Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Matt and Amy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno -- video

In case you missed it, here is the video of Matt and Amy Roloff on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno April 5th, 2010.

They seemed to get along with American Idol judge, Randy Jackson quite well. He was very personable towards the Roloffs. Unfortunately, it appears that Jay knew almost nothing about the Roloffs. As with most of the mainstream talk show spots the Roloffs appear on, the interview questions are very, very basic and things that long time fans were past years and years ago. Jay asked questions such as how do they reach the buttons in elevators and asked about driving cars. However, Matt and Amy looked very nice and enjoyed the experience.

There is also a nice backstage interview with Matt and Amy. Matt talks about becoming addicted to twitter (twitter.com/mattroloff). Amy says Matt told her to stay off it and now he's always using it. They also were impressed with Jay because he spent a lot of time in the green room before the show talking to them and making them feel comfortable.

And a picture of Matt and Amy before the show. Matt posted this:



M said...

I like Amys sweater. :)

But yeah its pretty basic. Stuff that anyone who has seen the show pretty much already knows.

Anonymous said...

Jay=boring and standard
same for matt and amy

it's so very boring , what are we learning from this

Anonymous said...

I thought Amy looked beautiful!