Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amy Roloff interview with Actors Entertainment - video

While in Los Angeles doing promo, Amy did an interview with Actors Entertainment. They have the video of the full interview. It's about 30 minutes.

It's a very relaxed interview. In case you don't have time to watch the whole interview, we'll summarize some of the points they discussed.

One of the most interesting things to come out of it was Amy basically admitting that there will indeed be a 6th Season. She said they are showing the second half of season 5 right now, but they'll "probably" do a 6th season. It's been floated about that the filming schedule is May to Nov - so obviously the Roloffs and TLC would know by now if they are continuing or if the show was done forever. Amy makes it obvious although there is no official announcement yet. I believe TLC has discovered it's good for viewership to be able to say "the finale" and have viewers think they must watch because it is the last ever episode -- hence why they haven't officially announced season six.

- Unfortunately for more of the avid Roloff fans, like most interviews the Roloffs do -- the interviewer doesn't appear to know very much about the Roloffs or LPBW. He asked if they had a farm - he was channel surfing and thought he saw them driving tractors.

Among the more noteworthy things they discussed:

-They have two crews of about 8 or 12 people. They have two producers that have been with them for 3 years -- Amy didn't mention it but they are: Producer Eric Streit and producer Chris. The Roloffs are very close to them as personal friends.

-Matt would be proud of Amy! She has become just like Matt. She pitches Roloff dirt. The host was in shock -- " sell your dirt?"

-They talk about pumpkin season and how it has increased since having the show. Amy said they always did a good business, but now they can get up to 20, 000 people a season.

-Host asked about it being a reality show. Amy says it is unscripted, but they do plan activities. She explains that sometimes when you see them coming into a place or leaving through a door, they re-shoot that. That was something that a writer following the LPGA event noted last fall at the event at the local golf course near the Roloffs. Amy and an LPGA official came walking through the room on a tour. Then they exited and walked in a second time with the crew filming, pretending as though it was the first time she had seen it.

-A good question --She was asked if anyone in the family surprised her in how they act with the show, who is the biggest ham in the family?

Amy answered that no one has surprised her :
Matt is a salesperson and that side of his personality comes out.
Zach is very real and a fine young man.
Molly sometimes surprises her with a comment here or there.
Jacob would rather shy away from it.
Jeremy is that overall blending kind of young man.

-Amy states that in the beginning they were more aware of the cameras, but now they've gotten used to them and that's due to the consistency of the crew.
The Roloffs have said that before, but it's interesting, because a lot of fans would say the Roloffs seemed more real, natural and less guarded in the first couple of seasons.

-Amy admits that sometimes it is hard to pretend like they're not there because when everybody (the crew) is in the kitchen it gets kind of crowded.

-She said they film usually 10 months out of the year, 5 days a week from the early morning until into the evening.

-They spoke about the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. She explained that her foundation gives the money to other organizations. She mentioned her golf tournaments and how if there are other organizations struggling with their own fundraisers, Amy's foundation will help them out.

-It was the day Amy and Matt were going to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno so they discussed Jay. Amy wanted to see all of Leno's old classic cars because she has an interest in them. She mentioned Harley Davidson; said she has a dream to go to a Nascar racetrack because she loves speed.

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