Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jeremy and Zach play the bag-pipes; wear kilts, visit Chelsea Stadium

TLC has some more videos from the new season.

In this one Jeremy and Zach play, or attempt to learn how to play the bag pipes.

In the next video, soccer/football fans will be impressed. Jeremy and Zach get a private tour of famous Chelsea Stadium. Looks like viewers will finally see Zach in his element as he has all the answers to their tour guide's quiz about the players, managers, etc.


Expressed said...

You have to hand it to Jeremy, he is always excited! He was so happy to play the pipes.

It was nice of Jeremy to give Zach props with the soccer stuff. Zach probably wouldn't have done it if the situation was reversed.

Roxanne said...

I don't think Jeremy has a career in bagpipes :)

Hey Degrassi Fan, did you know the answers to all those questions?

Brandon said...

Oh that's a typical experience. Every tourist gets greeted to tours, sits in the coaches box and gets to handle the trophy. Jeremy and Zach are so spoiled. They don't even realize it or appreciate it.

Both those clips are typical Jeremy. He says he had a life long obsession with bag pipes but Zach seemed more effective than he was.

Jeremy has always said he is a huge soccer fan, but when put on the spot, he comes up empty and has nothing to say. I'll throw him a bone because I believe him that he loves playing soccer, but still, it seems so Jer-ish. Talk a big game.

Em said...

Look at Jeremy's arms at 8 seconds into the bag pipe video. Wow. I didn't realize they were that big. They didn't look like that in the Hawaai pictures. He must have just not have bent his arms exactly right for the camera.

It's nice to see Zach do good in something for a change. haha.

Maybe he is the type of person that doesn't show emotions, but he never seems overly excited.

Brandon, I agree with you. I don't think the Roloff kids realize how lucky they are to get all that special treatment.

Degrassi said...

I'm not a Chelsea fan but I still knew the answers to the questions. They weren't hard. Chelsea isn't that accomplished at all, Roman Abramovich just has a lot of money or he used to.

I would have to agree that Zach nailed the questions though. But I would also agree that I think Jeremy likes to play soccer more where Zach is more about playing, watching, and keeping up to the date with the pro clubs.

Zach was in his element though and wasn't shy about answering the questions. Have him talk about soccer and he is fine but anyhting else and you see a shy person.

Degrassi said...

Jeremy's arms are huge and juding by the Hawaii pictures he has really beefed up!

There was an episode last season where he was riding to soccer practice shirtless on his bike. His abs didn't look anything like they did in Hawaii.

Actually Brandon that is a typical tour there was no special treatment.

All the Tours include:
The Press Room
Television Interview Room
The Visitors Dressing Room
The Chelsea FC Dressing Room
Walk through the Player’s Tunnel
Pitch side & Dugout’s

Brandon said...

Degrassi, thanks. My mistake then. But I bet they didn't pay a penny for that tour so I stand by the spoiled and unappreciative comments :)

David said...

Degrassi, I agree with you about the Roloffs and soccer.

I think the problem is that Zach and Amy think Zach is special or unusual.

He is basically a huge soccer fan. A lot of people are. When I was 10-20 years old, I loved hockey. I knew all the players on all the teams. I knew their line combinations. I knew the history of the game. I knew who won the awards in the past.

It didn't secure me a job in hockey and if you go on sports websites, it didn't make me unusual. It didn't make a GM candidate for a NHL club.

The problem is Zach and Amy have unrealistic expectations. They seem to think because Zach is a huge soccer fan, that it means he can be a coach or a manager of a pro club.

Rap541 said...

Pshaw Chelsea.... Now if they had gotten a tour for Manchester United... then I'd be impressed!

Anonymous said...

MAN U!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rap don't fear! I met Jeremy in Belfast. We told him if he comes back to Europe like he says he will he MUST get rid of Chelsea jacket. He said he will think about it. =>

Rao541 said...

MAN U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

How can anyone not burn Chelsea garments as a simple act of decency? I mean *really*!

Degrassi said...

It doesn't even take a soccer fan to own a team you just need an absolute ton of money.

Malcolm Glazer owns the Tampa Bay Bucs and Manchester United.

The twins are fooling themselves if they think they can become owners of a team. Well they could but it would have to be some very poor team. Think the amateur or semi-pro teams in England.

Adrian Hanauer (who the twins met in Seattle and is part owner of the Seattle Sounders) only owned 15% (cost him 250,000 dollars) of Cambridge United Football club who play in the 5th tier of English soccer.

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon! I know some of us were wondering if Jeremy was actually wearing anything underneath that kilt he had on. Where is a gust of wind when you need one. LOL!

Shadow said...

OK, have to say Jeremy really amused me in these. EVERYTHING he does is something he's wanted to do ALL HIS LIFE and it's the GREATEST EXPERIENCE he's ever had. LOL...

As for the Chelsea tour, just wondering if all those folks in the background also got to hold the trophy. Also, while everyone can take a tour, I doubt too many get their own personal guide. From the website "We can only give Private Tours for groups of 20 or more." Maybe there were 18 more people in their "entourage" on their "solo" trip. Really LOL now...

Anonymous said...

I would have love to see what was underneath Jeremy Roloff Kilt. he is so sexy fine.

boring boring boring said...

Apparently there are a lot of early teens on this site that haven't stepped into the real world, much like Jeremy. Watching paint dry is more interesting than him. He is below average in looks, personal demeanor, and intelligence. Average at best in the looks department. Disrespectfull and uncaring towards those around him. Grow up girls!! He just ain't that great.

Esme said...

Boring boring boring at 10:20 pm April 5, 2010 is just jealous of what our dear sexy fine Jeremy James Roloff has under his kilt just plain old jealously huh.