Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Matt and Amy Roloff in the tabloid/entertainment sites again

For the second day in a row, Matt and Amy Roloff "made it" into the tabloid/gossip sites during their current vacant in Hawaii.

This is interesting for those long time followers of the Roloffs. For the most part, in the last 4 years since Little People, Big World began in 2006, the Roloffs have stayed out of the media/celebrity attention circle -- with the exception of Matt's DUII arrest and subsequent "Not guilty" verdict and Jeremy's language slurs "A Big Bigot In The Land of the Little People" article in the Enquirer, but other than those, they've stayed out of the celebrity gossip outlets.

Now, suddenly, there is a tabloid push and they're featured daily on sites like TMZ. It's somewhat odd. A few weeks ago TMZ carried a quick story about a local news reporter apparently not knowing who Amy was when interviewing her about a flight delay in California. A week or two after that Amy was schmoozing with an E! Channel Entertainment correspondent during a night on the town in Los Angeles. Suddenly this week they are tabloid regulars? Hmm.

How do long time Roloff fans and followers feel about it? Care or not care? Does it affect your opinion of the Roloffs?

If the increased exposure continues, personally, I would expect the ratings for Little People, Big World to increase in the short-term simply because more people will know about them, but I actually think it will backfire in the long term. I believe part of the reason for the Roloffs longevity on television is that they've stayed out of limelight and away from the glamor of being celebrity. People tend to get sick of people who are perceived as making a career out of being "celebrities" when they see them on the celebrity sites day after day, on the beach, shopping, etc. I think it's more of a point for the Roloffs considering the whole original reason for their success was the theme of "We are regular people just like you and your family". Of course that has become harder for some fans to digest as everyone watched the house expand into the mansion and the fleet of vintage trucks, BMWs and Mercedes and the kids advancing ages and absence of a normal job like most regular people; but appearing on the celebrity sites sort of puts an exclamation mark on the whole thing.
The Hawaii picture has been picked up by The New York Post that have an article about it.

Short Vacation
Roloffs take ‘Little’ time off By MICHAEL STARR

"Everything is just beachy keen for “Little People, Big World” stars Matt and Amy Roloff as they kick back and relax — without the kids — during a “getting away from it all” vacation in sunny Hawaii, far from the family farm in Oregon.

Their series, currently out of production, returns to TLC with 20 new episodes on Monday, April 5 (8 p.m.), as the Roloffs join their boys in Europe (for another vacation!).

The show follows little people Matt and Amy and their kids: Zach (also a little person) and Jeremy, Molly and Jacob (all of average height)."


Brandon said...

Oh yeah, "to get away from it all" (rolls eyes). Life is hard when you don't work and accept freebies every week. I'm surprised Jer and Zach didn't go. The poor fellers must need a vacation from all the play time they have every day.

I like the comment on the NY Post from "ShortDwarf"

"ah yes, reality stars matt roloff and amy living the "typical" vacation life of little people, dwarf talent by vacationing in hawaii! how much of the vacation was scripted and sponsored? :-)"

Joanne said...

Wow Brandon, you sound bitter and jealous.

Joanne said...

I am happy for them that they can get away to relax. I dont see the Roloffs as media whores like Jon and Kate. They are down to earth people, showing their lives as little people. If they get paid for it, all the better for them.

Cant wait to see the new shows!

Brandon said...

I don't see any difference between the Roloffs and the Gosselins. I think the Roloffs tabloid surge is a sign that the Roloffs are totally being "media whores" here. Joanne, do you honestly think the Roloffs didn't know anything about this "papparazzi" photo shoot?

If the Roloffs were in demand like the Gosselins were, they would be accepting money to pose on every magazine cover too.

The Gosselins were more honest about their freebies and wealth from the show. The Roloffs lie and downplay it, trying to fool the public into thinking they live a regular lives.

They don't and the constant vacations or countless number of cars prove it. They are love with their celebrity and they have stopped being "regular" people. That's what I don't like about them. Go ahead and enjoy the money and attention. But if they do, they don't get play "we are just a regular family" anymore.

Joanne said...

The gosselins are a total fraud. Kate STILL lies, by saying everything is for the kids. Its all FOR HER.
I love the Roloffs!

Brandon said...

Joanne, you're entitled to your opinion. I don't expect or want to change it, but totally honest, I can't understand it.

The Roloffs are as big of frauds as the Gosselins, arguably bigger.

The defense of the Roloffs is they have a right to make money by doing the show and good for them for taking advantage of the money and fame.

But if you're going to say that, that goes for the Gosselins too.

They both do the show for money. On the show, the Gosselins are more honest than the Roloffs. At least the Gosselins were honest about the freebies. The Roloffs lie (like saying they rented the vacation home in Orlando or how every freebie they get is "a friend of Matt" or "someone Amy knows".

The Roloffs do their show to get rich. The Gosselins did the show to get rich. I don't understand how people can villify the Gosselins, but annoint the Roloffs in Saint Hood.

They both do the same thing, but the Roloffs still pretend and trick the public into thinking they are just a normal family. When the Roloffs admit that they are TV Celebrities and that their life is unlike the majority of families, then we can talk about them not being frauds.

Anonymous said...

the rolloffs are a fantastic family and i love to watch their show. I also like kate gosselin and am very glad that she's not with that waste of space jon from willow ( england )