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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed, - Little People Big World April 19th, 2010

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

This is going to be a different type of review from me. I've been dubbed the positive reviewer . I realized watching tonight there are two ways to watch the show and review. You can take things at face value and enjoy it. Or I can realize that I'm an an idiot if I take the show at face value.

Jump the shark is what people call TV Shows when they hit the end and become bad. I don't know if LPBW has "Jump The Shark" for me because I'll watch as long as Jeremy is on the show. But it has Jumped the Shark for being "real". It's hard to believe at one time I used to think LPBW was the most real show on tv and the Roloffs seemed like real people. It is so staged! I can't stress enough how bad I thought the fakeness in this episode was. How do I review this?

It might be more fun to review taking it at face value. What I'm going to do is comment taking it at face value and then bold the part where it's my mind screaming this is SO STAGED!


*Amy, Molly and Jake are in Rome and Florence. Jake broke the elevator after Amy told him not to. I'm not sure how he did it. He tried to open it before they stopped, but then Amy said he was jumping on it. She's laughing. Typical Jake. Hey Jake fans, that's your boy! :)

*They walk around. Jake complains that he doesn't like to look at old churches and walk up stairs. He wants to swim! Then he's complaining that he's sick. He said he was sick on another trip. I think what he has is called the brats :)

*Molly says Jake wishes he was with Jeremy and Zach.
Jake needs to talk to the producer next time! Fix that TLC travel schedule!

*Jeremy says for the past 2 weeks him and Zach have been traveling alone through Europe. Two weeks? Haven't they been saying it was a day here, a day there?

Oh that's right, he's not counting the chilling with the crew days of the trip!

*Jer says the vacation is an open road. They rented a car, have a map a road and can do anything they want and go anywhere.

How spontaneous can you get with TLC planning every stop?

*Amy and Molly and Jake go shopping for jewelery. Jake hates it. I cut him a break on that one.

* They flash up "Somewhere in Germany". Oh no, Jer and Zach must be lost. Zach said it was late and they had no place to stay. They might have to sleep in the car.

*Oh the drama! The crew doesn't know where they are?? I think the crew better negotiate a better contract next season, haha. TLC must be the worst company to work for. They send their crew to Europe and have absolutely no places booked for them. That's so believeable. Not.

*Jer and Zach stop to get something to eat. The waitressl comes over. She's cute. They like her because she speaks english. Jer says she's cute and then says just kidding. He also calls her the waiter :) Why did he say just kidding? :) Jer asks her if she knows any hotels or places to stay because they have nowhere to stay. She says she'll find out. She's a smart girl! Go Nina! All us girls are with you! How to pick up Jeremy James Roloff. She comes back to say, no she doesn't know any hotels, but she has an idea. They can stay with her family! She says her sister is there at another table. Her brother had a room at the house, but he just moved out. Ha. If I saw Jer like that, I'd be texting my brother saying "You have 20 minutes to get all your stuff out of your room or else!" lol. Jer and Zach laugh. They talk about being two guys being invited to a girl's house to sleep. Jer is all for it. Zach isn't sure.

I think this was one of the most staged scenes in LPBW history! Nina is cute, but she's not an actress. I can tell. She looked embarrassed to be playing her part in front of the camera, pretending like this wasn't planned. If you were Nina, would you walk over in front of the camera crew to say something like that? This goes back, to TLC supposedly sending their stars and crew on a trip with no places to stay booked. Or gee, maybe they were going to stay with this family all along? Maybe Nina isn't even a waitress! Ha! This whole scene stunk of being totally fake. It was painful for me to watch.

*It seems like Nina and her entire family were waiting the restaurant where she works. A gang of people walk out with Jer and Zach. Jer says they'll follow the blue car. Zach talks about how in situations like this is where he leans on Jer the most. New people that he's never met for. He lets Jer do the talking. That's why I love Jeremy! They get to the parents house. Thomas the father is happy to see them. Oh he's the mayor. That's cool. He bonds with Zach about a German football/soccer team. They get shown to their room. It is set up just like Jer and Zach's room on the farm. Two beds on separate sides of the room with a little table in the center along the back wall.

*Cough cough. Thomas wasn't surprised at all to see a camera crew come walking in and his daughters announcing that she picked 2 guys, one really hot guy up. That's nice. He's the Mayor! Come on! This is supposed to be natural? The mayor's family always picks up "random" guys at work? My guess is the mayor arranged this with TLC for tourism. This is getting sad at what TLC wants us to believe is natural. There is nothing real about this at all. I'm disappointed at what has happened to my favorite show :(

*Jake is still whining about wanting to go swimming. Amy says they're going out

Here's an idea. Leave him with a crew member!

*He looks at the pool. It's beautiful. Amy says it is booked for a private function.

Yeah, it's probably reserved for someone alright, for the crew and the Roloffs and this whole swimming storyline is just that, a staged storyline. haha.

*Jer and Zach are eating breakfast with the family. The mayor just happens to be able to get them in to watch the football team practice, right on the sidelines. That's cool for Jer and Zach. They really lucked out having Nina for a waitress. They get the players autographs and meet them. They are really stoked about it.

This is fake because I admit I've seen some pictures on the internet. There are pictures out there. Maybe you have too. It was of Jer and Zach staying with this family. Only meals didn't look like what we saw. It was the entire crew, the family and Jer and Zach.

*Jer is amazed at how nice this family is, at their generosity for them to scrap all their plans and make their whole day center all around entertaining Jeremy and Zach.

For real. That's ridiculous. Like that would happen to anyone else and as though they didn't have this all set up months in advance. I'd like to see how generous and kind Thomas and Nina are when they aren't dealing with celebs and TV network :)

*Jake is still complaining about wanting to go swimming. He rushes down to the pool all excited. Oh no! There is no water! They drained the pool. Haha. Maybe it's karma for Jake being a brat :)

Hm, they must have followed my suggestion and Jake went with the crew and camera guy because notice Jake went "alone"? I am betting that Jake new before the dramatic trot down to the pool. The way it was set up was like a bad sitcom. Didn't that happen in the Flintstones one time? :) Jake totally looks like a bad actor when he is acting like he's shocked and surprised that there's no water. He puts his hand to his forehead.

*They in Nice, France. Jake wants to go swimming in the ocean. Jake goes running ahead, Amy tells him he will get lost.

Oh look at that! The camera is AHEAD of Jake. You mean the camera crew had time to beat anxious Jake to the ocean and set up? Funny how they knew he was going to go running on ahead.

*The twins are meeting up with Amy, Molly and Jake. They get lost. They look at a map. Jeremy doesn't know why everything is called Rue. Haha. Love Jer, but even I know rue means street...Amy is worried that they are lost. Zach calls or texts her. She describes a statue for them to look for. Jer says "Be on the lookout for Neon Naked Guys" Haha. Jeremy's one liners are great.

This whole lost business and Amy being worried about them is kind of insulting to our intelligence. I am sure Amy has confidence in the crew and producer she loves! The two crews must be in contact with each other, I would think.

*Jake spots them across the way. Wow, he is excited. He takes off Jeremy! I guess we know who Jakes favorite brother is now. He screamed Jeremy's name and almost knocked him over hugging him. He wasn't nearly as enthusiastic to hug Zach. I feel sorry Zach. He can't even beat Jeremy at being Jake's favorite older brother. Jakes excitement to see Jer was greater than Jeremy's and Mueller's reunions! :) This part was cute and looked genuine. Maybe Jake does have some redeeming quality since it's obvious that Jer is his hero.

*The first episode ends with Jeremy giving another speech about having no plan on the trip with just him and Zach. He says it will influence how they travel in the future

The only thing that will influence how the travel is TLC and the future of the show :)


2nd Episode

Matt gets ready to leave to fly to Europe.

*The rest of the family goes to winery. I bet Jer had some samples. They don't show any of that.

*They wait for Matt. Jeremy calls him the Big MR. Jer says he can smell him. Wow, Jer is either very talented or Matt has a body odor prblem that he doesn't know about, lol.

Or maybe the crew text or called ahead and said they were arriving...with how staged I think this whole thing is now, I don't even know if I believe that Jeremy really calls Matt the "Big MR".

*In Jeremy's barn bite, he got a hair cut. Before it was longer and curled. He didn't get it shaved this time. It looks similar to how he had it the first time he got a haircut on the show in the 2nd season. (when the show actually seemed real!)

*Matt and Amy are bickering about something. I'm glazing over. I don't know what it's about.

*Matt has jet lag and is sleeping in the van. Amy's disappointed they came all this way and then sleeps. The rest of them do a lot of walking up steps. Zach says it's not LP friendly. Matt wouldn't have been able to do that part anyway.

*Matt does finally wake up.

Matt's hair is still perfect. He doesn't get "bed head" at all after sleeping, even if it was across the seat of the car. Maybe they have a TLC stylist in the van with him. This show has made me so cynical now :(

*Matt gets out and Jeremy comes to push his scooter. This is the best part of the show. Jeremy's ass :) There are some nice shots. Sorry but it's the truth.

*They are getting on a train. Matt forgot his ticket. He needs to buy a new one. That sucks when you forget something like that. I always check before leaving if I'm going away.

Does it matter that he forgot his ticket? TLC is getting for free anyway and if they aren't they'd just buy a new one...or fire one of the extra camera guys so Matt could have his ticket. This stuff is getting plain silly. None of this stuff is a concern for the Roloffs and we all know it. Why do they need to pour it on?

*The family gathers together. Matt is upset Amy planned stuff he can't do. Matt does have a point with stuff like that. The squabbling seems a little staged. This is one of the scenes from the preview commercial. It's not anywhere near as bad as they made it seem. This is where Jeremy says when "the 3 of them get together there is always tension". It's not bad at all.

*They head out on a tour bus. The radio earphone jacks are broken so they don't get the vocal part of their tour. Molly is excited and focused and getting to places. I think Jeremy, Molly and Amy should go on a vacation together. They are the 3 Roloffs who seem to like the same type of vacation.

*Molly says at least she is glad that it's not raining.

Right on cue it rains!

*This part is bad. They are in line for the Eiffel Tower. Amy is going on about how horrible it is that there is a long line. She doesn't want to spend her day waiting in line. Can you say spoiled? Welcome to the real world Amy. I usually am on the Roloffs side, but this scene really put me off. I'm surprised they showed it like this.

After Amy is acting like it's a tragedy that the special Roloffs might need to wait in line like the rest of the tourists, Matt has a plan. He's going to use being an LP to his advantage. He goes up to the front to tell them him and his son can't wait in line because it's too dangerous. He said their heads are in people's butts for two hours and they'll die of the fumes. I'm surprised he said that. That's kind of a territory with a LP joke that they've never went before on this show.

I really hate this.

Amy "says" she is uncomfortable about using their status as LPs to their advantage, (but she gladly did it!) but Matt did what he thought was best and did it so his kids wouldn't need to wait.

Is that supposed to be heart-warming? What about all the other people that were waiting long before them? I'm disgusted at this! We all know the Roloffs get special treatment because they have the tv show and usually it doesn't bother me at all. I wonder if that didn't get them anywhere so they pulled out the disability card. I'm shocked TLC aired this. If they want to make people see a different side of the Roloffs it worked.

They didn't need to flaunt the fact that they think they are more important than regular people.

The part that pisses me off is how selfish the Roloffs were about this and they obviously don't even realize it. Amy acting like it's her and her kids God Given right NOT to wait like the rest of the people because their time is so much more important.

She didn't want to spend her day there waiting in line? What about all the people in line ahead of them, the families who don't take free vacations every few months?

This really disgusted me. The Roloffs are flaunting how much more important they think they are than the rest of us and they'll stop at nothing to get special treatment.

So much for "we are Little People, but we are just like you".

They get to the top and say it was a great experience.

I'll be honest. lol. At this point, after what they just did and how it's crystal clear that they do think they're more important than everyone else, I don't want to hear about what a great time they had.

If there was ever a sign that the money and fame has went to the Roloffs heads and they are spoiled and think they are better, this was it. Puke.

Give me back the LPBW in the 1st and 2nd season when everything didn't seem totally staged and the Roloffs didn't act like they are better than us regular people.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else seem to think Matt had a few too many cocktails on the plane to France? That's probably why he was passed out in the van and if you notice, when Jeremy opens the van door for the first time, Jeremy makes this face like he smelled something (alcohol perhaps?).

Jocelynn said...

Well said, Expressed. I said my feelings on this about the Coda event.

The Roloffs lost me tonight. You hit the nail on the head.

Rap541 said...

Nicely done Padawan, the power of the dark side flows thru you!

Sadly, I will have to wait for a rerun or Hulu on this - the cable in my area totaly went down for an hour and a half... missed it all.

Expressed said...

Rap, thanks! :) I might have disappointed the people who usually agree with me, but I had to say it.

The line part irked me to no end. It wasn't only that Matt totally played the disability card, it was the fact that the whole family made it clear they didn't think they should need to wait and never once thought about the people ahead of them

So much for Amy's Facebook tagline :"Do the right thing, you can't if you think only of yourself."

She wasn't thinking of anyone else then.

When you see it, you'll have fun at the obviously staged scenes :)

Carol said...

Agreed re: at the Eiffel Tower. It's sad that they've changed so much. Matt can say whatever he wants about how they haven't changed, but their attitude speaks the truth.

The nicest part of the show was when Jake spotted Jeremy. Does he love Jeremy or what? I was surprised.

SK said...

It seems that all this family does now is travel. "What grand thing can we do next? What else can we squeeze out of TLC?".. Not only do they now have a mansion, twin Mercedes, countless other cars and toys, but it's still not enough for them.

What happened to the original people that we met the first season? Where are they? Oh I know-They're guests on the Tonight Show now like celebrities!

Does anybody rememeber their original house? Their cars? Amy's preschool job? Boy have things changed and all thanks to a silly reality show which was supposed to focus on little people living in the real world.

Well the world they live in now is out of reach for most people. Lifestyles of the rich and famous!! I guess Matt really "worked the system", didn't he?

It's time to pull the plug on this show. It no longer focuses on reality or regualar people. The audience has to just sit and watch them travel the globe and watch their endless pursuit of materialism. I think they've benefited enough already. Don't you? Enough is enough! It's really absurd at this point.

And the funniest thing is that they still think they actually earned all of this. TLC paid for their mansion, their cars and foots the bill for all of their four star hotels and grand exotic vacations! Let's not forget that on top of everything else that they take private tours wherever they travel.

When are we going to hear one of them say "This is the last family vacation we are taking together".

Shadow said...

Yeah, agree pretty much with nearly everything. But then, I've felt that way for ages...there were so many "moments," I don't even know what to comment on.

Gotta say, though, I was so relieved the waitress "spoke real well English." Too bad she didn't give Jer a few lessons while he was there. I don't know how many takes they shoot for the hay bale scenes, but I can just imagine the film editors hearing that and whooping their heads off. "We gotta use that - did you HEAR what he said??!! That's better than the Thaymes River line!"

And Jer and Zach? It's bad enough hearing you discuss going commando - we DON'T want to see you pulling off your (obviously worn) tighty whities. For that, all I can muster is "Eeeeewwwww."

Noticed Jer wasn't sucking down beer or wine once the fam was back together. Poor prostitutes to gawk at, either.

They couldn't even keep straight how many days they'd been gone. First it was 2 weeks, then it was 3. And why on God's green earth would you plan a trip like this? It was straight out of "If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium." That's an old film joke, kiddos - look it up. But really - one day here, one day there - what, exactly, did they think they were going to be able to see and do?

This show has jumped the shark, leaped the elephant, and left all realms of reality far behind in its wake. It's hysterical to watch, but not entertaining. Fortunately, TLC always seems to be on at the gym, so I don't actually contribute the the ratings by watching it while I work out.

Em said...

Great work, Expressed. I felt the same way. I'm not a fan of how they acted at the end. They are all about themselves.

Jacob was excited to see Jeremy in a kilt! He said "That's awesome" he was referring to the kilt.

I can't take this show seriously anymore. The Roloffs have perfected the art of lying when they insist the show is real. As you pointed out, there were so many things in this that were staged.

"And Jer and Zach? It's bad enough hearing you discuss going commando - we DON'T want to see you pulling off your (obviously worn) tighty whities. For that, all I can muster is "Eeeeewwwww."
Shadow, they've replaced Jeremy shirtless (I am shallow, I like that even though I am confident Jeremy is a jerk in real life) from last season with the commando story. Some people probably get turned on by seeing Jeremy holding his boxers.

Peter said...

The Jacob sprint to Jeremy was most likely re-shot like they did everything.

His sprint to the beach was rehearsed. The cameras were all in place well ahead. He knew exactly where to go, where to turn, that there were steps, etc.

I wonder though....did Jacob know Jeremy was commando when he leaped all over him? :/

Timothy said...

[[Anyone else seem to think Matt had a few too many cocktails on the plane to France? That's probably why he was passed out in the van and if you notice, when Jeremy opens the van door for the first time, Jeremy makes this face like he smelled something (alcohol perhaps?).]]

I caught that too. I can't say if it was alcohol Jeremy smelled, but after he pulls open the van door, Jacob steps in, Jeremy puts his head towards the van, then pulls his head back like he smelled something raunchy. You can hear him say "Ehhhhhh". Who knows, maybe it was Jacob or maybe it was the smell inside the van.

Kapper said...

It's become the Travel Channel. LPBW has become the most staged and ridiculous show on TV

crica said...

great review expressed! i totally agreed with everything you said. maybe now people will see the real roloffs, not the TLC roloffs

Noell :) said...

That was an awesome review, Expressed! :)
I really liked how you set it up!
I agree with you about almost everything!
Jer's ass :) haha I knew you would write about it! :) haha

Expressed said...

Thanks everybody. Thanks Noell! I didn't want to disappoint you :)

When I started watching last night I was going to do my review as normal. My comment was that something seemed staged. Then when the completely staged conversation between poor Nina and Jer took place, I thought I will either be saying everything seems staged or I can take it face value and ignore all common sense :)

The only saving grace is even though it seems totally staged Jeremy's body is still Jeremy's body, lol.

Jane said...

The line breaking at the Eiffel Tower was the lowest moment yet on that show. What a great lesson to teach your kids. Lie and get ahead of everyone else.

Jocelynn said...

Well said Jane.

Kapper said...

Yeah Matt, you said you'd "work the system", as though you've never done so before. But it's what you and Amy have been doing for the past few years. Shame on both of you.

Anonymous said...

Why are you watching the show?? Don't you get any enjoyment out of it at all? Wasn't it obvious from the very beginning that it was a staged show--like every other reality show on the air?

That doesn't mean that we can't appreciate the kind of people the Roloffs reveal themselves to be. No matter how much events are planned and acted for the camera, we can still always get some insight into the family, their individual personalities, and how they interact.

I've really enjoyed this season. Zach and Jeremy's trip was touching to me. These two boys are still just kids, and very innocent ones at that. Trips like they're taking are exactly what they need, and I enjoyed watching them.
(One of the funniest things I've heard a young person say is "Sad? Yeah, obviously, because the great majority of them probably weren't even witches."--Jeremy, thinking about the torture in medieval times of women. And didn't Zach seem almost prudish in Amsterdam?)

Watching Amy and Molly drag the youngest son around Rome was hilarious. Jake reacted exactly the way you'd expect someone his age to.

Why don't we give them all a break? I haven't heard of any "diva" behavior. They've been stars of a successful TV show for what--4 years?
Of course their lives and standard of living have changed. Ours probably would too.

One other thing about the show that I love is its production values. That Oregon landscape is always a treat to see, and places like Rome, Amsterdam, Paris and Germany have been beautifully photographed this season.

I'm still a fan.

Expressed said...

That's a fair question I guess :) Trust me, I was asking myself during the episode why I am still watching? My answer is that I watch for Jeremy. Not only is he great to look at, but for some of the reasons you said ("sad...some of them probably weren't witches") he is hilarious and fun to watch. I like him.

[[No matter how much events are planned and acted for the camera, we can still always get some insight into the family, their individual personalities, and how they interact. ]]

That's what I like too, but I'm finding it harder and harder. It's hard to get insight on them when you can't ignore that they're being instructed to say and act a certain way. How does Jeremy react to a girl hitting on him? That's what I would want to see. I would like to watch that and be able to believe it. But I don't know because I know what I saw was something that I think was completely set up and staged.

I used to SOMETIMES feel that way watching the show, but it wasn't almost every scene like it was this week.

[[Why don't we give them all a break? I haven't heard of any "diva" behavior.]]

That's part of the reason why I hated the Eiffel Tower scene with the line. That was diva behavior. When it boils down to it, the Roloffs were pissed because they didn't want to wait. NO ONE DOES! Divas get pissy about it and use their power to get around it.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say "Work the system" in the Bible?

These people are terrible examples of "Christians" Their fame has went straight to their heads.

Anonymous said...

Expressed, thanks for responding. At heart, I think you're still a fan too.

I don't watch the show just for any one member--each one of them is interesting to me.

The Eiffel Tower incident didn't bother me that much because the officials at that tourist site had to be aware of a camera crew and the fact that the Roloffs were (minor) celebrities. Extending themselves was mutually benefical to everyone, in terms of US publicity. Amy was clearly uncomfortable, but this was Matt's idea. They only had one day in Paris, Amy was willing to move on.

Celebrities get special treatment every day--would they let Tom Cruise wait in line? If anything is upsetting about this episode at all, it's Matt's trading on his disability--but I think he would have tried that even before reality TV.

But that tells you something about Matt, too, which is why I keep watching the show. I find the whole family fascinating--and (mostly) appealing. Warts and all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one other thing--I can't be sure that Jeremy was told how beforehand that the girl was going to hit on him. She might have been coached to ask J & Z to stay overnight, but it's just possible that they got Jeremy's honest reaction. (I think he took a minute to check with production to see if the crew could manage it before he said yes.)

Anonymous said...

"Watching Amy and Molly drag the youngest son around Rome was hilarious. Jake reacted exactly the way you'd expect someone his age to."

I cannot disagree more with this statement. Jacob's petulant and ungrateful attitude is a disgrace to all the children his age who comport themselves with a certain level of maturity and grace. Jacob's irreverent leapfrog game at the Vatican, his constant wining to go swimming, and his blatant disregard for the opportunities afforded to him and his family are not charming in the least. If we attribute his behavior to some sort of childhood standard, then we are essentially lowering our expectations for future generations.

I was not moved to hilarity, but rather I reacted with displeasure whenever Jacob received any camera time. They should have just left him in the pool back on the farm with a Vespa idling nearby.

Joanne said...

They only had one day there so I cant blame them for trying to get to the top of the tower. TLC should have scheduled more time for them to be in Paris I guess. I dont think they are spoiled though and I think they are grateful for all they have.

Anonymous said...

why is the show called lpbw when they are not all little people anyway?

Jane said...

To the Anonymous poster who is making excuses for the Roloffs jumping the line at the Eiffel Tower. What Matt and Amy did (yes, Amy is to blame also because she did it anyway) was no different than those people who park in handicap parking places when they aren't handicapped. I bet Matt doesn't like it one bit when that happens.

Main stream celebrities (I don't mean Matt) taking advantage of their fame and being ushered passed everyone else is obnoxious, but at least they are being honest. Matt lied about why they should be given special treatment. He took advantage of the ignorance of the attendant. His kids saw what he did, and even though they probably were glad he did it, it still sends a message that it is OK to lie to get your way.

I doubt the Eiffel Tower needs any more publicity than it already gets. It is famous the world over. Did it look like they were hurting for business?