Friday, April 2, 2010

Roloff Previews for New Episodes of Little People, Big World

TLC have released previews for the first two weeks (both weeks will have 2 episodes) of Little People, Big World.

In season 5 the theme was Matt and Amy fighting. Season 5B begins with a story line of Jeremy and Zach fighting. It all begins this Monday April 5th on TLC at 8pm.

Apr 05, 8:00 pm

(30 minutes)
Remind Me Little People, Big World
Twins Go Commando

After years of growing apart, twins Zach and Jeremy attempt to reconnect on their first trip to Europe. Backpacking in Scotland without the rest of the Roloff family proves to be tougher than they had imagined.

Apr 05, 8:30 pm

(30 minutes)
Remind Me Little People, Big World

Only a few days into their European trip, twins Zach and Jeremy have lots of fun in London, but trouble awaits them in Amsterdam - where personalities clash, tensions rise, and a visit to the city's infamous red light district causes friction.

Apr 12, 8:00 pm

(30 minutes)
Remind Me Little People, Big World
Roman Roloffs

Amy, Molly and Jake fly off to Italy, but when Molly gets sick on the plane, it threatens to ruin their vacation before it begins. Meanwhile, traveling in Germany, Zach and Jeremy visit a small town and run head-on into the language barrier.

Apr 12, 8:30 pm

(30 minutes)
Remind Me Little People, Big World
Brothers in Bavaria

Zach and Jeremy travel through Bavaria without a plan. After an awe-inspiring tram ride to Germany's tallest peak, an eye-opening tour of Dachau Concentration Camp moves them beyond words. Meanwhile, Amy, Molly and Jake journey from Rome to Pisa, Italy.


Dana said...

Poor Jeremy. Zach is such a downer.

Judy said...

I can already feel my blood pressure rising. That Zach. He's been miserable to Matt since day one of this show and now he's starting with Jeremy. I wouldn't want to be stuck with Zach for any amount of time. I echo your comment Dana. I feel sorry for Jeremy. He's always forced to be around such a miserable person that acts more like a 12 year old than he does a 19 year old.

Degrassi said...

Zach hates doing things on a whim. He loves every detail planned out. I can see this causing a lot of tension. We know Jeremy likes to do some spur of the moment things.

Rap541 said...

I'm frankly rather surpised that the World Dwarf Games aren't mentioned.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, I think that will come later in the season. These only are 4 episodes.

Degrassi, I agree. I didn't like Zach's behavior on some of the other trips. His moody tantrum in New Orleans was embarrassing. I have been on vacation with a person like that in my group. It's not fun.

But I could also see Jeremy wanting to do what he wants and changing the plan to fit his needs.

Although I remember this is a preview and TLC goes out of their way to create some big blow up every episode.

I wonder how spur of the moment Jeremy could be when they travel with a crew and every inch of their trip has been planned out for them.