Saturday, March 20, 2010

Roloffs in Hawaii for Spring Break; Matt Roloff using twitter

It looks as though Matt Roloff might finally be starting to use twitter on a more regular basis. Three "tweets" in the last week (for you non twitter lingo people -- a post on Twitter is called a "tweet"). That's unheard of for a Roloff! ;-).

And once again, we should mention that Matt is the only Roloff currently with a real twitter account. The other ones (except for Amy's Charity Foundation of course) are slick impostors. Even hardcore fans who aren't 'in the know' are being fooled by the fakes on twitter and Facebook.

As most people were aware, with very rare exception, the Roloffs do not speak or interact with normal fans unless there is money being exchanged (public speaking or 'Pumpkin Season') so that rules internet contact out. As a general rule if you see a 'Roloff' interacting with fans on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace it is not the real Roloffs. Nothing has changed with that, except for Matt's 3 twitter tweets in the last week. Matt mentioned that TLC has been encouraging the Roloffs to use twitter and both Matt and Amy in the past couple of months have suggested that they may begin using twitter or possibly a fan Facebook (but as of yet -- they do not -- the ones on there are indeed slick impostors who are the same ones as the fake Roloffs on twitter).

Anyhow, the real Matt Roloff posted this on twitter from Hawaii:

"Out to dinner with all the kids. Lively conversation about upcoming season :)"


"Btw. For those wondering. The subject of twitter came up and the kids couldn't believe I figured out how to do this"

That brings us to some frequently asked questions in the last couple of days:

Question: Are the Roloffs doing anything right now, for spring break?

They are the Roloffs, of course they are! :-) They are in Hawaii. Matt and Amy were schmoozing with other tv stars a few days ago -- one of the kid actors on the show 'Modern Family' - Rico Rodriguez and his family in Maui.

Question: Wait a minute, Hawaii for Spring Break now? Weren't the Roloffs just in Hawaii last week, in the tabloids??

Matt and Amy were, but now their kids went this time. Hey, the Roloffs do really get around. It might be economical for them to get their own private jet ;-)


Expressed said...

If they haven't already, I think they should buy a place in Hawaii.

I guess this means at least Zach didn't boycott this years March break vacation like he did last years BVI trip. Maybe he is getting smarter as he's getting older.

The Roloffs in Hawaii means more Jeremy shirtless on a beach. That works for me, so I don't care how many vacations they take to Hawaii.

I still love the Roloffs and the show, but I've stopped thinking about them like they are a normal family.

David said...

I don't think Matt is honest enough to make twitter interesting.

Tashapork said...

Maybe they could buy property in hawaii.

Jocelynn said...

I agree Tasha. Between Hawaii and Mexico, they could sell the farm soon and split their time between those two places.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Roloffs here in Hawaii. Meh...

I was excited to see them I didn't know they were here, but they were visibly annoyed that everyone recognized them. Guess what Roloffs? You're famous!! I thought they would have been used to it by now. I'll take a picture if I see them again.

Jennifer Mansfield said...

They do vacation a lot, but Matt deserves to relax and enjoy life. I hope Zach and Jacob are being respectful to Matt in Hawaii than they are at home.

Judy said...

Anonymous, they were probably just tired or not used to people because they aren't real celebrities. Things I've read before, I don't think they get bothered very much in Hillsboro with people interupting them.

Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if Zach and Jacob are that way. They are very rude and spoiled boys, in my opinion.

Craw said...

Anon, stop whining. I read about that stuff on other boards and someone complaining about Jeremy on twitter.

Other things said people were trying to talk to Matt and the kids while they were trying to have dinner. Of course they didn't look happy and weren't very friendy.

They're just people trying to enjoy a vacation and instead they have rude people like you ruining their vacation.

Judy, I agree with what you're saying, but I saw someone complaining about Jeremy not being nice, if a guy with a good track record of being nice to people is pissed off, that tells me he probably has good reason to be that way.

tay said...

I found it very strange that Faith Christian School had already let their Schools out for Spring Break so I decide to go to their website. Upon going to their School year calender it clearly states that Spring Break starts on Monday March 22 and ends on Friday March 26,2010 so how and why did the Roloff family take molly,and Jacob out of School so early it is not like they have never been to Hawaii before as a family even more it is not like they never go on vacation as a matter of fact they all go on several vacations thru out the year so why would any parent want to pull their kids out of school days before spring break officially starts, this goes to show you how the Roloffs don't care about their kids education they only care about going on vacations 20 thousand times a year I am not quiet shore about Portland Communtiy College Spring break calender but it would not matter to Jeremey and Zach they say they only go to class once or twice a week so it does not matter if they miss class or not they are grown young adult men on top of that they and their buds always go hiking on a school day so it does not matter if they miss class are not but for Matt and Amy to take their two youngest kids out of school days before the official spring break begins is pretty sad to deprive their kids of a paid education to go where to a place they have already been to this is what is wrong with the world now having and teaching your kids to not be kids but be adults at an early age, I only hope that they don't do the same thing to their kids when they are grown and pull them out of school days before a school break starts I just hope they be better parents than their own because this is a sad day in the Roloff family they have truly change and let money and fame go to their heads shame on them for checking their kids out of school ahead of time to go and have some fun I could see if they never go any where but they do go places thru out the year I can only hope that maybe one day the Roloff family will go back to how they used to be when the show first started because they are all starting to look like some rich snobs go back to the way it use to be Matt and Amy go back.

Sheri said...

Tay, you are over-reacting and being judgemental.

It is a parent's choice when to pull their children from school for vacation time. You should not judge.

You don't even know that that is what happened. If they did it was most likely for no more than one day. The kids have not been in Hawaii the full time. They most likely left Friday. One day of school missed at the most.

Molly and Jacob have nothing to look back on and regret about their parents. They will be thankful to God for giving them parents who gave them so much opportunity, happiness and a chance to experience that God created.

Rap541 said...

"It is a parent's choice when to pull their children from school for vacation time. You should not judge. "

Thats not actually true, Sheri. There are minimal attendence laws in all states. Simply saying you've enrolled your children in private school is not liscence to let them skip. I do agree its possible Jake and Molly have only missed one day... but they aren't being homeschooled and if the Roloffs don'twant to homechool, then the kids have to put in minimal attendence just like the not on tv kids. After all they aren't actors, so they shouldn't be given special priveledg, right?

Tay said...

Thanks Rap541 for making my point clear and to you Ms Sherri at 6:19 pm March 22, 2010 All I was saying was that you should not allow your kids to miss school for fun time it is like I stated they have already been to Hawaii and that they go and take several vacations thru out the year it would be different if they were a family who never really go no place during spring break or summer vacation because of their parents jobs and this was the only time to take a vacation would be during the coarse of while school is still in progress but this is not the case for the Roloff family they are basicly self employed parents who can take vacations at any given time which we have all seen on tv over the years they take, why do this to your kids have them miss a day or two of class for vacation. Not trying to wish this on them are anybody but what if Molly or Jacob or any kid for that matter could get sick and miss over the days allowed to miss school those same one or two days they miss could go on their sicks days that they miss and have now run out of while at this point if that was to happen to either one or both of them who fault would that be if they fail the grade that they are currently are in or have to repeat certain courses in school another semister behind miss days of being sick and miss days of being on vacation time that was the point that I was trying to make because it is a known fact that you can have all the good grades you want in school but if you miss so many days with or with out a Doctors excuse you will more than likely fail the grade or classes you are in. when it comes to going on vacation people like the Roloffs goes into a diffrent cateogory because of the fact they are self employed parents and they can make or say when they will go on vacation that is my point all what should matter is that all kids and their school education should come first not play time, me time, and fun time these things should be at the bottom of the list not at the top or in between it should be at the very bottom that is and was all I was trying to say Ms Sherri.

Abby said...

It wasn't the Roloffs, but I'm sure I saw a bunch of Jeremy's friends at a gas station in Arizona. I was about to say something, but I thought I would sound too stupid. lol.

Sheri said...

Rap, you must purposely trying to twist my words to argue. The Roloffs are not pulling the kids out of school for months and months at a time. We are talking about, most likely, one, perhaps two days of school. My husband and I took our children out of school for a week in order to go to Europe.

However, you are attempting to distort a simple Roloff decision into a special treatment arguement. All because the kids missed possibly one day of school to fly to Hawaii? Leave this family alone.

Tay, you sound jealous of the Roloffs. In all likelihood, Molly and Jacob missed one day of school, the last day before spring break. They might have not even missed that for all you know. Yet here you are villifying Matt and Amy as bad parents.

I will engage in this ridiculous conversation no longer.

Expressed said...

Abby, who did you see? Mueller? You should have said something! :) They probably would have liked it even though they won't admit it.

Abby said...

Hi Expressed. No, I didn't see him. I don't know all of their names actually. lol. Bryan, I know his name and Scott? The blond guy with the hot body. He looks really muscular. I think there were some others.

You're right I should have, but right then I couldn't think of a good way to say it without sounding stupid.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - I didn't twist your words at all.

"It is a parent's choice when to pull their children from school for vacation time. You should not judge."

Thats what you said. You're not correct. Parents who aren't homeschooling are required to have their kids in school for a minimal number of hours. Have them miss too many days? They're truant. And before you throw a hissy over how *I'm* overreacting - you'll note that I agreed that it was possibly just one day missed. The issue is that you're making a completely incorrect statement - that parents can choose to pull their children from school at will for vacation time.

Using your example, I highly doubt you went to your children's school and said "We're going on vacation in Europe. Thats more important than school. My children had better not be penalized because I am the *parent* and I have the right to pull my children from school for any activity I deem more important."

I imagine, instead, that you asked permission, and were granted it and were also given some talking to on how the kids would need to keep up with their assignements and how they couldn't miss any other days because attendence is actually pretty important and your kids are required to attend school.

Tay - welcome to the darkside. Even though you're usually very pro-Roloff, all it takes is disagreeing and you're just a jealous hater like the rest of us.

Personally - I see your point. I doubt they missed a lot of time this time, but coupled with some of the other trips and the on screen "I just let him stay home becase he was down despite how he might not graduate" lack of school attendence tolerance... I just don't see school being something the Roloffs consider important.

Susan said...

In response to Tay and Sherri at 6:19pm March 22, 2010 Sherri you have bad understanding what Tay was trying to say is that getting a well balance education should come first you should not be taking your kids out of school ahead of time to go on a vacation during the school year and before spring break starts, He also stated that especially if you are self employed you can go on vacation at any time unless you are not self employed like many people and you have a job where it does not work during summer months and you have to take it during the school year. so tell me how is Tay Jealous of the Roloffs family for taking their kids out of school before spring break officially starts he was just making a clear point that they Matt and Amy are self employed people who should not take or check their kids out of school unnecessary that is how I see his comments but it on the other hand it must have bother you Sherri because you made the statement that you and your family went to Europe for a week and that your kids missed a week of school are you and your other half self employed like Matt and Amy Roloff? or do you have a job where you can only take vacation time when ever you can according to your job needs and demands if that is the case point taken and understood. If you are self employed like Matt and Amy and can go at almost any given time then that is no excuse to deprive your kids of their education for your own enjoyment that is what Tay was and is trying to say to you sherri and others like you who don't understand but more than likely you and others just don't want to see or you refuse to understand. at this day and time in the world in which we all live in education should come first not at the bottom because you not only need High School education you also now need some type of college or vocational education.

M said...

lol we should keep a tally on Roloff trips.

They won't buy a house in Hawaii... TLC will buy the house lol

Sheri said...

Do you really think you are clever? Because you are making yourself the fool and proving yourself to be someone with below average reading comprehension for an adult.

I am speaking about pulling a child from school one day, perhaps a few of days early so they can attend a family vacation. That is a parental decision. You speaking about minimal attendance is not the issue. Any functioning adult knows my statement was not advocating pulling a child from school for months on end.

I did inform the school that my children would be missing days and they were well aware it was because of a family vacation. We prepared with my child's teachers to go over and review what assignments they would miss while away.

Jim W said...

Sheri, why even bother?

Rap, Susan and Tay...give me a break!

The Roloffs kids left on Friday, as Sheri guessed. Someone saw Jeremy getting a coffee in the airport on Friday. It was one day of school. I checked the school's site out of curiousity and Friday was "Grandparent's day". Do they even have school that day, was it a full day? It was one friggin day.

Save the rants about how the Roloffs deny their kids an education.

The Roloffs put more money into their kids schooling than most, so you should shut your mouths.

Jim W said...

"you not only need High School education you also now need some type of college or vocational education."

Susan, I am in the minority about college. I admit it's not the best advice to give kids, and sometimes it is needed. However, for the most part it is a crock set up to make institutions money.

For a large majority of jobs, it depends on the old adage, who you know and your training. Kids would be better to get into a place, whatever the field is and learn the job. Work up from there, establishing relationships from there.

It's not possible for all jobs, but it is for a majority of them. I know too many people who have spent the next 10 years of their lives after high school graduating from University, only to find themselves unable to get a job because they have some BS degree and up to their eyeballs in debt.

"Go to college" becomes knee jerk advice.

Turning this back about the Roloffs since that is what this site is about, if Jeremy is serious about college (I don't know that he is, it might be a set up for the show) I think he's making a mistake.

Life is too short when you have the opportunities he does. He should enjoy it and take advantage of the connections Matt has forged for them.

If this photography talk is for real, he has a host of friends (the crew) he talks with every day. He has a name to go off. Someone with a company would let him learn with them. That would be my advice to Jeremy. Take advantage of it rather than waste years and pouring thousands of dollars into college and university.

Zach doesn't have nearly as bright a future as Jeremy, imo. Jeremy has people skills and zest for life. Other than being a big soccer fan, Zach doesn't have much going for him. I hate to break it to him, but he's not the only kid in the world who is a big fan of a sport. It doesn't guarantee a career.

Being totally honest, I think Zach is planning on living off what he is banking from the show right now and then plans on living off inheritance.

Back to the real original topic, Hawaii, go for it, Roloffs. Matt should take as many vacations as he wants. He put himself in this position by taking risks and being creative.

Whiners that complain about the Roloffs taking too many trips are just jealous. If you made the money they do and had the vacations thrown at your feet, you would take them too.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - you're the one blowing your top, not me. Did your European trip play out with you waltzing into your kids school and stating "I am the parent, I am pulling my kids from school, the school has no authority what so ever"?

Or did you ask permission?

I mean deep down, after is said and done - my disagreement with you is on your statement that ""It is a parent's choice when to pull their children from school for vacation time. You should not judge."

Because unless they are homeschooled, its not the parents who decide when vacation is. And people like the Roloffs geniunely have to be careful about how much their kids miss - because yes, the show is a business, but even in Hollywood - elementary and high school isn't a "whatever".

Jim - In all seriousness, there are two big differences between Matt and Jeremy, which will affect Jeremy's ability to be successful. One - Matt does indeed bust himself working. I don't see that drive in Jeremy at all.

Two - Matt has a handicap, which in our society means everything he does accomplish gets put on a pedestal. The reality of the world, folks, is that there are plenty of entertaining "agriatainment" farms out there - we've got a place where I live with a western town, a huge haunted hause, corn maze, mini rennaiisance fair... and its been around for 20 years so no they didn't steal the idea from Matt. They're also not on tv because average height people are simply expected to have jobs and run businesses. I'm curious to see if Jeremy realizes that.

*and people, before you run to complain about what I am saying, really ask yourself why you consider it so amazing that a reasonably intelligent man like Matt runs what was a moderately successful farm before the tv show found him. Because the huge success comes from the tv show, and the only reason there's a tv show is because Matt, Amy and Zach are dwarfs.

Rap541 said...

"If this photography talk is for real, he has a host of friends (the crew) he talks with every day. He has a name to go off."

I actually agree with you here, Jim, with two caveats. One - photography does require some talent, and all the connections in the world aren't going to help him if he doesn't have any talent for photography. Having not seen any examples of Jeremy's skill with a camera, I have no idea whether he's good, or average, or just curious... but its not an easy field to make a *great* living in.

Which leads to caveat number two, which I have mentioned already. Jeremy would need to show some dedication and actually make an effort to work if he wants a career in photography. Raw talent and his name could get him in the door, but he'll need to do more than goof and be personable. It's not a field where people hand out a lot of chances, and it is a field where crashing and burning doesn't lead to "oh well, he's a good christian boy, lets pay him top dollar anyway."

Jeremy's a man now. Being a child star of a reality show is definately going to help him... but he's going to actually need to put in some effort too, and so far he seems just like Zach, content to ride the gravy train.

Judy said...

"there are two big differences between Matt and Jeremy, which will affect Jeremy's ability to be successful."

Rap541, Matt has spoken about the similarities between himself and Jeremy multiple times. I trust Matt's judgment to recognize similarities to himself. Matt has always said he is confident Jeremy will be incredibly successful in life.

It was Amy who said she didn't see the same drive in Jeremy that Matt had, but there are some * that come with that. When she said that it was back in a time where she appeared to have a much bigger chip on her shoulder towards Jeremy than she does now. I believe Amy has begun to appreciate Jeremy for the amazing gift from God he is to her and she has come to appreciate all of his special qualities that will lend himself to being successful. If I analyze Amy, I suspect she has come to recognize that Jeremy has a lot of going for him and worries about his future less. I think she is concerned about Zach. I believe part of her dynamic with Jeremy in the early years of the show was trying to build Zach up but not letting on that Jeremy would be more successful. Now she has become thankful that she can have confidence that Jeremy will lead a happy and successful life.

Number two, I believe when she said that, Jeremy was 16 years old. Amy didn't even Matt until he was 26 or 27. I give Matt's opinion which has never wavered more credence than Amy's 3 years ago. Matt knew what he was like as a teenager. Matt saw Jeremy at 16 and said he sees himself in Jeremy at that age. Matt said it again this year when Jeremy was 19. Matt said it is like Deja Vu when he listens to Jeremy because that was what he was like.

Matt's opinion carries the most weight with me. He says similarities between himself and Jeremy are numerous.

I agree with you on the differences, but Jeremy has assets going for him that I am sure Matt would not be offended at me pointing out. Depending about your opinion, Jeremy is regarded as reasonable good looking to above average looking person. Like it or not, in our society looks play a factor. Jeremy has that advantage that Matt never had. Second, as Jim W. mentioned, Jeremy has name recognition and opportunity because of Matt.

Jeremy is a go getter that gets what he wants. You might look at Jeremy's numerous interests over these past four or five years as a negative, but I look at it as being very positive. It is good to have many interests and many avenues to travel.

My own niece has always been very interested in photography since she was little. She entered college last fall. I am confident she will do well, however, if I look at it objectively, who do I think has a greater opportunity for success? My niece or Jeremy? Jeremy, for all the reasons Jim explained.

Nancy D said...

Sherri didn't you say in a earlier post that you would not engage your self in such ridiculous conversation no longer but what have you been doing, you have continue to engage your self in a ridiculous conversation it appears to me and maybe others on this blog that you have issues meaning that you have to have the last say and the last word. When you say something you should mean it but yet you are going on and on about how it is okay for you and other people to take their family on vacation during the coarse of the school year already in progress that is your own and other people choice and progative we all get your point and understand where you are coming from,but for you to ask someone on this blog meaning Susan at 7:08 march 22, 2010 if they are clever and who is the fool now the answer to your questions is that it is certainly not you sherri who is clever and the only person that is making a fool of them self is you and you along because you clearly said on march 22,2010 at 6:19pm that you would not entertain the subject any more but yet you are still yapping and harping about the same topic that you clearly said you would not engage your self in to any more do you not realize that Rap541, Tay and Susan are sitting at their computers laughing and waiting to attack you even more now because you keep responding to them. So how about you be the better person and stop responding to them on this topic because at this point how I view this you are the one who is not clever and you are clearly the one who is the fool. so prove to us on this blog that you won't entertain this topic no more Sherri good day and good bye, and get a life.

Rap541 said...

"Jeremy is a go getter that gets what he wants."

He wanted to play in ODP/college soccer/pro soccer..... Nope.

He was all about flying, one of those newsletters was Matt bragging about Jeremy pursuing his dreams of flight at ground school. Pilot liscence? Nope. Even occasional flight lessons? Nope.

He wants to be a boat captain/underwater welder/model. Has he done *anything* to achieve these goals other than talk?

So now he wants to be a photographer. Of what? A journalistic photographer, an artist sort of photographer? (And really, just an FYI, yes, he does have a documentary crew to be buddies with but does anyone really know how competive those jobs are, and how not exactly glamourous or high paying those jobs are?)

I mean, what is Jeremy go-getting? He's on a tv show because he's part of a family of dwarfs. Objectively look at his accomplishments.

I don't put a lot of credit on what parents say about their children. My dad, for example, thinks I am super smart and talented and have accomplished great things. Also that I am sweet and wonderful and he wishs he had more daughters. This all *may* be true... but I am pretty sure that my dad is as biased about his own kids as Matt Roloff is about his.

D. Duke said...

Jim and Sherri the two of you are dweeps who has lost souls and lost minds if the two of you don't like what is being said well then don't respond to the topic that is posted on this blog why don't you and sherri get each other phone numbers or email addresse or better yet start your on blog for dweeps.

Anonymous said...

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Jeremy Roloff is a good Christian boy and a fine example to religious values.

Shame on you devils. Satan does hide behind many corners as I always say.

Jeremy Roloff is an upstanding citizen of his community and has set a good standard for other Cristian boys to follow suit. I would be more than happy for my little boy to follow in his footsteps.

Jeremy good Christian values will get him where he needs to go in life.

Shame on you Rap541 -- you are a devil who walks behind the rose. You are jealous of Jeremy. I hope that God helps you see the light before you rot in eternal damnation. It's not too late Rap541. God will forgive your sins if you pray for forgiveness.

God loves you Rap541. Jeremy is on his way to light and I pray for you that you find the way to yours.

Rap541 said...

Anon,as usual, the Christian side does not make itself appealing.

So please do explain. There are many examples of Jeremy lying and acting disrespectfully to his parents (and yes folks, like it or not, Amy is his mother and due the same respect as his father). Some of these examples are on camera. There are proven examples of Jeremy using racist hatespeech in public setting. (Matt has not apologized but has acknowledge them.) There are *no* examples of Jeremy speaking of his love of Jesus Christ. Or quoting the Bible. Or even comparing something or someone to a church example. None. It seems like Jeremy is at an age where he could, if he was that into Jesus, become a lay minister or really dedicate himself to religious pursuits... I see no evidence of Jeremy doing that, or anything else exceptional that puts him head and shoulders above the average 20 year old living at home with his folks, going to commuity college.

I'm not the one who's been saying he's gonna set the world on fire for the last few years. I've certainly been told again and again that he will, that he will be doing extraordinary things since he's an extraordinary man and Christian.

So how about some examples of Jeremy being extraordinary as a man and Christian. I mean if he's doing all this awesome stuff, to the point God will strike me down for not kissing Jeremy's ass,then I am sure it will be relatively easy to make a list of Jeremy's incredible accomplishments.

Have at it.

ben said...

spiritwander, I just came across this statement and it struck me as not true,

'As most people were aware, with very rare exception, the Roloffs do not speak or interact with normal fans unless there is money being exchanged '

I live in the community and to the contrary I see Matt interacting with public quite frequently. As recently as 2 nights ago when he left his table to say hi to a group of 5 or 6 kids. That isn't unusual and happens frequently. I'm not sure why you sound kind of hostile about it, its a little odd. Also, Matt is high profile and everyone knows that when your high profile you are a target and people are always looking to tear you down. Isn't it just common sense or celebrity 101 that you would be cautious about who you do interviews with and such, particularly people who go to great lengths to remain anonymous. It would just be unwise to have anonymous conversations.

This statement just struck me as off base a little bit but, I think you have a great blog going here with a lot of good info. I like coming here and getting a broad overview of what's hapeening. Keep it up.


Spiritswander said...

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the comment and contributing.

Actually, in our original item about the Roloffs and their fan interaction - we do mention and acknowledge that the Roloffs generally have a very good reputation for being polite during "in-person" or "chance" encounters. I should have clarified in this particular posting that most of the comments regarding the Roloffs and fan interaction are relating to their online (or lack of) interaction with their fans.

The reality is a very small percentage of people actually bump into the Roloffs while on the street randomly or in settings which you describe.

A couple of months ago in an interview promoting the cruise (we link the podcast in the archives here) Matt states he loves interacting with people, but then goes onto say they enjoy doing it at their Speaking Engagements and at Pumpkin season.

Obviously both of those situations involve the Roloffs being paid handsomely. On-line interaction is the way to reach the majority of people, however that doesn't result in the Roloffs being paid directly -- As a result, up until the last couple of weeks, the Roloffs had almost zero involvement with fans on the internet.

Their message to fans has essentialy been 'We love you and appreciate your support so much...but gosh, don't expect us to actually show it unless we are getting paid.'

The very poor excuses they have issued (primarily Matt and Jeremy) to explain their lack of fan interaction on the internet -- such as "we never have time" or 'Roloffs don't go online very much', 'we rarely use computers', don't help their cause. Those statements simply are not true. If the Roloffs insist on not interacting with their fans -- I would have preferred it if they were honest and stated that they are not contractually obligated and they feel they have better things to do with their time than to be bothered with the fans. However, when you make a point in interviews and letters of tellings fans how much you appreciate them, yet offer nothing but flimsy excues for why they don't -- I feel it's reasonable to point out the discrepancy.

If they are going to claim to "love" interacting with fans; it's fair to have an expectation of seeing something tangible in that regard. When the stated ways Matt has said interacting with fans both result in the Roloffs being paid - I think the above statement is fair and accurate.

I have never subscribed to privacy concerns as an excuse for the Roloffs lack of internet fan involvement. The Roloffs willingly publicize the name of the school that their kids attend to millions of people around the world weekly. They don't see that as a privacy or a security concern, yet answering fan type questions on the internet or sharing pictures that fans would enjoy is suddenly a threat to their security? I'm not buying that.

We always aim to be fair. On this issue, we have expressed the other view point - including our interview with Roloff friend Dan Meichtry where he defends the Roloffs position on the subject. Personally though, I see it is as being very disingenuous to claim to love fan interaction - yet do virtually nothing involving fans over the last 4 years -- unless it involves the Roloffs profiting financially that very day of the fan interaction.

However the Roloffs - or at least Matt -- with the creation of the Fan Facebook page this week appears to be doing something to rectify that.

Thanks for stating your point/concern.