Monday, April 12, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: April 12

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

Pre-show: Tonight should be good too. We're supposed to get Amy, Molly and Jake in Europe too, and Jer and Zach still on their own in Germany. I wonder if they'll drop the plot of the "tension" between Jeremy and Zach tonight or if they'll still try to play that up. I didn't believe that last week.

I want to watch Jacob's behavior on this trip. People talk a lot about Zach and deservedly so, he's usually cramps Jeremy's vacation style, but I didn't think Zach was too too bad, at least not compared to the plot and voice overs we were given. What about Jake? Jake makes Zach in excitement level look like Jeremy! This kid rarely looks happy for all the great trips he gets to go on. Hopefully he won't be so sullen. Hm. There's an idea for some fun reality tv. Zach and Jacob all alone in Europe together. Who complains the most? Do they leave the hotel room? Ha. :)

Only a few hours away.


*The show begins!

*Jer and Zach in Germany. They say there has been lots of ups and down in how they are getting along....I don't really believe it. Notice how it's always Jeremy asking directions. He does it a lot. I'm kind of suprised. Most guys don't! Go Jeremy!

*Zach seems surprisingly energetic. He lets out a "Wooooooo!" Let's eat! Nobody speaks english.

*Back at home, Amy pulls out the TLC travel schedule. Whoops. It has exact dates and places where they will be on specific days and time.

*Jake is whining about going with Amy and Molly. He worries that they're going to look at boring old Churches. He whines that he wanted to go with Jer and Zach. I can't blame him for that, but hey, family show or not, Jer and Zach want to drink, "explore" Amsterdam. Jake being with them would have put a damper on one of the themes that TLC is going for on this European trip....prostitutes after Jer and Zach! :)

*Amy gives a speech about how excited she is to explore Europe with Molly. Ha! Take that Jake!

*Back in Germany, Jer and Zach order food, they say they have no idea what it was. I have to admit I'm watching all this language barrier stuff with a skeptical eye. The crew is there. They are buds with the crew. I'm sure they ask the crew and someone on the crew knows. I think one of the main camera guys live in Europe. But whatever, I'll play along, Jer and Zach have no idea what they're ordering or what they're eating. The waitress doesn't speak english. Zach is very amused saying schnitzel. By the way, I'm going to show my ignorance in this review. I've never been to Europe. I don't pretend to be smarter than anyone. I don't know all the history or the correct spelling for everything.

* Back in Oregon, they had for the airport! I think the Roloffs should have their very own terminal at Portland International Airport! :) Molly is not feeling well. Amy gets all dramatic because this is a tv show. Amy says they might need to cancel the whole trip because Molly is under the weather! Yeah, sucks when someone isn't feeling well on a trip, but she's not dying, no reason to get all dramatic.

*Amy, Jake and Molly arrive in Rome. Molly threw up on the plane. Jake tells her she smells like vomit. Nice.

*Jake is wearing a Jeremy style hat. Everyone notice that? He's trying to copy Jeremy's fashion style.

*Jer and Zach. They're taking a tour of the city in Germany. It sounds like the tour guide doesn't speak english. The twins say if no one speaks english, they were going to walk out. Suddenly the tour guide speaks perfect english! Phew, disaster avoided!

*"Ladies" who are obviously dressed like prostitutes flirt around Jeremy and Zach. This is another TLC theme for this Euro trip. Prostitutes flashing in front of Jer! Haha. The tour guide asks Zach if he knows what kind of women these girls are. Jer knows!!! Jer gives Zach the answer. What a nice bro! LOL.

*This tour is about how things were like in the olden days. They're in a dungeon where they tortured witches. Best line of the night right here. Jeremy says torturing witches is sad because so many of them weren't actually witches. :) Note to all of you real witches out there. Stay away from Jeremy! I love the things Jeremy says. :)

*Jer loves the tour guide and gives him a nice 9/10 rating. Apparently Jer is very stingy when rating tour guides. Little ol' me is trying to think of how many tour guides I've had? LOL. But it's cool Jer has so many tour guides he can have a ranking system. It's hard being a Roloff :)

*Back to Amy, Molly and Jake. MOLLY LIVES! She's feeling better. Good thing they didn't cancel the trip. lol.

*They ride through the city on scooters, or Mo-peds, I guess they're called "Vespas"? I didn't know. Jake likes that, but is bored looking at stuff., Jake wants to sleep while they're walking around looking at stuff.

*Jeremy and Zach are going to the European Union. The center of everything...really? Their excitement level is about as high as mine. They both look bored, but Jeremy says it's awesome. Gotta love Jer. No matter what, it's awesome, even if he looks bored to death. :)

*Amy, Molly and Jake look at the Vatican. They show a weird preview of the next episode....using the same thing we just saw, Amy talking about how amazing it is to be at the Vatican.

*Jer and Zach are eating with their German tour group. Jeremy says it's cool that he's bonding with Zach like they used to. The "tension" is gone! I think maybe they had a different editor for this episode. Last episodes theme is out the window.

*Jake and Molly sleep as Amy talks about how thrilled she is to be in Europe with her kids.

End of first episode


2nd Episode

*Jeremy and Zach wait for a train. He's very amused when the train blows his hat off. Jer is cute :)

* Zach loves riding on trains. Cue the new theme of this episode. Zach is happy! He's determined to have a good time.

*Jer then gives a speech taking credit for what Zach just said :) He's probably right. Jeremy says he's the reason for Zach's change in attitude.

*They talk about how they want to push the boundries and experience life. Jeremy looks very excited talking about wanting to bend the rules a bit. C'mon! I know what he's talking about! You know what he's talking about! TLC give us drunk Jeremy!

*Shameless time in the review! Aren't you just loving these shots of Jeremy walking around the train station from behind :)

*Yes! It's looking up. They go to a beer garden. This is the part from the LPBW preview. Jer and Zach with giant beers. Zach pretends like he doesn't like it, but I notice his mug is half empty. Jer looks like a pro...

*Oh no!!!! Back to Amy. TLC!!!!! This is boring watching Amy, Molly and Jake walk around sight seeing. Jeremy and Zach are getting tanked in the bar! Don't tell me that most of the viewers want to see how Jeremy and Zach act after drinking those monster beers. But because this is a "family show" they must leave the interesting parts out.

* Jake plays video games instead of looking around at where they are.

*Jeremy and Zach again, a new day. Dang! My guess is the crew shut the camera off in the bar and then the fun began. I notice that during this whole time on this Jeremy and Zach vacation that we're seeing almost nothing filmed at night...they all go back to bed and do nothing....of course not! That's what they should really be filming. I can't hide my pet peeve about that. Sorry.

*They've rented a car. Zach is sleeping. Jeremy screams and wakes him up. It's funny. It reminds me though, through TLC editing Jeremy is a superman that never sleeps. He always has energy, he's never tired.

*I'm also wondering, we've now seen Jer prank Zach with the hot pepper. Jer play the "screaming" joke on Zach to wake him up. Doesn't Zach ever get Jeremy back? I guess it's a good thing Jeremy never sleeps. Ha.

*The twins talk about how they want a life changing experience in Europe. Don't worry guys. TLC has a plan! But Jer and Zach pretend like they have no plans and are flying by the seat of their pants.

*They see the Alps. This part is really cool. An ice beaver! Cool. Except it's dead. Ew.

*More of Amy, Molly and a bored Jake walking around. They flip coins into the fountain. Amy says Molly should do it because one of the legends is about a romance. Hm. Isn't Jake the one in a relationship?

* Jeremy and Zach "decide" to go to a concentration camp while in Germany. It's depressing and sad as you'd expect. They talk about Hitler. Zach talks about how he's not Hitler's definition of a perfect human being.

*Molly, Jake and Amy go to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Jake thinks it's cool.

*Jeremy and Zach end the episode talking about how Jeremy likes the unknown of an adventure, he can have a plan, but the fun is in the unexpected.

End of episode.

Overall, I thought it was a bit on the boring side. It would be cool to see all those places myself, but just watching them walk around from place to place gets kind of boring. Like I said, it's disappointing because you know, I know, everyone knows the stuff we really want to be seeing all happens when they turn the camera off. It kind of defeats the purpose of a "reality show" when they don't show anything that happens at night or after Jeremy finishes off those monster beers :)


Craw said...

Molly gets sick on the plane. Jacob will whine about that I'm sure.

I like your idea expressed! LOL! They would surely get lost and not come back ;) Neither one has any people skills.

Jeremy is right. The vacation would have been more fun to watch if Mueller was with Jer. TLC should realize that and foot the bill for Mueller from here on out.

Anonymous said...

I. Think Amy Is going. Is. A little. Worried her. Kids. Are. Growing away. From her. She. Just. Has. To. Except. It. I love. The show

M said...

I really liked tonights episode. Very educational and not so much Matt wonder what he was doing alone on the farm? Massive party in western town?

Jake was alittle annoying to me get off the toy and look around! Not everyone gets to go on trips like this! Be grateful! Also his jumping cement at the Vatican was disrespectful... As a catholic I found that so urking! Also jumping cement things with his track record?! Seriously?!? I was waiting for a face plant!
Amy should really parent in situatons like that.

I really liked the vispas.. Looked fun.

Glad to know airplane sickness wasn't the cause of mollys death. Amy sure acted like it was going to be! Lol
trips over Mollys feeling Ill take her to the er in Italy then.. Don't they have universal heathcare in Italy? She seemed fine at the spanish steps(same outfit as the plane. Maybe not after in the taxi but fine for the steps).

dachau concentration camp was very intresting. Very very sad but educational not everyone is going to be able to go and see it so showing it on tv was something. I liked zach talking about it i really hit him looked like it opened his eyes. I'm glad the twin went there.

Everywhere they went looked amazing! I would love a chance to visit these places.
I really hope the Roloffs enjoyed the educational value of this special trip. I hope they didn't just treat it like a trip to Hawaii.

Oh and jers screaming on the autoban was hilarious! I've done that to friends! So funny! I laughed alot on that haha!

lpbw537 said...

great review! i agree about TLC leaving out the parts everyone(aka I) really want to see, like Jer and Zach drunk

Poor Molly, im glad she felt better and didnt have to miss out on anything!

As for the fountain, Amy wanted Molly to toss 2 coins into the fountain for something about a new romance...boyfriend for Molly?

Emma said...

I LOVED the part when Jeremy screams in Zach's ear. I couldn't stop laughing. It was hilarious. However, I think the chili pepper takes the cake :D

Michelle said...

I'm in my 30's. I would't let Jacob bring his video games on vacations. When I was a kid on trips with my parents vacations were the chance to bond as a family, in the car or in another country. Jacob has his head buried in his video game. He annoyed me.

I liked seeing all the places they visited. Jeremy was delightful with his jokes on Zach.

I agre with you Expressed. Zach should grow a backbone and get some revenge on Jeremy.

M said...

Michelle I agree with you on video games. It really erked me how Amy just let him play on with them even after she told him to look out the window. There is a time and place for the video games I don't think a trip to Rome is one of them. I could understand him playing them in like the hotel room - at night. Seriously take the game away Amy! lol

I don't care if hes a great skeet shooter because of them(ranch episodes).

Almost every time we see him on camera hes playing a video game.. does this kid read? lol

Anonymous said...

I. Think. Amy. Is. Soooo. Spoiled. And. Why. Does. She. Always. Complain. About. Matt. Where. Would. She. Be. Without. Him. Love the. Show

Kapper said...

Yes, totally agree with Amy being so ridiculously spoiled. As in rotten. I can't stand her anymore. She must feel so proud and victorious now that she's gotten her children sided against their dad. Good going Amy!

Shadow said...

Jake reads as much as Jeremy does... I believe Jeremy once said something like he had read maybe one or two books "all the way through."

Anonymous said...

actually, i've seen Jake reading numerous times on the show. he's been reading a book in the back of the van as many times as i've seen him laying a video game. if it were at all important to Amy, she should have/could have taken the game away from him. that would require some parenting though.

Anonymous said...

Can. Matt. Please. Hired. A. House. Keeper. What. A. Mess. That. Is. At. Least. Pick. Up. The. Crap. On. The. Floors. How. Lazy. Can she. Be!

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate on Jacob so much in your reviews? The family treats him like crap..I would be sullen too. Amy barely talks to him during the trip to ask what he would like to do..her and Molly are making all the decisions. All he did was ask to go swimming and Amy wouldn't even let him do that....He wanted to be with his brothers and do fun things..not go to EVERY Church in Italy.