Friday, March 26, 2010

Roloff family in Hawaii - More paparazzi pictures

There are some more paparazzi pictures of the Roloffs in Hawaii from the same day as the other pictures. Amy, Zach, Jeremy and Molly at the beach and on the water. These appear on yet another celebrity site.

The Roloff Family Have Fun in the Sun

Surf's up! Matt and Amy Roloff, along with their four children - 19-year-old fraternal twins Zach and Jeremy, Molly, 16, and and Jacob, 13 - of the hit TLC show Little People, Big World were spotted in Maui earlier this week. The family of six spent spring break enjoying the sand and surf under the gorgeous Hawaiian skies.

The fifth season of Little People, Big World will air on TLC on April 5. Amy said that welcoming viewers onto their Oregon pumpkin farm has helped shattered myths about families living with dwarfism.

[We are] a regular family that faces challenges and that happens to have dwarfism and happens to be considered as having disabilities. We learn a lot about ourselves through this whole process, and we normalize dwarfism."

Photos: Bauer Griffin


Ashley said...

Jake's fashion disasters continue :/
He should go back to the mainly black plain t-shirts and normal shorts or black swimming trunks he used to wear.

Jeremy must like rolling up his swimming trunks. He's done that before. Likes showing off leg :)

Deb said...

My prediction. When Jacob is 15/16, his hair is going to be identical (only darker) to Jeremy's when he was 16.

Look at the pictures of Jeremy's hair in Little Big Dreams when Jeremy was 13 or 14.

Look at Jacob's hair in the picture with Zach on the beach. The curls are starting. He has identical hair except his is darker than Jeremy's.

Catherine said...

I think Jake's swimming short is great!

Diane said...

I vote thumbs down on Jake's swimming shorts.

Noell :) said...

Jake's bathing suit is awesome! haha
Jeremey is looking hot as always :)

Expressed said...

Noell:)!!! My twin! :) How have you been?

We usually always agree but I'm 1 for 2 with you here. haha.

I agree about Jeremy as always :)
But Jake's bathing suit? It's not working for me. A little too colorful. It goes down too long too. What's with the extra long shirt and the bathing suit? It's like he's buying for a size or two too big.

I think Jake is trying too hard to be Jeremy in fashion choices. Jer can get creative, but he doesn't usually go that um...colorful.

Angela said...

Why doesn't Jacob kayak with Jeremy? He's always with Zach in these things.

I think Zach has a hang up mentally about Jacob liking Jeremy more so he tries to make sure he's closer to Jacob than Jeremy.

Timothy said...

It's funny how if you remember their Bahamas vacation, Matt was on the kick "This might be our last vacation as a family".

Three years later and their still talking family vacations.

It's time that the Roloffs admit that their fortune and fame have separated them from all normal family experiences.

MauiLuvr said...

Ahhh they stayed at the same resort as me!! I said Hi to Jacob!! OMG I had no idea he was 13?!?!?!!? I thought he was like 11 or 12!! WTH?!? LOL he's sooo cute hehe