Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Matt and Jeremy Roloff picture

We just had to share Matt's new (it's actually from the European vacation in 2009 that we'll see in this next set of episodes starting on April 5th) profile picture for anyone who has not seen it.

It's interesting to note that most fans who like Matt the most, also love Jeremy, and vice versa. So I know a lot of readers will enjoy this picture:


Lynn said...

Great picture!! :) Matt and Jeremy are my favorite Roloffs. By far. Molly is a fine girl, but Matt and Jeremy have the personality and the total package.

Greg said...

No comment! Jeremy and Matt are also the most disliked. True? They are the most self-centered.

Judy said...

I love it. If anyone wonders why sometimes Matt's affection for Jeremy appears to be favoritism, remember moments like the one pictured.

You never see Matt's other two sons being playful with Matt. Matt has good reason to adore Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Actually we've seen many occasions where Jake affectionally hugs and kisses his dad. It's not crowed over because well...

I'm not sure praising Matt for favoring one of his kids and loving one more than the rest - I mean really, he *adores Jeremy* more than his other children - is really praiseworthy...

Judy - do you have kids? Would you like to share which one you love the most and which you love least?

That said, it's nice to see Matt affectionate with his kids... something I have never doubted based on the hugs and kisses of Molly and Jake (Jake usually gets the "he's getting a little old to be kissing his dad, must be *queer*, Matt should have Jeremy beat that out of him" nonsense)

*And in case anyone thinks I am accusing Jeremy of being gay, no I am not, I just find it sad that Jake can't kiss and hug his dad without accusations while Jeremy is held up as a loving son for the same behavior.

M said...

Before the lightning?

Shadow said...

If anyone wonders why sometimes Matt's affection for Jeremy appears to be favoritism, remember moments like the one pictured. You never see Matt's other two sons being playful with Matt.

Maybe the reason we don't see pics like this with the other boys is precisely because of said favoritism? You say chicken, I say egg.

Noell :) said...

Aw! This is so cute!
Obviously Jer is my favorite Roloff, but Matt is definatly second! :)

Judy said...

Rap and Shadow, Touche. I do understand your point.

However, Matt is a human being. The truth is that all parents have a favorite child. My own parents were the best parents I could have ever asked for. They had favorites. They knew said, but I always knew. My sister always knew who was the favorite.

Parents try not to. They love them all. Most parents would never tell one of their children that "I love your brother more than you". But people are people. Based on how you live and your outlook on life, you're not going to react to all of your children, in your own mind, the same way.

If someone is a keen observer, they can usually distinguish the parent's favorite. In my opinion, Matt's favorite is Jeremy. Matt's love of Jeremy is something he can't help but let it shine through although I have seen Matt attempt to boast about all of his children (his comments about Jacob and Zach usually sound like a man grasping at straws to find pride in two disrespectful and moody boys). If you understand how to read people, I believe I can tell that Jeremy has a special place in Matt's heart.

I fault the other two boys behavior for that, not Matt. Jeremy is superior to his two brothers. Lets be honest. Molly has a special place with Matt too because a father's only daughter always has a special place in a father's heart. Matt is proud of Molly's responsible behavior and her excellent grades. However Jeremy brings pure joy and laughter out of Matt and that is why this picture is special, because it captures that feeling perfectly.

Rap, about Jake hugging Matt, I would not agree that it's a sign that he's gay. There is however a clear difference. People were probably forming the opinion that Jake was getting too old because he was doing it genuinely, while carrying around stuffed animals.

Jeremy definitely sees the humor in it, apparent by his thumbs up and Matt's wonderful smile.

Judy said...

M, the lightning is editing drama :) This is the essence of Matt and Jeremy's relationship. Enjoyment and fun.

Rap541 said...

Lets be honest - there's plenty of scenes of Jake hugging and kissing Matt. If thats the evidence of who the favorite is, then Jake is Matt's favorite.

The double standard is in play. Jeremy gives his dad an affectionate kiss - he's a manly man who loves his dad and Matt loves him and Jeremy is the favorite and no one should take Matt to task for that because Jeremy is so much *better* than Matt's other children that Matt is simply not responsible.

Now Judy, imagine you're Matt's crappier children. Because thats the point. Matt loves Jeremy more, because Jeremy is, in his eyes, the BETTER CHILD. Love in the Roloff home is conditional on how much worth Dad sees in you. Dad ranks the children. Dad loves Jeremy the best.

Jake hugs and kisses dad? Queer boy behavior and bad.

Judy - since you're endorsing the public ranking of love - why hesitate? Did your parents love you or your sis more? I mean, publically ranking that Matt loves Jeremy first and best is socially acceptable.... good parents do this, right? SO what was your place in your parents love order?

I'm curious - anyone want to "Ask Matt" whether he considers Jeremy head and shoulders to be the best of his seed?

I mean, Matt will be honest and say "I love Jeremy best and most because he's the best one of the bunch"? Right?

Judy said...

Rap, did you even read my post? If you did, the point sailed over your head...I would never expect Matt to say he loves Jeremy most. Matt may not even believe that. It is something that only a keen observer can pick up on and it's not the fault of the parent. A parent's favorite is a totally unconscious process.

Whatever though, the focus of this is the lovely picture of father and son.

Rap541 said...

There's many many examples of Jake and Matt exchanging hugs and kisses. Why aren't they evidence that Matt loves Jake best?

There's one picture of Jeremy kissing Matt (though in fairness, I can recall several hugs filmed as well). One picture rates "Look at how much Matt loves Jer over his other children. You never see the other children be affectionate with Matt. Matt and Jeremy share a special bond."

In fact, Matt is pretty physically affectionate with Jake and Molly. It's only Zach that is a bit physically cold to Matt... and its only Jeremy who gets applauded for his affection. Molly? Just a girl. Jake? Queer.

Maria said...

Matt and Jeremy are the best Roloffs. Nuff said.

Judy said...

You can have your opinion, Rap. I have mine. I am arguing no more about this.

I would never expect and be shocked if I ever saw a the exact same picture with Matt's other two sons. The same humor displayed and the same expression of pure joy and amusement on Matt's face.

Timothy said...

"In fact, Matt is pretty physically affectionate with Jake and Molly. It's only Zach that is a bit physically cold to Matt..."

Rap, on this one statement...I recall the previous examples you refer to, but I think Jacob's relationship with Matt is changing and following along the same path as Zach's. In the past, it was Jacob's little boy stage. I have sensed a lot of tension between Matt and Jacob.

Unlike Judy and the other Jeremy brigade members, I don't fault Zach and Jacob.

I agree with them that Jeremy is Matt's pride and joy. He hasn't done a very good job of concealing that.

Dr.101 said...

I forget what episode or if it was an article. Matt admitted to living vicariously through Jeremy. Matt has beamed with pride many times speaking about how Jeremy reminds him of himself. Even when Jeremy was bringing in poor grades and being dishonest about it. Even when Jeremy was breaking the rules. Matt was proud because he is the most like Matt.

The most telling scene was after Jeremy left the RV trip. They stopped to visit Matt's old school. Matt wanted to brag about how he was rebel in school. How he made out with girls around every corner. He started to talk to Zach, who looked at Matt and said something like "Jeremy should be here for this". Zach walked away. Moments like that are when and why parents have favorite. Matt wants a son that appreciates his stories.

Early on in the series, when the show was more honest, the Roloffs less guarded, Matt was not shy about telling Zach he wanted him to be more like Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Tim, you know? I tend to agree... but I really hope it's not the case.

JimW said...

You're all making it too complicated. Jeremy is Matt's favorite because he's the only one of his sons that isn't a miserable, spoiled baby.

Ask yourself honestly, if your son asked you if they could take one of the three Roloff boys with them on a 3-day car ride and trip some place, which one would you want it to be?

No contest. If you think the majority of people would want Zach or Jacob, you are out of touch. It would be Jeremy because he is the most personable and the easiest to get along with. The other two are miserable cry babies.

Donald said...

The picture made me smiled. Matt's expression is priceless.

Sheri said...

Judy, you are correct about everything. Ignore Rap.

By far, the best father and son tandem on TV right there. Every father would want a son like Jeremy is to Matt and more fathers in our society should be the kind of Dad Matt is to Jeremy. He let no obstacles prevent him from producing such a wonderful young man as he has in Jeremy James Roloff.

This should be the cover picture of Matt's next book.

NJC said...

"He let no obstacles prevent him from producing such a wonderful young man as he has in Jeremy James Roloff."

You mean those obstacles like his other children? If he gets credit for raising such a wonderful young man I guess he must take the blame for raising the non-middle name worthy kids. Hmmm 1 for 4 those are pretty crappy stats.

Shadow said...

If someone is a keen observer, they can usually distinguish the parent's favorite.

You would have to be a blind mole rat to miss Matt's favoritism. No keenness required.

Those who believe it's due to Jer's perfection, welcome to it. Whether you say the things you do just to try to evoke a reaction, or whether you truly believe them, you certainly provide me with an endless source of amusement. I can always count on you guys to post something that makes me chuckle, and usually laugh out loud...thanks!

Rap541 said...

"He let no obstacles prevent him from producing such a wonderful young man as he has in Jeremy James Roloff."

And yet he raised *bad* sons... seems like Matt let obstacles stand in the way of Jake and Zach since he is on record only having one *good* son.

Not sure a track record of one out of three should be applauded. Matt's the parent and two of his three sons are not fine Christian men... pretty crap dad if thats how we're scoring... sounds like a dad slacked off and only cares about the one who is easy...

Heather said...

All children have moments of backtalk, but wow, just wow, if anybody is comparing Zach's level of disrespect for Matt to Jeremy.

I have seen Jeremy speak endless times about the love and respect he has for Matt and how he is inspired by Matt's example. Zach whines, yells at Matt and has no idea how fortunate he is to have the dad that he does have.

It astounds me that anyone who has ever watched the Roloffs could think there is any comparison between how Jeremy and Zach treat their father.

I agree with others that Jacob is following in Zach's disrespectful footsteps.

I am happy that Jeremy makes Matt so happy and this picture is to be treasured.

Emma said...

i think everyone is making too big a deal out of a simple picture. can we just stop over analyzing everything and just note how cute this picture is?

Anonymous said...

that pic looks stupid. typical 18 year old facebook idiotic shot... Will someone send Matt and Jeremy the memo that this pic is so very false, that they are obviously posing, and that they both look stupid. I know some 12 year olds that did this once, it's still stupid. maybe it could be addressed to cool mr. matt myspace dude.

Dana said...

Emma, I agree people should appreciate how good this picture is but the reason why it is so good is because it accurately depicts a loving father/son relationship. Pictures are best when it captures a feeling or emotion. This picture captures the wonderful relationship Matt and Jeremy have achieved.

I strongly feel only one of Matt's sons do him justice and that's Jeremy. Even Molly disappointed me last season. She seems to be getting sucked into Amy and Zach's treatment of Matt. Only Jeremy treats Matt as he should. Jeremy is the most like Matt and that's why he has the brightest future.

Mark my words. Jeremy will have the best and happiest life of the boys because he has learned from Matt. I think Matt can see that although he wishes the best for all his kids.

Jeremy Cushing said...

Love the picture. They are so inspiring.