Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jeremy and Zach Roloff To Appear Naked In Playgirl Magazine

Well, this is certainly unexpected...

Story filed April 1, 2010 - 9:43am
Hollywood, California

Reality show twins, Jeremy and Zach Roloff will appear nude in the May issue of 'Playgirl' magazine. They chose the month of May to appear in the famous publication to celebrate their 20th birthday.

The Roloff family star in the reality television series "Little People, Big World" on TLC. The show follows the six-member Roloff family farm in Hillsboro, Oregon. Many of the episodes focus on the parents, Matt and Amy, and one of their sons, Zach, who all have dwarfism. Little People, Big World debuted on March 4, 2006, and the second half of the fifth season premieres on April 5th, 2010.

Teenagers Zach and Jeremy are fraternal twins; although Jeremy is of average height, while Zach is not.

This will mark the first time in Playgirl's history that twins - one of average height and one with dwarfism will pose naked for the magazine.

Parents Matt and Amy Roloff support their twins' decision. When reached by telephone at their home in Hillsboro, Oregon, Matt Roloff said "Life is about taking risks, doing the unexpected. This will surprise a lot of people. I couldn't be prouder of Jeremy and Zachary. It will break new ground. That is the Roloff way. We always said we show everything. This is a side of Jeremy and Zach that viewers haven't seen yet."

Their mother Amy Roloff, knows the feedback about their decision to pose nude won't all be positive. "Sure, some people will criticize. You can't be concerned about what other people will think about you and what you're doing. Sometimes you just have to show your stuff - literally. I am very proud of my boys."

Jeremy welcomes the opportunity. "I always said I will welcome whatever God puts in my path. When this came up, I jumped at the chance. I'm stoked for people to see the pictures."

A budding photography student, Jeremy found the experience educational. "I learned a lot. It was a blast, the eldest Roloff said.

Zach sees it as a chance to inspire other people with dwarfism. "Originally Jeremy was going to pose, but I said why can't I? It'll prove that little people can do anything tall people can", Zach explained.

A representative from Playgirl said the magazine is ecstatic about their historic issue. "We are excited to join together with Jeremy and Zach and make history together. It made sense."

Jeff Weaver, executive producer of Little People, Big World, said the network supports the decision.

"For the last year or two, Jeremy has been taking really good care of his physique and we all noticed that he has come into his own in terms of body image.", Weaver said. "He's an attractive young man and he doesn't mind popping his shirt off -- and now everything -- for the cameras. I think it's great that Zach is posing too. He puts no limitations on himself. They are a close-knit family. It made sense for them to appear together."

Among the naked photos that will appear, will be one of the twins with four of their friends who often appear on Little People, Big World - Jacob Mueller, Daniel Meichtry, Scott LeSage and Bryan Roth.

Pictured together fully clothed.

Jeremy said posing nude together was not awkward.

"We've been buds since kindergarten. We're comfortable with each other. We looked at it as another adventure together. It was a lot of fun. We're making memories as a group. That's what life is about. Fun times with good people".

The issue will hit newsstands in May.

There was an exclusive preview picture attached. Whoa!!!!! Never expected this type of picture from the Roloffs.

******Warning adult content*******


Spiritswander said...

Now that you've read the case you didn't follow the link....
Happy April Fools Day everyone!!!

This is a total joke. No truth to it at all. Please take it in the spirit in which it was intended - as an April Fools joke :-)

Expressed said...


Expressed said...

And so disappointing!

Em said...

LOL @ Amy's quote.

Erin said...

Great stuff! LOL!

Brandon said...

Good one Spirits! :)

Do you think Matt is on the phone with Playgirl trying to arrange something? ;)

Rap541 said...

But... I wanted nudie pics >:(

Heeheehee where is my hardcore porn?

Dana said...

Funny. If anyone could make it respectable, it would Jeremy.

I was liking those quotes.

Now don't say I don't have a sense of humor.

Judy said...

I agree Dana. I laughed.

I confess I didn't catch on either until I clicked on the link.

I forgot what day it was.

Greg said...

Great one, Spirits! Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today.

Weaver said. "He's an attractive young man and he doesn't mind popping his shirt off -- and now everything -- for the cameras.


Jocelynn said...

Judy, Don't feel bad. My jaw was on the floor until I went to the "picture".

Spirits has never done anything like this before. I wasn't expecting it.

You got me :)

lpbw537 said...

Not going to lie, I got really excited when i started reading this . I think I would die if jeremy was actually going to do that
After reading for a while i had an inkling that it was fake but it was still a great joke!! (to bad it wasnt true)

Ashley said...

This was great! Some of it actually makes sense. Paving new ground, historic, lol.

If it happens, Spirits will get the credit (or the blame!) for planting the idea,

Noell :) said...

Thats hilarious!
I agree with Expressed though ;) haha