Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Matt Roloff has created a real Fan Facebook Page

Big news on the Roloff social media happenings!

In the last day or so, Matt Roloff set up a real Facebook page for fans.


As we've seen in the last couple of weeks, Matt is suddenly getting more involved in the social media/fan interaction domain. A few months ago, Matt said that TLC has been encouraging the Roloff Family to get involved in social media with their fans. So in the last couple of weeks Matt has been using twitter here:


And now the new Fan Facebook page. Personally, I hope he goes with the Facebook page, as I prefer Facebook to twitter - it allows the person to get a little deeper into thought.

Matt also has a real personal Facebook account. It looks as though he was going to use that to interact with fans, but then decided to set up the Fan page and only add real friends and family on his real Facebook account.

Like Matt says on his profile:

"So many impostors - I can't even figure out if i'm the 'real' me on this facebook thing."

Very true! The impostors make it difficult because what they usually do and have already done -- they copy real Roloff postings into the fake pages to make it seem authentic. Because the fakes have been around longer than the real Matt, the fake accounts have more fans/friends/followers and come to the top in searches.

The Roloff impostors even created a fake Spiritswander blog! The fake Zach Roloff on twitter directs people to a blog site which simply copied from yours truly -- this site that you're reading now Spiritswander/Keeping Up With the Roloff Family.

This is a FAKE Zach

And the Fake blog which the fake Zach is promoting -- it simply copied our items here on to that blog.


If you read that entry and you read here, you know they simply copied our item here (leaving out the part where we discuss the fake accounts of course!)



So Matt has now created a real Fan Facebook page and is encouraging his fans to follow him there.

That's what you should know on the Roloff social media circle for now -- Matt Roloff has a real Fan Facebook Page. We'll see if he sticks with it and actually uses it or if he loses interest, but certainly I have to say, good going, Matt! :-) As I've said on this site many times before, I thought it was very reasonable for the Roloffs to have real fan interaction like the majority of celebrities. Up until this point, their interaction with fans on Facebook or Twitter has been virtually zero, so good on Matt for his sudden foray into being a celebrity with fans in 2010.

Here is the start of Matt's Fan Facebook Page. At this exact moment it only has 20 fans and the impostor Matt pages has thousands.

Matthew Roloff: "Hi Everyone, This is the real Matt Roloff. Several impostors are definitely out there. Some fake Facebook pages have several thousand mis-lead friends and fans. I encourage you to join this list. I'm trying to keep up with the rest of the family who is catching on to this social network stuff.

Sometimes I learn more about what Jeremy and Zach are doing (right here on the farm) thru Facebook postings. lol It would be impossible to accept everyone so this way i plan to share my happening within my wide group of Little people and friends."


While Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Amy also have real facebook accounts, Matt Roloff is the only Roloff involved in any type of real Fan Page or interaction.

As we've said for quite sometime, the Roloffs (other than twitter/mattroloff) on twitter and up until now - the fan Facebook pages for the Roloffs were all fake. Sly fakes, but still fake. They all are linked together -- the twitters direct people to the fake Facebook pages with thousands of friends and fans and the Facebook pages do the same for twitter. As Matt finally states here, they are fakes.

So to review because it does get hard to recognize the impostors:

Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Amy Roloff (with very rare exception) do not interact or speak to or with their fans - they don't share photos - they don't do anything like that with fans. They have nothing to do with fans.

As of March 30th, 2010 the only real Roloff fan pages on Facebook and twitter belong to Matt Roloff and are as follows:



All other Roloff Twitter accounts and Fan Facebook accounts with thousands of fans/friends are impostors.


Peter said...

Matt is not allowing people to write on his Wall or upload any photos.

That's Matt. Always in control.

Erin said...

Thanks Spirits!

Greg said...

My guess is like all things Roloff and fan, he will leave it as a graveyard, satisfied that he can say "Jump" and his fans will say "How High".

Matt's message board on his own site is a train wreck, but that's what he did with that.

Jeremy and his friends did that way back on Myspace. They created an official fan page to trick fans to waste their time there. Jeremy never used it, they never updated it. Just a few deseparate fans pouring their hearts out to what they thought was Jeremy when really it was their version of a wild goose chase. All they would do was accept friends requests every couple of weeks. Total disrespect for fans.

My prediction is Matt will use this like he uses the newsletters. To promote business and to ask for money. All the good stuff will be on a private page. LOL.

The Roloffs don't know how to be genuine with fans.

M said...

I agree with greg it'll be updated a few times and mostly to tell everyone to buy some crap they are now selling.
Crap packed by Molly! Now you can have a dirt jar touched by Molly. I bet they have her wearing gloves to much interation with fans if they have her touching it with her bare hands.

Rap541 said...

Well, so far, haven't most of the twitter comments been promoting the show and the on-line store?

This is why I am not that into twitter.

Judy said...

Give the man a break. People have called for Matt to do a fan page. Now that he is doing them, you are all complaining that he is not doing it well?

What do you want him to say?

Rap541 said...

In fairness, I am consistently on record stating I don't like twitter and don't require or want a roloff fan page.

Anonymous said...

Amy,It seems like you people ars going down the same negative train wreck that Jon Kate did.I hope not,but for gods sake to complain about a 5 wk. vacation an Matt staying for only 2wks.jeeze and you are allowing Zack to treat his dad like crap about the BVI trip?A few of you need to check yourself be greatful for the days together,dont sweat the small stuff,That train looks like its a commin!I cant watch it hit,and who can go on a 5wk. vacation anyway? I would love 1 wk.