Saturday, April 17, 2010

Roloffs at Coda Charity Event; Statesmen vs Celebrity Basketball game -- Report

A regular poster to this site, Jocelynn Pearson, was kind enough to write up this report after attending the charity basketball game in Michigan on Friday April 16th, 2010. Zach, Jeremy and Matt were the Roloffs in attendance.


I attended! They raised money for CoDA. Great cause! Athens High School is a large school, there are two gymnasiums (more on that later!) It looked to be well attended. There were a lot of high school kids from the high school. There were a few players and coaches from the school playing in the game Their cheers almost rivaled anyone else.

The only celebrities I knew were the Roloffs, Marty and Lee Arenberg. He hosted. He did a fabulous job doing play by play. He kept it entertaining. I'm not a big sports fan. I didn't know the Detroit Pistons players. Sorry. There was supposed to be a hockey player there but I don't think there was.

All the Roloffs were very popular. Matt and Zach got the largest roars during the introductions, unless Marty's was loudest. Jeremy's were loud too, but his were overwhelmingly shrieks from girls. It was funny because Jeremy's ovation was the only one that you could tell was mostly screaming girls.

I was surprised Marty didn't speak more. It was a person named Colin who runs the company that put on the event.

They made a stipulation in the rules that "Team Coda" (the celebrities) had to do all bounce passes. The Statesmen players were better than I thought. They made some 3 point shots. They played 12 minutes quarters and went into overtime. Zach missed a foul shot at the end of regulation that could have won it. The Statesmen won the overtime. Around the third quarter I felt it started to drag, but maybe a sports fan would have a different opinion.

I would have liked a soccer game more! When they were in the hallway waiting for opening introductions, I saw Jeremy and Zach through the end auditorium door. They were playing soccer. Jeremy was doing freestyle tricks with the ball. This was my "you know you're a LPBW fan when"...I wanted to see them play soccer! :)

During the basketball game Jeremy was very competitive. He stole the ball a lot and went in on several lay ups. He made most of them. Jeremy claps when he makes a basket :)

If was for charity. I don't want to complain. I'll call it constructive criticism if they ever do it again. Before I get to that. I give all those involved kudos for raising money. They put a lot of time and effort into it. Marty seems like a very nice guy. He was very appreciative of everyone who attended. The people putting on the event were working very hard. It was to raise money for Coda and that is the important thing.

However, I was asked how it was? Honestly, I would give it mixed reviews. Memo to the company in charge. The attraction of a game like this is for fans who are supporting the given Charity is to interact with the celebrities. This event had a few faults and ways it could have been improved, in my opinion. They asked people to arrive at 5pm for the auction to raise more money. The game started at 7pm. Autographs followed in the cafeteria. Judging by the rushing around of the Event Staff, the celebrities/Statesmen arrived 5:30ish. However! They are celebrities and were playing their roles well! They didn't mingle with the fans, the people donating the money who arrived early even though they were all there. They had them caged off on the other side of the school gym.

The autograph signings and picture taking was a debacle for a number of reasons. The line was huge. Well over an hour. I'm not sure why I waited. lol! It's the thing to do. I put the time into attending, watched a basketball game, the first basketball game I've watched in a long time! Spent money for the reason of donating to Coda. After the game was over, I wanted to see the people right up close and meet them.

The line went from one side of the cafeteria to the other, with ropes like a roller coaster has, 5 or 6 rows long near the front.. The celebrities were all along the front in a row. They were mostly talking to each other. Most people had them autograph a Coda program they made for the charity or snapped a picture. It was almost impossible to have a quick conversation with them. I've been to one other event like this. The attractions (celebrities) were more spread out. You wait your turn, then you had a quick moment to interact. This was more like a factory line. Sometimes the celebrities or people participating were talking to each other. The next person would move down the line, they would sign the program, and down the line they'd go. Out of all them, I felt Marty and Lee Arenberg were the most sincere and the best at devoting their attention to the people in front of them.

I don't know what the right way is to stage an autograph signing or a meet and greet at an event like that, but there must have been a better way.

My pet peeve of the whole evening occurred during the very long autograph line. My number one message for the organizers or any one who will read this that ever holds something like this for any cause. The number one rule should be: KEEP FRIENDS AND FAMILY OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't, teach them some manners and respect instead of acting like they are the Queen of England. Friends and family of the organizers were bypassing the line to cut in at front for their own autographs with their own kids or people they knew. They would find their friends, ask them why they were standing in line and told them to follow them to cut in front. Anyone who has ever waited in a long line up knows how frustrating it is to see people cut in front because they think they are so special. It is more frustrating when they are FRIENDS AND FAMILY who could get their autographs and pictures at any time. I saw other pictures from this on Facebook. Friends and organizers were in the "other" gym with the celebrities before the game. They should have used their special privileges then, instead of clogging up the public's time by cutting in at front of the public line. If the friends of the friends and event staff or own their own family couldn't be bothered to show up early like Joe and Jane Public to use their special privileges in the other gym, they should have been treated like anyone else that wanted an autograph or a picture.

Instead, they cut in and made the people waiting for over an hour, wait even longer. Several people in the line were upset about that. I'm not sure if one of the primary line cutters was Marty's sister or the wife of one of the organizers, but she was very rude. A woman in front of me told her she can't just jump in line. She was told "Oh yes I can!" by the Queen of England/family or friend of the organizers. Then she went back, found more people she recognized in line, and took them to the front of the line with her. She continued to do this as did others who were involved or friends. I bet they are the type of people who drives on the shoulder of the road when there is a traffic jam because they don't think they have to wait like everyone else! :/

The Roloffs were how you would expect for an autograph signing. Polite. Jeremy gets into it which is nice. He was at the far corner by a door. Jeremy, Marty and Lee were the only ones where it was possible for people to step beside him for a picture because it was the end of the line. There was Jeremy, an exit door and then Lee and Marty's table. The rest of them, people would need to lean back over the table if they wanted to be in a picture. By the time I reached the front, Zach had grown weary and kept looking to see if it was dwindling. It must have been boring for them.

There was one thing that Jeremy did that I didn't like. At halftime, a lot of the organizers and their families were posing for pictures on the court with the players. As Half-time was ending, Jeremy took his seat. There were still players on the court warming up. They weren't starting the game. Two little boys, seven or eight years old came up to Jeremy to ask him for an autograph. I clearly heard him say "No. Autographs are after the game." Jeremy sent the two little kids packing. For the next two minutes, he sat in his chair doing nothing but wait for the court to clear. He might have refused because he didn't want to start a trend of other autograph requests, but they were children. He should have made an exception. It was very "douche bag" status for Jeremy, in my opinion. There is so much debate about what Jeremy is like, that was a check mark on the jerk side of the ledger.

I attached pictures. Unfortunately my camera was not co-operating. When I zoomed, the pictures turned out too dark. When they were on the court, it was too far away. I made a run for the VIP "stands behind the players benches. There was room there. Jeremy was almost the only Roloff I got pictures of because his team sat in front of my side the whole time. Most of my pictures were of Jeremy's back :/ As I was looking at Jeremy's back, I was thinking of how envious Expressed, Noell, Em and the rest who comment on Jeremy's butt would be when I say my pictures were of Jeremy's back. lol. Sorry! You will be disappointed. His CoDA jersey was long. He didn't tuck it in. The shirt covered everything.

I will not be a professional photographer. lol. This experience taught me, I need to upgrade my camera. Most of my action shots turned out like this :/ I missed. lol.

My best picture was of Matt during the autograph line.

Thank you to Jocelynn for that report.


Rap541 said...

Ohcool Joclynn! Glad you had a good time! Sadly autograph opportunities can rapidly devolve into messes :)
You should come to dragon*con with me this year and we can get Marty Klebba's autograph togther :D

Heather said...

I saw the Roloffs. I didn't even know about this thing. I wanted to post this where someone would care! :)

I saw them at the hotel when I was checking in. They were talking to Marty and I assume his friends helping with this thing. I didn't bother them.

Jeremy looks very different in person. He was dressed a lot less flamboyantly than he does on the show. On the show he sticks out. Tonight he looked like any other teenage guy 18 or 19. He had his hat (a normal hat) on backwards and was wearing sweat pants.

I can tell he's really working out with the way his shirt fit him.

Zach looked nice from what I could tell. Better than he looks on the show.

Expressed said...

Jeremy wasn't wearing his hat? He must have forgotten it. Did you see them again?

Heather said...

Yes Expressed, I saw them the next day at the hotel. I didn't talk to them either time. No one did except their friends.

Jeremy, again, was dressed normally the next day too.

I have a thought. Jeremy is more clever than people give him credit. Could it be the way he dresses on the show is his "costume"? On the show he sticks out with the fancy hat and tight jeans or pink and fluorescent green T-shirts.

In person at the hotel with no cameras around, he dresses and looks like your average 19 year old. He looks different in person because he doesn't stick out. It could have been my timing, but I doubt it. No one bothered him at all.

I think he purposely dresses flamboyantly on the show. That way in real life, he can be "out of costume". That way he doesn't draw attention to himself.

Jocelynn said...

Thanks, Rap. I was glad I went. Despite my constructive criticisms :) it was a fun way to spend an evening. I spent more money there than I was planning in support of the cause!

Is what I described typical or have you had better experiences?

I don't know, I might be all autographed out ;) I kept asking myself, why am I waiting in this line again??? lol. Let me know how your meeting Marty at DragonCon compares!

Marty and Lee Arenberg were my two favorite out of the whole line. I think they were the two that best understood what it is like to be on the other side and to give their full attention.

Em said...

Thanks Jocelynn! I feel like I was there through your story.

Sadly, I'm not surprised about Jeremy. I think he is an "on" mode.

It is a crying shame about the long jersey on Jeremy! Ha ;-)

Noell :) said...

I agree Em! haha
I wish i lived closer so i could have went! :/

Carol said...

Hi Jocelynn, I went too. I had fun. I heard they were going to move to the caf. I went in there early, My wait wasn't as long as yours because of that. Sorry to hear that. I don't like line cutters either :(

Marty was very nice and incredibly gratefull to all who supported it. I would do it again.

I agree about Jeremy in the game. He was into it! Was it just me or did he not play much in the 4th?

Cindy said...

Thanks Jocelynn, that sounds very fair. I read where it was the company's first time running an event like that. They can take what works and what didn't to make it even better next time. Glad they raised some money.

Anonymous said...

jeremy has clearly been working out a lot... i wonder why this has never been mentioned or shown on the show, since it is obviously something that he is comitted to doing several times a week?

Expressed said...

Anon2:42, I think we all agree with that.

It has been mentioned. They haven't shown him at the gym (unfortunately!) but they have shown him talking about going to the gym on the show. When Matt was asking him about school in senior year, he said he was leaving to go to the gym.

Anonymous said...

I just wanna say thank you for this blog! It's the only connection I have right now to them because the country I'm in right now just aired the 7th season and I don't know when they're planning to start airing the 8th and 9th...I've seen almost all of the 8th and I wanted to start watching the 9th! I've searched EVERYWHERE and I can't find it online and on iTunes I can't get an account (don't know why) but yeah...w/e

thanks !!! :D

Anonymous said...

there hasn't been a season 7, or 8, or 9...
I think you're mistaking half seasons or " sections" for complete seasons, such as season 5 a) and b)...

Expressed said...

I think in Europe and other countries they call each half season a full season. That's why they are up to 7, 8 and 9. I've seen other people from Europe call it that.

I think on iTunes that's how they call seasons too.

Victoria said...

I was also there, Jocelynn. I did see what you describe with the line jumping.

However, I believe it was Marty's sister who took advantage of the jumping, not the woman you saw who said she can do whatever she wants. Marty's sister is blonde. I saw Marty's sister waiting in line. She even said "Hey, I'm Joe public."...well, until the others convinced her they should rip past "Joe Public".

The thing that surprised me about the Roloffs visit...Amy's parents didn't come to see their grandchildren. They come from Oregon all the way to Michigan and they don't see their grandkids? Who knows how many more chances they'll have.

Was it because Jeremy and Zach were with Matt?