Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ron and Peg Roloff (and Amy) in Mexico

Ron and Peg Roloff have posted a videos of them vacationing in Mexico.

The "Eric" mentioned refers to one of the senior producers of Little People, Big World -- Eric Streit. He purchased a place in Mazatlan, Mexico and turned it into a luxury home.

Amy Roloff has been there a few times.

Sometimes the places viewers see on the show LPBW are influenced by the producers -- for example, the Roloffs have been to Padacuh, Kentucky twice -- largely due to the fact that it is Eric Streit's home town. So now that he has a great spot in Mazatlan, Mexico, viewers might see or hear the Roloffs going to Mexico more often.

Amy was in Mexico staying at Eric Streit's place in December.

You can read the story of these people who met Amy in Mazatlan on their blog:

"Then we ran into Amy Roloff who is on the show "Little People, Big World" She was very nice and down to earth. She said she loved Mazatlan because it is the 'real' Mexico. That it is not an artifically contrived tourist trap is exactly why we love it too."


Rap541 said...

"Gringo House?"

We're not allowed to say gringo at my place of work....

Craw said...

Oh brother! Leave it to Rap to get offended at the Roloffs!

I don't even know what Gringo means. It can't be that bad.

Dana said...

Craw, it's not a bad word. It's another way of saying an American in Mexico. The owner of the house, Eric, is an American.

"well. let me explain you a little bit about this word.
it comes from the time the united states invaded mexico.
the soldiers' uniform was green. so mexican people started telling them " green go" meaning, "leave my country".

after that problem finished, the word "gringo" emerged as a way of saying "american" nowadays that's what it mean. it is just another way to say "american"

99% of my customers are americans, and they call themselves gringos."

"Gringo comes from the mexican american war, when the mexican soldiers would yell at americans "green go green go" because the americans wore green uniforms. even though a gringo is technically any american, they usually just say it to white people. its really not that bad."

Rap541 said...

Wow... hostile much?

I thought it was funny, because its banned in my workplace because people are oversensitive.

But just so we're clear, you*were* slamming me for taking offense, so I really better not see any "oooh Rap thinks gringo is ok, she's a hypocrit" nonsense... I trust you'll both remember your pique at the idea I was offended, yes?

Dana said...

Give me a break Rap. This was one of your "say something with a negative implication about the Roloffs and then plead innocent when called on it."

Your only comment about the videos was to question the term and state that the word is not allowed to be spoken at your place of work.

""Gringo House?" We're not allowed to say gringo at my place of work...."

If you thought people were over sensitive, why didn't you include that important piece of information in your comment.

Cut the crap. You posted your comment the way you did because it implies that the Roloffs and their producer said something offensive. They did not.

It is funny that you are now saying people over sensitive. Considering all the harping you do about Jeremy's jokes that you decided were offensive to homosexuals and...Mexico.

Rap541 said...

So just so we're all clear - although I have said I think it's humorous because I think people are oversensitive, and you *agree* you still get to say "cut the crap" by which I think you mean "Rap is lying" and then slam me?

Are you god, Dana? Because only God knows my thoughts and since you are claiming to know, you certainly seem to making *some claim*.

And yes, I know you believe the "N word" is perfectly ok to say, as is "F**got" and that you think "Dana is a "N word f**got!" is a compliment.... but I am willin to bet you understand that "gringo", like "chicano" (also banned at my work place despite not being entirely negative) is not on the same level of offensiveness as the "N word" and "f**ggot".

Or are you now finding gringo offensive? EnquiringMinds would like to know :)

Shadow said...

OK, folks, get a grip. While gringo isn't considered an insult everywhere it is used, in general it is considered negative. I dated a guy from Puerto Rico for a couple of years, and I can assure you that when some of his friends who barely tolerated me called me gringa, it wasn't to compliment me or simply describe my nationality. In fact, he was furious when he found out they were using that word to my face.

I also live in an area with a large Mexican immigrant population, and they mostly see gringo as a somewhat mild insult or pejorative way to refer to a white person. Not on the same level as calling someone a b**ner or the n-word, but more like someone calling one of them a Mexie.

The whole "green go" etymology is highly suspect, although the actual development of the word is not clearly defined.

I suspect Eric chose Gringo House to poke fun at himself, but I hope that, having chosen to spend time in Mexico, he 1) speaks or is learning to speak Spanish, 2) respects the local culture and standards, and 3) actually interacts with the locals, rather than just hiring them as cheap labor to work on his expensive home.

I cringed when Ron spoke to the workers only in English, and encouraged them to yell "Hello, Eric!" And I think I heard him explaining "This is a movie." Really, Ron? Why don't you bring out a match and wow them by making fire? All in all, found the whole thing somewhat (ok, very) patronizing. JMO, of course.

David said...

Shadow, well said.

Also, honestly, there is history with the Roloffs and the way they refer to Mexico (while I don't excuse Jeremy's use of "beaner" he obviously picked it up from somewhere) and a larger scale, the Roloffs intolerance and ignorance towards anyone who is not a white heterosexual Christian that makes stuff like this even more suspect...I'm less inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt given their history.

Rap541 said...

Shadow - yeah, thats why "gringo" isn't ok at my workplace although my mexican coworkers find the ban quite hilarious. One of my closest friends there refers to me with her kids as "your gringa aunt".

cosima said...

Ron Roloff is a classic example of "The Ugly American." It's just fortunate that most folks in foreign countries realize not all Americans are horse's posteriors like Ron Roloff

Anonymous said...

my goodness..why are so many people here hooked up with the word "gringo?' there's more to life than speculating what the word gringo means.

Rap541 said...

And yet you've managed to waste time commenting ON the discussion of gringo instead of living a more exciting life so who exactly are you to judge, anon? A Roloff? :)