Thursday, March 18, 2010

Matt Roloff has a new speaking engagement site

Matt Roloff has a new speaking site set up. He alluded to this a few months ago in one of the "Roloff Farms" newsletters.

If you're a company or interested in booking Matt for your event, check out his site:

It mostly consists of biography information and what Matt brings to the table as a speaker and what he can gear his speeches towards.

He also has some pictures of himself and the rest of the family.

In a rare occurrence, Matt used his twitter account to spread the word about his speaking site. By the way, Matt is the only Roloff who has a real twitter account -- Amy's charity foundation has one; but the rest of the "Roloffs" on twitter and the fan Facebook pages with thousdands of friends/fans are indeed impostors -- we will have more information on that in the coming days in an extensive update we'll have on the Roloffs.)

"It's sooo fun to meet people face to face and answer their tough questions... Check out my new speaking site"


Judy said...

Great job.

Matt is a true American success story. I hope he comes to my area soon. Matt deserves nothing but the best.

Dana said...

I like it a lot. Matt is an inspiration with all that he has done with his life and all that he has overcome.

I hope some of Matt's critics read his twitter tweet.

"It's sooo fun to meet people face to face and answer their tough questions..."

Did you see that, Rap541? Matt says he likes answering tough questions.

Shadow said...

Judy - you can have Matt come to your area any time you want. Just pony up the bucks. I'm sure he'd give you a great deal. :>

Dana - If he likes it, why doesn't he ever do it?

Rap541 said...

Dana - I believe Matt has an open invitation to be interviewed here.

Why hasn't he? I see him *saying* he'll answer tough questions so why no interview with Spirit? :D

Brandon said...

Rap, Matt only does things if he gets paid.

I agree tho. What is with Matt's hang up on trying to convince people of things that aren't true? Answering "tough questions" has nothing to do with his website about his public speaking career. Why tweet about how he loves tough questions?

It makes me think criticism about him not answering tough questions must really bother him because posting about how he loves tough questions when that isn't the issue is out of place, imo.

Rap541 said...

Btw since when did Matt have time to twitter?

I mean, he doesn't have time to post on his own board... but now he has time to twit how he loves answering the hard questions?

I *thought* per Matt Himself (and Jesus praise us, Matt never ever *lies*) that Matt found typing too difficult. That's why his extra special website only gets questions answered when he has a rare moment to talk on the phone. Since typing trivial crap is impossible. So since Matt can twitter on how he WANTS TO ANSWER hard questions.... Why isn't Matt "Praise Him" Roloff begging to be interviewed by Spirit?

I mean.... Matt isn't afraid, right? He is ON RECORD on how he likes tough questions. He says its fun. Dana quoted him.

Dana... Why won't Matt submit to an interview by spirit? Shouldn't Matt find it *fun*?

Lynn said...

I love Matt. His track record speaks for himself. He has charisma, humor and most of all, a powerful message that should inspire anyone to live their dreams.

Lynn said...

Rap541, I don't think Matt is ducking anything. With all due respect to Spirits, Matt can't do interviews with every site on the internet.

What makes you think a Spiritswander interview would be nasty. You imply that and you imply that Matt is afraid.

I read the Daniel interview on this site and didn't find it to be nasty. Unless I am completely misreading Spirits, I don't think it would be disrespectful.

However if you're expecting Matt to go on IMDB or Television Without Pity where they obsess over how the Roloffs chew or accuse Amy of fraud or make fun of Zach's teeth, you don't have reasonable expectations. Matt doesn't have to be a punching bag.

I think Matt was referring to liking the question and answer part of the speaking events. I imagine most of those are respectful, but some questions could be blunt.

I also feel that you are ignoring the business of TLC. There could be very well be some topics Matt is not allowed to discuss in public interviews without TLC's consent. Jeremy's stupid language could be one of them. I have heard Matt, I read it here actually, make references that I took to be referring to Jeremy, about when the kids say stupid things and about how they aren't perfect when it comes to teaching their own kids to be sensitive to other groups. If I recall correctly, Matt mentioned that topic on his own when he was speaking in California.

We know that Matt and his family are proud Christians. I think TLC instructs the Roloffs to keep their beliefs and ideas to themselves because they want the show to be inclusive.

Have you read or seen "The Last Lecture"? The author points out in the final chapter that he did not expand on his religious faith in throughout the book because he didn't want his messages to be limited to only those of the same the beliefs. I think that is why TLC doesn't focus as much on the Roloffs faith as the Roloffs do in real life. I don't think Matt would be able to talk about his political beliefs if that's what you expect.

Lynn said...

Oh and Rap? It was a twitter message. It doesn't require much typing. Only a few letters. He never said he was incapable of typing. He said it is getting harder for him to type and it is easier to speak and have someone transcribe his words than for him to type everything. I don't think typing a few characters on twitter does anything to change that.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - In all honesty, are you aware of the long term "no one in the Roloff family is on the internet" claims by the Roloffs? Including Matt? And now Matt twitters? Most infamously, on the first day of pumpkin season, despite nearly being shut down by the governement, Matt somehow managed to find the time to twitter the crisis?

I don't think Spirit would be disrespectful either... but I do think there would be some tough questions. Including maybe just what the nature of TLC's involvement in his interviews actually is.

Personally, I strongly doubt TLC is telling the Roloffs to tone down the religious talk, considering the content of their other reality shows. But I welcome Matt confirming that he's been told that. I doubt he would though... it is the direct opposite of the "we show the good, the bad and the ugly" comments he likes to make.

And on an aside - can someone explain how downplaying your strong religious faith for money is a positive thing? I mean, if the Roloffs are so staunchly Christian.... is it praiseworthy of them, morally speaking, to portray themselves not as right wing conservative religious folks, but as fair to middlin lackadaisical practioners with no political views for the money?

Lynn said...

Rap, the show is a business. TLC decides how it is portrayed. 18 kids and Counting with the Duggars is a different show than the LPBW and the Roloffs.

On LPBW, they want to show how people have similarities. The quickest way to shoot that down is to dwell on religion or politics. That is a divider. The Roloffs don't deny that they are staunchly Christian. It just isn't the focus of the show.

Listen to what you're saying. If the Matt is told what things he can talk about, he can't go out and tell everyone that. It defeats the purpose. You honestly expect to see Matt say "TLC doesn't want us expanding on our faith publicly and subjects that don't fit a family show. I wanted to tell you that the religious content on the show is scaled back? If you honestly expect that, my guess would be that you are very young and not familiar with business.

Anonymous said...

Great site Matt!

Rap541 said...

Lynn, I honestly expect some honesty from Matt if he is going to do interviews at all. He's famous for the quote about how they allow the good, the bad, and the ugly to be filmed. He gets a lot of credit from fans for that.

He also gets credit for being a staunch Christian.... despite the fact that the Roloffs have NEVER on camera said they were staunch Christians. They don't say on camera "As Christians, we don't approve of homosexuality".

I'm going to throw out a different example, for you. Personally, the Duggar clan offends me on several levels for their religious beliefs. I simply don't agree with them. But.... they are pretty up front about what they believe. They are willing to risk my ire in defense of how they choose to live. The Roloffs are not. The very fact that the Duggars can and do have minority religious beliefs on camera means that TLC isn't demanding the families on their reality shows hide their beliefs.

Are you stating that the Roloffs are *forced* by TLC to portray themselves less religious as they actually are? Because, FYI, the Roloffs make a great big deal on how they only contract for one year at a time.... If you honestly believe that the producers are demanding this of the Roloffs, then they *could* walk away... and prefer to accept money to deny their religious views.

Lynn said...

In that case Rap, you aren't being realistic. When people make business deals to not talk about particular subjects, you can't expect them to go around saying "xxx company told me I'm not allowed to talk about this". By doing that, that brings attention to the subject, which was the purpose of the "don't talk about it" instruction.

Also, I think your perception of people who are deeply religious might be warped. Not everyone who has faith and believes the word in The Bible goes around publicly forcing their beliefs on others. I admit some do, but not all people who have Faith feel it necessary to talk about their religion in public.

Expressed said...

Hey Rap :) You're smart so I can't believe you can really expect the Roloffs to bring politics into the show.

Lynn is right. The Duggars are a different show than the Roloffs have. The Duggars are a freak show. They are promoted in a whole different way. It doesn't matter if they alienate people with their religious beliefs because they sort of market the show as a freak show anyway.

The Roloffs were always We are the same as you, we could be your best friends if we lived on in your neighborhood (except now the only people who still think that live in $Malibu$! lol)

I think we all know what the Roloffs feel about homosexuality. Spirits has had a few things about it and honestly, it isn't that hard to find out if you know who their friends are and what kind of things they support.

I don't think it's fair to bash the Roloffs because they don't rant on about how homosexuality is wrong on the show. Do you expect them to talk about how abortion is horrible too? Do you expect that from everyone on a television show or everyone who is famous or else they aren't serious about their beliefs?

LPBW is not "The Roloffs Talk Politics".. It's a light little family show with a good message that has humor and a really hot son. lol ;)

Rap541 said...

" When people make business deals to not talk about particular subjects, you can't expect them to go around saying "xxx company told me I'm not allowed to talk about this". "

And yet people do that all the time. Although I have never heard a Roloff family member do so. What I have heard from the Roloffs is the "we show the good the bad and the ugly!" complete with lots of handclapping and cheering from Matt's fans on how he's out there, open and he's and giving it to us straight!

How about it? If the Roloffs *are* under a TLC contract to never discuss their religious views... then should they get credit for their complete and total honesty? That isn't actually happening? This is a classic "you can't have it both ways" issue. If they aren't allowed to mention certain things about themselves because TLC thinks it would hurt the ratings... then they aren't presenting themselves honestly and don't deserve the kudos for doing so.

Expressed - In fairness, the example of the Duggars was raised because people are implying and stating outright that the Roloffs are not allowed to discuss their potentially unpopular religious views because TLC has them contractually silent. Ie: The Roloffs have been told not to, why should they endanger their livelyhood - However, there's no evidence of that and plenty of evidence that TLC doesn't forbid religious talk at all. The Gosselins, the Duggars, the Hayes.... Why would the *Roloffs* be restricted?

And since the Roloffs likely are less of a "freakshow" as you call it, why restrict them and not the Duggars?

To be honest, I don't understand how the Roloffs get all this credit for being out and proud Christians, proud to stand up for their beliefs.... when, if you're correct and TLC has signed them to a contract that says no no no, they are intentionally accepting money to portray themselves as less Christian than they actually are.

Expressed said...

Rap, you too need to measure the Roloffs by the same standards as the other families. Like I said, I don't count the Duggars because they are marketed as a freak show "Look how different these people are from your family with 2 kids".

I watched Jon and Kate a few times, but I have seen episodes of Table for 12 with the Hayes family.

You can't say the Hayes are open about their religion, but the Roloffs hide theirs.

Have the Hayes said they are Christians on the show? Maybe once, but that's about it. Fans on the internet were asking.

The Roloffs do that and more. The Roloffs don't hide that they're Christian. They show that the kids go to Christian private schools. They pray before some meals. Amy's punishment for Jacob's swearing was to read the Bible and copy a verse. They've talked about the kids being in youth groups and said Jeremy met Sarah at Church.

The Hayes family haven't went that far. But there is a difference between not hiding their religion and getting detailed and political about it and pushing it on viewers.

Rap541 said...

The Hayes family is roman catholic. Jon and Kate are evangelical Christians with Bible quotes pinned to their walls and before their split were well known (and at times shown on their tv show) for talking to church groups about how they had six kids because they had trust in God and felt selective reduction was wrong. And you have no reason, other than that it proves my point, to discount the Duggars. They are on TLC, they have a reality show, and they have no problem and *no restriction* on talking about their beliefs.

So I really don't buy that the Roloffs are restricted by TLC. Not when the Gosselins are filmed in churches talking about abortion being wrong, or the Duggars ad their messed up views on child rearing. It just doesn't make sense.

If the Roloffs *are* restricted by TLC - then they are *choosing* to be restricted because they are very open about how they sign a contract every year. If they aren't being restricted by TLC, then they are concealing their views because they understand that their views could potentially lose them some dollars.

Expressed said...

Rap, I don't want to go on forever about this because we are obviously not going to convince each other, but you ignored my points about all the ways the Roloffs make it known they are Christian on the show. They do. They just don't get into the details on hot topic social and political issues.

If Jon and Kate Plus 8 showed them talking about how abortion was wrong on the show, then that does surprise me (if it was more than Kate just saying she would keep all the babies).

I haven't heard the Hayes family, out of the blue start talking about whether they think homosexuality is wrong or if they approve of gay marriage? Why aren't you on them? You can't really expect the Roloffs to launch into sermons about these subjects. Then people would be bashing them for being pushy Christians.

Rap541 said...

"I haven't heard the Hayes family, out of the blue start talking about whether they think homosexuality is wrong or if they approve of gay marriage? Why aren't you on them?"

Because they don't have a group of hardcore fans who prate about how Christian they are, and how everyone knows they believe x, y, and Z and they are proud to stand up for those beliefs.

There's a subset of LPBW fans who do just that - insist that the Roloffs believe homosexuality is wrong, that gays can be cured, and they are right wing conservative Christians. They get very upset - you've gotten upset - when its pointed out that the Roloffs say nothing of the sort *when it is on the record*. These fans want the Roloffs to get all the credit for supposedly having these beliefs... with the none of the responsibility. I don't understand how you can insist the Roloffs have these beliefs when they don't have the courage to say so themselves. How is that standing up for their beliefs?

The Roloffs off screen profess to be much more conservatively Christian than they are on tv. On tv they play the diversity game. Off screen, according to their fans, they believe gays can be cured. Considering how different their on camera and off camera beliefs are, I have a problem with it.

Jennifer Manfield said...

Thank you. I really like Matt. Whenever I think my troubles are tough, I think about all Matt Roloff has achieved. Best of luck to Matt.

Anonymous said...

I hate to criticize people I don't know, so I'm going to be positive and say that Jacob is looking FINE in that picture. Really growing up to be a handsome young man!

Dana said...

Jeremy is better looking than Jacob in that picture, Anonymous 7:24.