Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matt and Amy Roloff on the Chelsea Lately Show Tuesday

The episode featuring Matt and Amy on the Chelsea Lately show on the E! network aired Tuesday April 20 after being postponed.

A big thanks to the contributor Disillisioned for submitting this recap:

-Matt and Amy come out for the last 10 minutes of the show.

-As Chelsea introduced them she called them nuggets and they showed a clip from Mondays episode in Nice, France.

-Chelsea states that she is a fan of the show and Matt says that she is really a fan of all little people. She asked if they liked the term nugget and Amy says I ll be a nugget but Matt doesn't respond.

-When asked how the kids like being on TV Matt says they can take it or leave it but all in all they enjoy the experience.

-Amy talks about her charity and how they are going to have another golf tournament and dinner in August and is going to help out in Haiti while on her upcoming cruise. Matt talks about CoDA and the grant they got to build custom bikes for dwarfs. Chelsea states that she will donate to the organization.

-At the end Chelsea asks how they met and Matt responds that they met at the nugget convention.

*End of show


M said...

Set the dvr! lol
wonder what crap Matt will say tonight. Lol

Carol said...

I can't stand Chelsea Handler. Why did they do her show?

Little nuggets? I love all little people? This is what the Roloffs were supposed to be fighting against.

The Roloffs have lost their way. The original message was positive. Then they ruined it with the Jeremy scandal.

Then they turn into the people who will gladly work the system and unfairly use their status to get ahead of moral, law-abiding, rule following people, now they do talk show stops where they allow the host to objectify themselves.

Greg said...

About the kids "taking it or leaving it" (being on tv). That's a tough one.

A lot of times I'm sure they don't like it. Look at how they ---REALLY--- talk and think about the fans when it's revealed.

On the other hand, the kids are so spoiled. If the show did end, I would not want to be the one dealing with them. They are so used to this TV star treatment and getting special treatment, when it ends, they'll be in for a shock.

M said...

All the nugget talk was so akward! I honestly couldn't wait for it to end. lol

Kapper said...

I totally agree with Carol - I can't stand Chelsea Handler either. The Roloff's are sinking to a new low. Fame and fortune have gone to their heads and what used to be a sweet show has gone down the toilet. The Loser Channel has done it again

Anonymous said...

I think Amy and Matt did a great job on the show. Regardless if you like Chelsea Handler or not, by being able to laugh at yourself and not take things so seriously shows a strong sense of maturity that they can rise above it all. Why not be on Chelsea Lately? By being on a show like that, they can educate and change perceptions/mis-perceptions directly by being a positive image for little people/dwarves everywhere.

Carol said...

By allowing themselves to be laughed at and objectified?

I don't see much of a difference between Chelsea Handler's 'Can I call you little nuggets and I love all little people' and the Celebrity Apprentice All commercial, small and might cleaner.

One is being able to laugh at yourself and one caused an uproar?

Kapper said...

The Roloff's have every opportunity to 'educate and change perceptions' just by having their 'reality' show. Why do they need to go on some dumbass talk show? All of a sudden it's okay for them to be poked fun at, but only if it's done by a celebrity. These two 'nuggets' need to make up their mind about what they find offensive and what they don't.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea is great, been watching her show for years! I love the new look set. Looks even better in HD! I work for DISH Network, and for years had DERECTV, and now that I get to see the show (and my other favorite E! shows) in HD i couldnt be happier.