Sunday, April 11, 2010

Matt Roloff interview - Little People, Big World will continue

There is a good interview that Matt did with another blogger that you can read here:

Refreshingly, there is some honesty and new tidbits (at least that haven't been said publicly by the Roloffs). Our readers pretty much knew all of what Matt admitted.

The highlight being Matt has finally ditched the "we might be ending the show" angle. Now he says they have no plans to end the show any time soon. What's that sound? It's all the Little People, Big World fans cheering :-)

The other interesting subject he talks about is Jeremy and Zach at college. As we all know, they are currently at PCC, although there has been talk about them transferring to a 4 year college or university possibly next year. Matt states that it is a real possibility.

Matt states Amy is urging and hoping they go to the same college, but Matt thinks they will end up at different schools. Personally, I think that would be best for both of them as individuals.

Matt also apparently made it clear that there is the real possibility of the cameras following Jeremy and Zach to college (the cameras were spotted at PCC too). Matt hopes if Jeremy and Zach do go away they are no further than a 2 hour plane ride from Roloff Farm. From what we've heard, so far they are looking at colleges and universities in the state of Oregon.

Throw in a few plugs for pumpkin season and the new season about the Roloffs European vacation and that's about it.

However, the big news for Roloff and LPBW fans is Matt finally admits that the Roloffs have no plans of ending the show anytime soon and *if* Jeremy and Zach do go to separate colleges, the cameras are almost sure to follow.


Brandon said...

No surprise there about the Roloffs continuing the show. When the money is good, they can't live without it. I don't blame them, but enough with the crap about how they're doing it for "LP Awareness".

Amy is dead wrong about the twins going to the same school. Zach needs to get away from Jeremy big time. I'd love to see Jeremy leave Oregon away from his pack of friends, but that won't happen. Where ever Jer goes, Mueller will go and probably 15 others from his kindergarten class!

Also interesting that Matt got over his hate of bloggers! hahahahaha.

Craw said...

I figured that would happen sooner or later. The cameras following Jeremy and Zach off the farm. There would be no ratings for the show if it wasn't for Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE LPBW will continue Matt!! You've got lots more crap to add on to your compound