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TV Ratings for Roloff family and Little People, Big World drop below 1 Million

Whoa. For the first time in a very, very long time the ratings for an episode of Little People, Big World fell below 1 million viewers. A while ago, at one point episodes of LPBW received ratings in the 2's. When ratings dropped for some episodes in Season 5 Part A to 1.4's and 1.5's, Matt Roloff said as long as ratings are over 1 million it's all good. And to some degree he's right. Many cable shows don't get over the 1 million mark (although a lot of the shows that fail to draw that aren't raking in the same amount of money as the Roloff family either), but obviously for LPBW standards ratings hovering below and slightly above 1 million are a big drop and must be considered a disappointment for TLC.

There might not be bigger Kate Gosselin fans than the Roloffs :-) They must be eagerly anticipating the return of Kate to TLC. You have to think that in the past the impressive ratings for LPBW were greatly helped by being the lead in for Jon and Kate Plus 8 and the falling ratings are partly due to not being the lead in for an even more popular show.

The television ratings for this week of Little People, Big World episodes on April 26th were 1.033 and 0.994.

Season 5A averaged 1.8 million viewers with a single episode high of 2.4 --that was the same night as the heavily hyped exclusive interview with Kate Gosselin about the divorce. The episode low for Season 5 Part A was 1.4.

This is the complete list of tv ratings for LPBW season 5B:

April 26th "Field of Schemes" 8pm: 1.033 million viewers
April 26th "War of the World Games" 8:30pm: 0.994 million viewers

April 19th "The Burgermeister's Daughter" 8pm: 1.137 million viewers
April 19th "Vive La Roloff" 8:30pm: 1.316 million viewers

April 12th "Roman Roloffs" 8pm: 1.327 million viewers
April 12th: "Brothers in Bavaria" 8:30pm: 1.359 million viewers

April 5th "Twins Go Commando" 8pm: 1.213 million viewers
April 5th "Amsterdammed" 8:30pm:
1.394 million viewers

Edit to add: Some people are asking for the ratings of some other cable programs this week (some on TLC, some not) to compare. Here are the ratings for some of the other shows this week.

Intervention = 1.538
Hoarders = 1.371
American Pickers =2.983
The Hills = 2.738
WWE Raw = 3.904
Deadliest Catch = 3.506
19 Kids and Counting = 1.001
Swamp Loggers = 2.047
Dog The Bounty Hunter =1.693
South Park = 3.554
MythBusters = 2.107
The Ultimate Fighter = 1.764
LA Ink = 1.839

Little People Big World 8pm = 1.033
Little People Big World 8:30pm =0.994

Season 6 of Little People, Big World has started filming

For anyone who isn't following Matt on Facebook or Twitter

Matt confirmed what we reported months ago, that Wednesday was the official first day of filming for the new season 6 of LPBW.

The episodes that viewers are seeing currently on Mondays are referred to as Season 5 Part B.

The seasons usually film from about May to November.

Traditionally the Roloffs usually talk as though they take it season by season and hint during contract negotiation that they might be ready to step away from the spotlight, however, recently Matt has changed his tune, suggesting that they have no plans of ending the show. He also has said if Jeremy and Zach transfer from PCC to a 4 year college, that cameras will follow them there.

On a final note: We always try to be fair and give credit where credit is due. People have differing opinions on what a celebrities fan interaction on the internet should be like. For quite sometime I've voiced that personally, I thought the Roloffs should be more appreciative and involved with their fans than they were. For a while it was almost non-existent.

Matt then suggested that TLC was encouraging them to use twitter or a fan facebook. Recently, Matt stated that (obviously for Season 6 and beyond) that their exclusivity language in their contract with TLC has changed and it gives them more freedom to express themselves on the internet.

Regardless of the real reason or motivation, I give Matt credit for how he's handling the fan Facebook and twitter (he's using both, but the Fan Facebook page appears to be his more central home for social networking).

A lot of people are skeptical of Matt's attention span for fan interaction items, but thus far, he certainly can't be faulted and should be commended, in my opinion. He's using it frequently. He's posting pictures occasionally. Sometimes he will comment to a fan if they make a comment to his post or to a picture he posted. Now he's pretty much doing the things that keeps their fans happy. So kudos to Matt for stepping up to the plate.

Amy sometimes "tweets" from her charity foundation site. (Amy is in Holland at the moment).

Jeremy and Zach Roloff, who are now 11 days away from their 20th birthday and despite collecting their own paychecks for the show, still do virtually nothing as far as fan interaction. Any fan Facebooks or twitter accounts for Jeremy, Zach and Molly are impostors.

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The "STORYLINE CHEAT SHEET" in Little People, Big World Roloff episode

Out of popular request, here is one of the things that have people talking about the April 26th Episodes of Little People, Big World.

Credit for this goes to the viewer and blogger Mert. They can't slip anything by eagle-eye LPBW viewers :)

It is fairly clear. It's on the desk in front of the bottle by the computer monitor.

The Roloffs have always maintained that the show is not scripted and that the show is very real.

What do you make of the "Storyline Cheat Sheet"? Unrelated? ;-) Scandulous? Not a big deal?

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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap: Little People, Big World April 26

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541)


Written by Rap541

First episode.

So in theory this is all after the Euro Vacation, but in reality it had to have occurred before since the Roloffs went from Paris to Ireland for the World Dwarf Games.

Amy and Matt discuss the budget. Matt has a personal cook and driver? Really?

So Matt hay bales on the World Dwarf Games and he’s all about rebuilding the field. Zach notes the practice is two days long and feels dad is making it too difficult. There’s talk of adding turf. Why isn't Jeremy James Jesus at his father's side???

Matt is building a locker room with running water since porta potties are expensive. Matt notes how disregarding Amy makes his work faster since she’s all about the budget. He goes on and on how he is driven. He talks on the phone about the bids and cutting costs and its all “bare bones”. Basically he’s trying to make her be ok with the cost and then plans to spend more later. There’s a lot of laughter on how he isn’t going to regard her opinion and will do it without consulting her. Since you know, he’s the man.

The Roloffs eat “green stuff”. No Jeremy at the dinner table. Why isn't Jeremy James Jesus at his Father's side defending hiis imaginative ideas??? Amy hay bales about being reasonable about cost and how 18 grand for a locker room for a two day practice is kinda silly but she doesn’t protest a lot.

People building stuff while Matt supervisees. Why isn't Jeremy James Jesus there, blessing the build with his amazing construction skills??? A lack of a blatant "no" apparently means yes to Matt and Matt notes that he likes to get around Amy by just ignoring her views. Well, I am sure that helps the marriage. He notes that he has a ridiculous idea to build a Grand Canyon and has decided to do it since Amy isn’t paying much attention. Apparently digging trenches equals millions of years of geological work.

Matt debates bringing in sod since the lawn must be awesome. We get an endless scene where Matt hauls himself into a Bobcat. He moves sod. Why isn't Jeremy James Jesus at his father's side lovingly lifting his father and tending to his needs at the only Roloff who gives a damn about Matt???

Now Matt wants to build a hut… a hut that is surprisingly similar to the ones advertised on his website…. Amy notes Matt will spend money without consulting her since she’s just a wife. He tries to explain projects. She is bored and worried about money. Matt attempts to suggest he is concerned as well. He’s really into the huts.

Sod is rolled out by workers. Work is done by workers. Why isn't Jeremy James Jesus blessing this amazing creative project of his father's with his sainted wisdom andChrist-like caprenter skills???
Amy is taken for a tour by Matt and she notes he is all about Matt and Matthew’s kingdom. They look at a dirt trench. Amy isn’t terribly impressed. I have to admit, I wasn’t either and I hope this got some touch up from professionals. Matt is very impressed by the red soil. Amy notes it’s a dirt trench and not the Grand Canyon. Amy kinda mocks the idea. Matt hay bales how she’s a dumbass who doesn’t get his genius.

So more work crews. The huts are being built and Matt is all “its for the lp soccer team”! Matt notes that he is including Amy more, and then snots to the workers how he has cut her out of the decision process. Why isn't Jeremy James Jesus here at this father's side helping with this project???

Amy checks out the new soccer toilet. All the faucets are leaking. She calls some big guy, oh Camerino, who turns off the water. Where is Jeremy James Jesus with his mad plumbing skillz???

More sod is being laid. With workers. As an Arizonian, I wonder if they have three forms of id. An extensive drainage system is put in. Why isn't Jeremy James Jesus at his father's side giving his gentle Christ-like support to his incredible father that he adores???

Zach has no idea whether there is Astroturf or grass in Ireland. He is snitty about having to rake the lawn. Amy goes on about money and is concerned. Matt notes how they aren’t poor. He also notes how he was depressed and projects make him live and be happy. And not you know, the love and all.

So there’s a lawn, a locker and a dirt hole. Matt notes to Camerino how the kids don’t work. Jeremy appears for a moment a shovels. Thank Jesus! Jeremy James Jesus shovels dirt for three seconds and shows us all his incredible creative passion!!! Amy notes how the projects are mostly for Matt.

I see Jeremy’s slutskank undies. I am curious who in the Christian set will throw a hissy over Jeremy strutting like a Chippendales dancer with his boxer buttocks out and no shirt on….

Ep two

Kids playing soccer, muttering “beotch”. How delightfully appropriate for all viewers. Zach pretends that the “Grass Hogs” are the team that went to Ireland and not mostly Breakers. Really this episode was rather unpleasant about the whole fa├žade and the fact that its even suggested that the Grass Hogs and the Statesman are the same team is completely laughable.

Amy and Matt go out to eat. Matt asks Amy if she’s cool about his picking the team since she’s on the board of the DAAA. There’s various shots of Amy being sporty. She hay bales how she is cool and likes being on the board. That’s important for later.

There’s an issue with having 8 players versus 10, Matt hating the idea of 8 and Amy pointing out that its DAAA rules. She thinks it will be hurtful if they leave DAAA out. In fairness, this may be a cost concern.

There’s rock music as Marty Klebba arrives like a celeb. Marty is helping Zach pick out uniforms and they are “joining forces” aka the team going is mostly Breakers with Zach thrown in because his dad is doing the organizing and Matt is annoyed that Amy steps in and tries to be the coach. Matt goes on about the vetting process of the players. Matt is annoyed and hay bales about how Amy doesn’t know anything. Amy notes Matt has hardly any knowledge about soccer. There is an unpleasant argument.

Zach and Marty head to the printer with Matt. Marty notes how the marriage is going south and wonders if Zach needs a new dad. Zach notes how they argue. At the printers, Matt decides Marty and Zach know more about jerseys and then interrupts and basically makes the decisions. Kind of like Matt versus Molly with the castle…. It’s just easier to let Matt do as he pleases. Zach protests when Matt suggests a pumpkin be on the uniform. Matt mocks him as though he hasn’t been controlling the whole situation.

Matt voices over how the team needs sponsors. Zach notes things were easier when they didn’t have corporate sponsors. Matt goes on about corporate sponsors and he’s the hero negotiating sponsors and there’s issues with what DAAA wants and prefers versus what the sponsors want….

Look, it seems pretty obvious that Matt jumped in and made promises to sponsors that the DAAA didn’t want to be associated with.

Matt tells Amy that DAAA needs to decide what they want or else Matt will break away and take the team to Ireland himself as he is a man. Matt notes if Amy wasn’t on the board, he’d be kicking ass and declaring what he wants. Amy notes that its not as simple as just doing what you want when other athletes etc are involved.

Matt rants how he has spent too much time on this with the board. He basically tells the DAAA that he’s not negotiating with the uniforms. Matt has already made promises that DAAA didn’t know about. Matt’s assistant says quit. Matt decides to quit and be independent. Amy is annoyed and argues with Matt that its arrogant to use the DAAA. Amy does not agree with the route Matt has taken.

Matt rants on how DAAA is of Satan and they are hating dwarfs and just want no one to go to Ireland because they are haters who hate. Matt tells Amy they are independent now. Matt hates the petty rules and its too painful to deal with DAAA and sponsors because kissing ass to the sponsors is what’s important since no one can afford to go without sponsors. Amy notes Matt has basically trashed relationships with DAAA. Zach is worried about how this will impact his future in DAAA.

Side note - Zach is on the team. Marty is on the team. The Manuel twins are on the team. That’s four people who all have the means to fly to Ireland. Zach will even get a paycheck for being in an episode of the show. Maybe, instead of cheerfully blowing 18k on a locker room that will only be used for two days, that money could have been better spent, if there were genuinely kids who couldn’t go? I mean… aren’t these the people who talk on camera about their outdoor pee habits?

Amy decides to step down from DAAA’s board since she’s in a huge conflict of interest, coaching a team that is pointedly saying “eff you” to the DAAA. Amy tells Matt that she is resigning since it’s a huge assy thing. Matt says he doesn’t get it. Amy explains, and Matt asks if things could change and she notes there’s really no chance of that. She notes she can’t be on the board and send atheletes who aren’t DAAA and not be well… totally trashing her organization.

So Matt notes how he’s paying for it so he wants his way and screw any longterm consequences. He notes he will be blamed not Zach.

The family comes to dinner, minus Jeremy who seems to be bailing. Why isn't Jeremy James Jesus at this father's side showing the world how he continually stands by his father showing his incredible respect??? Zach notes Amy would still be on the board if it was not a huge broohaha. Matt notes he doesn’t believe there was any conflict of interest at all. Well, of course he thinks that. Amy seems kinda pissed in the hay bale and notes he still would have done as he planned. Matt hay bales indeed, he would have gone ahead regardless of Amy’s situation. He notes how he is helping people who wouldn’t get to go.

Yeah um…. Not buying whats being sold.

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World April 26th, 2010

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

I'm hoping I can feel a little more positive about these episodes than last week (the selfish line cutting, the obvious staging). Here's hoping for the best!

*I noticed at the end of last weeks episode that was repeated they said the Euro trip was over. It really wasn't, they went on to Ireland for the World Dwarf Games. All of this episode was actually done before they left for Europe at all.

*Matt and Amy talk about budgets and money. It's just like old times! lol. This meant more to me when they didn't live in a mansion and have more than 13 vehicles.

*Zach's team is coming for a soccer practice at the farm. Or to meet the sponsors. The grass on the soccer field does look bad. Matt wants to impress! He talks to Zach about bringing in turf. Wow, those Statesmen players are hard to impress! A real soccer field on your own property isn't good enough, it needs to look good too!

*Now Matt is building a locker room for this two day practice. Same comment as above. They need a locker room? Is this going on the outside of one of the barns or attached to it in a separate building? Hmm. Matt is saying this is all for Zach's 2 day Statesmen practice, but look at it this way. He's adding plumbing to one of the barns......Jeremy's future residence perhaps?

*Matt talks about cutting costs and trying to slip things by Amy. They're losing me on this stuff. They are millionaires. They have 13 cars and trucks. Talking about money like they're working class is a little flimsy, imo.

*They're having dinner. Jeremy is the only missing. Boo!

*Matt says this locker room project is going to cost about $18,000. Amy looks calm although she says it's a lot. Honestly I don't think she cares. She knows they're rich. 18 grand for a two day soccer practice? Hey why not! And what is 18,000 anyway for the Roloffs? That's only 6 of Jake's cell phone bills! :)

*There's a lot of construction workers. Matt's building the mini-grand canyon. He loves the red dirt they have on the farm. It's perfect for this. I gotta wonder why it's red? Wasn't there a story about how Matt got paid by state to allow dumping of old construction dirt or something like that? Maybe it being red isn't such a good thing! lol.

*Matt is rushing around the soccer field with the new rolled up grass. His shirt is blurred out when it's a straight on shot at the front. What does it say? I got it now from seeing a letter here and there that they don't blur out. It says "BITE ME" on the front. lol. I guess that's too edgy for TLC's family show :)

*Matt shows her the Grand Canyon. I think it looks cool enough. Amy seems playful. She's saying she doesn't like it and all the usual stuff Amy has said since the show has started about Matt's projects, but I don't think she's upset or really cares. Amy says she sees a hole with dirt. Matt sees revenue and money generated from it being a tourist attraction for pumpkin season.

*Now people are building a tropical hut on the farm. Because the Statesmen need a meeting place. lol. They couldn't use the soccer field itself? Or one of the many barns? Or the locker room? Or the Roloff mansion? A tropical hut it is! :) Matt saw some in Hawaii or was that the Bahamas or the BVIs? He wants to have it on the farm, now he has it.

*The new locker room is leaking. Amy finds it. Good old Camereno to the rescue.

*They roll out the strips of grass onto the field. Cue the drama. If Matt doesn't get this done, Zach's team won't have a beautiful field to run on! Oh no! I'm on pins and needles! :)

*Matt tells Zach he might need to help hand-rake the field. Zach doesn't like that. They have hired hands and professionals to do work.

*Matt sits back and watches his workers work on the field. He complains that the kids don't help.

*Hallelujah! Jeremy arrives! He's shirtless too. Wearing very nice and tight jean shorts with his boxers showing. It's a great look for Jeremy! Jeremy has a shovel and then is shown pushing a wheelbarrow. Matt says the lawn looks good. I don't know, I'm sure it does, but Jeremy sure looks good. I waited the whole episode for the last 30 seconds. Jer saves the day.

*Hey Spirits, I'm not upset that Rap got all the screen caps last week. I only have one request :) I only want one screen cap of the last scene and all will be cool! :)

2nd episode

*Zach plays soccer with Jake, Keith and Mueller. Stop the presses! I don't see or hear Jeremy. Mueller is there with Zach and no Jeremy?

*Amy is on the DAAA board. Matt doesn't like the rules in trying to put together the team. They say you have to have 10 players. Matt only wants 8. I think they ended up with 10. Matt doesn't like their rules.

*Marty gets a grand entrance as his car pulls up.

*Amy, Marty, Zach and Matt discuss the Statesmen. Matt wants to be in charge. Amy is the coach. Amy says the positions of the players is up to the coach (Amy) and Zach. Hmm. That sounds fair :/ I sometimes wonder what the other dwarfs really, honestly, truly think of the Roloffs? I guess since the Roloffs have the fame and the money they don't care that Zach calls the shots for the entire team.

*Marty and Zach get in "the party van" as Marty calls the Prev. They talk about how all Matt and Amy do is argue and how they don't communicate. Oh no! Marriage drama creeping in.

*Matt, Marty and Zach are designing the jersey. Whoever ended up coming up with it did a great job. They look cool! Zach doesn't like what Matt is saying about the uniforms. Zach just wants to leave. When Matt jokes (I think!) about putting pumpkins on the uniforms Zach looks pissed.

*Matt says some players can't afford to go to Ireland. He wants sponsors for the entire trip. You can argue if it's moral or right for millionaires like the Roloffs to score sponsorship for themselves too, but Matt sure knows how to get other people to pay for them :)

*Amy is a DAAA board member and wants the team to be DAAA endorsed. Matt doesn't like it because they have political mumbo jumbo. The sponsors logos can only be a certain size, Matt promised them their logo will be splashed across the entire jersey.

*I can't honestly tell if this whole DAAA vs going Independent is really a big deal or if this is just drama. I don't think Amy is as upset as they're trying to make it look like. Matt doesn't want to compromise with the DAAA to meet their rules. His assistant Caryn doesn't like the DAAA either. Zach is worried that the DAAA will be pissed at the Roloffs and he won't be blacklisted in the future from the DAAA.

*The DAAA asks Amy to step down from the board. Amy says she offered to resign. They're talking about how it was because of this stuff with Matt, but Amy also says it was because she is a coach and a player.

*Matt and Amy talk about it in Matt's office. Matt has a lot of pill bottles with medication on his desk. He doesn't look very good in this scene. I don't think Amy is really that torn up about stepping down from the DAAA board but maybe that's just me.

*Molly and Jake are playing board games in the living room or the main room, they have so many I don't know what to call it! lol. Amy asks Molly to tell him dinner is ready. I think they're talking about Jeremy because everyone is at the table except Jeremy.

*Hey! This is the exact same dinner we saw in the first episode when they were talking about the 18,000 cost for the locker room.

*Matt says he wouldn't do anything differently. I can't blame Matt for that. He ended up scoring a completely paid for trip and week stay in Ireland for sports and parties for 10 people.

That's it for this week. I didn't like the lack of Jeremy, but at least the one scene with him was a good one. I want that screen cap Spirits! :)

Previews for next couple of weeks of Little People, Big World

TLC has released some previews for the next couple of weeks of Little People, Big World.

Apr 26, 8:00 pm

(30 minutes) Little People, Big World
Field of Schemes

Episode 527 Field of Schemes Under the guise of preparing for an LP soccer camp, Matt goes on a project frenzy - building a huge locker room and a mini Grand Canyon on the farm. Matt tries to sneak his schemes past Amy, who watches him like a hawk.

Apr 26, 8:30 pm

(30 minutes) Little People, Big World
War of the World Games

Matt appoints himself the manager of Zach's soccer team for the upcoming World Dwarf Games. Tension builds when Matt and Amy disagree about team sponsorship, jeopardizing her position as a Dwarf Athletic Association board member.

May 03, 8:00 pm

(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World
The Statesmen

As Zach's LP soccer team gathers at Roloff Farms to train for the World Dwarf Games in Belfast. Matt and Amy get their wires crossed over the training agenda, and Zach is stunned when Matt announces he won't be traveling with the team to Northern Ireland.

May 03, 8:30 pm

(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World
Belfast and Furious

Matt skips the opening days of the World Dwarf Games, and Amy must scramble to get everyone registered to compete in the events. Juggling the roles of coach, player, manager and mom pushes Amy to her limits.

For those of you that like to know how editing and piecing together of the show compares to when the events happened in real time -- the Roloffs European vacation was continuous.

From the previews for these episodes, they are going to jump back in time to make it appear as though the European vacation and the trip to Belfast, Ireland for the World Dwarf Games were two separate trips, but they were not.

The real time sequence of events last summer went like this:

-- Jeremy and Zach graduate high school first week of June 2009.

--The gathering at Roloff farm for the corporate sponsors of "The Statesmen" in late June.

-- Amy and Zach at the 2009 LPA conference 4th of July weekend.

--Roloffs leave for Europe shortly after Amy and Zach return.

--Their Europe trip concludes in Belfast for the World Dwarf Games. It went from July 26th to August 2nd. The Roloffs, with the exception of Matt, were there for the opening ceremonies and the big end of Game party :-)

So regardless of what order these episodes are shown, the entire Roloff family did not return to the farm in between the things viewers are seeing now (Scotland, Germany, Italy, France) and the World Dwarf Games in Ireland.

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Article about Amy's speech in Lancaster, PA

There is an in-depth article about Amy's speech in Lancaster,Pennsylvania.

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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People Big World April 19

Our guest reviews of the LPBW episodes have become weekly staples to the site. Some have asked for Rap's review of last Monday's episodes. Here they are. Sorry for the delay.

All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

First episode

First off, I am very sorry this is so late. The cable fritzed out here for the entire length of Monday’s show. But the intrepid Spiritswander pointed out how easy it was to purchase and download the episodes from Itunes for $1.99. Then I had to question whether I wanted to spend 1.99 per episode. Finally, I decided it was worth it. Actually I was a little bored so…

So we’re in Florence. Jake likes the open air elevator until he manages to break it. Molly is amused

Now they head to Palermo? Jake notes how dull going to churches, even architecturally magnificent churches is. I know Jake is going to catch a lot of flack so let me ask you all up front. Have Jeremy and Zach chosen to spend any of their time in Europe looking at churches? Or has their trip been soccer, kilts, beer, and whores? Amy hay bales how she hoped Jake would see something he liked. Jake notes he would have preferred swimming to hauling ass up and down stone stairs. Molly seems to be having a good time and hay bales that Jake was a pain.

Meanwhile in Germany. Jeremy hay bales how he was developing his own style by driving places. Just so we all understand, it’s actually a bit unusual for a 19 year old to a)have the money to rent a car in Europe or b) be allowed to rent a car in Europe. Jeremy and Zach’s unique style of travel is basically being indulged with privileges people who aren’t on a reality show would not receive.

Back in Florence, Amy waxing on how delightful Italy is in summer. Amy and Molly go jewelry shopping while Jake is pointedly bored. Hmmm…. Gosh, if only Jeremy and Zach, who spent oodles of their vacation time in the jewelry stores could have been there since their experience was *exactly* like Jake’s….Jake again notes how he would have preferred the beer and whore tour in Germany.

In Germany. Jeremy and Zach hay bale how they were going to have to sleep in the car since they have no idea where they are. They find a pretty waitress who speaks English. They order Hawaiian Pizza (a traditional German dish, I believe) and note how cute the waitress is. They say they have no place to sleep and are alone, sad little waifs tossed in the harsh world and the waitress invites them into their German home . Jeremy hay bales how nice it is to have a production crew to set up a place to stay and a whole pretend for the camera scenario so they don’t even have to think. You know, while on their unplanned adventure. Zach is impressed with how they got invited but it seems super fake. Jeremy notes how he’s never been invited into a complete strangers house in a foreign country. I imagine this would be a whole lot more risky or thought provoking if they weren’t being tailed by a camera crew. Wasn’t the entire premise of the splatter horror film “Hostel” two stupes getting caught in a European snuff ring just like this?

Zach notes he is not socializing, that is Jeremy‘s job. They meet the entire family and everyone seems to speak English and Jeremy seems impressed with his adventure. Zach notes how awkward he feels. Yeah um… really I find this rather implausible. I mean, they just happen to be invited to spend the night with the mayor who just happens to invite them to a major league soccer practice. Sorry, this is way too much of a set up. I can smell the lies. This is on the level of the “friends who just happen to stop by and offer to build custom bicycles” stuff. Oh, and do note - the twins do not turn down the soccer offer to look at churches.

Meanwhile Amy is noting how they are boring the hell out of Jake. So they are in Venice, which is essentially going to a bunch of buildings on top of a humid swamp in high summer, but it is cool to take a boat to work so…. The scenery is cool. Jake is dying for the pool and is in an excited frenzy. In fairness, it’s a cool pool at the hotel. Basically he is denied a pool due to “private party” heheheh.

Meanwhile the German thing continues. There’s a giant meal. Jeremy again notes how he and Zach were taking a risk. I’d agree completely if this was not so obviously a production set up. I mean, the mayor just happens to take them to the pro soccer practice? Come on. Oh and yeah, this sure is the same as looking at churches and jewelry shopping. Zach seems impressed. Jeremy is a bit meh in the hay bale. If I took a drink every tme he said “amazing”, I would be so drunk by now.

Venice. One day. Amy hauls the kids to a gondola. Molly likes it. Jake is bored. Jake is now excitedly anticipating his swim. So of course the pool is completely drained. And of course there’s no lock on the facility because letting guests roam around the drained pool is perfectly safe, and of course there’s a camera crew waiting. Feels fake. My one concession is that pool safety may be different in Europe but really…Amy does seem sad for him.

They take a train to Nice. Amy suggests Jake swim in the Mediterranean. They run. I so secretly hope they get to the beach and it’s closed…. Alas finally Jake gets some water. Jake notes the ocean is good.

Meanwhile in Milan, the boys kilt up and proudly remove their undies for the camera. They then stand about dumbly and argue where to go. Amy is *worried*. I wonder why she hasn’t called the production crew? Jeremy notes he doesn’t know was “Rue” is and notes to always trust strangers. Easy enough when you’ve got personal handlers….

They search for the neon naked guys. Jake runs and hugs Jeremy and then Zach and Amy notes how cool the kilts were. Zach hay bales how he worries, and Molly is given her wooden shoes by Jeremy. There’s excited chatter. Jeremy proudly notes they saw no museums and were completely unplanned despite the obvious planning.

Episode two

Matt is now going on how he had Matt time for a week but wants to see the kids now that he has scoured the house. I note that Matt stores wine on the floor. How convenient.

Matt takes pictures of the dog and hay bales how he is packed and leaving. Then he takes a picture of the Bug. He notes how he has plans for the French part of the trip.

The family does a vineyard tour and a castle. Matt notes traveling is difficult. Oddly Jeremy notes the “Big MR” smell. Amy notes that Matt generally takes over and makes everything about him. Even Molly and Jeremy gets in on the Dad dread. Jeremy’s hair dramatically changes in the hay bales.

Matt wants to show everyone a good time with a lunch in France. Amy heads down to play bocce and she lets Matt have time with the kids. This seems a lil overly explained. They actually seem to be getting along ok at lunch. Matt actually looks like hell in the van and Amy notes that rather sweetly that Matt wants the kids to see this castle that she and Matt had seen on their first trip but really, Matt looks wasted in this. He naps in the van. Amy hay bales that its disappointing.

Zach notes the city of Eze is not lp friendly. But the view is awesome. Jeremy hay bales how dad really wanted to see Eze but how it was already a failure - I actually repeated this a few times and still don’t know what Jeremy was saying. Matt gets the scooter out and joins them. Jake and Jeremy meet Dad and Jeremy pushes the scooter. Matt wants to build a city of Eze on the farm.

So they head to a train. To head to Paris. Matt lost his ticket and buys a new one. Train travel is so civilized and fun. Relaxing even. I highly recommend. Matt goes on and on how everything is stacked against them. I dunno, I mean this is just a vacation…. I mean they aren’t exactly storming the beach at Normandy. Amy notes that with six people, its harder to keep people moving. They hotel up - nice view of the Arc de Triumph (sp) and the Eiffel Tower. Amy shoots down Eurodisney immediately. Matt notes how they can’t plan stuff he can’t do. They get on a double decker bus for a your. That’s cool. Molly is all about the history and keeping people in line. Things get gripy. Molly keeps everyone in hand. They hit the Louvre. Jeremy doesn’t know what it is. They take a picture in front of the Pyramid that is pivotal in the Da Vinci code. Molly tells people to make decisions and then decides for all.

She notes “At least its not raining”.
Cue the rain J. Well played, TLC, well played indeed.

Somehow they got split up and walk about in the rain. They head to the Eiffel Tower. There’s a line that was ALMOST as long as the line at Dragoncon to see Leonard Nimoy. Matt notes to Amy that he is going to see if he can work the system a little bit since the line is very long. Amy hay bales that she was ready to simply leave.

Matt hay bales how scary and dangerous lines are and we see him hitting the special services at the Tower. Matt notes the horrible way norm butt smells. I find myself wondering if people who proudly declare how their stink is unique and special and who often don’t appear to wash or change their undies very often really should be throwing that particular stone at the glass house of the stinky average heights.

Amy notes that she finds it awkward to use her disability but she does not hang back and the family line cuts.

Personal opinion - I am utterly certain that its not inherently more dangerous for little people to wait in lines. I also note that at no point did Matt say that standing in the line would be too painful. The only stated reason for the line cut was that they did not want to wait two hours.

Molly notes how cool the view was. Amy takes pictures. Matt comments on how he’s the man. The family heads off for a traditional French meal of hamburgers, French fries, and Coke. Matt prates how awesome it was. Jeremy makes a point at dinner how much easier it is to not travel with his parents. Classy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Television Ratings for the Roloff family on Little People, Big World April 19, 2010 drops slightly

The television ratings for this week of Little People, Big World episodes on April 19th were down slightly from the previous two weeks .

Season 5A averaged 1.8 million viewers. A single episode high of 2.4 and an episode low of 1.4.

Thus far in Season 5 Part B, the LPBW average in week one was 1.303. Week two's average was 1.343.

This week the 8pm episode had a season low of a 1.137 rating, while the 8:30pm episode received a 1.316 rating which makes this weeks average 1.227

The complete list of tv ratings for LPBW season 5a:

April 19th "The Burgermeister's Daughter" 8pm: 1.137 million viewers

April 19th "Vive La Roloff" 8:30pm: 1.316 million viewers

April 12th "Roman Roloffs" 8pm: 1.327 million viewers

April 12th: "Brothers in Bavaria" 8:30pm: 1.359 million viewers

April 5th "Twins Go Commando" 8pm: 1.213 million viewers

April 5th "Amsterdammed" 8:30pm: 1.394 million viewers

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matt and Amy Roloff on the Chelsea Lately Show Tuesday

The episode featuring Matt and Amy on the Chelsea Lately show on the E! network aired Tuesday April 20 after being postponed.

A big thanks to the contributor Disillisioned for submitting this recap:

-Matt and Amy come out for the last 10 minutes of the show.

-As Chelsea introduced them she called them nuggets and they showed a clip from Mondays episode in Nice, France.

-Chelsea states that she is a fan of the show and Matt says that she is really a fan of all little people. She asked if they liked the term nugget and Amy says I ll be a nugget but Matt doesn't respond.

-When asked how the kids like being on TV Matt says they can take it or leave it but all in all they enjoy the experience.

-Amy talks about her charity and how they are going to have another golf tournament and dinner in August and is going to help out in Haiti while on her upcoming cruise. Matt talks about CoDA and the grant they got to build custom bikes for dwarfs. Chelsea states that she will donate to the organization.

-At the end Chelsea asks how they met and Matt responds that they met at the nugget convention.

*End of show

Monday, April 19, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed, - Little People Big World April 19th, 2010

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

This is going to be a different type of review from me. I've been dubbed the positive reviewer . I realized watching tonight there are two ways to watch the show and review. You can take things at face value and enjoy it. Or I can realize that I'm an an idiot if I take the show at face value.

Jump the shark is what people call TV Shows when they hit the end and become bad. I don't know if LPBW has "Jump The Shark" for me because I'll watch as long as Jeremy is on the show. But it has Jumped the Shark for being "real". It's hard to believe at one time I used to think LPBW was the most real show on tv and the Roloffs seemed like real people. It is so staged! I can't stress enough how bad I thought the fakeness in this episode was. How do I review this?

It might be more fun to review taking it at face value. What I'm going to do is comment taking it at face value and then bold the part where it's my mind screaming this is SO STAGED!


*Amy, Molly and Jake are in Rome and Florence. Jake broke the elevator after Amy told him not to. I'm not sure how he did it. He tried to open it before they stopped, but then Amy said he was jumping on it. She's laughing. Typical Jake. Hey Jake fans, that's your boy! :)

*They walk around. Jake complains that he doesn't like to look at old churches and walk up stairs. He wants to swim! Then he's complaining that he's sick. He said he was sick on another trip. I think what he has is called the brats :)

*Molly says Jake wishes he was with Jeremy and Zach.
Jake needs to talk to the producer next time! Fix that TLC travel schedule!

*Jeremy says for the past 2 weeks him and Zach have been traveling alone through Europe. Two weeks? Haven't they been saying it was a day here, a day there?

Oh that's right, he's not counting the chilling with the crew days of the trip!

*Jer says the vacation is an open road. They rented a car, have a map a road and can do anything they want and go anywhere.

How spontaneous can you get with TLC planning every stop?

*Amy and Molly and Jake go shopping for jewelery. Jake hates it. I cut him a break on that one.

* They flash up "Somewhere in Germany". Oh no, Jer and Zach must be lost. Zach said it was late and they had no place to stay. They might have to sleep in the car.

*Oh the drama! The crew doesn't know where they are?? I think the crew better negotiate a better contract next season, haha. TLC must be the worst company to work for. They send their crew to Europe and have absolutely no places booked for them. That's so believeable. Not.

*Jer and Zach stop to get something to eat. The waitressl comes over. She's cute. They like her because she speaks english. Jer says she's cute and then says just kidding. He also calls her the waiter :) Why did he say just kidding? :) Jer asks her if she knows any hotels or places to stay because they have nowhere to stay. She says she'll find out. She's a smart girl! Go Nina! All us girls are with you! How to pick up Jeremy James Roloff. She comes back to say, no she doesn't know any hotels, but she has an idea. They can stay with her family! She says her sister is there at another table. Her brother had a room at the house, but he just moved out. Ha. If I saw Jer like that, I'd be texting my brother saying "You have 20 minutes to get all your stuff out of your room or else!" lol. Jer and Zach laugh. They talk about being two guys being invited to a girl's house to sleep. Jer is all for it. Zach isn't sure.

I think this was one of the most staged scenes in LPBW history! Nina is cute, but she's not an actress. I can tell. She looked embarrassed to be playing her part in front of the camera, pretending like this wasn't planned. If you were Nina, would you walk over in front of the camera crew to say something like that? This goes back, to TLC supposedly sending their stars and crew on a trip with no places to stay booked. Or gee, maybe they were going to stay with this family all along? Maybe Nina isn't even a waitress! Ha! This whole scene stunk of being totally fake. It was painful for me to watch.

*It seems like Nina and her entire family were waiting the restaurant where she works. A gang of people walk out with Jer and Zach. Jer says they'll follow the blue car. Zach talks about how in situations like this is where he leans on Jer the most. New people that he's never met for. He lets Jer do the talking. That's why I love Jeremy! They get to the parents house. Thomas the father is happy to see them. Oh he's the mayor. That's cool. He bonds with Zach about a German football/soccer team. They get shown to their room. It is set up just like Jer and Zach's room on the farm. Two beds on separate sides of the room with a little table in the center along the back wall.

*Cough cough. Thomas wasn't surprised at all to see a camera crew come walking in and his daughters announcing that she picked 2 guys, one really hot guy up. That's nice. He's the Mayor! Come on! This is supposed to be natural? The mayor's family always picks up "random" guys at work? My guess is the mayor arranged this with TLC for tourism. This is getting sad at what TLC wants us to believe is natural. There is nothing real about this at all. I'm disappointed at what has happened to my favorite show :(

*Jake is still whining about wanting to go swimming. Amy says they're going out

Here's an idea. Leave him with a crew member!

*He looks at the pool. It's beautiful. Amy says it is booked for a private function.

Yeah, it's probably reserved for someone alright, for the crew and the Roloffs and this whole swimming storyline is just that, a staged storyline. haha.

*Jer and Zach are eating breakfast with the family. The mayor just happens to be able to get them in to watch the football team practice, right on the sidelines. That's cool for Jer and Zach. They really lucked out having Nina for a waitress. They get the players autographs and meet them. They are really stoked about it.

This is fake because I admit I've seen some pictures on the internet. There are pictures out there. Maybe you have too. It was of Jer and Zach staying with this family. Only meals didn't look like what we saw. It was the entire crew, the family and Jer and Zach.

*Jer is amazed at how nice this family is, at their generosity for them to scrap all their plans and make their whole day center all around entertaining Jeremy and Zach.

For real. That's ridiculous. Like that would happen to anyone else and as though they didn't have this all set up months in advance. I'd like to see how generous and kind Thomas and Nina are when they aren't dealing with celebs and TV network :)

*Jake is still complaining about wanting to go swimming. He rushes down to the pool all excited. Oh no! There is no water! They drained the pool. Haha. Maybe it's karma for Jake being a brat :)

Hm, they must have followed my suggestion and Jake went with the crew and camera guy because notice Jake went "alone"? I am betting that Jake new before the dramatic trot down to the pool. The way it was set up was like a bad sitcom. Didn't that happen in the Flintstones one time? :) Jake totally looks like a bad actor when he is acting like he's shocked and surprised that there's no water. He puts his hand to his forehead.

*They in Nice, France. Jake wants to go swimming in the ocean. Jake goes running ahead, Amy tells him he will get lost.

Oh look at that! The camera is AHEAD of Jake. You mean the camera crew had time to beat anxious Jake to the ocean and set up? Funny how they knew he was going to go running on ahead.

*The twins are meeting up with Amy, Molly and Jake. They get lost. They look at a map. Jeremy doesn't know why everything is called Rue. Haha. Love Jer, but even I know rue means street...Amy is worried that they are lost. Zach calls or texts her. She describes a statue for them to look for. Jer says "Be on the lookout for Neon Naked Guys" Haha. Jeremy's one liners are great.

This whole lost business and Amy being worried about them is kind of insulting to our intelligence. I am sure Amy has confidence in the crew and producer she loves! The two crews must be in contact with each other, I would think.

*Jake spots them across the way. Wow, he is excited. He takes off Jeremy! I guess we know who Jakes favorite brother is now. He screamed Jeremy's name and almost knocked him over hugging him. He wasn't nearly as enthusiastic to hug Zach. I feel sorry Zach. He can't even beat Jeremy at being Jake's favorite older brother. Jakes excitement to see Jer was greater than Jeremy's and Mueller's reunions! :) This part was cute and looked genuine. Maybe Jake does have some redeeming quality since it's obvious that Jer is his hero.

*The first episode ends with Jeremy giving another speech about having no plan on the trip with just him and Zach. He says it will influence how they travel in the future

The only thing that will influence how the travel is TLC and the future of the show :)


2nd Episode

Matt gets ready to leave to fly to Europe.

*The rest of the family goes to winery. I bet Jer had some samples. They don't show any of that.

*They wait for Matt. Jeremy calls him the Big MR. Jer says he can smell him. Wow, Jer is either very talented or Matt has a body odor prblem that he doesn't know about, lol.

Or maybe the crew text or called ahead and said they were arriving...with how staged I think this whole thing is now, I don't even know if I believe that Jeremy really calls Matt the "Big MR".

*In Jeremy's barn bite, he got a hair cut. Before it was longer and curled. He didn't get it shaved this time. It looks similar to how he had it the first time he got a haircut on the show in the 2nd season. (when the show actually seemed real!)

*Matt and Amy are bickering about something. I'm glazing over. I don't know what it's about.

*Matt has jet lag and is sleeping in the van. Amy's disappointed they came all this way and then sleeps. The rest of them do a lot of walking up steps. Zach says it's not LP friendly. Matt wouldn't have been able to do that part anyway.

*Matt does finally wake up.

Matt's hair is still perfect. He doesn't get "bed head" at all after sleeping, even if it was across the seat of the car. Maybe they have a TLC stylist in the van with him. This show has made me so cynical now :(

*Matt gets out and Jeremy comes to push his scooter. This is the best part of the show. Jeremy's ass :) There are some nice shots. Sorry but it's the truth.

*They are getting on a train. Matt forgot his ticket. He needs to buy a new one. That sucks when you forget something like that. I always check before leaving if I'm going away.

Does it matter that he forgot his ticket? TLC is getting for free anyway and if they aren't they'd just buy a new one...or fire one of the extra camera guys so Matt could have his ticket. This stuff is getting plain silly. None of this stuff is a concern for the Roloffs and we all know it. Why do they need to pour it on?

*The family gathers together. Matt is upset Amy planned stuff he can't do. Matt does have a point with stuff like that. The squabbling seems a little staged. This is one of the scenes from the preview commercial. It's not anywhere near as bad as they made it seem. This is where Jeremy says when "the 3 of them get together there is always tension". It's not bad at all.

*They head out on a tour bus. The radio earphone jacks are broken so they don't get the vocal part of their tour. Molly is excited and focused and getting to places. I think Jeremy, Molly and Amy should go on a vacation together. They are the 3 Roloffs who seem to like the same type of vacation.

*Molly says at least she is glad that it's not raining.

Right on cue it rains!

*This part is bad. They are in line for the Eiffel Tower. Amy is going on about how horrible it is that there is a long line. She doesn't want to spend her day waiting in line. Can you say spoiled? Welcome to the real world Amy. I usually am on the Roloffs side, but this scene really put me off. I'm surprised they showed it like this.

After Amy is acting like it's a tragedy that the special Roloffs might need to wait in line like the rest of the tourists, Matt has a plan. He's going to use being an LP to his advantage. He goes up to the front to tell them him and his son can't wait in line because it's too dangerous. He said their heads are in people's butts for two hours and they'll die of the fumes. I'm surprised he said that. That's kind of a territory with a LP joke that they've never went before on this show.

I really hate this.

Amy "says" she is uncomfortable about using their status as LPs to their advantage, (but she gladly did it!) but Matt did what he thought was best and did it so his kids wouldn't need to wait.

Is that supposed to be heart-warming? What about all the other people that were waiting long before them? I'm disgusted at this! We all know the Roloffs get special treatment because they have the tv show and usually it doesn't bother me at all. I wonder if that didn't get them anywhere so they pulled out the disability card. I'm shocked TLC aired this. If they want to make people see a different side of the Roloffs it worked.

They didn't need to flaunt the fact that they think they are more important than regular people.

The part that pisses me off is how selfish the Roloffs were about this and they obviously don't even realize it. Amy acting like it's her and her kids God Given right NOT to wait like the rest of the people because their time is so much more important.

She didn't want to spend her day there waiting in line? What about all the people in line ahead of them, the families who don't take free vacations every few months?

This really disgusted me. The Roloffs are flaunting how much more important they think they are than the rest of us and they'll stop at nothing to get special treatment.

So much for "we are Little People, but we are just like you".

They get to the top and say it was a great experience.

I'll be honest. lol. At this point, after what they just did and how it's crystal clear that they do think they're more important than everyone else, I don't want to hear about what a great time they had.

If there was ever a sign that the money and fame has went to the Roloffs heads and they are spoiled and think they are better, this was it. Puke.

Give me back the LPBW in the 1st and 2nd season when everything didn't seem totally staged and the Roloffs didn't act like they are better than us regular people.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Roloffs at Coda Charity Event; Statesmen vs Celebrity Basketball game -- Report

A regular poster to this site, Jocelynn Pearson, was kind enough to write up this report after attending the charity basketball game in Michigan on Friday April 16th, 2010. Zach, Jeremy and Matt were the Roloffs in attendance.


I attended! They raised money for CoDA. Great cause! Athens High School is a large school, there are two gymnasiums (more on that later!) It looked to be well attended. There were a lot of high school kids from the high school. There were a few players and coaches from the school playing in the game Their cheers almost rivaled anyone else.

The only celebrities I knew were the Roloffs, Marty and Lee Arenberg. He hosted. He did a fabulous job doing play by play. He kept it entertaining. I'm not a big sports fan. I didn't know the Detroit Pistons players. Sorry. There was supposed to be a hockey player there but I don't think there was.

All the Roloffs were very popular. Matt and Zach got the largest roars during the introductions, unless Marty's was loudest. Jeremy's were loud too, but his were overwhelmingly shrieks from girls. It was funny because Jeremy's ovation was the only one that you could tell was mostly screaming girls.

I was surprised Marty didn't speak more. It was a person named Colin who runs the company that put on the event.

They made a stipulation in the rules that "Team Coda" (the celebrities) had to do all bounce passes. The Statesmen players were better than I thought. They made some 3 point shots. They played 12 minutes quarters and went into overtime. Zach missed a foul shot at the end of regulation that could have won it. The Statesmen won the overtime. Around the third quarter I felt it started to drag, but maybe a sports fan would have a different opinion.

I would have liked a soccer game more! When they were in the hallway waiting for opening introductions, I saw Jeremy and Zach through the end auditorium door. They were playing soccer. Jeremy was doing freestyle tricks with the ball. This was my "you know you're a LPBW fan when"...I wanted to see them play soccer! :)

During the basketball game Jeremy was very competitive. He stole the ball a lot and went in on several lay ups. He made most of them. Jeremy claps when he makes a basket :)

If was for charity. I don't want to complain. I'll call it constructive criticism if they ever do it again. Before I get to that. I give all those involved kudos for raising money. They put a lot of time and effort into it. Marty seems like a very nice guy. He was very appreciative of everyone who attended. The people putting on the event were working very hard. It was to raise money for Coda and that is the important thing.

However, I was asked how it was? Honestly, I would give it mixed reviews. Memo to the company in charge. The attraction of a game like this is for fans who are supporting the given Charity is to interact with the celebrities. This event had a few faults and ways it could have been improved, in my opinion. They asked people to arrive at 5pm for the auction to raise more money. The game started at 7pm. Autographs followed in the cafeteria. Judging by the rushing around of the Event Staff, the celebrities/Statesmen arrived 5:30ish. However! They are celebrities and were playing their roles well! They didn't mingle with the fans, the people donating the money who arrived early even though they were all there. They had them caged off on the other side of the school gym.

The autograph signings and picture taking was a debacle for a number of reasons. The line was huge. Well over an hour. I'm not sure why I waited. lol! It's the thing to do. I put the time into attending, watched a basketball game, the first basketball game I've watched in a long time! Spent money for the reason of donating to Coda. After the game was over, I wanted to see the people right up close and meet them.

The line went from one side of the cafeteria to the other, with ropes like a roller coaster has, 5 or 6 rows long near the front.. The celebrities were all along the front in a row. They were mostly talking to each other. Most people had them autograph a Coda program they made for the charity or snapped a picture. It was almost impossible to have a quick conversation with them. I've been to one other event like this. The attractions (celebrities) were more spread out. You wait your turn, then you had a quick moment to interact. This was more like a factory line. Sometimes the celebrities or people participating were talking to each other. The next person would move down the line, they would sign the program, and down the line they'd go. Out of all them, I felt Marty and Lee Arenberg were the most sincere and the best at devoting their attention to the people in front of them.

I don't know what the right way is to stage an autograph signing or a meet and greet at an event like that, but there must have been a better way.

My pet peeve of the whole evening occurred during the very long autograph line. My number one message for the organizers or any one who will read this that ever holds something like this for any cause. The number one rule should be: KEEP FRIENDS AND FAMILY OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't, teach them some manners and respect instead of acting like they are the Queen of England. Friends and family of the organizers were bypassing the line to cut in at front for their own autographs with their own kids or people they knew. They would find their friends, ask them why they were standing in line and told them to follow them to cut in front. Anyone who has ever waited in a long line up knows how frustrating it is to see people cut in front because they think they are so special. It is more frustrating when they are FRIENDS AND FAMILY who could get their autographs and pictures at any time. I saw other pictures from this on Facebook. Friends and organizers were in the "other" gym with the celebrities before the game. They should have used their special privileges then, instead of clogging up the public's time by cutting in at front of the public line. If the friends of the friends and event staff or own their own family couldn't be bothered to show up early like Joe and Jane Public to use their special privileges in the other gym, they should have been treated like anyone else that wanted an autograph or a picture.

Instead, they cut in and made the people waiting for over an hour, wait even longer. Several people in the line were upset about that. I'm not sure if one of the primary line cutters was Marty's sister or the wife of one of the organizers, but she was very rude. A woman in front of me told her she can't just jump in line. She was told "Oh yes I can!" by the Queen of England/family or friend of the organizers. Then she went back, found more people she recognized in line, and took them to the front of the line with her. She continued to do this as did others who were involved or friends. I bet they are the type of people who drives on the shoulder of the road when there is a traffic jam because they don't think they have to wait like everyone else! :/

The Roloffs were how you would expect for an autograph signing. Polite. Jeremy gets into it which is nice. He was at the far corner by a door. Jeremy, Marty and Lee were the only ones where it was possible for people to step beside him for a picture because it was the end of the line. There was Jeremy, an exit door and then Lee and Marty's table. The rest of them, people would need to lean back over the table if they wanted to be in a picture. By the time I reached the front, Zach had grown weary and kept looking to see if it was dwindling. It must have been boring for them.

There was one thing that Jeremy did that I didn't like. At halftime, a lot of the organizers and their families were posing for pictures on the court with the players. As Half-time was ending, Jeremy took his seat. There were still players on the court warming up. They weren't starting the game. Two little boys, seven or eight years old came up to Jeremy to ask him for an autograph. I clearly heard him say "No. Autographs are after the game." Jeremy sent the two little kids packing. For the next two minutes, he sat in his chair doing nothing but wait for the court to clear. He might have refused because he didn't want to start a trend of other autograph requests, but they were children. He should have made an exception. It was very "douche bag" status for Jeremy, in my opinion. There is so much debate about what Jeremy is like, that was a check mark on the jerk side of the ledger.

I attached pictures. Unfortunately my camera was not co-operating. When I zoomed, the pictures turned out too dark. When they were on the court, it was too far away. I made a run for the VIP "stands behind the players benches. There was room there. Jeremy was almost the only Roloff I got pictures of because his team sat in front of my side the whole time. Most of my pictures were of Jeremy's back :/ As I was looking at Jeremy's back, I was thinking of how envious Expressed, Noell, Em and the rest who comment on Jeremy's butt would be when I say my pictures were of Jeremy's back. lol. Sorry! You will be disappointed. His CoDA jersey was long. He didn't tuck it in. The shirt covered everything.

I will not be a professional photographer. lol. This experience taught me, I need to upgrade my camera. Most of my action shots turned out like this :/ I missed. lol.

My best picture was of Matt during the autograph line.

Thank you to Jocelynn for that report.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

TV Ratings for Little People, Big World / Roloff - April 12, 2010

The television ratings for the second week of episodes for Little People, Big World Season 5 - Part B - were roughly the same as the premiere week.

April 12th "Roman Roloffs" 8pm: 1.327 million viewers

April 12th: "Brothers in Bavaria" 8:30pm: 1.359 million viewers

April 5th "Twins Go Commando" 8pm: 1.213 million viewers

April 5th "Amsterdammed" 8:30pm: 1.394 million viewers

As mentioned last week, Season 5 Part A; averaged 1.8 million viewers per episode. The season high for 5A was 2.4 million and the season low was 1.4 million. So they are way down for LPBW standards, but still higher than many cable shows.

Matt Roloff, recently, for the first time , changed his stance publicly. For many, many years, every season Matt would publicly hint that they were considering packing it in. However, last week he said the Roloffs have no plans to end the show anytime soon and hinted that even if Jeremy and Zach were to transfer away from Portland Community College (less than 10 minutes from Roloff Farms) that the show would continue by following them to college. During the most recent round of negotiations for a Season 6 (which obviously will indeed happen), there were rumblings the Roloffs were in a "Show Us The Money Or Else We Call It Quits" mode with TLC. Matt's new found attitude towards the future of the show, perhaps indicates that the Roloffs were very succesful in the last round of contract negotiations.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Matt Roloff interviews

Matt Roloff has been doing a lot of interviews recently.

There is an interview with TV Guide. The video is on You Tube. Matt talks about how their entourage of crew members and cameras attract a lot of attention and stares. He describes it as "like herding turtles" :). He also states that in the beginning they were educating about dwarfism, buidling their own family security ($) now they are serving -- Amy's charity foundation and Matt's project with the bikes for LPs. He discusses the unusually long break from filming they just had, how Jacob doesn't know anything else except what life is like with the cameras because they've been around since he was so young. Matt talks about how if he gets into a private conversation, he'll reach back prepared to turn the mic off. The hosts asks about going to the bathroom with the mic on.....Matt always turns his off but says Amy leaves hers on...but the sound guys are really good about it...the hosts suggests that as a special on the dvd, Matt interjects that there are a lot of bloopers (for the record, the DVDs contains no extras, they are exactly what is aired on TV)

Another interview can be found here:

In this one, Matt answers the question about whether the tv show is an accurate portrayal. He states yes, but there is the entertainment component.

He is asked about the commercials that show Matt and Amy fighting and the rumors of divorce. Matt states that "clearly, clearly, clearly commercials are designed, you know we're realistic about all that, and we understand, we have learned that's what the television industry has to do. They have to put in the catchier stuff to bring people into the show."

He talks about how if most married couples have a fight, they have it and it's over. Matt and Amy have it again and again, when it happens, when they review it to see if it's portrayed fairly, when it eventually airs and people react to it.

Matt says sometimes it's good for him to see his behavior and how he should correct it. Without mentioning it by name, he cities the time Jeremy was shown asking Matt to help work on his car and Matt said he was too busy; when he sees that it makes him think "gosh, the next time he knocks on my door, I'm going to try to be more attentive."

He discusses how when they travel, the producers get involved and make the reservations, etc., however he likes that they're good friends with the crew and it's nice to have a friends to travel and socialize with (the crew).


The final interview in this piece (all completely separate of course, we're just passing them along together) can be read here.

Matt discusses his trips to Iraq, about the Salman family and the heartbreaking news about Saja's death.

I think Matt hits the mark when he states: "It (the show) has affected us and it has been positive. People see us as real people. Even people that hate our show and dis on us about keeping a messy house and not raising our children right, and that’s fine, that’s what makes our show popular, to have not polarizing but different opinions about us — I think our show has positively affected society’s view of little people."

He is asked about parenting while raising the kids so publicly. The advantage, according to Matt is that he's able to see things he didn't know about. Such as, he didn't realize Jacob was hanging out on the he was able to see that and tell him not to do that. Or the producers will tell Matt and Amy what the kids are up to.

Matt states it's harder because he doesn't want to scold the kids (keeping in mind that Jeremy and Zachary will be 20 in a few weeks) on camera. Matt once again, brings up the subject of bloggers. He claims bloggers think all they see is all there is and they don't have a clue that it's more balanced than they're shown...he states that is frustrating for the Roloffs.

Matt talks about the episodes in Europe that LPBW viewers are currently watching. Regarding the angle of "Jeremy and Zach *alone* in Europe with no one but themselves to count on, Matt claims that the producers and crew do not interfere and if they get lost, they get lost.

We at Spiritswander try to share everything with our readers, so we have to share that there are pictures out there that show a different story. While you can make up your own mind whether producers would get involved if Jeremy and Zach got lost - the pictures show what the Roloffs often stress during interviews - that they are great friends with the crew. While viewers see Jeremy and Zach sitting at a table for two, there are a slew of pictures that show in actual fact -- they have a table for 10 - 16 people. Jeremy and Zach eat dinner with the entire crew in restaurants. While viewers see Jeremy and Zach sitting on the train side by side - in actual fact - they sit on different sides of the train sometimes, playing card games, etc, with the crew and their producers - who we can't stress enough - are great friends to all of the Roloffs.

So that part of it is like what Matt was saying in the previous interview - the companionship they have with the crew on their vacations. Personally, I see a little bit of dancing back and forth in Matt's answers -- on on hand the crew are great friends to socialize with (which is true), but then they revert to selling the plot about "Jer and Zach all alone by themselves with no one else to depend on".

Monday, April 12, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World April 12

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541)


Written by Rap541

Hee! Cute things I didn’t notice previously.

On the rare view of Oregon, the timestamp is 11:20 pm and Molly and Jake are both still up.

Jeremy does indeed pronounce “Thames” as “Thaymes”. The correct pronunciation is more like “Tems”.

Jeremy pointedly says on the train to Brussels that he wants Zach to run into a difficult situation.

The “tension” still seems pretty forced. Still amused by how both twins note that the other totally shuts down when angry.


So we’re in Germany! Jeremy seems to be wearing the same white shirt he’s worn for both previous episodes. They seem to be heading to a “hotel” in this small town. No one seems to speak English and they are befuddled and alone on the streets. Its all vaguely sad.

Until they find the shuttle driver who magically speaks English and takes them to their hotel. They run off for food. Zach notes that in Germany, no one speaks English, despite the obvious evidence we just saw, and frankly all throughout this episode. Jeremy and Zach both look confused at the menus. You know, there’s a reason German is easy for English speakers to learn….

Meanwhile in Oregon, Amy has a complete itinerary which pretty much declares that the entire trip for everyone is totally planned to the nines. Which makes the later “we are on a totally unplanned adventure, going where the heart must take us” talk quite hilarious. Amy seems excited about the trip. Matt seems very pleased to not have to deal with anyone since he’s staying home. Perhaps that is why Amy is excited as well? Jake hay bales how he wanted to go with Jer and Zach to the red light district. Molly seems excited. Amy hay bales how cool it will be to have girl time with Molly. I begin to see Jake’s concern at that comment. Molly seems organized.

German town.! The boys get some schnitzel. Zach has some fun saying it. Jeremy hay bales that it was awkward. Neither seemed impressed with their meal. Kinda surprising actually, German food isn’t all that far off from American, Here’s some info - I mean, I was a little surprised that they were both so open about having to choke it down…. It’s not like it was a plate of rattlesnake with the snake head and tail on the plate as garnish as is the style here in the Southwest.

Oregon! Molly is sick, perhaps with the black death. So of course get on the plane and infect others. This is our very own outbreak. Yup, Molly is hacking in the barf bag. Amy seems to push the panic button and starts talking about going home. I kinda doubt that’s gonna happen, based on a variety of commercials but lets watch.

Rome! Molly manages to make her way off the plane. Jake cheerfully notes how she smells like vomit and they head to a hotel.

Random German Town! So they find a tour guide in costume and no one speaks English. Then the guide sorta mocks them as Anglo-Saxons. The tour guide shows them medieval German whores and questions Zach on what they are. Of course Jeremy knows what they are. And then they tour the witches tower and discuss how the witches were killed. Oh Germany, never change…. Jeremy is all “Yeah, it was sad… because some of them weren’t witches”. Oh where to start? See below.

Jeremy hay bales how the tour guide was amazing. I wonder, more amazing than Kenny? Is it just me or does he think everything is amazing?

Rome! Molly seems better. They tour about on Vespas. Amy hay bales how her special girl time with Molly might not be too much fun for him. They zip about on Vespas, which is cool. Jake hay bales how he loved the speed. They go by the Coliseum. Amy snaps photos of the kids at the Arch of Constantine and then they go to the Coliseum. They look at the Temple of Venus and the tour guide explains the secret name of Rome, which is a cool story. They zip off.

Interesting fact - modern sports stadiums are built in the same style and design as the Coliseum. Yes, the whole exits, and aisles and doorways and stairs? Has essentially been unchanged since Ancient Rome. They even had bathrooms in the place. Anyway….

More Rome Vespa tours. They head to “the orange garden”. They look at the Vatican. Jake is bored but seems to like the scooters. They stop on the Appian Way. I kinda wonder if they know what the Appian Way is. Historically its quite important in Roman history.There’s chariot ruts. Jake hay bales that the schedule was busy. Oh hey, someone on a Segway. A Segway. On the Appian Way. Julius Caesar must be rolling in his grave laughing.

Jeremy and Zach head to the geographic center of the European Union. It’s interesting… but really this is all they could find to do? I mean… Germany has a lot of cool stuff. They call Mom and her phone is off. She’s scootering to the Vatican, which is pretty cool. Amy goes on about the sense of history and they all seem to be having a good time. Amy tickles Jake awake and they hug a little. Its cute.

Germantown! They seem to be in a tour group with a bunch of old people. I mean, I think the next youngest person there is in their forties. Zach takes pride in learning no German but “schnitzel”.

Rome. They go to the Spanish steps and they still seem to have a good time. The kids look tired. Amy prattles on the hay bale about making memories as both kids look almost unconscious in the car.


EP two

So the boys are finally leaving “Generic German Town”. They get on a train that is early. Jeremy’s hat blows off and he is amused. They get on the train and head to the upper deck. They discuss their plans. Zach likes trains - I have to agree. Jeremy notes how the best part of traveling is “the experience of it, and everything”. So articulate. He goes on about making memories.

Zach seems to want to have a good time. That’s certainly new. Jeremy wants an adventure. This will be hard with the whole set schedule that they have to adhere to for filming purposes. Jeremy proudly notes how he enjoyed having a blank mind on the way to Munich. Sometimes I don’t think he carefully considers his words.

Zach talks about himself in the third person in an irritating fashion and they head to a hotel. Then they suck down some beers at the beer garden. Jeremy notes how awesome it is for Zach to drink because drinking is getting out of one’s comfort zone, which Jeremy wants. Because really, if you can’t hang with the whores, you can at least get blasted in a foreign country.

Rome! Amy hay bales how awesome she is for taking the kids to Europe. Molly seemed impressed. Jake has a video game. He hay bales how he don’t need no education, but cheerfully hops about the Vatican.

Munich - its raining and they are renting a car, which people backpacking across Europe do, and Jeremy considers this “legit travel” and that he is super awesome for getting on the Autobahn. In fairness, I hate to drive so good for him. He cheerfully wakes up Zach in the car with a scream. Heh. It was funny.

So they drive about and Zach is all “we’re looking for a life changing experience. Neither seem able to read a map. They go to Ebsee? A resort? Which all backpackers do when on wild carefree vacation, make reservations…. The Alps are nice though. Jeremy notes that he wants to live there in the beauty of nature. He notes that the mountains are different. They head up a gondola lift, which is cool. The scenery is awesome. Jeremy says they are going straight up into an abyss. Abyss, from the Greek, means bottomless pit, btw. Now they are at the top of the highest mountain in Germany but there’s snow. They make beaver jokes. I laughed.

Meanwhile in Italy, the others head to the Trevi fountain. Amy wants Molly to get love, but Molly opts for returning to Italy with her good luck wish. Interesting independence.

Dachau. I’m a little off put by this since both are high school graduates and Jeremy is saying they know nothing at all. I also kinda get the vibe - based on the earlier, more natural comments about adventure and all, that visiting the KZ was very much producer inspired. I’m also a bit off put by how it seems to be a tourist attraction.

Ew - warning on the episode. Heavy topic!

Jeremy notes they had no knowledge of what it was about. Zach voices over that its harsh. There’s talk of the Final Solution, and scenes of the camps. Zach notes how Hitler was all about the perfect people. He notes he is not perfect and that some dwarfs may have been killed…..More on this later. Jeremy notes its sobering and he needs to look at his life. There’s lots of depressing facts tossed out. Jeremy says he left with a different perspective and an “awe” which I don’t think is the word he meant to use. Zach notes that it made him think. It’s nice something does.

Pisa! Amy takes the kids to the Leaning Tower and they take cute photos. They go up it. Jake notes that its kinda awesome. They take in the view. Thankfully they don’t spit off it like they did in the Bahamas. Amy is all “wow the kids are learning”.

German Minicoop. Jeremy hay bales how he’s been places now. He goes on how this was all an unplanned adventure. He seems to have changed into a pink shirt. Zach notes how he’s all about the excitement now.

Ok. First off, minimal effort tells us that in fact, almost no one killed in the witch trials were actually witches. People with too many freckles were executed because those are witch marks. I mean, if you ticked off someone, you were a witch. If your cow died, you were a witch. If your cow was healthy, you were a witch. It’s not sad that anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 people were executed by torture for the crime of being in the wrong place.(because in fact there’s no evidence that any devil worshippers were tortured to death, just innocent Christians who pissed someone off).

Second, yes Zach, not just *some* dwarfs were killed. In fact almost all of them were, along with people with Down Syndrome, and relatively minor physical defects. Try looking up the Ovitz family. Gah…. I think I am more annoyed that this was clearly a forced moment than anything else because I simply do not believe either twin had any interest in this topic at all. I will give them props for seeming genuine…. But the very fact that these two high school graduates don’t seem to realize that they and their family would have been sent to the camps on genetic grounds amazes me.