Monday, April 12, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World April 12

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541)


Written by Rap541

Hee! Cute things I didn’t notice previously.

On the rare view of Oregon, the timestamp is 11:20 pm and Molly and Jake are both still up.

Jeremy does indeed pronounce “Thames” as “Thaymes”. The correct pronunciation is more like “Tems”.

Jeremy pointedly says on the train to Brussels that he wants Zach to run into a difficult situation.

The “tension” still seems pretty forced. Still amused by how both twins note that the other totally shuts down when angry.


So we’re in Germany! Jeremy seems to be wearing the same white shirt he’s worn for both previous episodes. They seem to be heading to a “hotel” in this small town. No one seems to speak English and they are befuddled and alone on the streets. Its all vaguely sad.

Until they find the shuttle driver who magically speaks English and takes them to their hotel. They run off for food. Zach notes that in Germany, no one speaks English, despite the obvious evidence we just saw, and frankly all throughout this episode. Jeremy and Zach both look confused at the menus. You know, there’s a reason German is easy for English speakers to learn….

Meanwhile in Oregon, Amy has a complete itinerary which pretty much declares that the entire trip for everyone is totally planned to the nines. Which makes the later “we are on a totally unplanned adventure, going where the heart must take us” talk quite hilarious. Amy seems excited about the trip. Matt seems very pleased to not have to deal with anyone since he’s staying home. Perhaps that is why Amy is excited as well? Jake hay bales how he wanted to go with Jer and Zach to the red light district. Molly seems excited. Amy hay bales how cool it will be to have girl time with Molly. I begin to see Jake’s concern at that comment. Molly seems organized.

German town.! The boys get some schnitzel. Zach has some fun saying it. Jeremy hay bales that it was awkward. Neither seemed impressed with their meal. Kinda surprising actually, German food isn’t all that far off from American, Here’s some info - I mean, I was a little surprised that they were both so open about having to choke it down…. It’s not like it was a plate of rattlesnake with the snake head and tail on the plate as garnish as is the style here in the Southwest.

Oregon! Molly is sick, perhaps with the black death. So of course get on the plane and infect others. This is our very own outbreak. Yup, Molly is hacking in the barf bag. Amy seems to push the panic button and starts talking about going home. I kinda doubt that’s gonna happen, based on a variety of commercials but lets watch.

Rome! Molly manages to make her way off the plane. Jake cheerfully notes how she smells like vomit and they head to a hotel.

Random German Town! So they find a tour guide in costume and no one speaks English. Then the guide sorta mocks them as Anglo-Saxons. The tour guide shows them medieval German whores and questions Zach on what they are. Of course Jeremy knows what they are. And then they tour the witches tower and discuss how the witches were killed. Oh Germany, never change…. Jeremy is all “Yeah, it was sad… because some of them weren’t witches”. Oh where to start? See below.

Jeremy hay bales how the tour guide was amazing. I wonder, more amazing than Kenny? Is it just me or does he think everything is amazing?

Rome! Molly seems better. They tour about on Vespas. Amy hay bales how her special girl time with Molly might not be too much fun for him. They zip about on Vespas, which is cool. Jake hay bales how he loved the speed. They go by the Coliseum. Amy snaps photos of the kids at the Arch of Constantine and then they go to the Coliseum. They look at the Temple of Venus and the tour guide explains the secret name of Rome, which is a cool story. They zip off.

Interesting fact - modern sports stadiums are built in the same style and design as the Coliseum. Yes, the whole exits, and aisles and doorways and stairs? Has essentially been unchanged since Ancient Rome. They even had bathrooms in the place. Anyway….

More Rome Vespa tours. They head to “the orange garden”. They look at the Vatican. Jake is bored but seems to like the scooters. They stop on the Appian Way. I kinda wonder if they know what the Appian Way is. Historically its quite important in Roman history.There’s chariot ruts. Jake hay bales that the schedule was busy. Oh hey, someone on a Segway. A Segway. On the Appian Way. Julius Caesar must be rolling in his grave laughing.

Jeremy and Zach head to the geographic center of the European Union. It’s interesting… but really this is all they could find to do? I mean… Germany has a lot of cool stuff. They call Mom and her phone is off. She’s scootering to the Vatican, which is pretty cool. Amy goes on about the sense of history and they all seem to be having a good time. Amy tickles Jake awake and they hug a little. Its cute.

Germantown! They seem to be in a tour group with a bunch of old people. I mean, I think the next youngest person there is in their forties. Zach takes pride in learning no German but “schnitzel”.

Rome. They go to the Spanish steps and they still seem to have a good time. The kids look tired. Amy prattles on the hay bale about making memories as both kids look almost unconscious in the car.


EP two

So the boys are finally leaving “Generic German Town”. They get on a train that is early. Jeremy’s hat blows off and he is amused. They get on the train and head to the upper deck. They discuss their plans. Zach likes trains - I have to agree. Jeremy notes how the best part of traveling is “the experience of it, and everything”. So articulate. He goes on about making memories.

Zach seems to want to have a good time. That’s certainly new. Jeremy wants an adventure. This will be hard with the whole set schedule that they have to adhere to for filming purposes. Jeremy proudly notes how he enjoyed having a blank mind on the way to Munich. Sometimes I don’t think he carefully considers his words.

Zach talks about himself in the third person in an irritating fashion and they head to a hotel. Then they suck down some beers at the beer garden. Jeremy notes how awesome it is for Zach to drink because drinking is getting out of one’s comfort zone, which Jeremy wants. Because really, if you can’t hang with the whores, you can at least get blasted in a foreign country.

Rome! Amy hay bales how awesome she is for taking the kids to Europe. Molly seemed impressed. Jake has a video game. He hay bales how he don’t need no education, but cheerfully hops about the Vatican.

Munich - its raining and they are renting a car, which people backpacking across Europe do, and Jeremy considers this “legit travel” and that he is super awesome for getting on the Autobahn. In fairness, I hate to drive so good for him. He cheerfully wakes up Zach in the car with a scream. Heh. It was funny.

So they drive about and Zach is all “we’re looking for a life changing experience. Neither seem able to read a map. They go to Ebsee? A resort? Which all backpackers do when on wild carefree vacation, make reservations…. The Alps are nice though. Jeremy notes that he wants to live there in the beauty of nature. He notes that the mountains are different. They head up a gondola lift, which is cool. The scenery is awesome. Jeremy says they are going straight up into an abyss. Abyss, from the Greek, means bottomless pit, btw. Now they are at the top of the highest mountain in Germany but there’s snow. They make beaver jokes. I laughed.

Meanwhile in Italy, the others head to the Trevi fountain. Amy wants Molly to get love, but Molly opts for returning to Italy with her good luck wish. Interesting independence.

Dachau. I’m a little off put by this since both are high school graduates and Jeremy is saying they know nothing at all. I also kinda get the vibe - based on the earlier, more natural comments about adventure and all, that visiting the KZ was very much producer inspired. I’m also a bit off put by how it seems to be a tourist attraction.

Ew - warning on the episode. Heavy topic!

Jeremy notes they had no knowledge of what it was about. Zach voices over that its harsh. There’s talk of the Final Solution, and scenes of the camps. Zach notes how Hitler was all about the perfect people. He notes he is not perfect and that some dwarfs may have been killed…..More on this later. Jeremy notes its sobering and he needs to look at his life. There’s lots of depressing facts tossed out. Jeremy says he left with a different perspective and an “awe” which I don’t think is the word he meant to use. Zach notes that it made him think. It’s nice something does.

Pisa! Amy takes the kids to the Leaning Tower and they take cute photos. They go up it. Jake notes that its kinda awesome. They take in the view. Thankfully they don’t spit off it like they did in the Bahamas. Amy is all “wow the kids are learning”.

German Minicoop. Jeremy hay bales how he’s been places now. He goes on how this was all an unplanned adventure. He seems to have changed into a pink shirt. Zach notes how he’s all about the excitement now.

Ok. First off, minimal effort tells us that in fact, almost no one killed in the witch trials were actually witches. People with too many freckles were executed because those are witch marks. I mean, if you ticked off someone, you were a witch. If your cow died, you were a witch. If your cow was healthy, you were a witch. It’s not sad that anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 people were executed by torture for the crime of being in the wrong place.(because in fact there’s no evidence that any devil worshippers were tortured to death, just innocent Christians who pissed someone off).

Second, yes Zach, not just *some* dwarfs were killed. In fact almost all of them were, along with people with Down Syndrome, and relatively minor physical defects. Try looking up the Ovitz family. Gah…. I think I am more annoyed that this was clearly a forced moment than anything else because I simply do not believe either twin had any interest in this topic at all. I will give them props for seeming genuine…. But the very fact that these two high school graduates don’t seem to realize that they and their family would have been sent to the camps on genetic grounds amazes me.


Dana said...

Rap, they just graduated high school Leave them alone. As you said, they were genuine. You expect too much. What did you want from them? Most kids don't know all the facts.

I was put off by Jacob this episode. He is so ungrateful for what his family gives him.

It was nice to see Zach in a better mood. He made himself a better travel companion for Jeremy. Maybe Jeremy told Zach what he said last week about wanting Mueller with him.

Jeremy was very funny waking Zach up with the yelling.

Rap541 said...

"Rap, they just graduated high school Leave them alone."

Because its adorable the adults have no idea of history?

"You expect too much. "

You expect far too little.

"Maybe Jeremy told Zach what he said last week about wanting Mueller with him."

If I have noticed anything on this trip, its that Jeremy pretty much gets his way. If Jeremy geniunely told his brother that, it only goes to show that the only thing Jeremy cares about is Jeremy's good time. I still haven't heard Jeremy say "Zach wanted to do this, I didn't but we're on this trip together". No, its been all about Jeremy wanting an adventure, wanting to do what he wants and wanting Zach uncomfortable.

tay said...

say what you want about jeremy, but at least he thinks things are amazing.

jacob was much more annoying than jeremy or zach. send that kid back to oregon. he doesn't appreciate anything they do for him.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised that so called high school they graduated from doesn't teach about the Holocaust?

I can't believe any reasonable adult would actually pay money to send their kids to this anti-Semite cult like institution.

Another generation of ignorant God Warriors hits the ground running.

Judy said...

Jeremy was rubbing off on Zach. Rap, you may disagree, but Jeremy getting his way is a good thing. I didn't see Zach full of suggestions. Would Zach's way been to sleep all day in the hotel rooms?

They need Jeremy to rub off on Jake. I wanted to slap that kid so many times last night. All he does is complain.

What this trip has taught me is what I already knew. Matt only has one son that takes after him and that is Jeremy.

David said...

I thought Dachau was insulting because I remember Jeremy's comments with his friends. As a "sleazy Jew" I find this stuff to be self-serving for the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

"I didn't see Zach full of suggestions."

You didn't see Jeremy concerned with asking Zach his opinion either. In fact Jeremy, while doing things he liked, rather incessantly repeated how delighted he was to get Zach "out of his comfort zone.". This goes to the whole "Jeremy is super sensitive about others" nonsense that is often pulled.

"I wanted to slap that kid so many times last night. All he does is complain."

Couple points - have you ever traveled with a 12 year? Because one reason people tend to hold off on trips to the Vatican etc is because kids Jake's age do get bored. As it was, I was struck by how he seemed to be having fun.

Second -you did catch the mother/daughter with Jake in as a required nuisance tone, right? Unlike Jeremy - who was all grins doing exactly as he pleased - Jake wasn't given a choice on what to do (rightly, he's only twelve) and perhaps its unfair to compare the trips when the few occasions where the activities seemed forced by TLC, Jer was looking bored.

I wonder how all smiles Jeremy would have been if he wasn't allowed to go on the beer and whores tour.

Cathelitou said...

Is it me or the music in this episode was very anoying? Like when they go in the alpes. They should take off the music or at least take down the volume!!! We can't hear what Jer and Zach said!!!

Anonymous said...

So, who would like to enlighten me on what Jeremy said during the scandal.
I've heard about some of the things he's said, but not all. Just curious.

Dupree said...

Dana - as recent high school graduates, they should know MORE than the average person about WWII. I assume that they have taken a History course in the last 2 years. That would give them a leg up over your average Joe. Typical high school history curriculum spends a decent amount of time on WWII and the Holocaust. To boast that they know nothing is a testament to their (lack of) education.

Kapper said...

This whole LPBW stuff is becoming more like watching school field trips, with Amy as the 'teacher'.....incredibly scripted, predictable and boring. Maybe Amy should put down that damn camera of hers for once and enjoy the moment instead of TELLING everyone how much she's enjoying the moment. And what's up with her ending her sentences with 'man'??? "Wow, this is awesome man" and "hey, I've got a really competitive nature man"...

Anonymous said...

With those horrific tight jeans I was half expecting Jeremy to start yodeling in the Alps...

Shadow said...

Interesting - as I recalled, and a couple of websites confirmed, most rental car companies don't rent to anyone under 21, and very few rent to anyone under 25. Yet Jer was able to do this with no problem? Just another example of those independent kids bravely taking on a challenge that had been all taken care of by TLC long before they got to the counter.

Not surprised that they knew nothing about anything they saw. That's what I predicted and expected. Sad that they consider their ignorance amusing.

Greg said...

Does anyone ever read the closing credits? That's where you see all the free stuff they receive.

"Special Thanks:

Travel arrangements provided by:
Rail Europe Inc.

Accommodations provided by:

Hotel Romae
Nerone Tours
Motel Agg
Schelm Von Bergen
Gasthaus Zur Post

Rap541 said...

"Interesting - as I recalled, and a couple of websites confirmed, most rental car companies don't rent to anyone under 21, and very few rent to anyone under 25. Yet Jer was able to do this with no problem? Just another example of those independent kids bravely taking on a challenge that had been all taken care of by TLC long before they got to the counter."

Shadow, I was wondering if anyone noticed that. Particularly since the spur of the moment rental car was rigged with an inside camera...

I mean, obviously the twins were on a planned itinerary, which makes all the adventure talk quite hilarious.

lucas said...

Thanks for the review Rap. Just an aside, our kids knew about the horrors of WWII before leaving elementary school thanks to a great curriculum that offered such books as The Diary of Anne Frank.

Secularism in education leads to secluded ignorant people unable to empathize with those around them that are different. (and this show is all about accepting people with differences?.. what a joke)

Amy and Matt, your son is a complete idiot. Sue Faith Bible or better yet, take a look in the mirror about the way you've raised your children. Their oldest knows nothing about acceptance. WWJD Amy?

M said...

I hate that that they never seem to know anything about the places they travel. Read some history books and tour guides/books when your planning vacations. They seems to go to these places(yes they are orced) and know nothing. :-/

just think of when Amy and the kids went on their southern trip the summer before. Nobody knew anything!

Anonymous said...

I must agree with several other about Jacob's comportment. He is so ungrateful and vapid, and we cannot attribute his behavior simply to his age. They should have just turned him loose on a Vespa back on the farm.

I have always found Amy's diction rather crass. The "dude" and "man" tags are forced and awkward--especially from someone who styles herself as a public speaker.

I am looking forward to their time in France! I want to see how the language barrier comes into play.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy: "When the majority of them weren't witches!"
The rest of them were. Rotten spellcasters.
What a stupid kid.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy : "We are going up into the abyss!"
And the hits just keep on coming!

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to tell Jeremy that nobody really says "Legit" and expects to be cool. Really stupid.
Maybe those happenin' kids at faith bible!

Lynn said...

Oh cut the kid some slack. Back in my day, the word was "cool", then it was "amazing" or "awesome", then I heard "rad". Now it's "legit"? Nothing wrong with that. At least it is a positive adjective. That Jacob knows nothing but the negative.

Anonymous said...

seriously? lets just leave these kids alone. they learned what they learned, and yes they may not be the most knowledgeable but is that any reason to be so down on them? and just by the way, every one uses "legit".

Shadow said...

I am looking forward to their time in France! I want to see how the language barrier comes into play.

Why is France going to be any different from Italy or Germany? Their complete inability to speak either of those languages didn't mean much. Of course, why should it, when the entire trip and all the services have been planned out for you, and all you have to do is follow the film crew's directions.

Or are you thinking that perhaps the French won't be so accommodating and break into English for them at the drop of a hat? Any language "problems" they encounter will be contrived and pre-planned, you can be sure.

maa213 said...

Shadow, I definitely agree that any genuine language "problems" would be presented according to a larger master script. I guess I was just holding out hope that there might be some authentic moments of total confusion or dissatisfaction because of the language barrier in France since, as you say, the French might not (and I would argue, will not) be so accommodating.

I know from my travels to France that even imperfect French is prized over English. Even if the French know English, many are disinclined to switch languages. Yes, this is a stark generalization, but there is some ground of truth to it. I just want to see if there's any real "drama" that stems from a language barrier--something the producers and travelers themselves have been playing up. It's not like Jeremy and Zach will attempt any basic phrases either. After all, Zach had such difficulty with the word "Schnitzel," which isn't exactly a mystery to English speakers...

Rap541 said...

"seriously? lets just leave these kids alone. they learned what they learned, and yes they may not be the most knowledgeable but is that any reason to be so down on them? and just by the way, every one uses "legit"."

Jeremy and Zach are adults, not kids. they choose to display themselve in the media for money. They are not childen, and people insist that they are not mentally defective, therefore they understand the consequences of accepting money for being on tv.

There are people who have been on Survivor at 19. No one said "leave the kid alone, he's too young". Please explain why two adults should be deemed "not responsible" when they are legal adults and not widdle boys who need mommy protectig them?

I mean, are Jer-Bear and Zaky still needing mommy to check their dipy? Or are they old enough to willingly display themselves on tv and *bear the conseqences of their adult choices*?

I am totally open to hearing how BOTH almost 20 year old young men are too childish and immature and mentally impaired to be considered responsible for themselves...

Kapper said...

AMEN Rap541!!! If these 'boys' were in kindergarten then I might be inclined to 'leave them alone' but come ON, like you said, they're ADULTS. Remember when they were registering for community college and Zach was unsure as to how to spell Oregon?? Amy blames her husband for every damn thing but I blame HER for babying these 'boys' Jacob is next in line, he'll be the twins age and won't be able to form a thought without mommy's help

Anonymous said...

Unsure how to spell Oregon???? priceless,. great education.

Lindsay said...

LOL jeremy does think everything is amazing or spectacular

Shadow said...

Well, Kapper, at what point do you expect a person to take responsibility for his/her own education? Molly was raised in the same household, and seems to be managing a 4.0 GPA. The twins are now 20 - even if you want to lay all the blame on Amy's parenting for the state they were in at 18, they are perfectly capable of recognizing their ignorance and doing something about it IF THEY WANT TO. Obviously, even when handed a travel opportunity that most 20-yr-olds would jump at, they don't care enough to learn even the most minimal bits of information about where they're going and what they're seeing. Unless, of course, you count Jer's enthusiasm for "learning" about beer and prostitutes. Although I suspect he already has a 4.0 in at least one of those subjects...

Anonymous said...

Lindsay said...
LOL jeremy does think everything is amazing or spectacular

Don't forget "Legit"
Kid has no street smarts.

Rap541 said...

"If these 'boys' were in kindergarten then I might be inclined to 'leave them alone' but come ON, like you said, they're ADULTS."

I hear ya, Kapper. Look above at all the negative comments about Jake, who is 12. Sure seems like 12 is younger than 19 but Jake is "ungrateful" and its perfectly acceptable to state how one wishes to "smack" a 12 year old.... But bless us Jeremy is a BOY! He musn't hear or see anything but praise, stop being mean to him he's a CHILD doing the very best one can expect of a BOY!

He and Zach are 19, now almost 20. If it is perfectly acceptable and free speech and one's right to one's opinion to proudly state how a 12 year old needs to be physically struck for unacceptable behavior, then I think Jer-Bear is old enough to bear it just as his 12 year old brother has to. The twins are adults who intentionally chose to be on a reality show. Enough with "leave them alone, they are children doing the best they can".

After all, Jake IS a child and he's not hands off. I don't understand why Jeremy is. Poor widdle Jer-Bear with a beer in his hand is too much a child to ever hear a word of criticism. If the Jer-Bear is old enough to *choose* to drink publically.... I do not understand how any reasonable person thinks he's not old enough to be judged as an adult.