, a child and husband with nonstop medical problems, cameras and production crew in my house, oh yeah..filthy disorganized house...ahem, the inability to gain enough respect from my children in respecting their home and parents, maybing picking up after themselves and not being rude and disrespectful GOSH NO THANKS...I wouldn't want it! And if I had their money I sure as heck wouldn't be looking foolish for the press on some tropical beach. (The funniest was Amy kicking up the water at Matt. because we know she's just such a cheerful person at home... kicking and splashing without a care in the world. That's haha funny. fake media whores. funny . haha

David said...

I agree. They look ridiculous pretending like they don't notice the cameras.

[[(The funniest was Amy kicking up the water at Matt. because we know she's just such a cheerful person at home... kicking and splashing without a care in the world. That's haha funny. fake media whores. funny . haha]]

Perfectly said. My guess is that they approached this as a photo shoot.

Joanne said...

Peter, why do you care so much? They live in Oregon, so Hawaii is pretty close. Its like the east coast people going to Florida all the time.
They dont have to justify their vacations to you or anyone.
I dont know if they slave all year peter, BUT, they are at a disadvantage with their size yet they live life to the fullest. I commend them on that. There are many average size people who dont have the drive that Matt and Amy do in life.

MindyM said...

Looks to me that Amy may have gained some weight and Matt may have lost some. Not being harsh, just an observation.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of your position on the Roloff's they are entitled to act the way they want. Most of you who write in finding negativeness in the way they raise their kids, their marriage, their ego's, their wealth, it is just pure jealousness.
They have done well and we need to respect just that. They have done well. I am happy for them and if they do things different than you and I do, oh well. Get over it. Don't watch if it bothers you so much. They are dwarfs and this shows the trials and tribulations that they go through as I am sure many dwarfs experience daily, in their lives. I am glad they have shed light to things we take for granted. I have a different respect for that culture. Finally, whether Amy and Matt do or don't divorce, it is their business. Millions divorce each year. The world still goes on and they will survive. That is all I have to say. Enjoy the show and their lives for what it is.

David said...

[Regardless of your position on the Roloff's they are entitled to act the way they want.]]

Viewers are entitled to form opinions of what the Roloffs put out in public on television or on beaches in Hawaii for the "entertainment" networks.

[They are dwarfs and this shows the trials and tribulations that they go through as I am sure many dwarfs experience daily, in their lives.]]

You're kidding yourself if you think the typical person with dwarfism lives are anything like what the Roloffs experience. It's not. The Roloffs with their fame and wealthy lifestyle are not typical of a dwarf or even an average, average sized person. You're very naive if you think the Roloffs have daily experiences that are similar to the typical person with dwarfism.

[[Finally, whether Amy and Matt do or don't divorce, it is their business. ]]

No personal responsibility on Matt and Amy? They portray their marriage on camera to millions, week after week, and then you say it's nobody's business? Hogwash. Your defense of them is ridiculous. They produce material about their marriage for the public weekly. You can't then pull out the "it's none of your business" when they are actively being television and celebrity whores.

Expressed said...

David, I totally agree with you.

Anon@2:52pm, you have it all wrong. I am definitely considered in the "pro-Roloff" crowd, but come on. Lets be real.

If you read the reactions to the episodes most hardcore fans, most of us agree with you, the divorce stuff is none of our business so the Roloffs should stop talking about it! Most fans hated the constant divorce stuff. But the show and Matt and Amy wouldn't shut up about it.

I wanted to enjoy the BVI trip with the guys only. Instead we get speeches from Amy and back home from Amy, Molly and Zach about how bad things are between Matt and Amy.

I wanted to see Jeremy do all the activities at the dude Ranch in Utah. Instead every other segment is a monolog from Matt or Amy about how they aren't friends anymore and it's better if Matt just leaves because he can't enjoy what Amy likes.

Then the one that really pissed off fans like me was the twins graduation. We waited 4 years to see this graduation. Instead of the focus being all about the graduation, they go on and on about how bad their marriage is and how Amy says she thinks about the future and doesn't know if Matt is in it...it's like shut up about divorce and let us enjoy the graduation! Even the ending, we just see Jeremy and Zach graduate and instead of it being about them, Matt and Amy give serious speeches about how iffy the future looks for them. It's like, either just get divorced or stop whining about it.

Now it's "whether they divorce is none of our business"? Well, I wish they had thought that way before they ruined the episodes by constantly talking about it.

Most fans aren't stupid. The Roloffs aren't poor idiots that walked off the street and signed with TLC not knowing what they agreed to when they sign for the money. They've been with TLC for over 7 years. They love their "LPBW family" and they're producers. Matt and Amy are the people who are shoving their marriage drama down the throats of the viewers. I think they are doing it all for ratings which then means more money, but whatever the reason, they are doing it.

Don't blame the fans when the Roloffs are shoving this marriage drama crap down the viewers throats by droning on and on about how unstable their marriage is every other scene.

Rap541 said...

"Finally, whether Amy and Matt do or don't divorce, it is their business."

I agree with David and Expressed on this point. If they want their issues to be private and not everyone's business, they have to stop taking the checks for it.

If they want people to *really* know whats going on and how the show is edited to present this marital difficulty as much bigger than it is, then they need to stop saying they are on a reality show and that the show is an accurate and honest portrayal of their family.

And I agree with David in that if you're getting paid to display all your foibles on tv.... people are going to talk and not necessarily agree that your life is perfect in all ways and every thing you do is perfect.