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New Little People, Big World Season 5 commercial - Jeremy and Zach Roloff drinking

TLC is currently running a quick commercial preview for the new season (referred to as Season 5B) of Little People, Big World which begins Monday April 5th at 8pm.

The buzz around the commercial is that it features Jeremy and Zach drinking (gasp) alcohol.

For those who have not seen the commercial or those of you in parts of the world where they're not up to Season 5 yet, here is a recap of the commercial, which is only about 15 seconds long.

A narrator: Matt and Amy face big changes...

(shots of the family from a photo shoot)

Matt's voice: "Amy likes the freedom when I'm not around"

(Matt, Amy and the kids standing around in an airport)

Narrator: ...As their family grows up

(Jeremy and Zach sitting at a table in a pub like setting with giant mugs of beer - they both have big smiles as they toast each other and Jeremy takes a drink)

Amy's voice: "There's something romantic about Rome"

Amy is shown leaning over and hugging Matt.

What appears to be Jeremy (he has a helmet and sunglasses - hard to tell) driving and Amy on the back riding on a scooter type vehicle.

Narrator: Don't miss all new episodes of LPBW, premieres April 5th at 8pm on TLC

For those wondering, the drinking age in Europe is 18. Jeremy and Zach were 19 during the trip. They'll be 20 this May.

Jeremy Roloff enjoying alcoholic drinks while in Europe - Summer 2009 - is sure to set off a firestorm of talk amongst LPBW/Roloff followers because of Jeremy's previous "I don't drink because I only do things that I know please God" stance

If you're confused why anyone would even note that Jeremy and Zach were drinking, that, specifically Jeremy drinking has been a hot topic in LPBW discussions for several years. It primarily stems from the Roloffs' Christian family image they portray and how factions of fans have reacted to it all.

It all started in the Roloff book "Little Family, Big Values". Jeremy is quoted as making the now infamous statement when talking about his religious values and his love of God.

Jeremy Roloff: "My Faith in God keeps me from doing some of the negative things so many kids do -- drinking, drugs and other things. My friends and I like to have fun and enjoy life, but we do it in ways we know show that we have faith in God and in ways that we know please him."

Based on statements like that from Jeremy and how they are portrayed on the show - Jeremy, Zach and their friends shown spending time building forts -- a faction of fans hailed Jeremy as an example of a fine young Christian who abstains from alcohol in the name of pleasing God -- A fine young Christian who is clean living; he builds forts with his friends while so many bad teenagers are out drinking.

Then you had another faction of fans whose reaction to the first group can basically be summed up as "Are you kidding?!?!? It's obvious Jeremy is lying and drinks like so many other teenagers. They're just saying he doesn't and using God as a reason to appeal to the lucrative Christian market.

Then it escalates into a big fight.

Group A: How dare you call Jeremy and the Roloffs liars! Just because other kids drink, doesn't mean Jeremy does. His body is a temple for God. Jeremy James Roloff does not drink and he said it's because of his love of God! Stop lying about Jeremy!

Group B: You're insane, naive and in denial! Jeremy is a massive liar and a phony.

Group B cites the many examples on the internet of Jeremy and his friends over the years referencing drinking. The most famous example -- and for those who inquire about "the Jeremy Roloff vodka story" being Jeremy and his friend reminscing when they were 15/16 about how they stole Matt's vodka, replaced it with Sprite (Jeremy said Matt never knew), got drunk, played with fire crackers and accidentally set the corner of the Roloff barn on fire. Jeremy said his heart stopped beating when he saw the barn on fire because Matt had warned him if he ever burnt down the barn he would kick him out "and he was serious too!"

There have also been many instances of friends talking about how they got drunk with Jeremy. What fans need to understand is for a lot of the friends who grew up with the Roloffs, the Roloffs are just like any other people they know. Most of the friends and reaction of people who knew the Roloffs to that subject is along the lines of "So what? What teenager doesn't drink and do that stuff?"

They don't really grasp the whole Roloff "Family friendly, strict Christian values' image that is portrayed to the public -- in other words a lot of their friends didn't receive the proverbial memo not to talk about how they were drinking with Jeremy -- because they aren't aware that Jeremy was telling the world that he didn't drink and it was because he only does things that he knows please God.

So that is why anytime there are references to Jeremy drinking -- at the World Dwarf Games in Belfast -- there were hundreds of athletes and family and friends who according to them, partied with the Roloffs and told stories about doing shots with Jeremy and things like that. Whenever things like that would come up - it would ignite the old fight between Group A (Jeremy is a sweet Christian boy who doesn't drink and don't call him a liar) and Group B (Yes he does!! Stop living in denial! Jeremy is a liar! He drinks!).

Given all that, it comes as a bit of a surprise that TLC would include Jeremy and Zach drinking in the preview commercial. Keep in mind that it was completely legal since the Roloffs were in Europe and the drinking age is lower than it is in the United States -- however for the group of staunch Roloff supporters who believed Jeremy's anti-drinking statements and hailed him as a hero of Christian values for his 'I don't drink because I only do things that please God" stance, the issue was more about Jeremy stating he doesn't drink because it doesn't please God and how that made Jeremy different and more moral than so many other teenagers.

It will be interesting to see that scene previewed in the commercial and if they portray it as Jeremy and Zach's first ever beer ;-) Stay tuned to TLC and Little People, Big World Season 5B!


Brandon said...


The sweet Christian boy drinking!

Or the sweet Christian liar?

Greg said...

I called Jeremy a liar and a phoney because he is a liar and a phoney.

Ashley said...

I bet Jeremy is fun when drunk. <3

Sheri said...

I do not consider Jeremy to have lied or that his devotion to God and Jesus Christ to lack credibility in any way, shape or form.

Drinking alcohol is not forbidden in the Bible. Jesus turned water into wine.

Jeremy made his statement in Big Values when he was underage. He was respecting God, his parents and the laws of the United States.

That statement in no way forbids from Jeremy, when legal age, to tastefully enjoy a glass of wine in a foreign country or to have a beer at a celebration party for his dwarf brother's and to toast other LPs for their successes during the World Games.

Our bodies are temples for God. Jeremy understands that. There is no proof of Jeremy's underage drinking or Jeremy being "drunk" and out of control abusing his body. As the other pictures of Jeremy in Hawaii indicate, Jeremy takes care of his body.

There is only proof of Jeremy celebrating dwarf athletes with a drink and sipping a beer with his brother - legally. This does not make Jeremy a liar or a phony. He is still a fine example for youth in our country and around the world because he is devoted to Jesus Christ.

Expressed said...

Well, I never believed the things about Jeremy saying he wasn't drinking, so I don't care about that. I said he was lying all along. lol.

Those dwarf girls at the LPA and the WDG are very lucky to have been able to party with! :)

Jeremy looks very hot in that picture by the way! Put him a beer commercial.

It would be great if they did an episode about Jeremy partying. lol. It would be so much more interesting than the marriage drama crap or some of the boring forced story lines they use.

Diane said...

Jeremy IS a liar.

Why did he say "I please God" by not drinking?

He always was drinking and now he still is. Did God come to him and tell him to drink now?

Tim said...

I agree.

Nothing wrong with drinking, but given Jeremy's declarations in the book and image, he is a liar and a hypocrite.

Exactly like you said. They saw $$ in the Christian community. It's along the same lines as Matt talking about not letting Jacob and Molly listen to music with "bad" words. Like we're really supposed to believe that Matt and Amy are sensitive about language their kids use.

I saw the commercial last night. Those are BIG mugs! They're both filled to the top. Zach as a LP, is not supposed to drink as much as an average sized person.

Dana said...

Sheri, well said. clap:clap:clap:clap::

Rap541 said...

"Jeremy made his statement in Big Values when he was underage. He was respecting God, his parents and the laws of the United States."

Yes, he made the statement when he was underage and also made the statement about how he was stealing vodka from Dad at about the same age. I believe it was excused *because* Jeremy made this lovely statement about choosing not to drink as it does not please God.

BTW Sherri, don't you owe *everyone* that you called a *liar* over Jeremy drinking in Europe a great big apology? After all, you called everyone who said they saw Jeremy drinking in Europe *liars* simply *because* Jeremy made this earlier statement about not drinking and per you, all those people were lying because the words of Jeremy James are always the truth. Remember that? Remember how you wanted pictures? Because I was lying?

I'm not shocked that suddenly its fine to booze it up but I will point out that a) before it was proven that that Jeremy's vow of not drinking wasn't true, a subset of fans held it up as proof of his dedication to God and to the claim of his super Christianity, and b) the issue is that Jeremy *lied* not that Jeremy drank.

Yes, I am well aware that there's no official scripture against drinking, but there is one against lying. Jeremy was sneaking booze, per his own words on his myspace at 16. It was excused by many here because he made this statement about not drinking ie he saw the light and is now walking with God. But in fact, no, he's not a teetotaller for Jesus so explain to me how he gets to be held up for lying? Because Sherri, thats your point right? Jeremy sipping beer (and he looks a bit trashed in this photo actually) is somehow "not drinking alcohol" so we all need to pat Jeremy on the head and coo how awesome he is for *not drinking" because there's simply no way the big boy lies.

I bet if he gets caught smoking pot, its somehow going to be justified as "pleasing god".

*For the record, I don't care if anyone gets hammered on booze every night of the week as long as they aren't endangering anyone. What I am bothered by is this odd view that every word Jeremy Roloff says is pure truth, to where disagreeing leads to ugly attacks of "liar" and "don't be hating on Jeremy" and then... when the big boy is caught out, suddenly those pure words are no big deal and no one (who was called names by certain posters) for speaking the truth earler has the right to be offended. I mean really, the boy lied, his lies were used as justification to name call others, and now that theres absolute proof, oh well, God loves it when Jeremy drinks.... which begs the question why certain people were so horrified at the notion that Jeremy *does* drink.

circa said...

"It would be great if they did an episode about Jeremy partying. lol. It would be so much more interesting than the marriage drama crap or some of the boring forced story lines they use."

totally agree Expressed!

Noell :) said...

I totally agree with Expressed! :)
I never cared if he drank either, a lot of teenagers drink. Who cares...

Rap541 said...

Some blasts from the past:

Sept 3, 2009 - Adam Garland Thread

Sherri said:

“And Jeremy James Roloff is a Christian who said he does not drink because of his faith in God. Are you calling Jeremy, who you claim is your friend, a liar?”

Sept 3, 3009 - Adam Garland Thread

Rap541 said:

“Yes, I think it's fair to say that when Jeremy James "I'm a Christian" Roloff says he does not drink due to his faith in God, that he's lying.Or are you going to accuse all of the witnesses of lying?"

Sherri then said”

Yes I think they are lying or are greatly exaggerating. Did Jeremy have a glass a wine to toast celebrating his graduation, but people like you turn it into "Jeremy drinks and was lying!"

For the record, lets all look at the TLC footage of Jer Bear the Honest Christian who does not dink as it does not please God sucking down the suds *in a commercial for the show*. And look at a picture of Jer looking well, "into his cups" as my grandmother would say while holding a beer bottle....

Sherri, I don't *understand*! You said *I* was a liar because Jeremy James Roloff always speaks the truth, that he does not drink. I said he drinks and therefore I am a *liar*, lying on this honest Christian boy who does not drink!

When I pointed out that *Jeremy himself* admitted drinking in his myspace commets, you said that didn't matter. You demanded picture evidence.

Am I still a *liar* Sherri? I mean, Jeremy is drinking alcohol on camera.... Did mean old Rap photoshop it and lie it up to TLC to get it ON THE SHOW'S COMMERCIALS?

I mean, Jeremy James said he does not drink and *you* said anyone who said he does is lying. Come on Sherri.... or is this one of those topics you're done with now that you've decided God loves boozing?

M said...

Drink up Jeremy roloff! Haha

seriously what 19-20 old doesn't?! It's very rare if someone doesn't.

Brandon said...

M, Noell, and Expressed, what teenager doesn't drink?

Teenagers like Jeremy Roloff who profess to show their love of God through their vow to not drink unlike the evil other teens that roam the earth.

Or maybe not and Jeremy is actually just like all the other "bad" teens. He just a big fat liar who used God to score points and praise.

Leviticus said...

You are correct about the alcohol Sheri.

Unfortunately, I must remind a fine upstanding Christian like yourself about the evils of crustaceans, Sheri. For the Bible clearly states (as per yours truly)...Leviticus 11:9-12

9 These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.
10 And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:
11 They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.
12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.

That's right, GOD HATES SHRIMP and your boy devoured a plate full in Belfast. An abominable act that will no doubt cost him his soul.

I will try to talk to the Big Guy and see what I can do about this, but the odds are slim to nil I can get this one excused.

Now you'll have to excuse me. I'm off to see what the hell happened to Heidi Montag.

Rap541 said...

M - I don't find it unusual at all but I was called a liar over saying he did. Because Jeremy said he doesn't drink, and he's a fine Christian so I am a liar.

(looks at picture of Jeremy clearly drunk holding a beer bottle) I guess the fine Christian just needs to say "Sorry Jesus" (take a drink) "Sorry Jesus"(take a drink) and its not lying then? I mean, Jeremy never lies and anyone who says they saw him drinking is a liar so...

I'm still waiting for the Christian set here to explain how he said he was drinking vodka at 16, and clearly is drinking now at 19-20 but still is telling the truth.... Because after all, I *deserve* to be called a liar when I say Jeremy Roloff drank up Europe. Right, Christias? Jeremy said he does not drink and these pictures and film are all vicious lies? After all, JerBear said he does not drink and is a Christian and that means everyone who comments on his drinking is lying on a fine teetotalling Christian. That means Expressed, btw - who openly said Wonder Boy was lying.... I'm curious if Expressed deserves the "hating on Jeremy" sign.... since she is openly calling the fine Christian boy a liar...

Craw said...

If anyone believed Jeremy didn't drink then they're just stupid...can't help you with that. lol.

You didn't really think Jeremy is so popular with friends he knows because he's a nerd who never goes out and parties and has fun?

Rap541 said...

"If anyone believed Jeremy didn't drink then they're just stupid...can't help you with that. lol."

Craw - I said he drinks. Sherri said he doesn't. You just called Sherri stupid.

Again the issue is that Jeremy *lied* and is a *liar*. If you recall... My position has always been that Jeremy knows how to get sloshed. Its your Christian buddies, Craw, who have harped on how Jeremy does not drink and how he does not lie.

I'm still wondering why not drinking was so praiseworthy to begin with, if God thinks slamming down beers is worshipful.

Also wondering where in the Bible its written that its ok to lie.

lpbw537 said...

Rap541, calm down please. we all understand your view on the issue seeing as though you bring it up (or something like it anti-jer ect) in almost EVERY post on this blog

i understand you have the right to your opinion and what you say and im not trying to take that.

Jeremy is a teenager and obviously people his age drink and i agree that he did in a way lie but what are we going to do about it.

Craw said...

Rap, fine I'm calling Sheri stupid! I don't even know Sheri!

I never said Jeremy didn't drink. If you remember I always said Jeremy was cool and that's why he was so popular, not a loser who spent his Friday nights at home studying.

Who cares that Jeremy lied? He's human. He's not perfect. I lied. I bet even you have lied! Even us Christians are not perfect people, we do have a perfect savior named Jesus and He is the perfect one.

A non-religious girl said...

Hi, as someone who has been raised without religion and have only been in a church once, can I please ask a question?

I am confused about Christians and drinking.

Can someone please answer? Is it considered wrong or is it okay?

I see a lot of Christians saying it is okay to drink.

But I know Christians (my friend's parents) who do not drink or smoke. They consider it very wrong and I was sure it was coming from the Bible.

So what is it? Should Christians drink or not?

A non-religious girl said...

By the way, I agree Jeremy looks trashed in that picture!

The vodka story is funny!

Matt has said for years that he doesn't trust Jeremy. Matt said he thought Jeremy was up to stuff when he's out. Zach told Matt and Amy Jeremy does so much crap they never find out about. What do you think he's talking about? Drinking milk from the carton? lol.

Rap541 said...

Well, lpbw537, here's what we could do.

1. Some people can stop insisting every word Jeremy utters is the truth.

2. Certain people could acknowledge that Jeremy was indeed lying.

3. Those people could also acknowedge that when they were insisting everyone who said Jeremy drank was a liar, that they were wrong.

4. These same people could apologize for publically calling everyone who said Jeremy drank liars.

5. Finally, these people could acknowledge how hypocritical it is to first insist what a fine Christian Jeremy is for not drinkiing (something we now know is a lie on his part) and now insist that drinking is coolio with Christians.

I was called a liar, Lpbw537 - you want me to thank the people who did that? Sorry, no. I am not begging your pardon for being right. Jeremy lied. I was not lying about his drinking, and neither was anyone else. We didn't deserve to be told *we* were liars and that "Jeremy James is a Christian and says he does not drink as it does please God, and anyone who says otherwise is a lying hater".

Got it? I'm not rolling over. JerBear drinks and lies. His word is not holy writ, and no one deserves to be crapped on by Jeremy's fans because "Jeremy James is a Christian and only speaks truth".

Amber said...

I found this site today and I'm disgusted at all the judgemental and ignorant people.

I have some advice for this Rap character. Keep your mouth shut because everytime you open it you make yourself the fool.

Stop obsessing over Jeremy. Stop judging him, gawd you don't even know him. You don't even know anything about him except what you see on a little tv show.

Stop judging Jer's walk with God. That is between Jeremy and God. You don't know what is in Jeremy's heart and the love he has for the Lord. I listened to the word of the Lord this weekend WITH Jeremy. I know what I'm talking about while you judge someone you've never met and only know from an edited tv show.

Stop judging Jeremy and do something productive with your own life.

Rap541 said...

Amber - personally, from what I have seen of Jeremy's pals, I am not so impressed but let me ask a question.

Does Jeremy drink?

Yes or no.

The reason I ask is that you're a friend, per you, and can put the discussion to rest (instead of engaging in the name calling you want stopped).

Personally - I don't have a problem with drinking. I'm not the one who put Jeremy on a pedestal over his stance on *not drinking*. (You know your buddy said in a book that he and his friends do not drink as it does not please God, correct?)

It's his *christian fans* who have made the judgement that anyone who says Jeremy drinks is a liar... in fairness, that is based on his stated words, which judging by the photo evidence was a lie.

Second, have you asked your bud Jer why he does the show if he hates the judgemental attention? Because I am pretty certain at almost twenty, the big boy isn't actually a boy and if he is so bothered by on line chatter that he has to send his buddies out to defend his walk with God.... he's old enough to choose to not do the show.

He's also old enough to defend his walk with God.

On the plus side, Amber, you didn't use a racist explicative or misspell every other word... I assume you didn't attend Faith Bible?

Interesting how now that its proven Jeremy's lied about drinking, its suddenly not ok to be judegmental. I mean... where was the outrage when it was "Shut up liars, Jeremy says he does not drink and he's a Christian so he does not drink"?

Degrassi said...

The drinking age varies depending on the country. In Belgium it is 16 and England is as young as 14 if your with a parent.

I don't see what the big deal is. We shouldn't be surprised. Its legal where they were and its not like they aren't drinking and partying at home. Does no one remember the "rules" Amy left for the kids when her and Matt left for vacation?

David said...

I think a lot of people are missing the point.

If someone says they do not drink, imply that they are morally superior to other people their age "keeps me from doing some of the negative things so many kids do" I would expect someone with moral charcter to not have stories of drunken expeditions and be pictured drunk.

Is there no value in a man's word anymore?

He used God to lie. Period. He said his decision not to drink was showing is love for his God. He was lying about that. Very uncool from a Christian perspective.

Judy said...

Rap, although I don't advocate lying, I believe you're taking Jeremy's words out of context.

He probably did not mean to imply he never experimented. How many people can honestly say they were 21 when they tasted alcohol for the first time?

Some teens are a train wreck with drinking, drugs, sex, crime. I take Jeremy's sentence about it to mean he is not like that, not as a vow that he would never drink.

Amber, thank you for clarifying the truth and I agree with you. I can sense Jeremy's spirituality. I wish Zach and Jacob had more of Jeremy's faith and displayed it.

Judy said...

Btw Rap, Jeremy does not look trashed in that picture, imo. He is wiping his faith while smiling, that's what gives his face the distorted look.

I think it's important to not speculate on things like that because it won't take long for people to take things out of context. The next thing you'll know people will be saying Jeremy is an alcoholic all because he's drinking beer.

Anonymous said...

"Btw Rap, Jeremy does not look trashed in that picture, imo. He is wiping his "faith" while smiling, that's what gives his face the distorted look."

Judy either types with a lisp or that was a Freudian slip.

Rap541 said...


"Some teens are a train wreck with drinking, drugs, sex, crime. I take Jeremy's sentence about it to mean he is not like that, not as a vow that he would never drink."

So why was I, and every one who saw Jeremy drinking in Europe, called liars for saying Jeremy was drinking because "“Jeremy James Roloff is a Christian who said he does not drink because of his faith in God." ?

If "I do not drink as it does not please God" *really means* "I can drink and experiment all I want"?

I mean really... if we're going to priase him for his spiritual vow of not drinking for the love of God... doesn't he have to make an effort to actually not drink?

I mean.... I'm a liar for saying he drank because he says he doesn't and yet gets to drink up and be praised for keeping his vow? Judy? Do you think he's taking the vow seriously if he's doing shots? How much "experimenting" (and I assure you that his Euro trip was not his first sip of alcohol) does he get to do before he *is* lying?

Since apparently the big boy doesn't acvtually have to do anything he claims? I mean he says he doesn't drink so everyone who sees him is lying and hating on him as he grins with a beer. Right?

"I take Jeremy's sentence about it to mean he is not like that, not as a vow that he would never drink."

What part of "I do not drink as it does not please God" do you get "I can have a few beers or two, but I don't get falling down drunk"?

I'd really like to know.

M said...

Anonymous @ 2:45
"Jeremy does not look trashed in that picture, imo. He is wiping his faith while smiling, that's what gives his face the distorted look."

I'm sorry wiping his face? What does that mean? This kids been drinking not praising god with beer. I hate to say this but do you really think this kid is thinking about god while out doing shots?

Rap541 said...

M - I think Judy meant wiping his face.

Anonymous said...

The book was written by a ghost writer.

M said...

ohh wow that makes more sense. I thought it might be a christian saying I've never heard.

Rap541 said...

A non-religious girl asked:

"I am confused about Christians and drinking.

Can someone please answer? Is it considered wrong or is it okay?"

Others can correct me if they feel I am wrong but here goes.

It depends on what type of Christian you are... which is where some of the arguement starts. It's not in the Bible that drinking is wrong. Drinking is fine. So is slavery, and a myriad of other things that are not especially nice, but not expressly forbidden.

Some protestant sects of Christianity - Southern Baptists, various evangelicals, Mormons... this isn't a complete list - take the position that drinking alcohol is wrong, that the body is a temple and drinking (and smoking, doing drugs etc) defiles the temple.

While the Roloffs clearly do no subscribe to this - we've now seen five of the Roloffs drink casually on camera, they do have a tendency to play to the more strict Christian crowd despite not actually living that way. The Little People Big Values book definetely played to the conservative Christian crowd. Since conservative Christians tend to be in the faiths that vilify drinking, having the teen son say he doesn't drink because it doesn't please God is a nice way to score points. But the Christians who preach teetotalling are a large minority, not the majority... and the ones who actually are living that lifestyle are a much smallar minority.

There's a reason Prohibition failed to stay on the law books, after all.

David, in the comments above, makes a great point about why Jeremy shouldn't say or allow to be attributed to him comments about how he doesn't drink as it does not please God, but unlike lying (and shellfish) God does not, in the Bible, forbid alcohol.

Anonymous said...

i'd get drunk w/him and then have my way w/his body

Leviticus said...

Rap541, while alcohol consumption is not outright forbidden, it does come with many edicts and warnings from some writers, and open encouragement from others.

For example, yours truly wrote this ditty for Aaron. Like the "or you're gonna die" part? See now I would've written "If you and the boys show up tanked again, I'm tying you up and making you watch 12 hours of non stop Pia Zadora clips." Anyhoo.

"You and your sons are not to drink wine or other fermented drink whenever you go into the Tent of Meeting, or you will die. This is a lasting ordinance for the generations to come" (Leviticus 10:9)

Others biblical writers with anti-alcohol sentiments:

"Now see to it that you drink no wine or other fermented drink and that you do not eat anything unclean," (Judges 13:4)

"Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise." (Proverbs 20:1)

"Woe to those who rise early in the morning to run after their drinks, who stay up late at night till they are inflamed with wine." (Isaiah 5:11)

Then you have others who came across as either raging drunks or vineyard owners.

"Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for it is now that God favors what you do" (Ecclesiastes 9:7)

"wine that gladdens the heart of man, oil to make his face shine, and bread that sustains his heart." (Psalm 104:15)

"Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost." (Isaiah 55:1)

Like Isaiah warning you not to party like Lindsey Lohan in 5:11, to his drinks are on me call at 55:1, the Bible itself is very contradicting when it comes to alcohol.

Shellfish are still evil though.

Rap541 said...

Well, when you look at shrimp, you can kinda see how they are made in the image of the devil, yes.

They taste pretty good in butter and garlic tho ;)

but I am a cheerful pagan so....

Anonymous said...

Maybe by "drinking" he means/meant getting drunk on a regular basis. A 19 yo enjoying a beer at the pub is a lot different from kids getting drunk at parties every Friday/Saturday.

Brandon said...

Hmmm...I think if someone says I don't do bad things like "most" teens do like drinking, etc....and then it comes out that at the same time he has wild drunk on vodka stories and friends go on how about their drunk days of slamming down the whiskey with Jeremy.

That should be considered lying.

Talk about putting Jeremy on the pedestal. He makes a plain statement in a book. He doesn't drink like most other bad teens because he only does things he knows pleases God.

When it's clear he was lying, people still try to find a way to excuse Jeremy's lies.

Anonymous said...

its evident that jer has been drinking for a while! one does not aquire a taste of beer with one sip, and he does seem to distinguish good beer from bad beer (prolly he's been drinking bud lite with his buds). on the other hand zach comments on it being his first taste of beer and it was not to his liking.

Jordy said...

I am a christian and I never used to drink, but when I turned 21 I thought that a drink every now and again isn't awful. He is drinking a beer in a country where it was legal for him to, he wasn;t doing body shots off naked women, its really not a big deal.