Monday, April 5, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed - Little People Big World April 5th

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

Hey everybody! This is my pre-show bit that I asked Spirits to do at the end of last season. Everybody thought it was a good idea. Yay. Comment before the show if you want or as it's going on. It usually takes me and Rap a couple of hours after the show to have reviews up on the site.

The Roloffs are back!!!! Yay! Monday nights are not the same without LPBW. I'm excited. These episodes are supposed to be totally about Jeremy and Zach in Europe. Sounds promising! It better not be sabotaged by a bunch of sound bytes back on the farm between Amy and Matt about the stupid marriage drama that kinda seems fake considering what Matt says on the net and the happy Hawaii pics.

The previews say Jeremy and Zach fight or have serious tension. My guess is it's fake preview hype. I wish TLC would understand that it would be fun for viewers to watch Jeremy and Zach travel without any big fights. An episode doesn't have to have arguing to be interesting to watching. It's too bad whenever there is stuff like this now I always think it's fake or greatly exaggerated and to give them a plot. I didn't remember thinking that back in the first season. I never thought the famous Amy yelling at Jeremy about soccer practice was fake.

Anyways, if they do get on each others nerves, I know who I am going to side with :) In one corner you have Jeremy. Always in a good mood. I saw from the preview how excited he was on the plane and to try on a kilt. Would there be a more fun person to vacation with than Jeremy? Always excited, always wanting to try something new. Always in a good mood. I read Shadow's comment about the preview videos and Jeremy. They are right! LOL. EVERYTHING Jeremy has does is something he always wanted to do. Everything that happens is the best experience ever. LOL. Zach actually said that about Jeremy in one of the episodes. Some people might laugh at it, but I think that's part of Jeremy's charm.

In the other corner is moody Zach. Can't forget him being miserable in the van. He was worse than Jacob and that's saying something! Then his big temper tantrum in New Orleans. Even Jeremy said it was a downer trying to have a good time when someone wants to be miserable and lets everyone know it. That was when Zach was complaining that Amy didn't know how to read him when he's throwing temper tantrums. Then he demanded a plane ticket home...

If Jer and Zach have some tension, who is likely to be the cause of it? :)

I'm looking forward to seeing Jeremy enjoy himself tonight. We'll get to see Jeremy in a kilt. Like somebody else said on here, c'mon, you know everyone is hoping for a big gust of wind when Jer is wearing the kilt! lol.

The countdown is less than 4 hours away! Yay!


The episode begins!!

*Roloffs at home around the table talking about going to Europe. Matt tries to be funny. The kids give strange looks. Sad to say, but my reaction to this stuff now is it all seems so forced, like they're just trying to be entertaining for the camera.

*The doorbell rings. It's a package for Jer and Zach! Backpacks for Europe.

*Jer and Zach barn bite (this is when they talk to the camera in the barn setting! That's what Matt calls this part of the show. "Barn bites") about their relationship. They say when they were young they used to be really close, but argued a lot. Then they grew apart and did their own things. Jeremy says they didn't hang out much in senior year. Jeremy hung out with the buds and Zach stayed around Molly and her friends.

*Jer and Zach packing in their room. Jeremy rubber bands all of his socks together. Haha.

*Zach says now that he's older he can't stink...he said before he could get away with not wearing clean clothes but now he needs to spend time packing to bring more stuff....then he decides to say that during the Utah dude ranch trip he only wore 2 pairs of underwear the whole trip...Jer says that meant Zach wore the same pair for 3 days. Zach says it was uncomfortable....Jeremy, along with all the millions watching are grossed out! Can Zach really not think about the reaction of millions to this kind of stuff? LOL.

*Matt tells Zach to get along with Jeremy on the trip. Cue the drama. They're talking like they're going to have a knock em down drag em out fight and they'll never speak for the rest of their lives. Matt hopes they don't argue too much.

*Amy drives them to the airport. She asks them if they brought shampoo and deodorant....hmm, not stinking and smelling good must be a theme this season. LOL. :)

*A lot of talk about Jer and Zach being on their own and how they'll do. I'm not into this. They're with the crew and the producers! They're friends! But we're supposed to believe this hoax. Jer and Zach all around in the world with no one to help. How will they survive?

*The preview video scene with Jer on the plane all excited. How can people not love him? He's so giddy with excitement.

*They arrive in Scotland. Jeremy says they didn't sleep on the plane (why not??) so he's been up 36 hours straight.

*Jeremy has only rode the bus once or twice in his life and now they need to ride the Bus...

*They walk around searching for the place they're staying at like they're lost. The camera shows the correct place on the other side of the street. Jeremy and Zach act clueless. Yawn. I'm sure the producer and camera crew standing behind them helped them out...

*They get to their room. Zach wants to sleep. Jeremy wants to explore. He hears bagpipes and is off to check them out while Zach sleeps. Jer talks about how it's kind of a bummer that his first ever time in Scotland he's exploring alone.

*I have to throw Zach a bone if the info we were told was true. If you haven't slept, you haven't slept. Apparently Jeremy is superman that never sleeps. lol.

*Lots of talk about how Jeremy is trying to get Zach out of his comfort zone to try things.

*Jeremy and Zach go to a Scottish pub. Jeremy orders haggis (sheep intestines, yum!) and a beer. Jeremy drinks!!!! Zach takes a sip. I'm sure I heard Zach's voice over said "my first beer". Yeah right. :) Jeremy loves it all. He's just a beer drinking, haggis eating, no sleeping maniac.

*It's a new day. Awwwwww! That's the problem with LPBW. We get all this staged drama about tension, but I think the audience, at least me, would rather see the reality! Lets see what Jeremy is like after he downs that huge beer and a few others. lol. But they skipped all of that. Thumbs down to LPBW editors.

*They're with "Kenny" to wear kilts. Zach snarks about how Jeremy "apparently" says it was his life long dream to wear a kilt.

*Kenny tells them they must go "commando" underneath the kilts. Kenny is *really* excited about it! Jer is too!

*Jeremy says he's excited because how often does he get a chance to wear a skirt?....Oh Jeremy. You don't realize the fuel you're giving the "Jer is gay" people. lol.

*Jer goes commando and holds his boxers in the air as proof! Yay! Kenny and Jeremy unite over Jer's initiation into manhood. Zach does it too but there doesn't seem to be the same level of excitement. Jeremy calls it going "nudie booty, nothing on down stairs". Gotta Love Jeremy's expressions.

*Now they go to try playing bag pipes. Gotta say Jeremy's arms are huge when he's shown folding his arms! Very nice! :)

*More talk about how Jer was trying to get Zach out of his element. I'm not feeling all of this talk. These are all done in voice over. They seem pretty normal to me in real time film.

*They climb a tall in kilts. I caught Jer holding his kilt down in the high wind. Darn!

*They show the preview commercial for the new season. I noticed that the beer scene in the commercial was different than what we saw at the Haggis place. Jeremy must have had lots of beer on this trip :)

*As this episode comes to an end, Zach talks about the "tension" with Jer and says overall their journey together was a positive experience. It's a happy ending, Jeremy says they are trying to be best pals again.

2nd Episode

*Jer and Zach have a couple of days in London. They look at Big Ben. Walk a lot. Zach says they have tension because Jeremy wants to just walk and find stuff that way, Zach likes to have a plan. Jeremy is asking directions a lot (or they could probably just ask their producer or their camera crew :)

*They cut to Molly, Jake and Amy at home. Oh no, Amy is worried because they haven't called. Oh Amy, I'm sure the crew would have called you if they had died or something. lol. The way Amy was talking it was like they were headed off to war. I don't think Amy was this concerned when Matt was in Iraq.

*Jeremy and Zach, still alive in London, see kids playing soccer in a park. Jer joins in. Zach doesn't want to play. Jer barn bites again about how he's trying to get Zach out of his comfort zone. Zach says he'll say hello to people but he isn't into "Bs-ing with people like Jeremy". Um Zach, it's called being social!

*Zach eventually kicks the ball with them and seems to have fun. He bonds with some dude over Chelsea football.

*They head to the London Eye, Zach is worried because it's their last day in an English speaking country.

*More talk about how they're getting on each others nerves. I am so not feeling this stuff. It's all done in voice overs. While they play them talking about all this tension, they show them walking a few feet in front of each other. Big deal. Wow, they don't talk every second. Big tension! Much ado about nothing, imo.

*Back at home Matt calls Jeremy. He hopes they get lost to show them that's what the world is like. Er, Matt, in the real world they wouldn't have a camera crew and a producer guiding them ;)

*They're trying to find a train to Amsterdam. They almost get lost waiting at the wrong spot. Suddenly they figure out the right place. Gee I wonder if the crew tipped them off.

*Shameless shallow moment but hey, this is why people really watch! The best part about watching them wander around the train station is Jeremy's very tight jeans :)

*They had a "close call" with finding the train but are headed to Amsterdam. They read up on the Red Light district, talk about how prostitution is legal there...Jer and Zach are both trying to act like they think it's so bad.

*They go to eat. Cue more talk about how Jeremy is trying to get Zach out of his element to try stuff. They go for Indonesian food.

*Jeremy "cons" Zach into eating a hot pepper and they both find that hilarious.

*The Red Light District! Hopefully this will be good since they've been building up to it. Zach says Jer was excited but he didn't really want to go, but went anyway....they walk through a street. Jeremy says you can see how it's different, you can smell it......haha yes and we all know what they're smelling...I'm sure Jer has smelled that smell before, imo! :) lol.

*Zach says they didn't like the Red Light district very much because they felt like by walking through it they were supporting it......hmm. Whoever is in charge of the TLC marketing campaign as a family friendly show will be proud of that.

*Again, more tension talk. Zach says Jer gets frustrated with him but doesn't communicate it with him and then he gets frustrated with Jeremy for not communicating. Again this is all in voice overs. In the real film I'm not seeing any of this tension.

*Oh here it comes! Quote of the show. Jeremy: "What I would give to have Mueller here." Zing to Zach!

*Yay. Jeremy in a towel! Kilt and commando talk aside, this is the first bit of Jeremy's body that we've seen all hour :)

*More voice over tension talk.

*They end with Jeremy saying although there was tension between them he wouldn't trade that time with Zach for Jer, you just said that you would give anything to be on the trip with Mueller instead of Zach so I guess you would trade something - Zach for Mueller! I don't blame him. We all know this episode (if they had shown us everything) would have been more ...interesting if it was just Jeremy and Mueller.

That's it for this week. Overall, great to have LPBW back and great to have a full hour of Jeremy and Zach. But on the downside, I don't like that they skipped over the real fun stuff at night, after all those beers. I think we all know what really happens is the crew puts the cameras down, then they all hit the town, that would be the real interesting stuff to see! :)

The other part I didn't like was all the tension talk. Like I said, I wasn't feeling it. I don't think there was any real tension. Jeremy is more excited to see stuff, but tension? I wasn't feeling it.


Dana said...

Expressed, I agree. In general, Jeremy is much more mature than Zach. Hopefull Zach was better behaved on this trip or else Jeremy was probably hoping he could do the europe trip with Mueller instead.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why Amy is so worried about her kids their is a film crew following them around.

Shadow said...

The "Thaymes" river? Oh, Jer...please, please, PLEASE tell me you didn't say that.


Emma said...

I don't know about anyone else...but I thought it was rude what Jeremy said about how he'd give anything for Mueller to be there. And seriously TLC? You're making it seem like two twin brothers hate each other's guts or something. They overplay small tiny conflicts.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I TVo'd that when I heard it just to make sure. Can't believe he was there and didn't even hear ONCE the correct pronounciation!

Steph said...

I'm getting kind of tired how everyone is either on Jeremy's side for everything and believe he can do NO wrong, or they're on Zach's side and believe he had no fault. It's Team ROLOFF. Not Team Jeremy vs. Team Zach. But all that aside. Props to Jeremy to trying to get Zach to explore new things. Zach should of been more into exploring it. I'm sure Zach was expecting it all to be outside his comfort zone, but kudos to Jer to being more open about the culture change. However, I think Jeremy went a bit too far with saying he'd rather have Mueller. That was pretty low.

Peter said...

Emma, you are right on. If I was Zach, I'd hate Mueller and Jeremy.

Could Jeremy make it any more crystal clear that he loves Mueller more than his own twin brother? I get it. Mueller and Jeremy are more similar than Jeremy and Zach. But he doesn't have to constantly make the point about how much better life would be with Mueller.

Megan said...

I didn't think there was any arguements between them. Nothing out of the ordinary. The over the top "they hate each" stuff need to go.

It's too bad so many people seem to fall for whatever is said on this show. Watch what you're actually seeing, not the scripted story they read.

Dana said...

"...but I thought it was rude what Jeremy said about how he'd give anything for Mueller to be there."

Emma, don't fault Jeremy for wanting Mueller to be there with instead of Zach. Fault Zach.

Let me ask you. Who do you think Jeremy would have had a better time with on that trip? Mueller or Zach? Why then would you criticize Jeremy for saying the correct answer. Zach needs to bear some responsibility for Jeremy wishing Mueller was in his place.

Cathleen said...

Overall, I feel like this episode was a bore.. due to Zach's unwilling attitude to try new things!

Rap541 said...

Actually Dana, I am sure Jeremy meant it, and it speaks to Jeremy's empathetic abilities that he doesn't keep such remarks to himself.

Zach can't help being a dwarf. He's always going to be the slowest. He's always going to be four foot tall. He was carrying the same size backpack as Jeremy. He's always going to be stared at, and not in a positive "oh how handsome" way but in a much more negative way because he's got an obvious physical handicap. he's going to get tired faster, because he's the size of a child, and he's forever going to be playing catch up. If Jeremy doesn't understand where some of Zach's difficulty comes from at this point then no, he's not very empathetic at all wishing he had Mueller to troll the red light district with.

Blinders off - I thought Jeremy was trying pretty hard to show Zach a good time. I thought Zach was trying pretty hard to go along with doing what Jeremy wanted to do. Where did Zach balk? Playing soccer with strangers (which felt like a rather staged for the cameras moment all around), drinking beer - and he did it, and walking around the redlight district, which he *also* did.

What did Jeremy do that *Zach* wanted to do but he wasn't very interested in? Zach wore kilts, tried beer, tried indonesian food? For all the voice overs were "there's a huge amount of tension" really, did we see it?

The biggest amount of tension seemed to be over the red light district... And for the most part Jeremy has been getting his way. For someone who is so intensely sensitive to his father's handicaps, Jeremy really doesn't seem to notice at all that the trip that is fun fun fun for him isn't quite as physically comfortable for Zach, and I don't think we're heard Jeremy even ponder what Zach would like to do... just that he wants Zach "out of his comfort zone".

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Jeremy and Zach seemed alot happier in the first couple of seasons than the season involving their senior year. I wish they were as close as they used to be. I mean, alot of the seperation that we see must be induced by TLC trying to create drama in the show, but I do think that they have grown apart from when they were younger.
Also, I don't think that was Jeremy's first taste of beer... but Zach's? Very believable!!!

phenix said...

You Jeremy worshipers are nuts, chill out. And those who hate Jeremy, chill out. You are all WAY too involved in this kid.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, wonderful explaination. I couldn't agree more with everything you said about that situation.

Sometimes I wonder if the show has gone too far in "normalizing" little people.

No one realizes any more that it is a lot easier to be Jeremy than Zach? Zach is expected to be as physically active, as social, as happy as Jeremy always?

Your post was the best one I've read in a long time. What did Jeremy do for Zach? Zach did try new things. He wasn't jumping up and down to try them, but he did try them.

I agree about the lack of tension. This is where I think editing does come in. They're walking around Europe all day. They're not going to be talking every second of the trip.

Noell :) said...

I missed your reviews, Expressed!
Great review!
I loved these episodes, except for the tension thing...that was just stupid.

lpbw537 said...

great review! im so happy the show is back, but i was hoping that since it was a mainly twins episode that there wouldn't be all that stupid marriage drama and even though there wasn't, the tension with them was almost as bad!

I was actually laughing to myself during the beer scene. It was SO clear that it wasn't Jer's first experience with alcohol ;) he loved it! Zach on the other hand almost choked on it...i guess those nights with Matts vodka by with the barn didnt include Zach hahaa

Shadow said...

Can't wait to hear how Jer pronounces Dachau - Da-chow?

If he gets it right, we'll know who's checking this site! LOL...

Whatever he says, I'm sure it will include the facts that he's wanted to visit Dachau ALL HIS LIFE and this is the GREATEST experience he's ever had.

Brandon said...

LOL @ Shawdow!

That is the best part about Zach. He gets what we get. How ridiculous Jeremy is with that stuff. I like how he was discreetly making fun of Jeremy's "I've ALWAYS wanted to do that. It's my ONE dream. ALL my life!"

Rap541 said...

I'm just crossing my fingers in hopes that they actually know what Dachau is....

Also, if anything tells you that this is not a casual "two young men without a care in the world backpacking and manfully exploring where their interests take them" it should be the fact that they're going to Dachau. That screams production interference and I am very curious to see what the hay bale moments sound like over their adventures in Dachau.

Greg said...

"I'm just crossing my fingers in hopes that they actually know what Dachau is...."

Shame on you, Rap. You should know how this show works by now.

I am sure Jeremy will read a nice scripted speech about how he was moved to tears by their visit. Then all the Jeremy fans will crow about how sensitive and full empathy Jeremy James Roloff is.

One add: Jeremy's speech will come in a "haybale" or a voice over, because those are when they're reading a script. It will likely include a nice speech from Jeremy about diversity (Jer and his friends did have some offensive comments about Jews on his Myspace).

Rap541 said...

Greg - I know about how it will play out, with Jeremy and Zach both making obligatory haybale speeches that sound like they're reading off a prompter.

And yes, I do recall Jer's fondness for the word "kike" (This one, btw, all you "oh Jeremy was just being cool and hiphop" is one of the ones that has no hiphop connotations and was used in the racist sense in Jeremy James's blessed writings).

What I am curious about is whether either twin has the knowledge of history to understand that their family would have been targeted and sent to camps because of their genetic issues. There's a *great deal* of evidence that people suffering from dwarfism and other genetic illnesses were ahem... humanely put down at best and at worst experimented on. There's at least one good book written by the survivors of a dwarf circus family.

In all honesty, this is something that should have a huge impact on them. I hope it does... but I fear we will get a "oh wow it was sad..." and no real understanding/

Jocelynn said...

Rap and Greg, I agree with you for the most part, but in all fairness, I don't think many kids, except for the extremely sensitive and aware kids (and there are some) can really imagine what it was like.

I imagine Jeremy's reaction will be similar to his comment when their school was helping a flood victim. I think he said something along the lines of it sucks because he thinks about what it would be like if he came home and all his stuff was flooded out and ruined, he would want people to help him.

I agree this is when they'll sound scripted and both twins are smart enough to be serious and look sad while on the tour.

Out of the two of them, I think Jeremy is more aware of how to play to the camera. I find some of his comments are delivered without sincerity, but he usually is "saying" the right thing in those "Barn Bites".

Shadow said...

Sadly, for TLC and the Roloffs anyway, I have no interest in watching JerBear diminish the history and importance of Dachau by saying the "right" things in a scripted voiceover while having no real interest in or respect for what took place there. I will be one less person watching.

Anonymous said...

c'mon we all know if Muller and Jer would have gone to Europe together there would have been no Red Light Distric scenes. Both would have been in their hotel room having "fun" with each other.