Monday, April 26, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World April 26th, 2010

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

I'm hoping I can feel a little more positive about these episodes than last week (the selfish line cutting, the obvious staging). Here's hoping for the best!

*I noticed at the end of last weeks episode that was repeated they said the Euro trip was over. It really wasn't, they went on to Ireland for the World Dwarf Games. All of this episode was actually done before they left for Europe at all.

*Matt and Amy talk about budgets and money. It's just like old times! lol. This meant more to me when they didn't live in a mansion and have more than 13 vehicles.

*Zach's team is coming for a soccer practice at the farm. Or to meet the sponsors. The grass on the soccer field does look bad. Matt wants to impress! He talks to Zach about bringing in turf. Wow, those Statesmen players are hard to impress! A real soccer field on your own property isn't good enough, it needs to look good too!

*Now Matt is building a locker room for this two day practice. Same comment as above. They need a locker room? Is this going on the outside of one of the barns or attached to it in a separate building? Hmm. Matt is saying this is all for Zach's 2 day Statesmen practice, but look at it this way. He's adding plumbing to one of the barns......Jeremy's future residence perhaps?

*Matt talks about cutting costs and trying to slip things by Amy. They're losing me on this stuff. They are millionaires. They have 13 cars and trucks. Talking about money like they're working class is a little flimsy, imo.

*They're having dinner. Jeremy is the only missing. Boo!

*Matt says this locker room project is going to cost about $18,000. Amy looks calm although she says it's a lot. Honestly I don't think she cares. She knows they're rich. 18 grand for a two day soccer practice? Hey why not! And what is 18,000 anyway for the Roloffs? That's only 6 of Jake's cell phone bills! :)

*There's a lot of construction workers. Matt's building the mini-grand canyon. He loves the red dirt they have on the farm. It's perfect for this. I gotta wonder why it's red? Wasn't there a story about how Matt got paid by state to allow dumping of old construction dirt or something like that? Maybe it being red isn't such a good thing! lol.

*Matt is rushing around the soccer field with the new rolled up grass. His shirt is blurred out when it's a straight on shot at the front. What does it say? I got it now from seeing a letter here and there that they don't blur out. It says "BITE ME" on the front. lol. I guess that's too edgy for TLC's family show :)

*Matt shows her the Grand Canyon. I think it looks cool enough. Amy seems playful. She's saying she doesn't like it and all the usual stuff Amy has said since the show has started about Matt's projects, but I don't think she's upset or really cares. Amy says she sees a hole with dirt. Matt sees revenue and money generated from it being a tourist attraction for pumpkin season.

*Now people are building a tropical hut on the farm. Because the Statesmen need a meeting place. lol. They couldn't use the soccer field itself? Or one of the many barns? Or the locker room? Or the Roloff mansion? A tropical hut it is! :) Matt saw some in Hawaii or was that the Bahamas or the BVIs? He wants to have it on the farm, now he has it.

*The new locker room is leaking. Amy finds it. Good old Camereno to the rescue.

*They roll out the strips of grass onto the field. Cue the drama. If Matt doesn't get this done, Zach's team won't have a beautiful field to run on! Oh no! I'm on pins and needles! :)

*Matt tells Zach he might need to help hand-rake the field. Zach doesn't like that. They have hired hands and professionals to do work.

*Matt sits back and watches his workers work on the field. He complains that the kids don't help.

*Hallelujah! Jeremy arrives! He's shirtless too. Wearing very nice and tight jean shorts with his boxers showing. It's a great look for Jeremy! Jeremy has a shovel and then is shown pushing a wheelbarrow. Matt says the lawn looks good. I don't know, I'm sure it does, but Jeremy sure looks good. I waited the whole episode for the last 30 seconds. Jer saves the day.

*Hey Spirits, I'm not upset that Rap got all the screen caps last week. I only have one request :) I only want one screen cap of the last scene and all will be cool! :)

2nd episode

*Zach plays soccer with Jake, Keith and Mueller. Stop the presses! I don't see or hear Jeremy. Mueller is there with Zach and no Jeremy?

*Amy is on the DAAA board. Matt doesn't like the rules in trying to put together the team. They say you have to have 10 players. Matt only wants 8. I think they ended up with 10. Matt doesn't like their rules.

*Marty gets a grand entrance as his car pulls up.

*Amy, Marty, Zach and Matt discuss the Statesmen. Matt wants to be in charge. Amy is the coach. Amy says the positions of the players is up to the coach (Amy) and Zach. Hmm. That sounds fair :/ I sometimes wonder what the other dwarfs really, honestly, truly think of the Roloffs? I guess since the Roloffs have the fame and the money they don't care that Zach calls the shots for the entire team.

*Marty and Zach get in "the party van" as Marty calls the Prev. They talk about how all Matt and Amy do is argue and how they don't communicate. Oh no! Marriage drama creeping in.

*Matt, Marty and Zach are designing the jersey. Whoever ended up coming up with it did a great job. They look cool! Zach doesn't like what Matt is saying about the uniforms. Zach just wants to leave. When Matt jokes (I think!) about putting pumpkins on the uniforms Zach looks pissed.

*Matt says some players can't afford to go to Ireland. He wants sponsors for the entire trip. You can argue if it's moral or right for millionaires like the Roloffs to score sponsorship for themselves too, but Matt sure knows how to get other people to pay for them :)

*Amy is a DAAA board member and wants the team to be DAAA endorsed. Matt doesn't like it because they have political mumbo jumbo. The sponsors logos can only be a certain size, Matt promised them their logo will be splashed across the entire jersey.

*I can't honestly tell if this whole DAAA vs going Independent is really a big deal or if this is just drama. I don't think Amy is as upset as they're trying to make it look like. Matt doesn't want to compromise with the DAAA to meet their rules. His assistant Caryn doesn't like the DAAA either. Zach is worried that the DAAA will be pissed at the Roloffs and he won't be blacklisted in the future from the DAAA.

*The DAAA asks Amy to step down from the board. Amy says she offered to resign. They're talking about how it was because of this stuff with Matt, but Amy also says it was because she is a coach and a player.

*Matt and Amy talk about it in Matt's office. Matt has a lot of pill bottles with medication on his desk. He doesn't look very good in this scene. I don't think Amy is really that torn up about stepping down from the DAAA board but maybe that's just me.

*Molly and Jake are playing board games in the living room or the main room, they have so many I don't know what to call it! lol. Amy asks Molly to tell him dinner is ready. I think they're talking about Jeremy because everyone is at the table except Jeremy.

*Hey! This is the exact same dinner we saw in the first episode when they were talking about the 18,000 cost for the locker room.

*Matt says he wouldn't do anything differently. I can't blame Matt for that. He ended up scoring a completely paid for trip and week stay in Ireland for sports and parties for 10 people.

That's it for this week. I didn't like the lack of Jeremy, but at least the one scene with him was a good one. I want that screen cap Spirits! :)


M said...

Could Matt be more of an arrogant smuck in these 2 episodes? He really irked me tonight.

Mert said...

Did anyone else see the "Storyline Cheat Sheet" on Matt's desk in the scene where he and Amy talk about her stepping down from the board?

Expressed said...

I missed that Mert. Is that what it said?

M, I was more irked by the lack of Jeremy :)

Dana said...

Mert, where are you getting this from? It wasn't a storyline "cheat sheet". Matt's desk was littered with papers and scraps pieces of paper. A scrap piece of paper is now called a storyline cheat sheet?

Editing or not, Amy and Zach and the rest of their team should count their blessings that they have Matt on their side working to make things better.

Also, please everyone notice that the only Roloff kid that helped with any of the work was Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

I'm not sure you can call "editing or not" and then declare that since you only saw a few moments of the Roloffs live, you know for certain Jeremy was the only one who worked.

justin said...

BTW- It seems those NOT fans of this family and those who are huge fans aree on ONE THING... MOLLY ROLOFF ROCKS... She's the smartest most level headed person in the entire family.

lucas said...

A "storyline cheat sheet", funny mert. Glad you pointed that out. In most television production that is known as a script. Please don't believe for one minute that Amy hadn't been given her own script. fake reality to be sure.

Shadow said...

JEREMY'S UNDERWEAR WAS SHOWING???!!!! OH. MY. GOD. He has been possessed by the evil Jake spirit!!!! Oh, nooooo! Quick, we need an exorcism! Hurry, the most excellent Christian Jeremy James Roloff is being tempted by the dark side! Maybe Dana will know whom to call!

Oh, and thanks for the review, Expressed.

Judy said...

Matt should stay out of it only to teach Zach and Amy a lesson. He does all this for them and they don’t appreciate what he does. Let Zach come up with his own way to get his team to Ireland. Zach didn’t have much to say about the conference call. Leave it all up to dad then.

Dana, I did notice Jeremy was the only one working to help Matt.

Justin, did Molly do anything this episode?

M said...

Matt and Amy going out to dinner scene was the same as from winter formal episode. Just showing a different convo... Maybe we'll see this night played again in a later episode! Yay repeats! lol

Mert said...

Dana: The title on the top of the page said "Storyline Cheat Sheet." I saw it clear as day. I'm not making that up. If you watch that part it's in black and white.

Expressed said...

Thanks Spirits! :) The best parts of the whole episode in those pictures right there. lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes- Jeremy stepping up to work!-just as the storyline cheat sheat planned out.

circa said...

Jeremy looks like a briefs kinda guy haha. good review expressed:)

I caught the cheat sheet to Mert

Rap541 said...

Ah... Jeremy strutting with no shirt on with slutty boxer covered butt... Strutting his wares like a Chippendales dancer... God I feel so Christian knowing he also drinks beer and likes looking at whores :)

Kapper said...

'M' is very observant, I thought the same thing and wondered if I was getting things confused. Yup, that dinner scene was from the winter formal episode

Anonymous said...

Molly Roloff ROCKS??!! Since when? She needs someone to light a fire under her butt. Her voice lulls me to sleep

M said...

Thank you kapper. :)

ha I saw the storyline part too. I was like are they reading off papers on the desk? Then I went back and saw the rest lol

You'd think they wouldn't bold it like that lol

Anonymous said...

Seriously now, why would they use conversations from the winter formal episode?
I guess the rest of the reality they filmed got edited out.

Kapper said...

Actually, Amy is halfway civil to Matt in the winter formal episode. That's probably why they used it. To make her look like she doesn't really hate her husband (cough cough...)

Anonymous said...

they used the dinner conversation because it was about the World Dwarf Assocation soccer game. It showed that Matt knew well in advance that he couldn't run the team the way he wanted to.